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Perhaps I should keep it short? (Short Blogs For Short People)

29 Sep

Yeah, I’ll keep it short.

The Craft of Loooove!

The Craft of Loooove!

«Anti-Jewism» (Kings without their crowns)

28 Sep

I like telling stories from my past, they makes me feel experienced. So let me tell you about some of my teenage friends. You see, I had some friends when I was younger, that I rarely talk to now. They were alright friends and we had many interesting conversations and many other things in common. We liked much of the same music, the same movies, and the same youth culture. They started drinking before I did, and every Monday at school, almost like a ritual, stories where shared over the table of what had happened that weekend. The stories where always the same and they contained one or more of the following elements;

  1. they had been drinking,

  2. They had been going to town, and

  3. they had gotten laid and/or been
    in a fight and/or been arrested.

Yes, it was a dull teenage life. The fascinating part of these stories where not that they where in a fight, or that they got laid, or even been arrested. Anyone can do that, but that it was never their fault! Thinking back on those stories, there where never a time where they said that the fight were avoidable, or that it was somehow their fault that something bad happened. The stories where constructed as if they were the unfortunate hero, standing in a bar, minding their own business when
suddenly misfortune struck.

I don’t see myself as a sceptical person, and so I accepted their stories as the truth. To comment on the regularities of their fighting would have been to start a conflict, and nothing good would come out of that. But one day, perhaps the forth time they shared another fighting «Viking» story, or perhaps many years later it dawned on me, how odd it really was that someone could be hated as much as they, without having done anything wrong. I myself, have been out on the town many a time, and can never say I have been in any real fight. There has been some rough housing, some threats and some events involving me being kicked out of a bar or a disco. But I have never been hit, or hurt by anyone, and I have never had to resort to violence either.

This bring me to the problem of anti-Semitism. When we study the history of anti-Semitism, it would seem that the Jews has had the same misfortune as my teenage friends. They have always been hated, they have always ended up with problems, and it has never been their fault. The first historical event that I know of was written in the bible. (Richard Dawking would probably say that it didn’t happen, but I will use it anyway). It is written in Book of Exodus that the Jews had become slaves for a pharaoh in Egypt. Being a slave, to my understanding, is not good. Moses allied himself with God to free the slaves and so the Jews were freed. Then they got into a fight with God. In Book of Numbers «The people murmur against God and are punished by fire» ( and then there was this long walk in the desert. Also a hard time for the Jews.

And so the story goes on. Jumping forwards to the time of the New Testament, the Jews were oppressed by the Romans. They needed someone like Moses to kick some Roman ass, but they got a hippie instead that preached about tolerance, love and not complaining. This made them angry, and the rest is history.

But it gets worse for the Jews, because although they were oppressed and hated for being Gods people until now, when the Christians got into power they also got killed a lot. When the Jews where living under the Roman Empire they were, until the rebellion in Judea in AD 66, generally protected. But Claudius expelled the Jews "Because the Jews at Rome caused continuous disturbances at the instigation of Chrestus he [Claudius] expelled them from the city" (more wiki knowledge). «During the Middle Ages in Europe there was persecution against Jews in many places, with blood libels, expulsions, forced conversions and massacres» (even more wiki knowledge).

And so the story goes on and on and on and on and on and on. They were hated in the Seventeenth century, the Eighteenth century, the Nineteenth century and of course the Twentieth century were the holocaust was the most famous event. But I could also mention how Martin Luther (the guy who established the Christian protestant church) wrote an entire book on how bad the Jews were in which he called «On the Jews and Their Lies» and then there were the Spanish inquisition who probably didn’t like them either (but I don’t know, I am really getting tired of this history lesson).

In sum, one might say that the Jewish history is a history of persecution, life-threatening events, lies and blood. But what I don’t understand, and the reason for writing this blog entry is to ask the question; WHY? Why is it that these people have been hated so much, and WHY has it been claimed that a new wave of anti-Semitism is growing. Would it be too provocative to not just accept these facts, and be appalled? I am not appalled. In fact I have this growing feeling that tells me I myself are starting to dislike the Jewish people. I am sorry, I know it’s wrong, but sometimes I get so tired of them.

Here are the reasons why I am starting to dislike the Jews.

1)I don’t know any Jews.

All I know of them are rumours and media portrayals. The only relevant image I get of them are through the Israeli conflicts.

2)The word «anti-Semitism».

It might be ironic, but I get a growing anti-Semitic feeling because of the word «anti-Semitic». Why does the jews have their own word for racism? It provokes me, when Jews claim they are experiencing a growing anti-Semitism in the western world. It’s like I get this impression that the Jews are so «special» that when they are hated, they are not just hated because of their race but because of something else. Something unspecified that sets racism towards them apart from anti-islam, or anti-negro or anti-latino or anti-gringo or anti-whatever.

As I said earlier I don’t know any Jews, but when I see them in the media they are either grieving about
the holocaust, demanding rights because of the holocaust or complaining about growing anti-Semitism in the western world. And if anyone, says anything other than positive words toward their action, it is not because they are doing something that might need to be discussed, but because of intolerance and anti-Semitism. It feels like they have a God given right to do anything they want.

An example of this was a little diplomatic occurrence between Norway and Israel. Norway, a
relativly peace loving country, was to take control over «Task Force Holocaust», but according to Dr. Manfred Gerstenfeld of Israel, Norway was «a barbaric and unintelligent people», and went further by saying, «Norway has been in front against Israel and show clear signs of Anti-Semitism». Yes, I can feel the love grow, and also we have that annoying word again!

4) The Gaza incident .

Oh, no you don't!

Oh, no you don't!

Although it’s probably a complicated conflict, the Jews did not come out of that well. Especially in Norway, where the media was very clear whose side they were on. It wasn’t anti-Semitic, but it was anti-Israeli.
Although that distinction have become blurred. This dislike towards the Jews that I am experiencing is NOT a violent hatred. I don’t want to harm them, or spit on them or do anything wrong towards them. I just want to plead to the Jewish community to stop being bitchy, to not be so closed to others, and not be such a cliché.

We live in a Politically Correct society (I know that too is also a cliché, but it doesn’t make it a lie) where the victims should never be questioned. If a child is hit by a drunk driver the person who did it should be blamed. There is no question about that. But if the child was walking along in the dark at 23, wearing nothing but black and no reflector, shouldn’t also the parents be to blame? There might be, one may say, a reason for some happening to take place. That the victim could have done something in another way, and not gotten into that particular fight, rape, war, death, accident. But seeing the history of the jews, and how long they have been hated, perhaps they should take a look within them self, and wonder; «Could it be something we have done? Could it be something we have said?». Whatever conclusion they may come up with, it would be a healthy journey for everyone. For as long as they wonder they won’t plunder the Palestines.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if the Jews want me to be on their side, I won’t demand much. All I would see and hear is a culture that thrives and prosper without walking over other peoples right to thrive and prosper. To not complain about something that they perhaps could do something about them selfs and not be such a fucking cliché!


This is a "Don't be a cliché" entry. About individuals in a group working hard to confirm our prejudice.

<h1>Help, me spikka no HTML codes no know <n1>

22 Sep

<head>Why do I have to write HTML codes all of the sudden!
There where this button to change between regular text conversion and html code setup, but now it’s all gone. Gone I tell you! <HRcite>
<body> I read a book about HTML (hyper text markup language, that’s about all I learned) once, but I never thought I would need it. Where has my text converts button gone! HELP! </I>

Let’s talk about the truth. (Wear sunscreen)

20 Sep

What is the truth? «The world is round». «Social-democratic society are the closest thing to utopia we can ever come». «If you are a racist then you are evil». «Smoking marijuana is not dangerous and should be legal». «Prostitution is a problem that comes from a patriarchal society, and it should be illgal to buy, to keep the male psycho-sexual drifts in check». «Stig Larson is one of our times greatest authors and died because he told us the truth». «An apple a day, keeps the doctor a way». «The attack on the world tradecentre was staged by the US government to be allowed to go to war for oil». «Jews are greedy people who will manipulate to get what they want». «Smoking kills more people than all the wars put together.»

All of this saying have been claimed to be the truth. THE TRUTH! Now what is the truth? If we talk about specific truth we are going to have a hard time, but if we talk about truth in general there might be some definitions we all can agree on.

When I was a teenager, I started to think a lot, since I didn’t have any hobbies or girlfriends. To think is the road to madness, but I sort of kept my feet on the ground. And when it came to truth I thought that there were two kinds of truths. I called them objective and subjective truths. When I started to tell people about this, I also started to get a lot of woman attention. Woman seemed just to go crazy by this thought. It was a real Spanish fly, a great aphrodisiac.  What I said in a soft voice in their ears was that «you have a subjective truth, how the world seems to the individual and a objective truth, how the world is without our perceptions of it. The last one is the real truth, but it is really hard to get insight to it and therefore subjective truth under questioning should be good enough».

Sweet memories!

Well, as any kid, I thought I was original. I knew something nobody else knew. I withhold some kind of great knowledge no teacher, or politician or anyone else could understand. I was a genius. Like any teenager I knew. I knew! I was certain. The defining power was mine. So…

So it turned out I wasn’t as original as I once thought. I started to study at (in, on?) college where we had mandatory philosophy studies and as it turned out a guy called Kant (1724-1804) had said just about the same thing. He called my «subjective truth» as «Ding für mich» (Things for me) and my «objective truth» as «Ding an sich» (Things of them self). Of course his thoughts were more elaborate then mine. He had even written a book about it, “Critique of Practical Reason“, while I had just used it as a pick-up-line for woman who like the vagina monologes..

Now, what’s the point of all this? The point is that all of truths that I started this text with, are opinions, not facts, and I am getting quite tired of people always laying there truth upon my head as a «matter of fact». Just because everybody else believes it does not make it true! We have to have a cleansing ritual were we all say «all I know is that I know nothing» (I came up with that you know).

And what’s the point of this point? Well, all I want to say is that there are too many people claiming to know the truth, and they may be right, but we have to ask our self the most important question of all; What does it help this «truth»?

For example take this «truth», that so many young whipper-snappers tell, «Smoking marijuana is not dangerous and should be legal». So what? In what way would legalizing another drug make anything better? Doesn’t the use of this drug stimulate a person culturally to believe that he or she is a very fascinating person and a rebel? And if so, if this drug is illegal, doesn’t it work as a buffer for people with a need to rebel to not start using harder drugs? My opinion (and its only my opinion) is that it’s better that a angry teen smokes marijuana illegally when they have the need to rebel than smoking crack. And that if we legalize this particular drug, then the need to be an individual will still be strong in many teens and they will then start to use harder drugs to get the same satisfaction.

Another example is: «The attack on the world trade centre was staged by the US government to be allowed to go to war for oil». Now, this might be the truth too, but what prof have we seen? Strange explosion pattern as the plane enters the building, media seems to know what happened strangely fast, some Jew conspiracy that says there weren’t any Jew inn the building (or something like that) and lots more. Yes, all of those theories might be true, but what does it help to believe it? Where does healthy scepticism go to become sickly paranoia? How constructive is it to go around believing that the government (or an unknown shadow government) wants to get you? Sometimes we have to believe a lot of small lies, to believe one big truth (or something like that).

Now, what’s the point too the point of the point? I don’t know, and that’s the point, and neither do you. But if we should know something, it should be constructive and helpful. I am not a sceptic or a true believer. I don’t question everything or claim to know something completely. I wonder, think, feel and have opinions. That’s all.

Someone said somthing like «Teenagers think adults are stupid, adults know that teenagers are.» I couldn’t agree more. If you are under the age of 20 you should keep your mouth shout and listen instead. You really don’t know anything, at least that’s my opinon.

It's pretty, ain't it?

It's pretty, ain't it?

Hello world!

17 Sep

Hello world…

It’s me, Andy! And this is just what the world needed. Another blogger trying to write a diary (or journal, or shout out or whatever!) to anybody who hasn’t got anything better to do. Inn fact, I don’t think bitching about blogging inn once blog is all that original either.

But I have something to say…  as do everybody. But I think I have something to contribute… so does an average teen. But everyone else is doing it… so why can’t I? That’s right! I do it because I can!

I hope I will have some interesting things to add to my blog later. Keep your fingers crossed!

Peace out,


PS: I choose to write in english (my mother tongue  being norwegian), not because I think what I say will have an international appeal but to practice my english.