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The Mist (2007) (Doctor Dee n Me Talk about movies & TV Part 20)

20 Dec

I wrote an analysis of the mist earlier on my blog, it was so popular that I decided to make a drunken rambling video about the movie as well. Enjoy 🙂


spilling eros

Blog 2.0 3D – I prefer the colored version.


Mediocre love

1 Dec

I dream of you.
You dream of him.
He dreams of her.
She dreams of another.
The nother dreams of stars.
The stars dream of themselves.

You accepted me,
and I accepted that you accepted me.
And together we lived in misery.
Average life.
Mediocre love.


Blog 2.0 – You dont like my emo poems?

TankeKrim Episode 5 – The Generation identity (and how the media lies)

28 Nov

I try to make stuff on the interweb… Here is another example —>




Blog 2.0 – And I recommend that you… Stop watching the news! Because the news contrives to frighten you. To make you feel small and alone. To make you feel that your mind isn’t your own.

Who Goes There?

25 Sep

In a dark lit room.
Will be going soon.
One final prayer said,
“Dear God.
No afterlife for me.
A mediocre life lived.
No point thinking back on it.
For eternity.”

A prayer in the shape of a poem.

7 Sep

The banality of stupidity,

Thorn right inside.

To suddenly get the cliches.

An epiphany.

The world is all a lie.

Disgusting, perverted, distorted.

But to not care.

Because you are there.

Everything else is a blur.


Blog 2.0 – An epiphany

Storytime about our time, and every time. Its timeless really.

3 Jun

You and I are walking down the street when we both see a poor woman begging for money. She probably dont have a house, and she is really down in life.

I say to you “How much money do you got?”,

You say “About 200 dollars”,

I say “Could you give it to me?”,

You say “No, I need that money. It is mine.”,

I say “Dont be selfish. Give it to me.”

Then you give the money to me. I take 150 of those dollars in my pocket, and then give 50 dollars to the woman. Then we walk down the street and I hymn on “Another day in Paradise” with a smug grin on my face.

You ask, “What are you so happy about?”

I say “Oh, didnt you see the good I did? I just helped a woman by giving her 50 dollars. Its good to be good. You should try it.”

You say “But that was MY money you gave! And you took more than half for yourself!”

I say “Dont be a racist, homophobic misogynistic global warming denier! ”

And then we walk the rest of the way in silence.

spilling eros

Blog 2.0 3D – Enjoy the silence!

AvP (2004) & AvP:R (2007) – Alien Franchise talk (Doctor Dee n Me Talk about movies & TV Part 14)

17 Apr

Too long, didnt watch? AvP is okay, AvP:R is horrible because it doesnt understand that its a popcorn movie, not an exploitation movie.

(blog update: 7th of may Chris Stuckmann)
This video came out May 6th 2017:

Plagiarism? I wonder, I wonder.

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Blog 2.0 – Beyond ass-suckage

Prometheus (2012 film) – Alien Franchise talk (Doctor Dee n Me Talk about movies & TV Part 13)

9 Apr

Another masterpiece in drunken art critique. Prometheus (2012 film) – Alien Franchise talk (Doctor Dee n Me Talk about movies & TV Part 13). In it we talk about Prometheus (2012) and the ambivalence towards it.

Tl:Didnt watch? Its pretentious cheese.


I also plug my script Queer Camp Killer and I share a sad story about life.


spilling eros

Blog 2.0 3D – Pretentious cheese in 3D!!!

Alien: Resurrection (1997) – Alien Franchise talk (Doctor Dee n Me Talk about movies & TV Part 12)

31 Mar

Too long, didnt watch?

If you went into the cinema expecting anything else, you are dumb.

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Blog 2.0 – Too FRRREEENCH for me.

Aliens (1986) – The Alien Franchise talk (Doctor Dee n Me Talk about movies & TV Part 10)

22 Mar

Aliens (1986) an action masterpiece. Here is why AndyAce83 thinks its overrated. Doctor Dee loves the movie though. It gets a bit nerdy…





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Blog 2.0 – A bit nerdy.