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Hot n Cold

28 Sep

I change my mind
Like a girl changes clothes
Yeah me, PMS
Like a bitch
You would know

And I over think
Always speak

You should know
That I´m no good for you

Cause I´m hot then I´m cold.
I´m yes then I´m no.
I´m in then I´m out.
I´m up then I´m down.
I´m wrong when it’s right.
It’s black and it’s white.
We fight, we break up.
We kiss, we make up.
(I) I don’t really want to stay, no
(but I) But I don’t really want to go-o

Cause I´m hot then I´m cold.
I´m yes then I´m no.
I´m in then I´m out.
I´m up then I´m down.

We used to be
Just like twins
So in sync
The same energy
Now’s a dead battery
Used to laugh bout nothing
Now I´m plain boring

You should know that
I´m not gonna change


Someone call the doctor
Got a case of a love bi-polar
Stuck on a roller coaster
Can’t get off this ride

I change my mind
Like a girl changes clothes

Cause I´m hot then I´m cold.
I´m yes then I´m no.
I´m in then I´m out.
I´m up then I´m down.
I´m wrong when it’s right.
It’s black and it’s white.
We fight, we break up.
We kiss, we make up.
(I) I don’t really want to stay, no
(but I) But I don’t really want to go-o

Blog 2.0 -has always said ``It takes a genius to find the brilliance in a stupid pop song´´ but is apt to change it´s mind.

PS: This was AMC´s blog entry #100. It sort of explains everything don´t you think? Sort of like the last episode of Twin Peaks. “Oh, yeah. That was the meaning behind the backwards talking dwarf… sorry midget… sorry… little person. I understand completely everything now.” And the post series movie “fire walk with me“. Talk about feeding us with a spoon. Yeah we get it! “I AM the muffin.”, sure. “It was a dream! We live inside a dream!“, no doubt! “Bob, I want all my Garmonbozia.WE GET IT!

A boy and his Dog (a short analysis and review)

25 Sep

Great misogynistic fun.
Moral: It´s better to have a dog by your side than a woman at your neck.
I guess we all can learn from that:)

But I do fear 2013. The end of the world is fine, but I sure don´t think I would like the post-apocalypse.

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Shameless self promotion

23 Sep

Please hire me. I know what graphical matching in editing means.

So as ya’ll know…

I’m a a man with dying ambitions of world domination and film making. I want to make the Hollywood remake of Dallas while working on the script for the greatest slasher film from this side of the millennium (script halfway written already).

So it’s the times to write my CV online so that anyone who would want to could hire me:)

These videos have been posted on YOUTUBE.COM. They aren’t high budget, contains very little nudity and violence with few if any SFX.

The first gem I’d like to share is called The Raven. It’s all about me (me, me, me) experimenting with background, contrast and symbolism. In other words I did this in-between surfing for porn. The sound is horrible in this video, and that is with reason. The low sound from this Grand Guignol symbolise the American soldiers in Afghanistan fighting for us and we don’t pay our tributes to them. It’s also a protest against patriarchy since the low sound can also be a muffled woman in pain. This last interpretation is of course arbitrary, but I think you could see it if you wanted to.

After watching this sublime pearl you should perhaps take a brake to digest the powerful impressions I have given you. This especially since my next piece is just as mind blowing as the first.. I call it Ludvig Nessa – without the robe and collar and it is my most popular video on youtube. It was made as a collaboration with some friends of mine with completely different political and world view. This to make a neutral depiction of a sensitive area of humane humanity; Abortion and the cost of being against the majority.


Now that was dynamite! This next one you probably should take another brake or at least a Valium as it’s even more mind blowing and EXTREME than my two first videos. I call this masterpiece Rock and Cigarettes and it’s another collaboration with two almost as talented strong and powerful individuals like myself. Almost!

Anyway the video is about a Dutch artist called Paula Mall and her love of smoking inspired by the rockumentary and Cinéma vérité from the 50-60’s.

Now “comment pourrait-on perfectionner ce qui a été perfectionné?“, you might ask. Is there anyway you can top what has already been shown? Of course I can… Here’s my next éclat; Nature vs Culture- Part 1: Nature.

There probably will be a part 2 and part 3 in the future. But there has to be a pause between my work as too many mind-blowing masterpieces of great existential depth can destroy societies, solve world hunger, tear down leaders or create wonderful feelings of loss, void and meaninglessness. I`ve made works that was so powerful in their expression they had to be removed from youtube. I am of course talking about NoMeansNo – Mondo Nihilissimo 2000 (unofficial music video)

Yeah, it´s banned. I am a rebel! Take that society. Now where is my spray can and bat?

So in conclusion… Oh yeah!

Blog 2.0 -If you're wondering why `When all I wanted from life was to be Famous I have tried for so long, it's all gone wrong.´ AMC will tell you why

(Blog update 8/28-11: To all those curios people out there… Here you can download the original video that was banned on youtube. It´s in flash so you need some kind of flash player)

My blog is one year old.

17 Sep

Just thought I’d mention it.

Blog 2.0 - Have given you quality food for thought since 2009.

(Blog update @ same day:
As a celebration of my one year anniversary, perhaps I should add some great blog entries?

Here is my top 3 favoritt entries on AMC:
1) Suicide blogs
As it touches taboos like non other, and to me it really is written well:)

2) I’m a freethinker, but are you? (A check list)

Great satire on why I dislike those who label them self “freethinkers“. (Fun fact: The flower that represents the “freethinker” is the pansy. THE PANSY! Hahahaooo… funny, funny stuff)

3) Age Hierarchy (Smells Like Teen Spirit)

Why? I dunno. I had to choose a third, sooo… You know they are all great!

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.4)

10 Sep

Let´s go old school! You see the Trance-dance-techno-whatever music genre is not a new one. Computes have been around for quite a while (although easy to use music software that makes everyone a DJ is.)

Now I am not a music historian and I am not a know-it-all but here´s a short and perhaps wrong understanding of the early years of the hardcore pumping beats.

All great music has started in one of two places; Africa and England (more precise the Manchester-Liverpool area). The electronic beats started, to my understand in Manchester in the late 70´s, early 80´s. There are two important “bands” recognize here; New Order and Happy Mondays. Blah,blah, blah. Here´s New Order.

But hey,” you may say, “this isn´t dance music. This is more indie-alternativ-postpunk music” proving your knowledge surpasses mine. I respond by looking threatened by your intelligence and almost back-out completely until I remember this one:

Notice the beat? Notice the sound? This is old-school trance-dance-techno-whatever.“, I say with a smile hopefully shutting your trap.

But some people always needs to win the argument, and if one part of the discussion fails they will attack another. So you may say “Hey, you said that the genre started in England. I´ve heard of Kreftwerk and that woman… Carlos… Made the soundtrack to Clockwork Orange“.

So?“, I say.

So you´re wrong.”, you laugh in my face. Giving me images of violence, murder and pain. But then also police, lies and punishments so everything stays the same.

And yeah.. Manchester wasn´t the genesis of all electronic music. But Manchester were the place where the genre not just was a wired gimmick but became a sound of it´s own. Suddenly crackers could dance freely and all was good in the world.

Blog 2.0 -If you really want to know the historical truth you should look it up yourself. You will not find the truth in a blog, only opinions logically or emotionally charged. Sometimes, if you´re lucky, with citations. But ``citations don´t make truths`. You can write that down in your diary!

The Internet is dirty

7 Sep

We may not smell it, we may not even see it, but the internet is a filthy place. We think that web 2.0 with all it´s interaction and videoblogs makes it an arena for intellectual, clean stimuli. But I see what you´re searching! Oh, yes… Filthy people looking for porn.

People who read my blog came over it not because I tagged it Postmodern or Happy-go-crazy or atheist or funny or Ambivalence please or do not tell the teacher or Political gibberish. No they find my blog because I write about social PORN. Oh, yes.

These are the searches that reaches Andy´s Mercury Comments.

1) andy mercury
(Whom ever that gentlemen may be)

2) socialporn

3) lyrics “find the words without being dis…

4) manfred gerstenfeld

5) free socialporn

6) “abortion until birth”

7) feel empty

8 ) electra complex porn

9) am i going to see god mommy

10) where do people like us flow

It really seems that my blog is the final stopping place for perverts and lost souls.


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The annoyance with adventure games (aka; A monkey for a wrench)

6 Sep

Dear Internet,
I wrote earlier about why I think that games are stupid when they are basically based on button hitting. In that same entry I wanted more games about being creative (drawing, singing, thinking etc.), or be about using the mind (quiz, moral choices, real subject matter etc.)

There are only two game genre (that I know of) that is based upon cognition and not finger agility and that is Adventure games and strategy games. But strategy games often also feels like a button hitting contest as well since the winner is often the one with the biggest troops. And the one with the biggest troops have hit a lot of footsoldier-buttons to get it (or perhaps I just suck at it).

But today I wanted to write about some troubles that I have encountered while playing adventure games.

1) Finding important objects can sometimes be annoyingly hard.
In Monkey Island II we have to find all kinds of things, and sometimes I have to know; what to look for and where to find it (like in reading a walk-trough). When there isn’t any logic to why I should “take that mirror”, or “steal that monkey”. There are a thousand point-and click-parts in any adventure game but very rarely does it seem logical that one part is more important than any other. “I don’t want to pick that up”, “I have no use for that” and then suddenly he takes up a sword or a map or a piece of paper.
The solution to this could be: 1) Clear character motive for taking things (i.e Guybrush needs a sword, so he takes it. Sherlock needs a clue, so he looks on the scene of the crime) 2) If it’s not logical through situation then at least draw attention to it through dialogue, cut-scenes or logic (i.e we need a key, there’s a key)

2) I love it when I understand it, I hate it when it’s just strange (again having to look in a walk-through)
Sometimes I just understand it. “Yeah, that goes there, no doubt.” Sometimes I have to try everything in my inventory with everything in every scene. THAT COULD TAKE HOURS! And it’s not hours of fun!
So I get angry! I think (perhaps because I am a psychopath) that when I have to go look in a walk-through, it isn’t me that have failed it’s the game developers. If I loose the respect and belief that the developers have a constructive puzzle of logic and mind then I will just skip it. Play it for the story alone and not bother trying to solve the “Monkey as a wrench”- puzzle.
The solution to this are basically the same as the solution to the problem above. More clues! No, you shouldn’t have to feed us with a spoon, but when we need a hammer, tell us we need a hammer and then we perhaps could think of where to find one! An example of how this works is in Monkey Island I & II SE where we have “the hint button” (although the clues disappear quite fast on screen, and sometimes they are not related to the problem that needs to be solved) that works. Another solution could be as in the Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack The Ripper game where a log to remind us of where we’ve been, who we met can be read. I don’t take notes when I play adventure games (perhaps I should) so I get confused (especially if I have had a longer brake playing) to where was why who. By my experience, the most effective puzzles are the once where all the components for solving it are in the same scene.

3) Sometimes the puzzles seems forced.
It’s a game, I know, but why does everything have to be a puzzle. Why can’t something go right to. This is the same problem as many other kinds of games has. The need to extend the story. Like in Half-Life 2. The entire game is a travel through landscapes. I though I was suppose to destroy a wrongful society, not go on vacation. It’s all about motive, motive, motive. Why do I need to go there, and why do I need to use that monkey for a wrench. In adventure games it’s often that the little puzzle doesn’t seem to fit with the big plot. Like a spitting contest to get an award to sell to a clerk to get money for a boat trip to get a monkey head that you can exchange for a part of map that will lead to a treasure that has NOTHING TO DO WITH GETTING THE VILLAIN!

I have never made an adventure game script and have no idea how hard it is, but my complains are basically to point out some flaws. I still love them, but to me the perfect adventure game would be one where I could solve all the puzzles by thinking not by searching the web for the solutions.

“Well, Mr. Negative. What sort of games do you like?”
I agree that I complain alot so I would like to give some examples of games that I like and why… but not now.

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Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.3)

5 Sep

So there are many classic Trance-dance-techno-whatever songs and melodies out there. Today I will mention some of the more lowbrow productions that still is worth listing to, if not for anything else but there nonsensical lyrics.

Take this one for example:
Sylver – Turn The Tide

How can I be mad at you, when I’m the one to blame.” Yes, how indeed.

The next great through funny song comes from Norway and was made by the talented wolf A.Moe. The song; Mom is home

The great parts of the song is stolen (very common in this music genera. But at least they make it their own and not just sample and add a beat like that *bleeping* rap music) from the Romanian musical-on-ice story of “Rock-n-roll Woolf“. But “the wolf who want to come in and party“, that’s all A.Moe’s genius.

The last achievement in bad lyrics today is Daze – Superhero lovers.

She needs a superhero lover. Very relatebal:)

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