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Let´s Play Mercenaries Reunion (RE5) Part 2 – “A Judge Judy Reunion”

28 Sep


Since the last attempt at a “Judgy Judy” let’s play turned out so awkward, I decided to do another one. Or more precise RandomPerson wanted to do one and I said yes. Is it funny? No. But it is childish and childish and let’s plays go hand in hand.

Blog 2.0 - Its funny cuz its dumb

Blog 2.0 – Its funny cuz its dumb

Let´s Play Mercenaries Reunion (RE5) – “A REal REunion”

11 Sep

Get it? Get it? It’s cuz we play some classic characters!

First sign of madness is talking to yourself, the second is questing for global saturation.

Blog 2.0 - Barry Sandwich!

Blog 2.0 -Barry Sandwich!