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2 May


I do hauls now. I got inspired when I saw other made it. Here are the ones I have made so far.

I made loads of´em

One can talk about other stuff too. Like laughing at dumpsterdivers.

If you wondered… Yes, I am mostly being ironic.The next one I think I am most pleased with too —>

Nothing to add here

or here

or here


Blog 2.0 – Is this blog dead? Has it been replaced with blog 3.0 without me getting the memo?


3 Jan

Trapped in life,
But stubborn as a mule.
Kick and scream,
as you sink in quicksand.
Hoping someone will come by.

Comforting words are few.
Except it was probably your fault.
And you are not alone.
You are not the only one.

kick me like a dig.
Tell me its love
Stab me with a knife.
With a smile. Make me feel alive.

You had music coming out of your pockets.
Always dressed sharp as a knife.
Larger than life.
Diabetes type II.

Doctor Dee n Me talk about movies and TV Halloween Spooktakular part 1 and 2.

31 Oct

Here are two halloween specials from Doctor Dee and Me. We give top 10 horror movie recommendations.

Here is part 1)


Here is part 2)

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Blog 2.0 -HallosEEEEEVE!!!

Poe eatery

1 Sep

Cease to be
Siege to be
Seem to be.
To be or knot to be
Tied down.

Free love.
Is expensive.

To be or naughty to be.
Fall in love.
Fall in life.

Wine with whine.
Tears dont cry.

Sommer love hurts.
Swedish waiter loves
Norwegian men.

Blog 2.0 – I get it.

TankeKrim Episode 6 – The Scandinavian Condition

20 Feb

Fun Fact: TankeKrim is Norwegian for ThoughtCrime.


Blog 2.0 – Not just a blog, but a cultural movement (not really).


The Mist (2007) (Doctor Dee n Me Talk about movies & TV Part 20)

20 Dec

I wrote an analysis of the mist earlier on my blog, it was so popular that I decided to make a drunken rambling video about the movie as well. Enjoy 🙂


spilling eros

Blog 2.0 3D – I prefer the colored version.

Mediocre love

1 Dec

I dream of you.
You dream of him.
He dreams of her.
She dreams of another.
The nother dreams of stars.
The stars dream of themselves.

You accepted me,
and I accepted that you accepted me.
And together we lived in misery.
Average life.
Mediocre love.


Blog 2.0 – You dont like my emo poems?

TankeKrim Episode 5 – The Generation identity (and how the media lies)

28 Nov

I try to make stuff on the interweb… Here is another example —>




Blog 2.0 – And I recommend that you… Stop watching the news! Because the news contrives to frighten you. To make you feel small and alone. To make you feel that your mind isn’t your own.

Seth Rogan… Rogen can, why can´t I?

5 Oct

Blog 2.0 – Freedom of expression for some, STFU to the rest!


Who Goes There?

25 Sep

In a dark lit room.
Will be going soon.
One final prayer said,
“Dear God.
No afterlife for me.
A mediocre life lived.
No point thinking back on it.
For eternity.”