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Kind of Disappointing – The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film) review

12 Nov


As I am starting to write my The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film) movie review I have not yet finished seeing the movie. I started to look at it yesterday, and got so tired I had to stop watching it and go to bed. I could not force myself to watch anymore of what The Amazing Spider-Man slowly turned into; A teen love story, where a shy boy gets randy after being bitten by a radioactive/genetically mutated spider.

Most of the movies from Marvel Studios in the past 6 years have been great as it slowly have turned into an epic continuity called Marvel Cinematic Universe. I thought that this movie would be a part of that continuity. AS it turns out, I was wrong. Instead we have a movie, clearly being sold to teens and teens alone, with a “parants or guardian dont get me“, “I love the pretty chick“, “my awesomeness will get revealed once I get my super powers” clichés that would only please that crowd.

Spiderman has always started out as a kid, and to be honest that was not the troubles with this movie. The problem is that everything is happening too fast (the most common teen-movie cliché) where love interest find each other from the start, their intens love comes from nowhere (although them being teens could explain this), Spider-man/Peter Parker´s constant need to tell everyone who he really is (he takes of his mask to a kid he saves, gets caught by the villain by having named the camera he used to take pictures of the villain, he tells his girlfriend he is Spiderman etc), the endless jokes of Spiderman´s amazing powers (that to me at least seem way stronger than he was in the comics) that also sort of reveals who he is to everyone around.

This is the N´th time Peter Parker takes of his mask. I wonder why? I feel tempted to say its a symptomatic unveiling in an appeal to remove anonymity from state. Just thinking out loud here.

I will now see the end of this movie, to give my final ressults.

Seriously, I do not know why he takes that mask of so much! Its like every other spiderman scene. There is NO REASON for that other than to give the Peter Parker actor more face-screen time. This was never seen in any other spiderman franchise. When the mask was off, it was taken or torn of. Not just to show the teen heartthrob´s smashing pointy hair.

The villain is a good guy turned evil, but the reasons why he turned are never clear. Then stuff just seem to happen like when the villain breaks into a building and this affects the power and lights for some reason. And to be honest; His CG isnt that good. When that is done, he sees a character but does not try to kill that one, but later he kills for no apparent reason.

There are way to many “wouldnt that be cool?” scenes and events that for one thing is not relevant to the story and secondly often isnt belivebal as it would either kill a character, reveal spiderman to the masses or just couldnt happened at all. In the films climax for instance a giant tower falls down (“wouldnt it be cool if Spiderman fell down a tall building with a tower falling after?“) where the reasons is… just because. Some ice from a cloud or something freezes something, I dunno. But its clear we are suppose to be excited about the fall afterwards.

´´Why did you have to die, when everything up until now was so easy? WHY?!´´

You know what a bad movie really is? Its not the bad ones, or the good ones (of course), its those movies you want to love or like but there are just to many small annoyances throughout. The Amazing Spider-Man is like that.The good parts, like great production value, great established univers to enter, fine actors and often good effects are ruined by flat character developments and stupid plot.

I know the comics, so I know the characters, but in this reboot I just dont get the characters. Why did Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy start caring for each other so soon? Is getting fired at a job enough to turn into a villain even if you cant control a mutation? Where are all the future characters that will play important part of Peter Parker´s life? With a good actor to play Oncle Ben (Martin Sheen*) why do I care so much less when this version´s oncle dies than the 2002 version (played by Cliff Robertson)? Why do the villain just stop being a villain after killing other characters without remorse? Do Aunt May know of Peter Parkers identity?

The questions keep piling up until the ending, that suddenly decides to be very gloomy. The ending is greatly done, but it feels sort of forced that Spiderman, that until now takes everything so lightly when he fights giant destructive creatures in public, suddenly just want to stay alone in the rain. It also feels strange that when 5/6 of the movie is about amazing powers where everything is possible, and still one character has to die because of dramatic effect towards the end. That´s annoying.

Conclusion: They say The Amazing Spider-Man is dark, but although it´s darker than the Sam Raimi´s take earlier this millenium, it still is lighthearted and at times kind of dumb. The villain is bland and its unclear wether he is angry or has a spilt personality or what the deal is with him. Pointless stuff happens at random for most of the movie and things happen way too easy and get resolved way easier. This sort of progress makes it just annoying when sad stuff happens cuz it seems so forced and unnecessary. This movie is bland and I think that is sad as much of this movie looks and sounds great. Its the plot, thus the script, that is the problem. Not the acting, effects (although the villain looks kind of dumb) or anything else.

I dont rate movies, but this movie gets an average grade with a minus cuz I love the francise and the possibilites of the Stacy/Parker storyline that was not told in the Raimi movies but if this kind of bland storytelling will be the future of this re-booth then I think I will be less than impressed by the treatment of future events.

But it is kind of funny that the director of this movie is called Webb.
*Perhaps its because we know Martin Sheen is a bad father in real life (just look at Charlie Sheen) so we cant belive he would be a good father figure to Peter Parker? I do not have the answers, just asking those questions.