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An hypotheses about “shock”.

30 Apr

I don’t know about how it is internationally, but Norwegian journalist use the word “shocks” a lot about the latest stunt from the B too Z celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan shocks yet again with being drunk in church“,
Rachel Corigan shock by having tattooed her forehead“,
Megan Fox shocks by saying she masturbate while reading the God delusion
Lady Gaga blah blah blah

What I first noticed was that only female celebrities can “shock“. (Now this is not a feminist statement, although it probably could be used as one, but just an observation.)

Secondly I thought, can one really shock more than once?

Yes, you probably can. If you start out with small indiscretions and build yourself upwards toward the great degradations. But most B-Z celebrities have already done the great ones so why should we care?

The answer is simple. We have nothing better to do. It’s sad.

''Sweet. Ahh:)''

''Shocking! Oh, so shocking!''



And so the stories goes. Some shorter than others.

''Ahh, cute ginger kid.''

''zzz...zzz...zzz.... uh? oh, Lindsay is dating a new man, that's...zzz...zzz'''


Well, the examples are limitless, but I can’t pay more paparazzi (aka. parasite) photographers for evidence. Sorry.

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Blog 2.0 - We all become whores for something.

About The Knife (The Swedish electronica band)

28 Apr

The Knife can sometimes be very artsy-fartsy and even worse… [birds and Darwin and rape and a hint of Swedish feminism (the worst kind)]! But sometimes one has to accept certain parts about a person, band or movement to enjoy the results. To look past whatever one can not agree on and focus on what one can agree on.

Like Hamsun…

Like the redwood tree…

Like Lynch…

I effing hate Lynch! All his movies sucks! Except one… The Twin Peaks franchise. So I have to ignore all those other pompous, completely incomprehensible (“Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.“)nonsense he has made (i.e Moholland drive and everything else) and just focus on the one thing that worked. Where nonsense and meaning came together to form a series about human darkness.

It isn’t hard not to be understood… all you have to do is…

Anyway… this is the Knife.

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Blog 2.0 - It isn't hard to be a redwood tree or a snowball all you have to do is not be understood? ''What are you doing? We don't stop here.'''Hey! Look at me. And tell me if you've known me before''.

I Love LIPS (the Video game) but there are some canker sores

27 Apr

I Love LIPS the karaoke game for Xbox360, but there are some problems.

1) Why can’t I download the Cure – Just like heaven?
I like that song, and it did follow the French and UK version of the original game. It’s my favourite The Cure song. WHY!!! They gave away A-ha – Take on Me song for free, the song that replaced Just like heaven on the Norwegian version. Why can I not sing that song? Well I can… but not on LIPS! What did the French do to make them able to sing, eh?

2) Two titles from the Lips games have gone under the radar.
I don’t like it when things I like get bad treatments. I bought Wii once, and now no one talk of that any more. I bought Lips, no one care for that one either. Not on Xbox live, not anywhere else. Hell, there isn’t even a wikipedia page about I love the 80’s

3) There should be a mic avatar award!
I have gotten alot of cloths on LIPS, but not a single mic!

4) Why does it take so long to load the game?
It takes a long time to wait for the game to start up. Sometime up to a minute of just standing there. I bought a singing game, not a waiting game. I do alot of waiting in real life, I don’t need to wait when I play!

5) There is a problem with feedback.
Every time I have finished singing I turn the tv on mute to keep what is left of my hearing. If I do not a high-pitched scream will come (you know how feedback sounds like?).’

6) Constant changing of discs!
Now, as you may have understood, I love to sing! No one likes to listen since my voice is very, very, very annoying (like feedback) so I own a lot of Lips games (all the international ones, but not

This is the last title anyone bothered to write about on wikipedia. So sad:(

Lips: Deustche Partyknaller or Lips: Canta en Español) since my Xbox doesn’t discriminate my voice. For some reason (probably financial ones) I have to constantly change between disc when I sing song from different titles! THAT IS A REAL PAIN!

7) Sometimes I feel that the game is really uninspired
As a fan of Lips, if I were to have a discussion with a Singstar fan I would defend Lips honour to the best of my abilities. But if I were to be confronted with the differences between the two franchises I would probably just come up with “interactive remote mic that has lights” and “great choice of music“. There should have been more extras! The last three editions of the game, apart from the songs, have been completely identical! No new party games, no new menus or other clever game designs, no new and exciting achievement challenges or in-game rankings. Just the same with new songs. That feels really uninspired.

I love to sing, I love to play, I love to sing and play so I like Lips. I don’t own (nor plan to own) a PS3 so I can not buy Singstar so I have to accept the problems about Lips… BUT WHY DON’T YOU CARE?

This is probably the most pointless blog entry I have made to date.

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Blog 2.0 - They can't all be winners!

3 poems for free (Dissociation, Lust to be nice & 3 dimentions)

26 Apr

but the fourth one is gonna cost ya.


Like you,
like me,
like a redwood tree.
It’s nice to have an identity.

Lust to be nice

In the future all is well
Under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me

3 dimensions

There are three dimensions to life.
and void

Let’s hope there’s a fourth.

Diamond of positivity shines on like crazy!

Warning! Contains lot of swears!

21 Apr

You know what fucking annoys me?
More than most? More than all my other rants?


It’s the most idiotic thing ever! WHY THE HELL CAN’T I WATCH VIDEOS FROM THE USA? Especially MUSIC FUCKING VIDEOS?

There are no reason except expression of power!

I go on youtube to watch music videos sometimes. And thank God someone sometimes put out pirated version since every other video is blocked do to me living in Norway!

I want to watch a Morrissey video and then I read “This video contains content from EMI. It is no longer available in your country.” FUCK YOU RECORD FUCKING COMPANY! YOU HEAR ME? FUCK YOU!!!!

I want to watch a Röyksopp video, still blocked! AND RÖYKSOPP IS FROM MY FUCKING COUNTRY!

You know “piracy is a crime“, but to be honest I don’t see the problem when those fucking capitalist swine want to make everything difficult we might as well put them down.

Oh, it will hurt the artist in the end“, some rich fat guy with gold jewels will say. FUCK YOU! How rich should a singer be anyway? How rich should anyone be?

Now I have been a Morrissey fan for years. I have most of his music videos on DVD but out of practicality and sharing on social-networking-sites I like to watch them online!

BUT NO!!!!


Blog 2.0 - Reminds you of who invented the bomb!


Welcome to the Church of Science.

19 Apr

Welcome to the Church of Science.

Todays ceremony is about… something, something… illusions of the mind… oh, and there is no God.

It reminds me of Sunday school. There were less children of course, but lots were the same. We started to talk about trivial stuff, watching cartoons and what not, and then we took out the bible and learned “the truth”.

Just like Mr. Dawkins does here. First we do some actual learning, and then we learn about the lies of religion, spirituality and other nonsense.

Would you believe in a God if you were raised by Mr Dawkins? Probably not. Well perhaps when you were a teenager to make daddy angry, but no not for long. It’s all illusions and apophenia.

Now let’s read from the Origin of Species.

There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.”

I think we all can agree. What Darwin is saying here is: Religion is a decease of the mind. Murder, mayhem, death and destruction is words that should have the connotations to belief and religion. We should all know! And we all know that science is the truth. The Omega of the world.

What this means is of course: We grew up with a sense that everything HAD TO HAVE A PURPOSE! But now we can see the human purpose for what it is: It’s a product of brains, and brains are a product of EVOLUTION.

Now we’re going to sing the hymn “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails.

Can I get an Amen?

Blog 2.0 - Reminds you of who invented the bomb!

Blog 2.0 - Reminds you of who invented the bomb!.

“Church Coffee”

After we have preached the good words, we like to have a cop of coffee in the basement. Where all us atheist can have a little talk about day-to-day strife of being an individual in a collective world etc.

Our Good Friend and mentor Mr. Richard Dawkins had a fascinating discussion of “Moral” and “Ethics” with another atheist. Let’s listen inn on what they had to say.

Yes, people are dumb!

They really are.

Believing that people are born equal with the same rights. That’s nonsense. We (the humanist) just said so to make the transition from Christian ethics to atheist “ethics” more easy. It’s basically what Christians did with hedonism holidays, taking something from that other belief system and making them their own so that people wouldn’t notice the change.

Remember my faithful atheist, there are no logical reasoning, other than naive idealism and religion that can defend that a person born without arms, or a person born without the brainpower of a scientist should have the right to live.

Now we know better… Retards and other sub-people have NO REASON TO LIVE and should be killed.

At our humble get-together we serve coffee, cake and consenting (and condescending) road-kill.

Nothing new… Part 2 – The Return of Void.

14 Apr

Nothing new to write about today. I keep myself busy. Idle hands, you know, are the democrats and socialists plaything.

Anyway, highway, void.

Moving on…

Lol, it's funny because it's Nerd (NB! This is satire. AMC does not believe, nor indent to spread the rumour that Richard Dawkins condones paedophilia. I just thought it funny to run his smug face in the dirt.)

Satire, satire, satire. Richard Dawkins is NOT a rapist (to my knowledge). I just make fun of his biological views that could justify inhuman actions as ''born that way''. Get it? It's funny, believe me. Just read it again.

Blog 2.0 - Keeps you posted.

Blog 2.0 - Keeps you posted (and needs to explain the joke).

PS: Richard Dawkins according to wikipedia “coined the word meme”, and I have now made an attempt of the internet kind, so if you are in the poetical corner you may call this a “full circle”.

Have you noticed the change?

10 Apr

Dear Internet,

have you noticed the change? It seems humour and expression of opinion has mutated into “saying what is true in a blunt way” (I call it “truhtiny“) and “saying what you feel with a lot of swears.” (I call it “nonsensical rantings of ignorant teens and idiots“).

Now I won’t say that I am psychic (because then I have to charge you for my prophesies), but many of my speculations about what’s to come have come true (No mr. Dawkins I have no written proof). To my recollection I once said “In the future jokes will be just saying what is true with a smile“. That prophecy came along with others like “in the future reality show contestants will die as part of the rules“, “In the future religion will be replaced by science with horrible consequences (ie. doomsday)“, “Violence and random acts of destruction will increase to an [almost] anarchic level” and “and one day I will die. Most likely at the age of 35 by heart attack.

I don’t know when, how or if those last prophecies will come true, but if they do then it will be proof that I am psychic wouldn’t it?

Richard Dawkins. Such a happy chap.

As I see it being physic only means you have to see the most bleak outcome to humanity and give it an unspecified timespan and sooner or later it will come true.

Now that statement does not mean I agree with mr Dawkins about there being no real psychics in the world. I think intuition, intelligence and feelings are strong scorches for viewing future and understanding the past. I also see that if you knew the future, like mr. Dawkins demands of psychics, instead of just felt them, that in it self would change things.

Let’s take the scientific prophecy of global warming.

Global Warming hasn’t been proved without problems and there still are alot of “retarded people” who question the entire thing. Also new evidence has been needed to prove why global warming, that are suppose to be over us as in fact done the opposite, made things colder. The UN science people claim this to be low levels of humidity in the atmosphere and that’s why it’s not getting warmer but colder.

Ahh, I see what the UN did there.

Danger! Danger!

Isn’t this just cold reading (no pun intended)? First the scientist will say “Danger. Danger! Global warming will melt the icecaps! Danger. Danger. (Remember to give us money so we can find out more ways for you to die.) Danger. Danger.” and then something random happens and then it’s “Danger Danger. Low level of humidity in atmosphere will make it colder. Danger. Danger. (Give us money so we can find out other things that will kill you.) Danger! Danger!

Atheist and atheist scientist will always view everything of mystery, the little strangeness in everyday life, will be referred to as a coincidences. If an eighty year old lady gets hit by a car and survives, that’s not a “miracle” but a mathematical absurdity that with further investigation will prof merely random. It’s like if you throw an infinite number of white balls into the air one of them are bound to fall down black. It’s not a mystery it’s just facts.

''Kill the Christians!''

Now it may appear that I am anti-science, and I am really not. I am more for science than any atheist is for religion. I in fact love science. It’s fun to know about the stars, what psychology has learned about why we do things, and how sociology claim that they are the only true human science. It’s interesting to follow the gen-pool of humans back to apes, or perhaps not, as we don’t KNOW yet (the missing link is still missing). It’s lovely to think about the big bang, and how it all began.

Where I don’t like science is when the claim to know all that it’s needed to know, when they clearly don’t! When science meddles in politics, or politics meddle in science (even more dangerous and very much the case). When certain besserwisers try to meddle in how parents should raise their children (as an atheist), when moral questions are had and try to steal the last bit of influence religion has on everyday life. You should keep your fucking mouth shout. You have been wrong before, you will be wrong again. An hypothesis, or theory does not make fact! If a scientist can’t tell the difference we are in BIG TROUBLE.

''It's like if you throw an infinite number of white balls into the air one of them are bound to fall down black. It's not a mystery it's just facts.''

What ever science discovers in the future, has rejected in the past, claimed to be true that now is unheard of, will not and shall no change religion. Just as science shall not change art (no reason to remove the gods from Hellenic plays), politics or daily life of the individual. I am a secularist and the day that science can claim to be free of politics, then I think religion should not be used in politics either. And if we are lucky, in the end, no one will care about politics in any respect.

I also think that Dawkin (and his kin) will never find any evidence of there being psychics because as I said precognition involves feelings and Dawkin have NON! I don’t think a real scientist should have feelings as it affects their judgement. The purest scientist sees emotions as illusions to distract us from logic. I mean, if scientist had feeling other than that of being a god, then how could we have tortured people in concentration camps to jump forward in Medicare?

Scientist. Working hard to prove me wrong or perhaps just on the cure for aids, or perhaps developing a new super aids, or trying to prove string theory.

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9 Apr

Now I’ve always thought I could spot a transsexual a mile away. That there were no chance in hell that I couldn’t see if that was a mixed-up-gender-type-person.

I would look at the jugular after the laryngeal prominence – the Adams apple -and if there was… walk slowly the other way. So I have swept myself into a blanket of comfort and lies believing that I would never be tricked.

Now as it turns out I may have been tricked… once.

I always thought that the guy in the band Le Tigre was a guy.

An effeminate guy, oh yes, but I always thought that was just the effects of feminism and strong women. That his nuts was just cracked, and that somewhere in his pants there would be… you know… “the defining power of a male“?

So he isn’t a man, but girl! Now I don’t know what’s what. Keep thinking… Is he a girl? Is she a guy? Am I a man? If a three falls in the woods could I still vote for Bush?

You don't even know your own gender HOW DARE YOU TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT POLITICS!

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

Blog 2.0 - Don't care what you are, but no surprises please!

PS: Now if you enjoyed that one kids you should read my blog about feminism and it’s discontents.

So the Mondays goes by…

5 Apr

The start of a new week and every possibility lies before thee. This week will be great! I have so many things I can do.

First I can save the rainforest by donating some money.
Then I can save a starving child by sending some money.
Then I can save a person being executed by sending a text message.
Then I can save my country by becoming more involved in politics.
Then I can become more eco-friendly by commuting, buying more organic foods and telling others the joy of commuting and buying organic foods.
Then I can listen to U2 and know that I support a good-doer.
Then I can find the perfect job that is both stimulating and that pays good.
Then I can meet my future in the form of a woman.
Then we can make children together that is both mentally and physically fit to do more good for our great world.
Then I can die knowing I have done some great contributions.
Then I can face the faith of non-existence with ease since I will be living through all the good deeds I have done.

Let’s be honest…
Monday is like every other day.
Nothing special,
nothing great.
Just like death.

So the Mondays goes by…

Blog 2.0 - Just like death.

PS: This was the last of my epic “So the [days] goes by…” blog entries. Yes, it’s been a Tour de Force. If you have missed any of the other great “ [days] that goes by“, you actually didn’t. They are still to be found on my home page:)

PPS: “Then I can face the faith of non-existence with ease since I will be living through all the good deeds I have done” could just as easily be “evil deed I have done“. Hitler lives on doesn’t he? And no one cares about gas-champers-guy #24567 even if he shoved a girl up to the ceiling in a desperate attempt to save her from the poison? The point is not what you did, the most important thing is that it had a great effect.