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TankeKrim Episode 6 – The Scandinavian Condition

20 Feb

Fun Fact: TankeKrim is Norwegian for ThoughtCrime.


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My views on politics.

30 Nov

I hate politics. I think it boring and I think is should be boring. The best politician is an ineffective political who does nothing or little. I am not an anarchist. I do believe we should have laws and a government, but the government should have as little power as possible on individuals. They should not care what we do on day to day basis as long as its not infringing on other people´s rights.

I think also that the word «rights» is a word used to liberally. There is a lot of «human rights» that isnt as much a right as a desire for privilege. If you want something, that does not make you entitled to it. In fact to take something that doesn’t belong to you is stealing and if its a human being that is a form of rape.

Yeah, I think that explains it.

Blog 2.0 - Politics should be boring.

Blog 2.0 – Politics should be boring.

I support this message. (Romney´s speech.)

18 Sep

I agree 100% with Mitt Romney:

Romney says: There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what.

Ace says: Probably. Those who support Obama would give him peace price for just showing up.

Romney says: All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it.

Ace says: That is the essence of being a right winger. To fight against becoming a slave to the government through dependence. All Romney says is that those who vote Obama either is a goverment slave or have no problem becoming one. “Entitled” is such a beautifully chosen word to describe this attitude. To believe that anyone is entitled to anything is beyond me. No one should get applaud for not doing anything. We all should try and work harder. The supporters of Obama is the “legion of entitlement“. The rights to rights without responsibilities.

Romney says: That that’s an entitlement. And the government should give it to them. And they will vote for this president no matter what…These are people who pay no income tax.

Ace says: Yes, Romney, the slaves will vote for their master no matter what. You can only win the undecided/independent votes and the right wingers. Stick to your guns Romney. Dont apologies. Look the mob straight in the eye and say “YES I MEAN IT. I HATE SLAVERY!”

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The Atheist slayer; Song 2 – The AngryAtheist strikes back!!

12 Jul

So I wrote the epic tale of “AndyAce83 – Atheist Slayer! or; “the song of Dilt4; the nerd who believed he could!“. The story of the epic battle between a smug know-it-all and his friends against one single theist (me). The battle was long and ferocious. I decided to post another tale, but this time only the transcripts. It´s the battle between me and the smug know.it-all Digijedi569. As usual the battle ground was youtube (as I do not walk into the gates of Reddit).

I am the atheist slayer. I take many a “freethinker” to school. My strategy is as simple as it is brilliant. Spit the same poision back into their faces. I give back with the same amount of anger and hate as they do.

Now if you are a Christian you may want to point out “turn the other cheek” and that is true, but you are forgetting that we are also given a sword (words). We need to fight this horrible evil philosophy as its growing stronger and stronger everyday. More and more dumb teens want to become smug know-it-alls.

I am the atheist slayer. I am not afraid of fools.

The story begins when the angry nerd known as theamazingatheist or theangryatheist as would be a more fitting name for him.

As he always does he rants about something in a way only a degenerate would. And as most loudmouth degenerate, he gets followers who are just as degenerate and loudmouth.

To my original comment,

Oh, a liberal atheist? That’s new. What’s next; an atheist communist? An atheist mass-murderer and oppressor of the masses? An atheist without moral? Oh, wait… That’s not new, that was the atheist default.
that had “received too many negative votes” so it was hidden; Digijedi569 wrote…

empathy > morals
Digijedi569 in reply to AndyAce83

So you think angryatheist show much of either? I think I saw him making fun of a plane accident (air france) just after it happened by fake crying and being a complete ass. Please refrain from pretending he and his supporters are better than they truly are. I can agree that empathy is a great compass for people who have any, those who have none should follow morals. Get it?
AndyAce83 in reply to Digijedi569

No, everyone should have empathy, whether or not they have morals. Got it?
Digijedi569 in reply to AndyAce83

You´re one dumb fuck aren´t you? 
AndyAce83 in reply to Digijedi569

I guess if you want to call me one, tell yourself whatever you wish. Life is just one big fantasy. Maybe though, you could try having some empathy.
Digijedi569 in reply to AndyAce83

Then I will call you that, Thanks.
AndyAce83 in reply to Digijedi569

Though, must I remind you fantasy is just that, fantasy, not reality. In reality, I could be anybody, but since this is the internet, you do not know me, but if it lets you sleep at night, then you go right ahead and lie to yourself until you believe it.
Digijedi569 in reply to AndyAce83

I thought we agreed? I thought you said it was fine for me to call you a dumb fuck, now you suddenly want to defend yourself? That’s two dumb fuck strikes! If you fail another time there will be strengthened theory of your cognitive abilities. Give it up while your ahead (I know you won’t and that will be dumb fuck strike #3)
AndyAce83 in reply to Digijedi569

Try empathy out, as I am just a total stranger, and you are “seemingly” a failed troll. Trolling is childish, so are you a child? Maybe not, you are able to use big words, so I am guessing you are pissed off about something? Might you tell me what? And all of a sudden I am a dumb fuck because I simply said “empathy > morals” and you took it out of context? Then you said by defending myself, automatically makes me a dumb fuck even more? I cant win with you, you are just an asshole, fuck off.
Digijedi569 in reply to AndyAce83

Listen to me, Digijedi569, your argument is invalid! U see to call for empathy from me, under an angryatheist video is nonsense. Angryatheist is one of the LEAST empathic or moral persons on youtube. He is in every meaning of the word a degenerate! Why atheist think he would be a wise spokesperson for their belief is beyond me. Even stiff Dawkins is more relatable than this angry loon. U are not a dumb fuck for saying that, u are a dumb fuck for not understanding I agreed with u, u dumb fuck!
AndyAce83 in reply to Digijedi569

Forgive me for not actually allowing you to call me a dumb fuck. No I wasn’t actually agreeing with you, I was being sarcastic. Yeah,The Amazing Atheist is sort of an ass,but he does it for show, he is an actor, he only acts like that to get peoples attention so they listen to what he has to say. I guarantee you if he had his own show on FOX news, he would be one calm, Christian, motherfucker. He makes some good points, some I don’t agree with, but the one I personally liked was empathy > morals
Digijedi569 in reply to AndyAce83

U are NOT forgiven. I should be allowed to call a dumb fuck, a dumb fuck. U´re a dumb fuck cuz you where looking for an argument so you couldn´t acknowledge that the opposition was agreeing with you and had to spit out the same argument only this time even more poisonous. Thats also, ironically, a lack of empathy. To say “We need to be good” do not make you good. theangryatheist is the second least empathic & moral person I have seen on the internet (the first was another atheist from sweden).
AndyAce83 in reply to Digijedi569

And also, 20 people agree with me, that you are fucking stupid. You lose this argument, I am sorry for you, it will be fine, just log off YouTube, get a glass of water, maybe a small snack, turn on the television, maybe play a game, watch something funny, maybe even get up go outside, but when you are done, make sure to not be angry, or at least try working on being stupid.
Digijedi569 in reply to AndyAce83

U atheist with ur collective thinking. To quote a book ” To be in a minority of one doesn’t make you mad”. You atheist are only a breath away from communism and all you do is try to make the book 1984 to be about religion when in fact its about a godless world where the state becomes the religion (you see the human faults are constant, meaning if you remove religion something else becomes religion). To believe I lose an argument because others agree with u is just insane. And sad! Yes, very sad.
AndyAce83 in reply to Digijedi569

And take your high and mighty wisdom, and cram it up your ass.
Digijedi569 in reply to AndyAce83

Not after its been up yours.
AndyAce83 in reply to Digijedi569

Ofcourse Digijedi569 didn´t learn his lesson. Most atheist are too stubborn and argumentativ to learn anything. But it goes to show how dumb they are. That is their biggest weakness – To be shown what they truly are; Animalistic, stupid and hateful.

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