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Lets Play Resident Evil REmake part 05 – 08

13 Jun


This is part 05 through 08.

In part 5 we open more doors

In part 6 we do a fashion show and we make it really gay. Also if you are really observant I make fun of people who hate Resident evil 6.

In part 7 we make fun of people who talk about trigger warnings. Also I rape joke that I can not remember what was about. And we study Jill as a graphical model. Not really.


In part 8 we sell out by giving advertisement for products. Although we do not make any money out of it, it stills feel like selling out.


Blog 2.0 - All things keep getting better.

Blog 2.0 – All things keep getting better.

Doc Dee N MeTalk About Movies And TV- Part 3: Do Sci-Fi have to be scientifically accurate?

6 Jun


In these Jurassic World times where Dinosaurs still dosent have feathers the important question is: Do Sci-fi have to be scientifically accurate? Here is Doctor Dee and me’s 2 cent.

Blog 2.0 3D - SCI-FI!

Blog 2.0 3D – SCI-FI!