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To be loved by so many makes it hard.

30 Sep

To be loved by so many makes it hard.
-Some cheesy whore master (2011)

Sofie´s choice.. I haven´t seen it but I get the reference. I now have a Sofie’s Choice. I just started a Norwegian blog that is a little bit different than AMC because it is in Norwegian. I call that young brain spawn “Tanker om Ting” and is suppose to be about things I… well I dunno. I wanted a Norwegian blog too so I don´t have to Google irregular verbs all the time. And now I feel torned [sic], like Sofie, except it isn´t about real people.

Which blog should be my main concern? This blog, with all it´s international fans who need to get the real perspective that only I can give them, or the brainwashed social-democultic culture of Norway who perhaps even more need my sober views?

I can´t choose, so both will have to live and therefore perhaps die. I don´t know if that was Sophie´s final choice, I think I may need to see that flick once. It´s with Meryl Streep, I think. She is a great actor.

Have a nice day.

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2 years

17 Sep

2 years…

can you believe it? Oh, what fun it is. Looking back,seeing how nothing has changed. *cocking of a gun*

Seeing all those funny comments, feedback etc. It really shows how the internet joins us together.



It´s been a good run. I have written lot´s of things, that after re-reading gives me the creeps. “Did I write that? My God! How high was I?

And I don´t even use drugs.

And that may be one of the most important messages I could give you. If you need drugs to be special, creative, intelligent, innovative etc. You are not really any of those things.

What else?

Well there has been a lot of entries about *bleeped* up stuff written with *blepped* up language in hopes of showing how *bleeped* up they are… *bleep*. But mostly I think I have estranged myself from anyone who would read it or even agree with me, due to the choices of languages and style.

Yeah, that´s it. That doesn´t sound like self-denial and a lie


2 years.
Wow. Many words… Many words, opinions etc. I also made some pictures. Some of them are kind of cute… aren´t they? Aren´t they?

Aren´t they?

Well, anyway… I may not have changed the world with this blog, but I have atleast changed my world and that… and that… THAT makes all the difference.

Because we only write these blogs for ourselves, don´t we? No need for anyone to, you know, agree or give comments or re-post or like etc?

Happy birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. *soob*

Anyway… It´s all good. Everything is just as nice, dandy and on schedule as it was two years ago.

Right on schedule.


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My last Anti-Atheist entry for a while.

12 Sep


I have been bashing allot on atheist for their annoying smugness and besserwisser attitudes. But all that is going to end… for awhile..

-Not Blog 2.0-

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They are all about how Atheist have their faith and will not accept that it´s a religion like everyone else. Even quoting scripture “Atheist is a religion like off is a channel” or some other nonsense. I say “Atheism is a religion like black is a color.” saying that will reveal if you talk to a besserwisser, cuz they be sure to point out that Black is not a color.

And that´s the most common of know-it-all idiot. The person who can not see the world for all the definitions. “Black is not a color” WTF? Ofcourse black is a color, just look at a pallet or ask a person what color a person use to outline a picture. To the besserwisser it´s all about playing with defe… who cares… read the blog entries above if you are interested 🙂

Iraq and a hard place.

11 Sep

Dilemmas and an implicit ultimatum.
In case you haven´t noticed there is a war of words going on in Europe about how Europe is going to be in the future. This war is also known as a culture war between right vs left, theism vs atheism and the intellectual and the ignoramus. This isn´t new, it has been going on since the beginning of civilized society.

But something has changed: It getting polarized. And a new addition to western cultural has emerged; Islam.

The way I see it there are three outcome of the millennial culture wars of the western civilization.

1) An atheist/secular culture
2) christian culture

3) Islamic culture.

And since I like to be a head of the curve I have started to prepare myself for the choices I have to make. First I need to make a list of which kind of society/culture I want to live in.

The future or just a mass-psychotic nightmare? Perhaps it´s a utopia?

I want to live in a (relaxed) christian society first, then a secular sterile one and NEVER EVER do I want to live in an Islamic culture.

So now comes that hard part. I have to choose my allies in the culture war. Which of the two other choices is closest to my values. And here lays the dilemma.

Although I rather want to live in a secular world, I am closer to Islam when it comes to my metaphysical perspectives. So who should I alley myself with? Should I try to make my culture less godless with the Muslims, or should I fight against all the evils of Islam with the atheists? And do any of the other groups want to fight with me or do they want to join forces and “kill” of the Christians?

As of now, there are atheist who believe they can have the cake and eat it to [1]. They believe they can use Islam as an excuse to de-Christianize Europe and then have the Muslims leave quietly through the door when Europe have finally killed of the “hypocritical evil christian conservatives” who´s only wish is to rain on the gay parade and pro-choice movements. By the looks of it Christianity is soon out, because of their weakness in saying what they should say. Christians wants to be liked by people and be open minded. Being like that makes it easier to pick on them, ridicule them and finally ignore them.

There are two kinds of Christians 1) The evil Christians who say everybody is going to hell and 2) the boring Christians who will not make any statements whatsoever. The Christians need to make a hybrid. Someone tolerant (nothing wrong with that) who still are bold enough to say “Porn, decadence, promiscuity and other liberal values are not apart of our morality.

Here are two videos as an afterthought:

(This video shows a Muslim converting a non-Muslim, probably agnostic, Utøya survivor to Islam.)


But just in case I should experience ultimate defeat by Islam I practice my Shahada.

“لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول ال”

So I hopefully can survive long enough to see the first once against the wall, and those of course are the freethinkers. The group that I blame for the cultural chaos we are experiencing in the first place.

Then I will state my opinion loudly:

I hope I would have been that brave.

Blog 2.0 - No, I am not an islamophobe. I find their religion ugly and their culture disgusting but I do not fear them!

Zombies Again???

5 Sep

This image get´s stronger and stronger every time a new Zombie Game, Zombie Movie (especially every movie where the cause of the zombie outbreak is proven to be a virus), every DLC with Zombie mode etc. etc. come out.


I wish I could draw better, and had the pations to try harder… If you can´t see what I have drawn; It suppose to be a zombie playing a zombie game!

Why I analyzed the Mist

2 Sep

I have stated earlier that my favorite hobby is debating atheist (or «besserwissers» as I like to call them) online. Often it goes like this:

1) I find a youtube video where some atheist propaganda is preached and stated some statements defending spirituality or just plain attacking the rotten «ideals» that are atheism.
2) Some atheist becomes angry by this and wants to take me to school (a common besserwisser trait) and start telling me of the lies, hate, hypocrisy that have kept humans down for millennial and summing up that I am an idiot (another besserwisser trait)
3) I say something from my philosophy
4) They don´t answer back, or they attack me on person (often talking about me from a stereotype), claim my arguments are false because of a logical fallacy often in Latin phrases or they give me arguments from the book of Dawkin, Hitchen or other.

If they give Argumentum ad nauseam from the book of Dawkins etc. the discussion is on and that´s when it get´s fascinating since the tone of the discussion will often slowly change. We start off as angry towards each other (or me being sarcastic/passionate and they being angry) but a movement begins from anger towards…


I dunno. At least their is allot less swearing and personal attacks.

Anyway, one time, resonantly I got into a debate / discussion with an atheist about the Jesus myth and the Zeitgeist movie. How Jesus is a mythical character and how the 9/11 conspiracies are true (a fascinating opinion constellation in itself). At the end of one of the atheist longer musing the atheist mentions The Mist (2007) as an example of how Christian fundamentalist work.

And I got exited.

I love The Mist, it is such a great movie. So after this long introduction I would like to give a analysis of what I would call the best monster movie from this far in the 21th century. Is the Mist a warning of Christian fundamentalism?

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