A short review of Hawkeye (2021

18 Aug

The best part is that we learn why Disney´s Marvel is bad.

Hawkeye (2021) a really bad tv-show, but I would have liked Hawkeye more if not for a reason I will get back to later. But lets start with my general view on the show.

Hawkeye (2021) is a typical Disney Marvel type show/film, where the stakes are high, but nothing that cant be solved with witty banter and some over the top action scenes.

Hawkeye (2021), extremely difficult to get emotionally involved in. Disney´s Marvel is often really tone deaf, and the characters behave strangely towards the threats of the plot. Is the threat really a threat or a laughing matter? We rarely know in these shows. Its all very tiresome.

But this is typical for Disney´s Marvel. As are the overpowered women, punching and kicking men twice their size without any problem. Lots of things doesn’t make sense either. Like having a LARP group do deadly work for government agents, and placing civilians deliberately in dangerous situations. Characters have high-stake and really emotionally conflicts that solves themselfs or just disappear. Villains become heros because the writers felt that would be a fun twist. etc. etc.

But we are used to that and so I could have given it a pass for its ATTEMPT at entertaining. I see that it tries hard, and the show is probably not ment for me anyways. So I could have given it a pass for trying to be entertaining to kids, if not for one thing…

Disney´s Marvel had to RUIN a non-Disney Marvel character of Kingpin.

In Netflix show Daredevil (2015), Vincent D’Onofrio played a threatening character of Kingpin. In that show, aimed at adults, we cared and got emotionally involved in characters who felt real, with problems and threats that felt real. Then Disney Marvel had to take that character and put it into the Disney Marvel Universe and make him a punching bag for witty woman. It took Daredevil an entire season to take down Kingpin, but that took Disney Marvel 3 episodes and an arrow to take care of.

If only Netflix´s Daredevil knew that one could easily win over Kingpin by just laughing, joking and denying reality.

And for that I give this show the worst rating I can. Since they couldn’t just keep to their own stupid show, that had to “ruin” other better shows and better characters. And that is the worst kind of let down.

I hoped they would import Kingpin with some love and care. I hoped this could make Disney´s Marvel more ground-based again (they were once, you know. Disneys Marvel felt more real, with real stakes and issues, once).

But instead of making Disney´s Marvel more real, they made Kingpin more Disney Marvel. But the best part is that we learn why Disney´s Marvel is bad, by being forced to compare it with other, better shows and narrative styles.

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Is the Matrix (1999) about transgenderism or is it really transphobic?

4 Jan

Today I thought we were going to talk about the Matrix and the many interesting subjects that we can talk about what happens when a director/creator of a famous High concept sci-fi or fantasy start to talk about the movie and what they “really” ment and politicise a franchise like the… Wachowski sitsters did.

The article ‘I, too, was living a double life’: Why trans fans connect to ‘The Matrix’, written by Connie Hanzhang Jin on the NPR site, published 22 of December, 2021 (lots of twenties there). She will give us some great talking points for reflections.

In short, this article claims that The Matrix is really about transgenderism and upon reading it, I thought it really is about the opposite.

First lets set some boundaries.

I will mainly talk about the original movie from 199X and reference the two main sequels if relevant. I will not mention the latest Matrix instalment The Matrix Resurrections (2021) as upon writing this I have not yet seen it and if any of these matrix movies HAS transgenderism as concept I am SURE that one will have it. Its far more interesting to watch the first three movies as they were made before the Wachowski became trans. Outside of the three movies and my own ideas I will only use quotes and ideas from the article in question and the interview by Netflix Film Club titled Why The Matrix Is a Trans Story According to Lilly Wachowski.

No other external sources will be used. If Wachowski have stated other, better things elsewhere that“really, really” proves how trans the Matrix is, I will not comment on that.

So lets NERD UP and talk about the matrix.

The Matrix – What is it really about?

An average office rat, Mr. Anderson, who likes to hang out online afterwards as an hacker named “Neo” is contacted by an anonymous voice on a phone as he is wanted arrested by Men in Black or government people for what seems to be hacking. After a series of semi surreal experiences Mr. Anderson is revealed to be living in a “matrix”. A VR simulation created in a computer. He can choose to stay in the Matrix, or be freed from the Matrix, in the very famous scene where he can choose the red pill or the blue pill.

Mr Anderson choses to be freed from the matrix and enters the real world. And from here the story becomes a battle for the liberation of the people stuck in the matrix with hi-octane action sprinkled with some postmodern musing about what is real.

The real world is a cold, hard, unpleasant place. Where as the fictions place is a far more pleasant, although on first glance, more boring and safe, although as the action starts and the matrix is revealed, the world becomes more vibrant, surreal, strange and fantastic. The basic modern (for 1999 at least) comforts seem always to be present in the Matrix.

The real world on the other hand is visually presented in a cold blue dark and sometimes slightly overexposed light. The clothings they wear are worn. Its not a nice place at all. It doesnt seem to care about anyones feelings. The fact´s matter there. Humans are slave to machines, the price of freedom is a struggle and pain.

The desert of the real”, as Morphious calls it.

“I didnt say it would be easy, Neo. I just said it would be the truth.”

So for clarity: When we later will take about the relationship between these world: The matrix will be defined as fantasy/virtual/unreal and the real world, is the real.

(I guess this presumption itself can be questioned.)

What I think about the Matrix.

I have always thought the Matrix, and its sequels, are overrated. Its mainly a martial-arts ballet with some quasi-intelligent ideas stolen and trown in.

The idea of being trapped in a lie, seemed familiar to me already then. And I am not referring to the 13th floor, which I hadnt seen back then. But the concept of fake realites wasnt new even in the 1990´s

On thinking on it, the first time this idea of a dreamworld people lived in was presented to me was a english short film presented to the children on NRK as a child. I can tell you that movie blew my mind and gave me existential angst. Most 80´s children’s entertainment did. But I am sure we can think of many other ideas like that. Like Total Recall, or the Neverending story. Plenty of movies where the plot revolves around real and the unreal.

As for the aesthetics, of course it was amazing for the time, but it didnt really blow my mind either. It was okay. 6 out of 10. I never really could understand the IMPACT that movie had.

I saw freaks and geeks walking around in huge leather clothings and I use to say “I think they may have seen the matrix one to many times.” No one seem to dress up as any of the characters OUTSIDE of the matrix though, with grey well worn woll sweaters and sickly pale skin.

No, the cloths were always inspired by the world of the lies, that was the Matrix.

So is the Marix about transgenderims?

Lilly Wachowski said the following:

“I’m glad that people are talking about the movies, The Matrix movies, with a trans narrative, “I’m glad that it has gotten out that, you know, that was the original intention, but the world wasn’t quite ready – the corporate world wasn’t ready for it.”

So the premiss of the movie The Matrix, is that our heroes know the truth, and that is that the world we are living in, are lies made for us to feel content and docile and passive while “the power that be” harvest us like cattle. Having that knowledge makes the heroes supermen with the moral superiority to kill anyone in the matrix. If they are a part of the system, they are a part of the problem and can be exposed of as seen fit. This last part has nothing to do with the transexuality aspect of the movie. I just thought you should make a note of it.

The premiss of reality and virtuality, could be interpreted in many ways, and in queerfriendly (globohomo) times, a want for this movie to be about transgenderism and transsexual´s right etc. etc. has become clear.

The article ‘I, too, was living a double life’: Why trans fans connect to ‘The Matrix’ seem to be a part of this project.

The article narrated that anonymity on internett, made it easier for transpeople to live out their identity online, hidden behind screens. And the Matrix is all about the cyber existence.

The article writes:

“Erin Reed was thirteen when she watched The Matrix for the first time.

In the mornings, she would log into internet chat rooms with a feminine screen name and talk to her online friends. Then she would return to school and her real life, where everyone knew her as male.

“There’s a quote in the original Matrix movie where basically Agent Smith sits down and says, ‘Mr. Anderson, it seems that you’ve been living two lives,'” Reed explains, referencing a scene where the protagonist’s hacker persona Neo is uncovered. “I remember that line stuck with me as a teenager because I, too, was living a double life.”

We all live two lives. Erin does. I do. We all do.

Persona, the greek word that we derive the word personality comes from is : Latin, literally ‘mask, character played by an actor’.

It is always implied that we live with masks. Pretend to be others than we are. These are general truths, not subjective ones. Most of us, maybe all of us, feel just like that. Its not a transexual spesific experience,

The article writes later

The Matrix was written and directed by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, two trans women who, at the time of movie’s release, were not publicly out. Ever since both sisters came out to the public in the 2010s, people have long speculated about the trans themes in The Matrix.”


Lilly Wachowski in an interview with Netflix last year.

“I’m glad that it has gotten out that, you know, that was the original intention, but the world wasn’t quite ready – the corporate world wasn’t ready for it.”

She added that she didn’t know how present her transness was in her mind as they were writing the movie, but that much of the desire for transformation in the films stemmed from her closeted point of view at the time.”

Its kind of fascinating, from a sane, non-PC psychological perspective to hear a transperson talk about how they ones didnt even themselves recognise that they were trans. Lily doesnt describe being trans as a regular gay-closeted cliché experience were… she… always knew… she was a living a lie and really was a… woman. But instead Lilly seem to express that … she ….was oblivious to it, but felt certain appeals to transformations etc.

A couple of the more overt parallels have garnered attention over the years. For example, Neo is offered a choice between a red and blue pill. The red pill will open his eyes to the truth that he is living in a simulation. The blue pill will allow him to continue in ignorance. The red pill that Neo ends up taking is similar to what estrogen pills, used for hormone replacement therapy, looked like in the nineties.”

I really cant say what the director wanted with the famous pill scene. Both pills look like any type of pill and the colours give association red = passion/hot/fire and blue = apathy/cold/Ice.

And also: Did Neo change his sex after taking the “red pill”? Was there any gender, sexual or racial change to the character after that point? No.

Doing some shallow research online with “types of red pills from the 1990s” seem to indicate that ecstasy came in red pills at the time to. Oxazepam. OxyContin.

Neo took a pill and his MIND expanded. That sounds more like a hallucinogenic drug trip rather than the first hormone treatment. I would think, in all probablílty, its a pro-drug scene, more than a transsexual scene.

Without knowing much about these Waskovskis I would suggest you could find evidence that they were a part of the “scene”, as they call it. I leave you to think about what drug use, can do the mind, on your own.

The article continues

Another example: the Wachowskis wanted the character Switch to present as male in the real world while presenting as female in the Matrix, as an explicit nod to the idea of transness in an online world.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Keanu Reeves, who played Neo in the movies, recalled an early draft of the script that was later changed. “I think the studio wasn’t ready for that,” he said. The character ended up presenting as a woman in both dimensions.”

Tthe character of Switch does represent a little gender-bending, and by that I mean that the actress Belinda McClory looks androgynous in the film. And if all kinds of gender-bending is in the trans-category, then I guess we could claim that the character of Switch is a trans-character.

But trans demands change, right? And Switch never changes her gender, even though her appearance is androgynous. But lets focus more on the idea, stated to be to controversial for (pre-globohomo) movie studios and that “the corporate world wasn’t ready for it.”

If we think that the character Switch was presented as a male in the real world, who then choose to portray himself as a woman in the matrix what would that say about transgenderism?

All three matrix movies are about fighting for reality. Reality and truth is freedom, and the matrix is a lie that makes humanity slaves. So all that is happening in the matrix are lies, and the change in Switch gender would be a part of that lie they are fighting against. Right? Right?

The character of Cypher, who is also a secondary villain of the story, betrays the heroes so that he can be a part of the matrix again. He longs for fantasy over reality. He want to deny reality, be someone of importance, an actor. He wants to transform into the Matrtix. Be a part of the illusion.

He is a villain. He wants the matrix with its lies and illusjon to be upheld. If Switch then were to have been as her original character description was: a person who was man in reality and woman in virtuality and the fight was to destroy the lies of the matrix, wouldnt also she be working against her own self-interest?

To remove his ability to transform into a woman when he wanted to?

I dont know how much focus the script would have had on this side character of Switch. If he would have been a crossdresser in the real world to. An extremely effeminate man with make-up etc. Or if the contrast would have been clear. A masculine man in the real world, and a feminine woman in virtuality.

The relevance can also be questioned, as the main paradox would never the less be: If Switch was trans, why would he want to destroy the Matrix, if that is the one place he could transform into his own truth?

Most likely the character wasnt suppose to be a very complex trans-character, like people want it to be, in retrospect. Switch would just have been a comical comment on the online lives of people. We can ALL be radically different online. And that was most likely the extent of this characters comment on the trans issue. He/she is even killed off halfway through the movie, and have little effect on the plot as a whole.

Chicken and the egg

In the end, its really a chicken and the egg thing, as the Matrix was made in post-modern times. I am not going to go in depth about postmodernism, but in keywords its about: breaking down the modernist belief in categories and objective reality.

Although The Matrix movie creates a dichotomy between the lie of the virtual world and the harsh reality of reality, it also blends and blurs the boundaries. That is what is postmodern. Questioning what is real, why it is real, and bluring the lines until “everything solid melts into air”. In later instalments of the franchise, Neo is even seen having the Matrix superpowers also in the real world.

And so, although I would object to the idea that the Matrix is really about transsexuality and transhumanism, the postmodern ideas are very much a part of the transexual philosophy. They are not antonyms.

Postmodernism and the Matrix spread ideas that objective reality isnt really real, and how we feel and identify is really what matters.

So what came first? The postmodern ideas or the transexual ideas? It all ends up in a blurry greyness anyways. So although it isnt about transexuality, it is about postmodernism and so the basic concepts are the same. Its all words and ideas and we can change ideas and meanings because we feel like it. When you realise the world isnt real, and its all code, then you can break down the code and change everything. And lets just forget the outside reality.

Cuz in the end, maybe Neo and the others arent fighting for the destruction of the Matrix, but for themselves to be the deciders of what the Matrix should be. The external and objectiv reality is just a cold and nasty place anyways.

So now transgroups with the help of the system tries to rewrite the Matrix as an explicit transsexual movie. It was always like that the Wachowski were always female.

But the thing about objective reality. It has a tendency to stick in time in some form or another.

(show Wachowski end credits on The Matrix)

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A collection of my video blogs (without descriptions)

2 May


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Trapped in life,
But stubborn as a mule.
Kick and scream,
as you sink in quicksand.
Hoping someone will come by.

Comforting words are few.
Except it was probably your fault.
And you are not alone.
You are not the only one.

kick me like a dig.
Tell me its love
Stab me with a knife.
With a smile. Make me feel alive.

You had music coming out of your pockets.
Always dressed sharp as a knife.
Larger than life.
Diabetes type II.

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Poe eatery

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Cease to be
Siege to be
Seem to be.
To be or knot to be
Tied down.

Free love.
Is expensive.

To be or naughty to be.
Fall in love.
Fall in life.

Wine with whine.
Tears dont cry.

Sommer love hurts.
Swedish waiter loves
Norwegian men.

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I dream of you.
You dream of him.
He dreams of her.
She dreams of another.
The nother dreams of stars.
The stars dream of themselves.

You accepted me,
and I accepted that you accepted me.
And together we lived in misery.
Average life.
Mediocre love.


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