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Norway = No way.

30 Oct

Norway, we are not creatively brain dead. Still there isn´t much international success for any Norwegian cultural contrition. Why is that? Perhaps this song can answer that question.

We have a problem with ambitions and we have a problem with finding real innovating talent and then supporting them international. TO be honest, I don´t think we wish people success, especially internationally.

We have a lackluster ability to disagree with any new thinking, and everything is rigid and bureaucratic. And so this happens:

It has happened before.

but the song that became famous was:

Although this example is abit more iffy as Trine Rein did not write that song, as was the case with Donkey boy and Ambitions, but we really thought that Trine Rein would breakthrough internationally with this song. But no…

So let´s see the few times we have had success abroad. A-ha and Aqua. They have one thing in common, they are by most international standards a “one hit wonder“.

Why is that?

I don´t know, but I have an idea (“hush! Be quiet!”). The first time they succeeded it was luck (as most breakthroughs) but afterward they needed support by PR and Norway have no clue how to make anything stick abroad. A-ha made their breakthrough song Take On Me, and then they were for all intents and purposes forgotten abroad.

So does anyone remember their second song?

Probably not… it has it´s commercial appeal (although not as great as their first song) and that´s when Norwegian ambitions should have stricken. Let´s help these guy by hyping them, giving them financial and moral support. But Norway was just waiting for them to fail so they could come back to the cold north in shame. Then we could have a confirmation that there is no need to try. We are bound to fail. Let´s not have any ambitions, those are bad for you. And so then there are hundred thousand changes, but everything stays the same.

The same goes for Aqua, and they aren´t even really Norwegian (only the female singer is), but do to our lack of recognitions from other things we needed to make Aqua Norwegian. Because we have a little problem…

Those fucking swedes again!

They know of promotion!

They know of production and success!

ABBA, Ace of Base, Roxette, The Sounds, The Soundtrack of Our Lives, The Knife, Robyn, Millencolin, The Cardigans, Günther and the Sunshine Girls, Rednex. The list is endless. And that´s only musically…. In other cultural arenas they have: Stellan Skarsgård, Ingrid Bergman, Greta Garbo, Ingmar Bergman, Stieg Larsson (the most overrated, over-hyped author in resent years, which goes to show and prove my point.) etc. etc. etc. The Swedes may be spineless and decadent, but they sure knows how to pat each other on the back (be that for their international successes or handing over Jews to Nazis)

Has anyone heard of Morten Abel? Famous Norwegian popsinger with hits like Lydia, Be My Lover, Doberman, Tulipz, and... ehm... Birmingham Ho. He also had hits with the band The September When, especially Bullet me and She cries like a baby. No? But Abba you know of?

Soo… The Norwegians become… not jealous, but… sad? We wish every country (even those fucking swedes) to succeed, but many of us also want´s to make something of ourselves (No this is not contradiction, it’s a paradox about the human condition. We wish people well, but not better than ourself. We wish people to succeed but only before they do). AND WE HAVE ALL THE MONEY! But we keep holding eachother down. Telling ourselves that the good children keep quiet. But no art is made in silence… or at least no art worth noticing;)

No man´s an island“, the saying goes and although we want to believe that we can make it on our own, most times it´s the support of others that has made people a success. Support gives people faith and belief in oneself, but when a culture is based on a belief that only state and city hall should change things then the people of that culture stagnate and rotten, with the consequence of low self esteem, depression and low moral (a great place to make art, if only we believed in ourselves enough to bother).

So that´s my opinion about why Norway is as unimportant culturally as anything else. Our lack of ambitions. The lack of ambitions I would suggest is caused by our political system that only gives credit to 1. dimensional “good guys” who talk the talk of the biggest political party.

But that is a subject for another time.

Blog 2.0 ´´wow, you seem to know alot about the fading ambitions of a culture. It´s like you were the genesis of that Ambitions song.´

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.6)

25 Oct

So many have written to me, or asked as I walk down the street “You tell us alot about the Trance-dance-techno-whatever genre in general, but what is your favorite pumping beats?” and sometimes that is flattering to get noticed, but when it´s old drug addicts with broken skin I tend to rush past in a hurry. But that is another matter.

So here, for your enjoyment; MY TOPP FOUR FAV. Trance-dance-techno-whatever songs.
(Note: All the songs mentioned before are also some of my favorites, and the songs I mention now is not ranked, but just placed in an order)

#1) Alice DJ (DeeJay) – The Lonely One

I´ve never seen this video until now. But the song is found on her album “Who needs guitars anyway?” with other classic dance tracks as Better Off Alone, Back In My life, Will I Ever. But this song was perfection:)

#2 Ayla – Liebe (Trance Mix)

This is perhaps a tune for the patient type as it takes it´s time building up. I always enjoyed songs that you sort of have to listen to for a gradual intensity or main theme/song (i.e Dire Straits – Money For Nothing and Eagles – Hotel California)

#3) Veracocha – Carte Blanche

It kicks ass. And it always given me association to a great Mega Man theme song (probably intro song or a boss with electric powers).

#4) Cyber Human – The Scene
Not available on youtube. You should try finding it for yourself for a change! Keyword: DJ Jurgen.

Blog 2.0 - 12345678910 error

Blog Update: 9´o march, twenty 11

As luck would have it… here it is. Cyber Human – The Scene

Blah, blah, blah.

23 Oct

Blah, blah, blah Lady Gaga. Modern warfare blah urgh blabla. Republicans no-no blah Bush urgh! Obama, oh yeah! The future noma-noma. iPhone 4 is the wizziwappy biip with the new application of rallaralla. Religion buh oh yeah! Facebook tisk tisk friends unlimited. Movie great. Make-up to face something, something LOL.

Twilight New Moon is awesome. Blah, blah, blah? No!


And that´s just the way it is.

Blog 2.0 -------------

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.8)

19 Oct

Hmmm…. You know what? There is another great aspect of the dance music gengre and that is that it is very wholesome. It´s one of the few music types that hasn´t been corrupted. In short it doesn´t sell out on sex. Take this little number for instance… Il Caesar – Calma

This was pure Norwegian innocence. Like Sound of Music without the nasty Nazis.

Then we have this little church number; Pafferndorf – Crazy Sexy Marvelous . Sort of reminds me of Sunday School for adults.

The harder we come, the rougher you go“, that is the essence of the christian work ethic. By looking at this video you know they know their scriptures. Pure Christendom through and true We´ve made a few changes. We´re crazy, sexy, marvelous now! Join us!

Another example of innocence is this one. Ding Ding song… Could it be more child like? Pure naivete.

But hey, no Benny?” Benny made lot´s of aesthetic videos about sugar, spice and everything nice. Well, you´re right. Here is Benny with his existential question: “Who´s your daddy?“. All men wonder about that one. Especially in these liberal days;)

I really like the cough… Nice touch:)

So if you want a break from the decadence of the Gaga artists of the world, you should join us in the Trance-dance-techno-whatever world. Here it´s Disney day everyday. Squirrels resting on our shoulders and birds flying around our heads (I think it´s a swallow).

Blog 2.0 - *Cough, cough* Is your daddy, he´ll give it to you!

PS: “But hey you haven´t posted part 0.6 yet. WHY HAVEN´T YOU POSTED PART 0.6!!! TELL ME!“, you may ask.

Relax. It´s coming. Coming real soon.

A joke.

17 Oct

-I need to find my Kairos
-It´s the capitol av Egypt, you retard.
-I think I´ll keep my mouth shut.

Blog 2.0 - Get it? It´s funny on so many levels. I could write jokes for Family Guy.

To think and talk in Blacks and Whites

16 Oct

So did anybody see the game last night? That was a great game. They really brought that trophy home. I really loved how it was a thriller until the end. That the winning point was… Who cares. Let´s think about thinking instead.

``Oh, that´s original (!)´´

I love to discuss thing with people and when you do something many times and have a consciousness you can sometimes discover a pattern. What I have seen as a regular event in many discussion is that I am being told; “You see things in blacks and whites“. Which probably means something like I overgeneralize, simplify and use broad brushes to describe my world view and opinion.

Then I started to think “Doesn´t everybody?

Here is my perhaps overgenrealizing, simplified and black-white argument:

Every time we say something as a matter of fact… Every time we give expression to a strong opinion be that well reflected and well weighed or otherwise it´s still a statement of blacks and whites. At once someone draws a line in the sand between their “right” view and others it has become an argument of contrast and possible conflict.

Nah, that ain´t true“, you may say and at once proving my point. “Black and white” is a argument of contrast and when you state you don´t agree with my opinion you are individualizing and claiming my view faulty therefore you are contrasting. There will be no conflict with an indifferent person. Ambivalence does no harm, but do no good either (gray, get it?). So when you have an opinion about something that diverse from other people in your group you have created a conflict that is polarization. A statement that splits between you and others.

But let´s complicate a bit… Why is it that a well thought of opinion with every sides views and situation is taken into account is just as black and white as a statement of pure bigotry and ignorance? Because you take for granted that the other persons sides views are based upon pure bigotry and ignorance. We all do. We all expect people who believe otherwise to be at fault because of some reason or other and seldom do we make the argument that is because they “know to much” or because they are “to good“.


What is my point? Not to make any argument pro or con anything? No, but please never say that my opinion is more black and white than yours, because it really isn´t…

I think.

Blog 2.0 - ``Ebony and ivory goes to getter in perfect harmony!´´

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.7)

12 Oct


Dance from Europe.

Or as I call it…

Early 90´s classics. The Eurodance sound was the defining sound of music in the 1990. Someone will of course problematize by saying it was GRUNGE or Alternative rock. But I was not an alienated teen in the 90´, I was a kid. And kids and happy people listened to euro-dance in those days.

So in this blog entry I will show three great examples of a sub-gengrea of Trance-dance-techno-whatever called early 90´s classics
No, no.
No, no, no, no,
No, no, no, no,
No, no, there´s no limit.
2 Unlimited:

Let me hear you say YEAH! NOOOOO! What a beat! What tits! (Sorry, but she really had!). And if you noticed the meatlic sound… Yeah that was 90´s classics. Played loud on exploded speakers while chewing gum and looking scared at girls (somethings never change)

Oh, here´s a gem. My, my, my. Me and My – Dup-i-dup. GREAT!

Prodigy was big, and European, but it was too hardcore. As was Marusha. The Early 90´s classics had an empathize on existential lyrics. Like this one; Haddaway – What is Love

What is love? Really? What is it? I don´t know, but don´t hurt me. -Lyrical brilliance.

Now, the list of Early 90´s classics are endless. I could mention, Sash, DJ Quicksilver, Robert Miles, La Bouche, MAXX, The Outhere Brothers (not euro, but still classic!), E-rotic, Dr. Alban, Cappella, Antiloop, Corona, Culture Beat, Captain Hollywood Project, Faithless, Reel 2 Real, C & C Music Factory, Pet Shop Boys, 20 Fingers, Whigfield, Paradisio, Technotronic, Snap!, U96, Opus III, Sin with Sebastian,DJ Bobo, , Scatman John, Rednex and a little unknown project called Scooter. But, as I´ve said, the list would be endless… So I will not mention them.

Blog 2.0 - `´Hey, where´s 6?´´, ´´Sometimes 7 comes before 6, stupid!´´EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!

Time for some Q&A. Part 3 (About AMC. To be honest it´s more like a faq)

10 Oct

It´s been a while since I have answered questions from my many fans and the mailbags are piling inn. I fear there may be a mail avalanche. So I have read some of your many, many interesting questions, and todays theme is about my blog as there seems to be alot of people who haven´t found the “about AMC” page on the top right side —>

The first question is from a man (I guess) from France called Pierre (no joke, he´s name really was Pierre). He wonders:

Q&A? More like FAQ U!


Je suis un Français qui ont poignets pliés et je dois donc faire court. Je me demande pourquoi vous haïssent la France et la Suède autant.
Avec l’amour homosexuel,


Of course this disgusting fellow had to write in french. You tried to make french the world language and you failed. Get over it. Eat your baguette and shut up. Anyway, since I don´t speak french I had to translate in on a internet application (no advertising here!) from french to English (no, not the other way). And he wonders why I hate Sweden and France so much. Well, Pierre, I hate France and Sweden because of history, ideology and culture. Sweden I hate because of the Norwegian-Swedish rivalry (history), because of their worst kind of cultural relativity, atheism, PC despotism and feminism gone horribly wrong (ideology) and their spinelessness (culture).
France I hate because they were cowards through most of recorded history (history) , because of their smugness and self-righteousness that is so far from reality as human denial can pervert (plus their atheism) (ideology) and their spinelessness (culture). I hope you can understand the cultural (relative) similarities between these two countries. In fact; I always say “If you´re an atheist who wants to live in a atheist-cultural relative world you should move to Sweden or France”

The next question is from Jack D. Ripper, from Hell, and he writes:

por eso nada?!


I read your blog everyday. If nothing new is posted I read the old once again and I am a hardcore fan of your work. I have a degree in medical science and I am a agnostic liberal, democrat and feminist. Your satire over conservative values surpasses even Stephen Colbert. What is even more fun is that only I seem know that you are joking. It makes me feel so smart. Thank you. But sometimes I wonder if you write too long, too complicated and with distracting digressions that could give people head-aces. Would you consider writing more pleasing to your readers?

With an intelligent bow,
Jack D. Ripper


Dear Ripper.
It´s nice to have fans of my work as not every blog entry I have written has been dragged out my ass. But to answer you question. Yes, I have considered writing more pleasing entries, and sometimes even tried. But looking back, I think my expression works best. It´s called verfremdungseffekt (I learned about it in college). And if I didn´t my opinions would be propaganda. We can all manipulate people to believe in what we believe. There are lot´s tools of the trade (just study Dawkins). I don´t want to lecture people, nor preach to people. They are entitled to their belief, but I refuse to sit idly by when young impressionable teens with new found atheism rants about how their “logical world view is the only rational conclusion” without acknowledging the dark shadows behind their opinions. But I do not claim to know anything, but I have a strong got feeling (aka. secular psychic) that says that nothing good will come of it. And it would be a placebo (aka. secular miracle) if atheism would remove human power hunger, bigotry, war and death. But that is their faith, let them have it. But the problem is that they are not having their cute little meetings in their moms basement anymore. They are gathering strength, and demanding things. That´s why I speak against the pure logical nonsense, because it´s a war coming. A war between people without a sense of humor. (Yes, atheist have no sense of humor. They only laugh when they feel superior. Just observe)

But I digress. The point is that I don´t have a point. I do not know anything, but I believe that truth can be found but that perhaps we don´t want to know it. I also feel that feelings are an important part of being a human, and that if logic is our only compass, than that could be the end of humanity (not necessarily homo sapience, just “humanity”)

The next and last question is from OptimusPrimeMinisterofNoway55 and he writes:

Q&A? More like FAQ U!

Q&A? More like FAQ U;)

Dear AndyAce83,
I am a state leader of a country (but I can´t revile which). I use your blog as a guidance in everyday matters as having a Guru is far to expensive. I have a problem; I don´t know how to lead a contry, I just got the job through my father. I pretend to be in control, but sometimes I just want to cry. I didn´t want this. I didn´t want to stand between humanist and Christians, between communist and fascist, and feminist and sane people. To be honest I am scared. What can I do to hide my fear? How can I avoid destroying my country? How can I avoid being hated by everyone who do not agree with me and my party?

Jens (OptimusPrimeMinisterofNoway55)


Dear OptimusPrimeMinisterofNoway55,
in the last year or so my fan base has become more and more powerful. Originally it was just perverts and crazy loners who read my blog but I get more and more letters from state leaders, presidents of big business and organizations. Just the other day I got a letter from someone in the UN. They all say the same thing. “We don´t know how to lead. We know some theories, but reality keeps messing them up.” To be honest with you, I don´t know how politics work, nor stock exchange or the powers that be. And that is my advice to you, be honest too.

Now I am not an idiot. I know that honesty is not the best policy and lies will get you anywhere. But web of lies can also snare you, and if you don´t get caught, you still may live in constant fear of being caught. Now one knows how to rule the world, but humility could get you somewhere not completely destructive. By working hard towards self knowledge (ask “why do I want power?” and “will my changes be for the better or is it just fool hardiness that makes me want to force my ideology onto others?“). There is a factoid that is said so many times that it has become a truth and that is “the common man is an idiot“. Many say that, and they are the real idiots (FACE!).

The truth is; people are different (but also fascinatingly similar), and not just one solution could fix all. It is important to be a liberal, and it´s important to be a conservative.It is in short important to believe in a democracy. A democracy is not red, or blue, it isn´t for the rich or the poor, no for the gay or the bigot. It is for everyone. That means that a good politician listens to everyone and tries to make everyone happy. Not just their voters, but also those who voted differently. It´s called the Golden mean (you and every other politician should look it up). Politics are NOT about right and wrong (that is for religion and philosophy), it´s about causing the least amount of damage.

Oh, and there is a story from a book that could also be useful to know. The story goes like this; It is this king, and two woman comes to him claiming an infant be theirs as another child died during birth. The king then listens and they both has solid arguments, and at this time DNA was not yet been discovered. Anyway, he says “Let´s chop the child in two so both can have a part“. Now I don´t know what you know about human bodies, but that would kill the child. Anyway, one of the woman says “No, don´t kill him, let the other woman have him instead” while the other said “What a great idea. Now we can both be happy in our misery“. And that´s when the king knew who was the mother and so he chopped the child in two. The moral being, if unsure, make sure no one is happy. And don´t listen to holy scriptures because they are all nonsense.

Blog 2.0 - BOOM! Goes the dynamite§

A nightmare on Elm Street – Remake (2010) movie review.

6 Oct

I saw it, the A nightmare on Elm Street – remake (2010) and I instantly started hating it, but at the end credits I had seen some moments that was far better than the original. Here are some differences for good and bad.

What was better than the original:

1) Story explains why the kids suddenly falls into sleep:
A very annoying thing about the original series was that the kids fell into sleep for all kinds of reasons. They could have fallen asleep at a Acid vs Metal concert when on speed. It have always felt forced, like “now someone has to die, make them fall asleep NOW!”. The last part of the film had a much more logical or at least explained constant falling asleep through story telling.

2) Krueger looks better in this movie
In A nightmare on Elm Street part 3 we had stopped seeing Fred Krueger as a menace and threat and more as a creative killer of annoying teens. He became cartoon, but in the original Elm Street he was suppose to be scary. But he did´t look like a burn victim, he looked like someone made of plastic (like a melted, rubbery Chucky.) In this movie, Krueger looks like he got burned. In short he looks more scary and menacing. I also like the explanation of why he killed children in life, but now only kills teens (as that seemed to be a plot hole in the original, although understandebal.)

3) Everything looks better
Well post-production can pretty much fix anything except acting talent and give something a soul. Some of the transitions between dreamscapes, bloody deaths and surprises where visually realistic, believable and pretty. Everything production value was far better in this film than in the original.

What was worse:

1) The characters are 1. dimensional:
I don´t remember if the Wes Craven´s version had any more depth to the characters, but I am pretty sure that the story went a little slower before massacre starts. The characters in this movie are so boring and uninteresting that even with all the crazy effects I just don´t get involved. Hollywood have forgotten that with scary, as in funny, the pauses increases and emphasizes the feelings.

2) With all the effects, why not make the dream events more dreamy?
The dreams weren´t very surreal. There where some events, but they still felt way to real (fillmed in studio to represent) to be dreamy.

3) Not much new to tell
Yes the effects where good, Krueger looked better and was more evil than in all the original, but something was not there. It felt like “A nightmare on Elm Street” for the new generation (who are soulless retarded with no opinion, taste or mind) but in the last 26 yeas nothing new could be added to a movie with lots of fans. I mean, come on, there had to be some fans who interrupted more to this movie than this. Some creative person who saw something else to focus on. But no, this movie, although not a completely identical plot as the original, feels futile and like a gold encrusted fruit.

In conclusion: This movie is like all other remakes, darker visually, darker plot wise (more or less explicitly states that Krueger was a pedophile), better effects but… It´s soulless. Not made by a fan or a visionary, but a person and company who want´s to earn more money on a franchise (“dah!“). Hollywood deserve to die. They are old and unimportant. Krueger kill Hollywood though the American dream for me.

Blog 2.0 - The scary part is that we are told ``Not to fall asleep´´ but our eyes gets heavier and heavier though each minute of film

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.5)

2 Oct

Bzzz….bzzz…bzzz… whatever.
I hate angry music as I am not angry. I am annoyed, irritated and alienated but I am not angry. Angy involves throwing, punching or destroying. I do neither.

Another reason why I can´t stand angry music is that it´s often vulgar, over the top and incomprehensible and unreflected nonsense.

But worst of all… The sound! Angry music involves screaming, a wall of noise punching me in the face and groin and lot´s of profanity for the easy “I am angry”-sound. Yes, I also swear when I am angry, but if I where to sing about my anger I would sit down and think about why I am feeling the way I do and express it more intelligently. But I guess that´s just me.

The point it: The people who make trance-dance-techno-whatever genera also can have issues. Sometimes their electronic beats wants to express anger toward something. So today I will post some videos from the more angry pumping sounds.

Let´s start with Apex Twin- Come to daddy.

Oh, it´s angry alright. But I can also hear what he screams. I like to know why they scream, and not just that they scream. Yes, one can always read the lyrics, but if I can´t understand them. I tend to believe they have nothing to be made understood. I remember watching this video when I was young. It scared the hell out of me. But enough childhood trauma.

Now a list (no matter how short) of angry techno sounds would be incomplete without Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up. This is the ultimate break-up song for any boy wonder. Yeah, smack my bitch up, chain my bitch up, smack my bitch up! The video is of course censured, because the internet is a place for freedom of expression:)

Now I could post many a Prodigy tune here to illustrate the anger of this versatile genera, but that would be to easy. Instead… ALARMA!!! by 666

Now the metal fans who enjoy dark satanic music believe that their Devil chords would be Satan´s music. But they are idiots. Satan would not waste his time on angry metal music. Those who listen to that often already is jaded (it´s a buyers marked nowadays:). There is no reason to steal souls already stolen. No! Satan comes through pop music and in this little song. Something that can appeal to the masses. I would rather play Brittney Spears backwards to check for hidden messages than any slipknot song.

Blog 2.0 - EL RITMO FATAL!