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Musing on music while thinking of the gay’s days

30 May

80’s music…
Very gay. It makes me think; was it just fashion or was it something more gayish under? To rephrase; did the artist back then just seem gay or where they in those days?

We all know that Boy George liked to be happy and gay. Later George Michael turned out the same way. Michael Jackson was also probably a knight of the ass, but not the PC kind. Morrissey is still unclear… if you want to, but… lets be honest…

Anyway this is Tear for Queers.

The video is basically an effeminate guy sitting in the living room looking sad and touching window while his friend (and co-artist) dances karate dance in the garden. Very gay. But fashionably gay or just regularly gay? And why do I care?

Well, it’s all about the history of suppression. How, where and who decides where, how and who gets suppressed? If an entire decade (perhaps two, if you count the 70’s) was dedicated to gayness (just not explicitly) then how can someone portray gay people as suppressed? Is it about the explicit? Is it about the rights to rights? Is one only thoroughly liberated when everybody accepts, condones and applauds ones actions? Do one have to be explicitly gay to liberate homosexuality? To me, it’s gay enough to touch windows. More windows touching and less parading please.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 - Sometimes Blog 2.0 touches windows too.

(Blog update 30th of june 2010: So I was making fun of MJ in this blog. Hinting at his rumours of being a… you know. There have been a lot of rumours about this strange alien creature like 1) he being white because of plastic surgery not pigment decease and 2) his children not being his.

Now since I am a cynical whore I believe every bad thing said about every person on earth. So I read a gossip magazine a couple of days ago and there where (pa-pa) paparazzi pictures of his children where one of the children had a pigment decease. WOW! And suddenly I saw that the youngest child looked like MJ too. His children proved me wrong.

So although I am a cynical bastard I still believe I have the ability to admit wrong doings and I will do this now. If I am wrong about MJ’s plastic surgery (he has had it but not to become white) and his children being not his… Then I can be wrong about his other things to.

His children proved me wrong“. Sort of pleasing and nice isn’t it? I guess my prescription is kicking in.)


25 May

Not blog 2.0!

“It’s all right as long as it’s black or white, excepts when it’s greeeeeeey. That’s not my favourite colour”

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day (My contribution)

20 May

aka. Sticks, stones and bombs may break my bones (and blow me to dust in screaming pain, fear, blood and guts as I try to defend the ones I love), but pictures can never hurt me.

My contribution. Hope everyone is happy now! Angry Muslims you are also at fault here.

So everybody discovered that Islam has a rigid and angry world view and so everybody wanted to make them more angry and rigid. That’s great! And now we got “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day“! So it has come to this?

Let’s reflect…

Flying Spaghetti Monster - Haha. It's funny because it's liberal, blasphemous and a commercial success. You can buy, buy, buy lot's of ''Fuck you Christians'' iconic gadgets. Who knew one could get rich by raping everything that is ''holy''?

I have always been against “pointless blasphemy” as it is pointless blasphemy. I guess that today we are going to see Mohammed in a great many situations, often very disrespectful (perhaps fucking a pig or raping a little girl. Whatever the emotionally numb soul can come up with.).

My picture is rather dull I’m afraid, although I went for something I think could be intelligent (a comment on art) as I really don’t see the point of being blasphemous. I frown upon pictures of crosses in pee and other nonsensical rebellions.

But I am for Freedom of Speech!

It's funny because it's scary. It's also funny because it really shows who's got the biggest (non cancer) balls.

Here’s the point… Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should! Even if you have the right to piss upon every holy symbol in the world does not make it right to do so. I think that people with a lack of respect towards others religious beliefs are dead-beats in need of attention they do not deserve.

I think we should respect the Muslims wishes for respect for their traditions, just as I think the Muslims should respect (perhaps “accept” is a better word?) our needs to rebel against everything and nothing.

To the Islamic believer… Why so angry? It’s only our own souls we are perverting by making fun at things we shouldn’t. If Allah and Mohammed told us the final absolute truth in the Qur’an, why do you care that we are in wrong? Why do you have to kill us and make so much destruction in the world?

But the drawings of Mohammed is just pointless blasphemy. No doubt about that.


I did it.

I guess there can be consequences. If Islam is right, then I will burn. But don’t kill me, pray for me instead.. If that’s how your religion works of course?

Mine does:)

Blasphemy! But it's only something the artist Andres Serrano has to answer for if there is an afterlife. There's no point in doing this, but he did and now it's done. That is that. Moving on!

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 -Wants to be a rebellion against the rebellion. But sometimes one has to go with the flow too.

The Muslim prophet with the powers of flame! (I don't get it. How can a prophet, with or without the power of flame, become more holy than God? It's like the butler becoming more important than what dinner he served.''Quite Right'', ''Indeed!'', ''Cheerio, me lad., ''Indubitably!'')

PS: This blog entry is not an attack on the South Park Mohammed blasphemy nor the Danish original incident. Those two examples are not what I would call pointless blasphemy. In the South Park episodes (Cartoon Wars pt 1 and pt 2 and 200 & 201) there was a point. I would guess the point was “It’s better to laugh at everything than to kill for anything.

PPS: If it’s not love, then it’s the bomb that will bring us together.

PPPS: I don’t like comedy central. There are two reasons why I don’t like Comedy Central. 1) How they behaved during the airing of the Mohammed episodes of South Park multiplied with 2) their cowardly fear of Islam does not mean that they are afraid at mocking Christianity time and again. As Matt Stone and Trey Parker said “Either it’s all okay or non of it is“. Comedy Central plans animated Jesus sitcom[1],[2]. WHO DO YOU FUCKING THING YOU ARE YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITICAL FUCKERS! Comedy Central is the worst bigots in the world! Didn’t you watch one of your own fucking shows?


Stop making fucking fun of my fucking religion when you don’t fucking dare to make fun at TWO others (Scientology and Islam)! Comedy Central are liberal atheist cowards! They believe in nothing, but are willing to make fun at everything that don’t punch back! FUCK YOU!.


PPPPS: Yet again I would point out that South Park is not at fault here! They make fun of everything. Not only that, they also have a point to it. They don’t just destroy things for laughs as is the case with so much other “satires” and “animated sitcoms” nowadays.

Internet is Watching You

15 May


The internet is a great way to express ones opinion” but I’ve made the argument that too many talks too much and we all drown in “chatter”.

An Artistic depiction of the ''average opinion'' You get a headache just looking at it, right? Probably you can't make out what it is, where it came from, and what the hell it means. You see the shapes, but you can't see how they fit together. You can see a pattern, but you can't see any purpose behind it. Yeah, that's an opinion, for ya!

But there are other problems as well…

We all have opinons. From where they come nobody knows. There are rumours that our thoughts are our own, but others would claim that they are taught from our parents, schools, media, culture etc.

Many of us, especially the strongly opinionated ones, also have the need to express their thoughts. Proudly and loudly! So we write our blogs and we comment videos and makes shout-outs on virtual walls and we laugh out loud to crazy Christians on youtube. We make bold claims that the right or the left or the centre is wrong and that some person, firm or item is the best, bad-assed and worst thing ever.

But sometimes we change.

Not everybody stays arrested in their development.

So sometimes we write stuff that doesn’t stand the test of time. So sometimes, someone realize that what they said was based on ignorance. That what seemed right, was wrong and that they want their racist, political, personal, misogynist, misanthropic, idealistic, cultural relative, anarchistic, nihilistic, borderline pro-drugs, socialist, fascist capitalist, pro-con-war or other poisonous/naive comment removed from whence it was posted.

Unfortunately that is not that easy.

Many of us use nicks on the internet. I for one was not baptised AndyAce83 but choose to write my opinions under a pseudonym. This just gives us an illusion of anonymity, since most internet users can be identified by just an easy googeling of the nick, investigation of their profile etc. It isn’t all that hard to find out. This isn’t news. Still many people choose to express their blunt ignorant rants on the internet without fear.

Illusion of anonymity

I had access to the internet when I was young(er) and sometimes I wrote comments on message boards, blogs and misc. that I later would have liked removed. The trouble with those comments were not that they were racist, hateful, rude or even ignorant (although age could be, and often are, a determiner of knowledge) as much as they were pompous and pretentious.

I tried too hard to seem intelligent and adult. The most annoying of all youth traits. That’s when all the internet chatter becomes a bliss.

By drowning in other peoples more pompous and more pretentious ideas and the average internet user being more interested in commenting than reading, what we say may go under the radar. To blend perfectly inn with all the other crapp here.

Unfortunately that is not always the case.

There are people right now uploading videoblogs about make-up-tips and how much fun it is to be a part of a subculture. Other people, wanting to call attention to a problem but their political motivations are so vain that all they say are a bunch of hypnopædia and nonsense.

Even worse, WWW is also an arena for personal breakdowns and real life mistakes. Either the crazy person uploads their own emotional rants and tears or some other numb person with no knowledge of personal boundaries does.

    (musing continues below the video)
    (This is one of my favourite Play him off keyboard cat, and it has a lesson to be learned.)

So we get attention in forms of graphs and comments, and that’s great, but sometimes that attention can be cruel too. Every time we stick our heads out (in real life or in Cyberland) we also take the risk of our heads being chopped off.

Mocking is a great way to keep idiots in check. People can mock others for their lack of knowledge, lack of self-respect or lack of emotional control, as is right, but then it can (and will) go overboard. Because there are people with low self-esteem on the interweb as well. People living only through the cords, desperately looking for someone to feel superior too. Those people make important mocking into vicious bulling. Spending lots of time just ditching others to the point of having no point. These are the real looser of the internet.

The average troll, nerd, know-it-all, hacker, smart ass gamer (age may vary). They live in basements, around PS3s and is heard complaining about every series, film and music genre that everyone else loves. We are not sure how they mate, but a revolutionary theory from Austria, says that they do not mate but is spread with a virus-spore-hybrid that lives in computers and PS3's. This possible cause has also been found in copies of the God Delusion. This one is stolen from South Park.

Unfortunately for us, they don’t know it, and probably never will.

An example of this could be Stephanie Grace. A woman who was thinking out loud in a mail, and then had to pay the price. She talked about race without learning the golden equation that


Her biggest mistake was not to air out racist mud, but that she trusted her friends enough to tell them. In the matrix you must trust no one! Everyone is a snitch for comments, attention and acknowledgement.

But the point is…

Even if we know their is a chance of making a fool of oneself, and that pathetic people could use it for all that it is worth, we sometimes make a slip of the finger and post something revealing, personal or emotional that is ready for the block.

Now I have also done that. And that’s the real inspiration for this entry (“ahhh!“) I wrote something, somewhere that I found hilarious and intelligent. I wrote like the wind, constantly thinking how great my own text were. Then I posted it, and just like carnal knowledge, I just felt stupid and dirty afterwards. What seemed funny as I wrote it, now just seemed cruel and vulgar.

So I thought “Perhaps I should make some rules for myself? Something that could work as a buffer so I don’t make the same mistakes again.” Because making mistakes are a part of life, but mistakes on the interweb can be for the ages (aka. Epic Fail), and making the same mistakes again and again that’s just… ugh!

I made some rules!

So I made a list of internet rules that I brought for show and tell.
*cleaning my throat*

0) Don’t be personal. If personal, be vague.

Many people believe that their problems need a spokesperson and that the right spokesperson is themselves. That is wrong! Few problems need a spokesperson, but a solution! By telling people that you have been raped, molested, cheated on, lost some one you love, think pornography needs to be more acknowledge in the art or that your special abortion experience needs to be shared your only perverting yourself.

But then you may sayHey, AndyAce83! Your personal! You say what’s on your mind as a white-trash whore on a talk show!

No! I talk about my opinions, but rarely do I talk about my inner reasons for them. Opinions are not private, but experience, relations and emotions are.

Blogs are not diaries!

But then you may sayHey, AndyAce83! What’s the point of giving your opinion if you can’t tell the reasons why?“.

You can, and sometimes you should tell what you base your opinion on. But then you HAVE TO BE VAGUE! Instead of saying “I’ve been raped by Johnny Verrot”, you can say “I have had experiences with rape”. The latter one could be “personal”, “professional”, “trivial” or “lie”. The fist one can only be “personal” or “lie”, but will probably only be interpreted as the first one.

But then you may sayHey, AndyAce83! Who the hell are you to dictate what I can and cannot say, you fucking asshole!

I noticed that you didn’t have a question-mark there, so it wasn’t technically a question, but I will address it anyway. I can not dictate what someone else can and cannot say, nor will I. But I will problematize the growing number of social porn that simplifies, flatten and perverts our relationship to ourselfs, others and our values. If you are “self-destructively” honest you will will be empty, filled with void and ultimately lonely as intimacy will disappear!

    (The list continues after the video)
    (A key scene from the movie Persona by Ingemar Bergman. This movie, to me, is all about the loss of personal boundaries. The protagonist reveals her inner thoughts to her patient, who is mute, and then in this scene discovers that the mute was not dumb. She had made her reflections on the protagonists experiences and the protagonist doesn’t like what she reads. This causes a dissociative shock that gives her an identity disorder. NOTE: This is MY INTERPRETATION. Cannon interpretation is “split personality disorder” from the beginning of the picture)

1) Write everything you want to post in a text document first.
By doing this you can get a general overview of your comment and also removing some of the worst spelling errors.

2) Don’t be impulsive. Save the document and don’t post it before a day has passed.
This may take the fun out of commenting, but it also removes much off the risk of making a fool of oneself. By giving the text some time some of the biggest fault may become apparent. Besides, if what you wanted to write becomes obsolete within 24 hours, you probably don’t need to write it anyway.

3) Don’t write in affect.
Yet another rule that kills much of the fun of posting. Still if you are angry, sad, or dissociative, I would recommend you not write or at least not post at the time.

4) Watch your tongue (as it moves)
Don’t be crude and vulgar, don’t be rude and careless, don’t be emotionally numb and apathetic, don’t be asocial and angry. Yet another rule that… you know.

5) Remember, respect and acknowledge rights to privacy.

6) Brake all the rules when needed.
No one like a neurotic, and only neurotics follow the rules to the absurd.

7) Don write endless blog entries that few (if any) will read.
But don’t forget rule #6!

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 - Is so sad today because the police took it's crack, it's rape scars wont heal and it's boyfriend left it for another blog. A younger SLUT blog. THAT WHORE! FUCKING HATE BLOG 3.0!!!

Now that you have been given food for thought and probably have a great headache and feel depressed you can reward yourself with the Tear for Queers song SHOUT! It’s sort of related to the topic above. At least if you want it to.

I fell in love with a feminist, I fell in love with her SMILE:)

13 May

This youtube sight also has it's own web page. Women, click on this link and start clicking your clitt.

My favoritt Youtube site.

Feministing it’s called.

Sounds sexy!

I can feel my balls falling off from the first video.

I also like that this channel is one of the few youtube video sites that there are no rating or commenting allowed. That says alot about feminism, don’t ya think? They are allowed to say “Hate you”, “Fuck you”, “All males are degenerates” but no one is allowed to talk back. To talk back is misogynistic (you know like rape and heterosexuality.)

Fortunately I have my own blog! I don’t need to comment on their pages… I can just post MY OPINIONS HERE!

Here’s a gem (press twice to get to youtube, as it’s probably blocked from external use):

Hmm, she’s perrty… I love the way she smiles like “Hey, I am so over you daddy! I don’t care at all. You didn’t have to love me. I can love myself. Myself, yeah! Hey, don’t look at me like that, daddy! Go away. Don’t look at me, man! I’m a monster!

Hmm… “monster”

“Fuck you”, she says. Yeah, don’t mind if you do. You can fuck me any time soon. Preferably before that mustasj [sic] every angry feminist gets becomes too apparent. I would do you! I would do you so hard! Oh, that smile… hmm…

Blog 2.0 - Get's horny from selfdenile

Blog 2.0 - Get's horny from self-denial. Tell me I'm no good for you. Yeah, that's right. Hmm... and that daddy smile...ohh!

No comment… Part 2… The return of “it’s speaks for itself”

4 May

The song is called Atheist Anthem, it’s made by LEFTOVER CRACK…. The song is called Atheist Anthem, it’s made by LEFTOVER CRACK….The song is called Atheist Anthem, it’s made by LEFTOVER CRACK…. The song is called Atheist Anthem, it’s made by LEFTOVER CRACK…. Leftöver Crack… whatever


Atheism, Satanism, Autonomy,
It’s all the fuckin‘ same,
Those fucking straight-edge christ-core motherfuckers,
They don’t know shit,
Their just fucking sheep looking for easy answers,
And they’re too close minded
To look anywhere beyond their local church,
Or whatever the ignorant masses say is true.

From high up on yer crucifixx..
You preach about my triple 6
You spit about my this and that
And yank away yer welcome mat
With a coupon jesus christ will save
So don’t you christians misbehave
‘cuz satan makes the list himself

And it’s rotting on the warehouse shelf

And all the boys in the straight-edge scene
are in the basement huffing gasoline, they’re
Dead, dead, dead, dead
their god is dead to me!
And when the laws of God just make ya pissed
You better become an atheist Your
Dead, dead, dead, dead
Your god is dead to me!

When the greed of man is not appeased
All will rot sick and diseased
Once again the fallen towers
The Tortured death of every hour
And at the toll of the final bell
You lead the righteous down to hell
When all the world is dead and gone
All I ask is bring me along!

And all the boys in the straight-edge scene
are in the basement huffing gasolinem they’re
Dead, dead, dead, dead
their god is dead to me!
And when the laws of God just make ya pissed
You better become an atheist Your
Dead, dead, dead, dead
Your god is dead to me!

Nuclear Apox spells your doom
like the t.v. in your living room
each bomb kills a million dead
it melts yer skin and implodes yer head
And now you get your judgement day
You think you’ll float up then away
But yer guilty just like everyone
You turn to ash when the burning’s done

And all the boys in the straight-edge scene
are in the basement huffing gasoline
Dead, dead, dead, dead
Your god is dead to me!
And when the laws of God just make ya pissed
You better become an atheist You
Dead, dead, dead, dead
Your god is dead to me!

There’s a hunger within you
a tapeworm deep inside
or maybe it’s just cancer
the doctors can’t decide
but yer stomach keeps on growning
as yer body wastes away
and yer getting ill & weaker
every single fucking day

we are alone
we are alone

(Note: There seems to be some inconsistencies in the lyrics. I just found them on the internet and posted it here. I have tried to make the lyrics closer to what they sing (basically adding fuck and fucking sheep to the first verse) but I can’t make out what they say as all I hear is screaming. There seems to be a verse in the lyrics that are not in the “song” but I may be wrong. To find the original lyrics press here —>)

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 -''Those fucking Christian fucking sheep fucking believing fucking shit fucking hate fucking them fucking hell. FUCK ALL FOR FUCK SAKES! SHIT.''