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#GamerGate and mainstream media in Norway.

25 Oct


I got some good news to all people of #GamerGate. Norwegian media has started to take offence by it. This means that you are getting influential and dangerous to feminism (read; Social Justice Warriors) and biased media coverage. Congratz.

One of the biggest Norwegian news papers wrote a highly biased coverage of #GamerGate. Not mentioning #NotYourShield and portraying the entire thing as “white young men” campaign against innocent female feminist.

The article “Kjønnskrig splitter dataspillverdenen” (“Genderwar divided computergameworld”) writes about the sad tale of Sarkeesian and how cruel people have been treating her.

At the same time “Gamergate: Sinte, unge menn” (“GamerGate: Angry, young men”) was published which is an opinion piece (like that other article wasnt 😉 ) which again beats the drum of how evil #GamerGate people is and that its just angry young men who care about biased media coverage of games.

The good news is that Norwegian media is covering it. That means that GamerGate is getting big. We wouldnt have heard of it if not.

Blog 2.0 - GamerGate at your gate!

Blog 2.0 – GamerGate at your gate!

Let´s Play Conan (Games AndyAce83 Hate #4)

25 Oct

I bought Conan and Alone in the Dark on sale once. I hated them both. Lesson is; You shouldn’t buy things just because they are on sale and never go buy games when drunk.


The question is… Do I make let’s plays or outdated reviews for games long forgotten?

Blog 2.0 3D - Conan!

Blog 2.0 3D – Conan!

Let´s Play Alone In The Dark (Games AndyAce83 Hate #3)

7 Oct

I really should make more of these. I want to make one of Silent Hill 2, Dead Island and others. It’s just… when do you have the time? I also want to make a remake of Condemned as I made it before I got a good recording tool. We’ll see.

In short my complaint is that its too many good ideas thrown in without good execution and the story becomes an annoyance after a while. It just becomes a chore to play.

As with most of the games I hate its because I see the possibilities in the game but the annoyances get in the way of me playing them. I don’t think I will ever finish Condemned and this game. And very few games I have bought have I not finished.

Blog 2.0 -  BOOOOOOORING!!!!

Blog 2.0 – BOOOOOOORING!!!!