About Andy’s Mercury Comments

I have great plans for this blog. GREAT ONCE! I will revolutionise everything! We are talking about Web 3.5 (at least). I will explode your mind, and expectation about what a blog can be. I see this fantastic change in three ways.

  1. Funny blogs from everyday life (i.e «Have you ever had that day?» and «What’s up with airline food?»)

  2. Film analysing blog (I will use my great deductive skills and my great analytical toolbox brought with me from college to reveal the secrets of cinema art.)

  3. Feely blogs to make you think (i.e. Children with cancer, drug adicts selling their dignity for smack)

All these revolutionizing content will make my blog the first of what will be called BLOG 2.0(c). It will change history and our perceptions of it. This blog wants to work as a rebooting of the mind.

You know like the Zen Kōan?

Like all those questions that have no answers?

Well I got them.

If a three falls in the woods does it make a sound?” where the answer is of course “Yes
or “Not even a thought has arisen; is there still a sin or not?” where the answer is of course “Shut up New Age retard!

If used correctly Andy’s Mercury Comments (AMC) should work like a hard blow to your upper head.

You don’t believe me?

Then you can go to hell!

You don’t believe in hell?

Well, I’ll see you there anyway!

Blog 2.0

Andy's Mercury Comments = Blog 2.0

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