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Chaos and Anarchy on the WWW (“fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better.”)

29 Jan


Dear Internet,

I’ve been listing alot to one song of Talking Heads called Psycho Killer. Now, I am not going to go into an in-depth analyse of why I like that song (i.e base line, subject and catchyness) but instead note a certain part of the lyrics.

You start a conversation you can’t even finish it.
You’re talkin’ a lot, but you’re not sayin’ anything.
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
Say something once, why say it again?

What I think about those lines is that they could fit very well with the state of much of the bloging going on the internet right now. I have read articles (or blogs if they are in the on-line edition of a newspaper) that states that twitter is pasê and bloging is back! Something like “everybody is bloging”. Okay, so everybody is writing blogs, but does anyone read them?

I have to be honest. As a rule, I don’t read anyone’s blog. I tend to scan blogs of people who comment on my blog (to know who I am dealing with) and I have sometimes scanned blogs that have similar tags than mine (to investigate the competition) and of course “En kopp kaffe ved midnatt” (as that is the best blog on the web except mine). I have also read some blog entries that are related to news events that are linked under the articles from on-line newspapers.

This is what I have noticed when doing so.

  • Few blogs are of any real interests
  • Few readers (if any) comment*
  • Something, something
  • Lot’s of blogs get deleted. (Even when I have posted one of my sazy comments)
  • There are way to many blogs out in cyberland
  • Now I will not attack other blogs for being dull, unimportant, unfunny while trying (the saddest blogs of all), or that we shouldn’t have blogs. Nor will I defend my own blogs right to live and claim that it is better than most (although it is). What I do want is to comment on the consequence of all this.

    People claim that the internet is the most important way for people to express themselves. That some historical events (i.e revolutions in [some God forsaken place]) are changed do to activity on the nett.

    It’s all hype.

    I will probably write an entry later about the dangers of remembering things (as you may go crazy or become very angry) but if we remember how something was hyped one day and completely forgotten the next (“Y2K, what?”, “Sars, who?”, “The Hampster Dance, where?”) you may notice and perhaps learn something.

    The point is that to me internet is a vortex of opinions (“Whooo, someone has been to college (!)”) that you may drown in, but most likely you won’t as that would demand that you actually read any of the opinions that were there. That although things may seem to have changed, everything is really just the same. It’s the same dark men (or as Michael Moore would call them “stupid white men”) that controls everything. We just got new smoke and mirrors to distract us. That although your opinion may be heard now, so does everybody else’s, and that since we all scream “rable rable rable” nothing new will come.

    So as a conclusion I would say, “blog OKAY, but the printed paper is the only way” (I’m not a slogan writer) or else there is little hope for [enter positive word here].

    My work station (where the magic happens).

    (*Of course with the exceptions of blogs that have been linked to larger sites, with lots of tags for easy reference about something recent that appeals to the masses as either fascinating, frighting or aggravating.)

    Mulla Krekar has been shot at. Now what? (“I believe in homicide”)

    25 Jan

    Dear Internet,

    the infamous mulla Krekar was shot at by unknown assailants around 2.00 am. It was a “failure” and only his son in law was hurt according to all the Norwegian newspapers. Now I don’t want to make blogs about currant affairs as it feels more like gossiping than reflection, but here are some thoughts that sprang to my mind as I heard it.

    1) “There’s no justice like vigilante justice“.
    I have had dreams about doing the same things myself. I have no knowledge about who or why Mr. Krekar was shot at, but if he got shot at by Norwegian civilians than that is another example of how Norway, because of globalization, has become more aggressive and violent. There’s a growing anger in Norwegian society that has no constructive outlet. There’s a “see no evil, hear no evil and laugh about others who claim to see evil” mentality in government and media that slowly builds up a pressure that could be the reason for such an attack. The Krekar problem, that is “knowing a terrible person will not be brought to justice because of idealistic reasons“, have become really inflamed.

    As most Norwegians (I guess) I am against the death penalty. I am against it in every instant (be that a child-killer or war criminal) but I do believe in consequences for wrong doings. I just don’t think killing another person will bring balance or justify evil. But with the problem of Krekar our Norwegian ideals has been brought to the surreal. One person should not bring as much trouble as this Krekar has done. Let’s just ship him to the country who wants him and rather send angry letters when he is dead. It is my opinion that sometimes we have to think realistic (“is”) rather than ideally (“should”).

    2) Is Norway under siege by Americans?

    If so STAY OUT! If there has been American soldiers carrying out a mission on Norwegian soil then you are in big trouble! We will complain and whine you to death. Perhaps you will even get an annoyed official letter from our Prime-minister. TAKE THAT!

    3) Drive-bys belong in Compton and is not Norwegian.
    Now we all hate Krekar, as we all hate people who kills other people and gets away with it. But is there any real difference between what mr Krekar did at what the assailants did (except, you know, in scope)? If we take the moral argument that “to kill the terrorist and mass-murder Krekar is good” as “he deserves it”, then shouldn’t the persons who did it come forward to receive praise and/or consequence for what they did? If a person believes they are in right to do what they did then they should come forward and take responsibility and if they don’t believe they were in right then they shouldn’t do it (I too can speak ideally (should)).

    (I love Radio Broker in GTA IV. It really have my sound and attitude. “It isn’t much of a cultural revolution any more, is it?” No, it isn’t Juliette Lewis. No, it isn’t. But why do all the cool spaced-out kids (you and Beck) belong to that sect… oh, sorry “alternative to psychiatry”?)

    An Inconvenient Truth (“Everyone lies, nobody minds, everyone lies”)

    22 Jan

    Dear Internet,

    I got a letter just the other day, and it read something like “save the environment. Get your bills electronically.” At a price of course. E-mail isn’t free

    That got me wondering.

    I started to think about the environment, and why it is that every time I hear “environment” I think of Mr Gore. Al Gore; the saviour of our environment. Just like Bono is the saviour of starving children and Barack Obama is the saviour of the US. It’s funny how hard they work with so little results. Hmm, I wonder why?

    Yes, I saw Al Gore in front of me so clearly. The winner of the Nobel Peace prize and author of “An Inconvenient Truth” and the star and writer of the academy award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth (2006). Now I haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth, nor have I read the book. But I have seen The Day After Tomorrow (2004), and to my understanding they are basically the same. The only difference is that An Inconvenient Truth has fewer special effects (it is a documentary after all).

    Why nothing?Now, I don’t want to sound cynical or paranoid, but… How should I put it without sounding to blunt? He hasn’t done anything for the environment. But perhaps he has only made it worse with his travels across the earth with the gospel of Avatar (I haven’t seen that movie either) and he has started a panic in the public that distract us from the real issues (i.e Why is it just Bono and Geldof that are getting rich on Band-Aid? Why hasn’t anything really changed in our lifetimes except technology? If science is better than religion (as history proves) who invented regular bomb, a-bomb, anthrax in a box, exploding air planes in high-rising towers and everything that gives us “global warming”? How can knowing I am a mutated monkey give me peace? Why do some people believe that the solutions to all problems lie in a political system? etc.).

    Now why is it that I have to sort my garbage (“recycle” as it’s called in Newspeak) while Al Gore can travel around the world winning prizes by giving us new rushes of guilt?

    But that is not what I would call the “Inconvenient Truth”. Al Gore is nothing. He’s just a man that sheeople around the world has given way to much credit. Nothing new there. We give praise to anyone who would say something “nice” and perhaps add something that we at the time would label “important”.

    The “REAL” inconvenient “truth” is that “saving the environment” has become BIG BUSINESS. Al Gore has become richer and that’s just one man. It has developed an enormous industry for any smug fuck and brain-dead person with anxiety who desperately tires “to save the world before it’s to late”. Oh yes, everyday we are guilt tripped to pay more for less and buy the next nonsense that will help us making less trash.

    When I went to school (yes, I can read and write) we had a history teacher that was asingle-theory-that-explains-everything” maniac (see illustration to the left) and what he claimed was that “what every financial depression needs is a war” as it builds the economy by buying bombs, soldiers and building new building where now was only rubble (see GNP).

    If that is true, then perhaps the war on terror wasn’t good enough? Perhaps we needed a war on something else? Global warming, get it? Has anything changed except the prices and choices? Think about it. Is there less starving children now than when Bono started. Are the Muslims out of Guantanmo yet? Have Al Gore gotten fatter since his fight against pollution started? You should ask more questions, bitch! You should… Ahh, who cares!

    I have a headache now. WHY DO I HAVE TO THINK SO MUCH! It would have been nicer to just relax. I have heard that weed will make me a liberal idiot who doesn’t question anything except those who question. Perhaps I should start to smoke that like a cigarette? I’ve seen it in all the cool movies and every cool relaxed character use it.

    But is it good for the environment?



    Questioning everything!


    Let’s talk about racism, homophobia, misogyny, intolerance and general badness (“I’m useless, but not for long! The future is coming on”)

    19 Jan

    Dear Internet,

    I applied for a job a couple of weeks ago, and then I got a rejection. There have been many job applications before, and I probably will write some more.

    Oh, how I ponder.

    Now, as I ponder about my own failures in getting a job I start to wonder; “Who can I blame for this?” and the only answer I can come up with is; “Myself“.

    In psychology there is something called “projection” which in essence is the need to put once own failures onto others (there is also something called “bias“, which also could be good to know, but here it would only be distracting.)

    And there is of course many to blame for many a reason. The most usual is “My folks were bad parents“, “The [enter governmental system here] let me down“, “The world doesn’t understand me” and of course “society is very racist/intolerant/sexist“.

    I will at this point state:

    “My name is AndyAce83, I’m a white straight male from Norway, and I’ve got no one to blame.”

    But(t) as(s) my pile of failures steadily increases I too feel the need to blame someone. I feel the need to point fingers as this has got be the wrong doings of other. But who? WHO? No probably not the world health organization (hehe?), but someone out there is working against me.

    I have an education, and I had always heard that education was important. I have a functioning body, and my mind is not always away. I don’t have great hygienic or social problems. Why won’t anybody hire me? THERE HAS GOT TO BE A REASON OTHER THAN MYSELF!!! (Please)

    I’ve heard of “the man“, and he always keeps someone down. Could he be working against me as well?

    Now, there’s this other psychological term for a mental disorder called paranoia. Paranoia is the irrational belief that someone is out to get you. Not that I imply that allegations of sexism, racism and homophobia is based on paranoia, but I’m not saying it isn’t either.

    Here’s what I think. There is always going to be someone who will work against you. You may call them “challenges” (or “bigots” or “haters” or “rain on your gay parade”). So let’s praise people who do it “right”, and not bitch about those who do it “wrong”. It will not help either way. As I see it, people who get criticized because of their world view will only get offended and then continue doing it, at least as long as there is no reward in doing otherwise. There will also always (I hope) be a broad-minded individual who will look past prejudice and hire, applaud, hug, yes even love a person though they may be different.

    So call me naive, but I still believe that someday someone will say “Hey AndyAce83, I know your white. I know your male. I know your still part of the majority in your country and that there is nothing exotic in your appearance or lifestyle whatsoever. But you know what? I will look past that, and believe that you still got something to offer“.

    So one day we will all sing “come bay yah my lord” or perhaps a more secular camp-site song and be just LOVE (ahh!)

    What is the difference between those two circles except their colours? Well one of them's gay, and the other is a female. But can you tell the difference?

    Afterthought to “A poem for my 27 birthday” (“Encore Une Fois, Encore Une Fois, Encore Une Fois”)

    12 Jan

    Afterthought: This was a horrible poem, I know. It doesn’t rhyme, it didn’t have pretty pictures and it obviously didn’t have any reference to Schopenhauer or any other great thinker of the past.

    I have read a couple of poems in my life. I think some was of Shakespeare, Poe and some woman who is dead. Virgina Woolf perhaps? Or Ayn Rand? Or… No… Yes, it was Dorothy Parker. I also think that musical lyrics fall into the category of poetry and therefore I have also “read” many poems by listening to music.

    The point is: I don’t get poetry. I have no idea what that is. I know what I like, the ones who rhyme and are easy to understand, I also understand the article on wikipedia about poetry, but some poems that are supposed to be great are for me completely incomprehensible. Now that makes me feel stupid. AND I DON’T LIKE FEELING STUPID!

    Here’s a little gem from a poet we have all heard of (i hope). His name was William Shakespeare:

    Time’s glory is to command contending kings,
    To unmask falsehood, and bring truth to light.

    What the hell! “Time’s glory is to command…”? I DON’T GET IT! First, I don’t get “Time’s glory“! Is that the same as “glory over time“, aka. the glory that will come to people who wait? Or is it the glory that belongs to time, the honour that we can give it? Now, if I don’t get the first two words, why should I bother trying to understand the rest?
    Secondly, I don’t find it beautiful either. It doesn’t rhyme, it’s not intuitive and therefore, to me, it is not sublime (YES, I KNOW THAT WORD! I may not, perhaps, understand it correctly, BUT I DO KNOW IT!)

    Let’s look at an example that I do like from the same author/poet/writer/whatever:

    By the pricking of my thumbs,
    Something wicked this way comes:

    NOW THIS I THINK IS GREAT! This I can understand! And it rhymes! Enough said perhaps? I give up anyway. It’s all very “subjective” hypes. What someone finds great others don’t. It’s very frustrating in it’s interestingness.

    But the point of this point is that to ME there has to be a certain motive or message that goes beyond mere aesthetic vanities (i.e “Ahh, lots of pretty, big words.”) and intellectual arrogance (i.e “this is great because YOU don’t get it”).

    You know, discussing art (but also alot of other subjects) I tend to fall back upon a tale of H. C. Anderson called “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Now that is art! Not just because it is a facinanting tale, that I guess also is written well, but because it touches something we can all relate to. That sometimes from fear of seeming stupid we say we understand, accept and/or like something that is just SHIT!

    Space ain't the kind of place to raise a kid.

    A poem for my 27 birthday (“Just one more year and then you’ll be happy”)

    9 Jan

    27 (twenty-seven)
    Crack open the champagne,
    and beat me
    with the empty bottle

    27 (twenty-seven)
    It makes me want to say;
    “Life… You know?”

    27 (twenty-seven)
    Too old for this

    "Oh my fur and whiskers!"

    White rabbit

    (There will be an afterthought to this poem in a later blog entry, but stay calm it will not rock your world as much as this poem. This poem really took you balls and shock them, right? Happy Birthday to me… happy birthday.)