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Who Goes There?

25 Sep

In a dark lit room.
Will be going soon.
One final prayer said,
“Dear God.
No afterlife for me.
A mediocre life lived.
No point thinking back on it.
For eternity.”

Lets play Resident Evil 7 – Blind Play of Nightmare DLC

19 Sep

Another let´s play from yours truly!


Its as always great! I make the best ones! I really, really do… That is why nobody watches them.


Blog 2.0 – Lets Duck-Duck-Go it!


A prayer in the shape of a poem.

7 Sep

The banality of stupidity,

Thorn right inside.

To suddenly get the cliches.

An epiphany.

The world is all a lie.

Disgusting, perverted, distorted.

But to not care.

Because you are there.

Everything else is a blur.


Blog 2.0 – An epiphany