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Doc Dee N Me Talk About Movies & TV– Part 06: Gay Movies

26 Sep

In this video we talk about gay themed movies. We didnt mention Brokeback mountain. Isnt that funny?

Blog 2.0 - Hello... This is AndyAce83 and I hate PC gaming.

Blog 2.0 – Hello, sailor!

Doc Dee N Me Talk About Movies & TV – Drama

23 Sep

Yeah. I dont like drama movies. They are boring and they are lying.

Blog 2.0 -  Effing lies!

Blog 2.0 – Effing lies!

I made this…

5 Sep

What is art? asked the poem as it lay its sentence on the sheet. Silence replied “by the alone for the alone”. It was like it was said before, but no one had heard. Or remembered. Or cared. Lets not speak angrily anymore and find comfort in that. Live and never live again. To be so lucky.