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So the Wednesdays goes by…

31 Mar

I like Jeff Buckley. A great artist, great singer and a great persona.

I bought the “Jeff Buckley – Live in Chicago” and it’s a real experience. He seems to love to perform, but he also gives a wibe of not enjoying loud woman in the audience and other strange behaviours.

I recommend that concert:)

To quote Buckley: “FUCK OFF! JUST FUCK OFF!
I couldn’t agree more.

I also recommend to listen to the albums Grace and Sketches for my sweetheart the drunk. Both of them gets the AMC approval:)

And so the Wednesdays goes by…

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

So the Tuesdays goes by…

30 Mar

One of the few “strong woman puts you in your place” songs that I don’t feel is pointed towards the males. I always think she tells a woman these things.

Don’t know why, don’t care either…

But I feel that she says to a woman that a WOMAN will not hurt her again.

And so Tuesday goes by… it is Tuesday, right?

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I will bring back HELL!

29 Mar

I will bring back HELL!
Everything is said.
Said better.
Everything is done.
Done faster.
All we have is being or destroying.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 - It's whatever my imagination wants it to be.

Let’s do some optimization!

28 Mar

I worked at a place once, then many died, but it was cost efficient. Now you have read everything you needed to know about work optimization.

If you want to know what's good for you, don't question progress. Progress is good. It's all good. You kept your job, didn't you? You still want to keep it, don't you? Then keep your mouth shut.

Still reading? I’ll make a note of that.

We live in 20XX and it is important to be with the progress. No one should ever question progress since all progress is positive. We don’t want to live in a communist country so we have to live in a capitalist one. These are the facts! We all know they’re facts, that’s why they’re facts.

This is a rich guy. Look how hansom he is. You know he has done allot of good for the world. Such innocence. Now he is sad, because taxes are too high and his employers demand to much. Time to OPTIMIZE! You see what he has to do when you behave like that. Do you think he likes firing people? It's you who should have kept your mouth shut. It's your fault! He's soo sorry, but he had to do it, don't you see? If your good, he will be good. It's just that he is so stressed out at work now. Taxes and all! Do you know how hard it is to have a billion dollars in values? It's hard. He is really good. You know that? He won't do it again. He promise. Just don't complain! Keep your fucking mouth shut.

To question capitalism is of course to be a socialist, and as we all know, it’s better to be dead than red. How ironic that soon this may be the case for most workers of the world. Being dead, I mean. (If you can’t appreciate the irony, then you should get back to work you slacker!)

It’s the rule of the world that we have to optimize work-flow every year!

To optimize means to downsize , by delayering to get the “rightsizing” that every firm needs too survive in a competitive world.

Competition is very natural and important. Everything around you are made from competition. It’s what dreams are made of. You have read Ayn Rand, right? No? Not even Machiavelli? By Ford you are naive!

If we didn’t have competition through optimization there would be lower quality in service. Just think when you call costumer support. A painful experience for most as you have to wait for a long time. This is of course because to many are working at that office. By firing the staff it will reduce cost that will give more money to spend on salaries to the more important leaders of the firm that knows how to survive in a cut throat world.

How does this help the consumer?“, you may ask. Nothing!

Are you still confused? You haven’t been to Yale, have you? Ok, let me make it simple.

Optimizing every part of a firm will lead to cost reduction, and cost reduction leads to lower prices. This will not effect the prices of your product or service, but it will perhaps take a longer time before we have to do a price increase. And that’s good isn’t it? And how can we outsource people, that is to rent qualified personnel for short periods without having to pay unnecessary benefits, if we have to many owning a safe job?

Money, money, money. MONEY!

Now a evil bastard cynic (which I am not) could of course just call this optimizing an euphemism for more work for less people on a higher time strain. The stupid commie may even claim that this could be dangerous even fatal in some areas, but we shouldn’t listen to people like that. They aren’t with it, like us. They don’t understand that these are modern times.

To many people means to much chatter, and to much chatter could lead to dangerous amount of laughter or worse that the employers like their jobs. That’s one of the many great benefits of hiring work abroad. The cynic may again claim that this is another form of slavery. That by hiring people with low to no qualification from another country is in some way “amoral”. But it is just to keep the chatter at work at a minimum. You can’t talk to a person who doesn’t understand your language.

The naive idealist may even claim that optimization may lead to work overflow and make the assumption that this could lead to horrible and lethal consequence. We all know that work related accidents comes from too many at a work area, not too few. If a guy get’s hit by a train, it is not because the driver was tired from work pressure and time constraints, it because the guy shouldn’t have been standing in front, or back of the train.

If a patient dies in a hospital from i.e malnutrition, is it because there weren’t enough nurses and doctors there? Yet again, NO, it because there are to many nurses and doctors there and they are all on Facebook, twitter or reading blogs instead of doing their jobs.

Low moral at work is not the employers responsibility. He gives the worker money doesn’t he? And money is all that matters, right? Only an idiot would believe that work could be anything other than work, and only a bigger fool could believe that a better work environment (i.e safer jobs, paid coffee brakes and praise) would raise moral and increase work-flow and productivity.

But the most important part of optimization is to hire youth. Youth is our future and they work for less. Experience is overrated, and the faster a person can be qualified for dangerous jobs the better. We need to reduce the time it takes for person to be ready for work. Cut some corners, and fast! In yesteryear the norm was to make sure that the person was ready to do the work he was about to do. That is nonsense. If the person is alive, then he is ready.

So in conclusion I will say this: Work is work as A is A. Safety is for losers and losers can not lead a company. To say that optimization is an euphemism for dangerous decreases in safety to save a buck is wrong. And to claim that low moral is because the employer doesn’t see the worker but only numbers is to argue on semantics.

Labour is of no importance it's all in stock.

Bad boys will beat you down…

26 Mar

but good guys will bore you silly.

Bad boys are sexy, but you will not be. Life... you know?

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AMC and Blog 2.0 takes a stand against violence against women. To do anything but would be gunpowder.

What’s up with airline food..?

23 Mar

I like it.

Diamond of positivity shines on like crazy!

Sometimes life... you know? Sometimes not, if you follow?

The earth is round and green. The world would have been great if everybody just smiled, gave hugs and loved each other. Remember you can't give hugs with military arms.


21 Mar

Candy is great. It taste so sweet. I like to eat candy when I watch movies and listen to music.

Candy has a lot of calories. That is not good.

Andy’s Mercury Comments and Blog 2.0 gives two thumbs up for candy.

Oh no, please don’t! – Yes, it’s the best of Andy’s Mercury Comments.

18 Mar

Fifteen years, can you believe it?

Today it’s fifteen years since I wrote the first Andy’s Mercury Comment (AMC).

My how time flies.

I remember how it was back in the days. Now kids has got it made. All they need to do is write their blogs using their keypads. Back then you had to write your blogs in binary.

I had this huge book of binary code that I used to write my entries in from notes I had shattered all over tha place. You really had to think a lot about what you would write, and really think if it was worth it.

So since this is my fifteens year of bloging on AMC I thought it would be nice to take a look back at my previous blog entries. Some of my favourite once, perhaps even muse upon their greatness.

This guy died because of what I said, but I have made peace with it.

The first blogentry I would like to mention was the first blog where I wrote about something 4 real, you know? It was called “Let’s talk about racism, homophobia, misogyny, intolerance and general badness (“I’m useless, but not for long! The future is coming on”)“.

Wow, that was a hard one to write and I got a lot of trouble for writing it as it was not usual back then to claim that all people are suppressed in one way or another. I even got a call from president Clinton who asked me to please remove the comment as it was causing riots on the east coast of the US. I didn’t of course, as I believe in freedom of speech and all, but you know the 150 people who got killed probably would have understood how important my statement was.

The essences of me. A fetus that smokes:)

Come on! This has got to be art! A foetus that smokes? That has got many layers and is probably provocative too.

Another blog entry that caused alot of stir, although no one got killed, was ““My VERY POSITIVE Abortion Experience” (“Karma Police arrest this girl!”)“. I have always been a clear “pro-choice” guy as that has always gotten me laid but just as important, it has also gotten me out of a lot of trouble post-laid. What I didn’t know was that my blog-entry would stir up so much emotion from the readers. I thought in the year 2009 that people were ready for my liberal thoughts, but those evil pro-lifers gave me a lot of death threats. But FUCK THEM, if they don’t like it they can just… FUCK THEM!

But my blog haven’t always been political, it has just as often been about daily life, like this blog from 2003 show. It’s called “Perhaps I should keep it short? (Short Blogs For Short People)” Some say this was the genesis for the book “Die blassen Herren mit den Mokkatassen “(2005) by Herta Müller. I won’t claim it to be the truth, it’s just what I’ve heard.

Die blassen Herren mit den Mokkatassen

Looking back on all my writing, I would say that I am probably most proud of my entry called “Let’s appreciate some art (“and all that jazz!”)“. I really took an important stand in that one, as I tried to help all those people in Haiti.

You don’t remember Haiti you say? It was an earthquake that brought out the best in us.

Very much like the more recent one in Chile. A heavy earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 on February 27, 2010, killing almost 500, and with a posterior tsunami, that destroyed the most in coastern towns between Llolleo and Araucanía Region. A posterior earthquake in March 11, with epicentre in Pichilemu, caused destruction Coquimbo and Bío Bío regions. You don’t remember that one either? Hmm… Okay… moving on…

''Blog 2.0 (C) really revolutionized the way we think of blogs, and proves that the internet is the only way to get to peace and change.''

I have also done some cute blog entries, like “Cute dog“, that really touch some hearts, souls and love. It is important to remember that although life often gives you shit, it sometimes is worth it since the dog seems happy. A thought just occurred to me; when a dog owner picks up his dogs droppings, who is the real master? The answer is of course THE GOVERNMENT who makes you pick up what should naturally be there.

Well that brings me to the end of memory lane and it was a dead end. Looking back it’s been quite a ride. LOL. Yes, Blog 2.0 (C) really revolutionized the way we think of blogs, and proves that the internet is the only way to get to peace and change. And as the importance of Andy’s Mercury Comments increases as a forum of truth in a world of LIES we can all go to the future with a quiet optimism. Yes, things will work out, it always does. Life always ends well:)


Blog 2.0

BLOG 2.0. Yes, we recycle.

Cute Dog.

16 Mar

A Standard Schnauzer.

From Wikipedia: A schnauzer (plural schnauzers) is a German dog type that originated in Germany in the 1400s and 1500s.[1] The term comes from “Schnauze,” the German word for snout,[2] because of the dog’s distinctly furry muzzle. The type consists of three breeds: the giant, standard and miniature schnauzer. The original schnauzer was of the same size as the modern standard schnauzer breed, and was bred as a rat catcher, yard dog and guard dog. The miniature schnauzer is the result of crossing the original schnauzer. The word Schnauzer also means moustache in German.

Friendly and loving, Schnauzers become part of their families and can get along well with children if raised properly. They are protective , energetic and they will also alert members of the household to any potential danger. The breed is of average intelligence and can have a mind of their own, so it’s good to start training early and provide daily exercise.

The Schnauzer’s beard and leg hair should be brushed often to prevent mats from forming. The body coat should be “stripped” (loose, dead hair is plucked out) at least twice a year. Some schnauzers have wiry hair which is easier to shave but may have fuzzier soft hair which is harder to shave.

Standard Schnauzers are around 1 1/2 feet (46 cm) tall at the shoulder and weigh 26 to 37 pounds (12 to 17 kg). They are in the group of working dogs. Standard schnauzers have been used to catch rats and as guard dogs. They have also carried messages in times of war, helped the Red Cross and been police dogs.

Diamond of positivity shines on like crazy! Dogs are the greatest animals on earth! How they wag their tales when you come home. The best kind of dog is of course the Schnauzer:)

Just felt like bloging:)

16 Mar

I like the song The Girl and the Robot (especially Spencer and Hill remix).
I like that it is soon summer.
I like that coffee makes me happy.
I like the idea of Peace.

Pretty colours don't make right.

I like the simple things in life (i.e fast cars, lose woman and free liqueur)
I like TV on DVD.
I like The King of Queens, South Park, Arrested Development, The first 7 seasons of The Simpsons, The first 7 seasons of X-Files and The Big Bang Theory.
I like to be acknowledged for my intelligence and not being the most ugly guy in the world.
I like The Smiths.
I like the idea of love.
I like the idea of privacy.
I like Brave New World, 1984, Discworld, Carrie, Mysteries, Ernie-cartoons, the Raven, Batman vs Joker cartoons, the “Elling” tetralogy and Sandman.
I like to think and smoke.
I like to learn and then adapt knowledge.
I like the idea of freedom.
I like Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf, Requiem for a Dream, The Exorcist, Dr Strangelove, the Shining, Lolita, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Chinatown, A hole in my Heart, Alien 1-3, Coffee and cigarettes, Rope, Psycho, Jaws, Dogville, Ghostbusters, The Wicker Man.
I like the things that I like.
I like valium.

Diamond of positivity