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AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 11: WSOP-Full House Pro

28 Apr


In this video I complain alot about the glitches of the then new game WSOP-Full House Pro. Now that time has passed and it´s no longer a “Beta” I can tell you that it still has a lot of problems of lagging and freezing. Tisk, tisk.

Blog 2.0 - All in BABY!!!

Blog 2.0 – All in BABY!!!

AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 09: Full House Poker

24 Apr

Poker! I like it. And this avatar game is kind of fun.

Blog 2.0 - All Inn!

Blog 2.0 – All Inn!

AndyAce83´s Let´s Play GTA IV – Hunting for Pigeons in Liberty City Part 01 and 02

9 Apr

I have one of the dumbest achievements on Xbox 360. A dumb achievement is not something that is easy to get, or very hard to get, but is something that is extremely time consuming to get.


So time consuming that I had to make two videos about it.

Blog 2.0 - Time consuming

Blog 2.0 – Time consuming