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About Internett Trolls and Goblins

29 Jan


I recently…


Quite a while ago I had some time to kill and so I posted some comments on a video site thread. It was under a stand-up show mocking people who have religious faith and I said something like “Blablabla… religion ain´t that bad.“. Anyway lot´s of atheist got provoked by my statement and started patronizing me and demanding me to defend my “highly un-logical suppressing fairytale belief“. Well, I started to defend my views and suddenly they started questioning my reasoning by throwing out ad hoc Latin phrases about logical fallacies. My argument was Ad hominem, or my argument was ad lapidem or that it had “countless logical fallacies to even bother“.


Yeah, it ain´t that fascinating with a nerd drama, but still… Here´s the point…. One of these atheist ranters called me a “troll” as in “Don´t feed this troll he is [enter logical fallacy]“. I have never been called a troll before. Yes my nose is big, I do smell like old cheese and there are a green forest growing on my back but still no one has called me a that before.

Anyway… I started to think. “Am I a troll?“.

Be careful as you troll. The jaws of rhetoric and Latin phrases are also swimming out there.

The definition of a troll is, according to Wikipedia, an “Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response“. It also seems that etymologically (see… I know some fancy words to) it comes from the fishing term “to troll“, but I think that many use it in reference to the mystical creature that lives under bridges and in caves. I like fairytale more than I like fishing, so I´ll go for the last one.

I would lie if I called this a “personal crises” as it was more a laugh-out-loud being called a “troll“. I was just having a bit of fun and killing some time. Because although I meant the first comment, all the rest I made was just ironic use of the other people´s rhetoric. I don´t know how to discuss with people with a neurotic obsession in placing every argument in some sort of logical or illogical category. I could ( and perhaps will) write many blogs about the different types of argument and the validity of claiming an argument to be logically flawed (because they may not be even if one trows out a Latin phrase) but what I wanted to focus on now was that there are two types of internet subgroups. The Troll, someone who try to provoke others into angry argumentation for their own laughs, and the Goblin (my category) of internet users who do not understand humor, irony and sarcasm and discuss angrily anyone who suggest any view that doesn´t fit their world view.

The Goblin: "How can you say that? That such an argument from fallacy. Were talking Ad hominem combined with ad ignorantiam with a twist of ad populum"

The Troll: "Abortion is murder (or not)", "Women are all whores", "God loves everyone, even smug atheists", "Republicans/Democrats are stupid"


So there you have it… Goblins are so annoying. Get a sense of humor you stupid college graduate, know it all teen and/or argumentative person who have discovered wikipedia´s rhetoric page! (“I call Ad hominem on THAT!“)

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Internet bullying (words hurt)

18 Jan

This is Voe. She really is... but with a W. Get it? Great pun. Great pun. No wonder my blogs a hit.

So I have wondered if I should end my blog since I have read other bloggers doing the same. Some famous young Norwegian bimbos and other sluts have been internet bullied with angry comments. The angry comments have been degrading and sometimes been even death threats.

Comment´s like “I hope you die“, “Retarded gnome, shut your mouth” were written. Often with spelling and/or grammar mistakes. So they ended their important career of commenting on fashion and health with only emptiness that follows.

It must hurt having to hear over and over again how sad a person you are. And they really are sad to. Pretty, of course, most bimbos are. But shallow creatures with few interests other than themselves and make-up to hide their soullessness.

So I thought about doing the same… Ending my blog. Not because of all the bad comments, but because I get none.



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The Copyright fight!

16 Jan

*Ding, Ding* ROUND 4473721917506818191! FIGHT!

Sometimes I sit in my office or my study, and sipping my brandy or tea and suddenly I get this chocking feeling. I can just sit and stare and suddenly it gets hard to swallow. I may even cold sweat. It´s like a panic attack. A panic attack combined with claustrophobia. The intense feeling that we are not free! That I can not contribute to the internet since there is a chance it may be offending or worse copyright infringement!

Can I show the logo or will the FBI come and get me now?

I have just discovered a show called RedEye that goes on Fox News. I found the show funny and more to my liking that the Daily Show.

Now, it is important to note where I come from; I am from Norway. I do not get Fox News nor do any broadcast buy the RedEye syndication. This is because Norway is a socialist country and therefor the only thing we get to hear off Fox is how they brainwash everybody with their “Right Wing Bias” (which I dare not dispute).

So how could I have heard of the right wing show in a country where the only acceptably thought is the nice fluffy ones?“, you may ask.


There was this channel on Youtube that was called RedEyeRecap. So every week when RedEye went on fox, I could watch the highlights even though it is thought crime in No*way.

On RedEyeRecap I could laugh about how stupidly naive the one-tracked liberals where instead of constantly being spit in the face from the “satire” of Jim Steward (“the greatest satirist in the world” according to the Norwegian Broadcast Cop or NoBroadCop).

But then one day… RedEyeRecap was no more. All that was left was:

YouTube account RedEyeRecap has been terminated because we received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:

* Fox News Network, LLC
* Fox News Network, LLC
* Fox News Network, LLC

And then I got this chocking feeling. Youtube has done it again! Youtube has removed small copyright indiscretions. Why? Idunno. But I can speculate…

What´s funny is that although RedEyeRecap was unofficial it was still very much endorsed by the Red Eye crew (they even referenced the channel once!).

Hahahahaha. Yeah, "rebublicans are stuipd". Ain´t that the truth! Yo a su rait! "If Bill O'Reilly needs to have an enemy, I'm your enemy." HAhahahooo... Bill O´reily is evil (in secular and relative terms ofcourse;-).

I tried to complain to youtube but that´s another story. (In short: You can not contact you tube unless you have a business proposition.)

So now I fear that I may stop being politically neutral and become a lefty like the rest of Norway since all I got is Steward and other funny satire. Yeah, he is sort of funny. He does show how Fox News is always spreading their bigotry. I think I… Oh no… IT´s happening. I am finding the “fuck” punchline and smug smile of John interesting. HAhaha… He´s telling us that Bush is dumb! That´s sooo true! My God I need weed now….

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Black dog

12 Jan

“Black dog” by Penelope Lively is a short story that can be hard to understand. The reader would most likely have to think about what the author really meant and would probably have to read between the lines. In this essay I am going to try to tell my interpretation of this story.

When I first read this story it seemed to me to be a horror story much inspired by the legendary Edgar Allen Poe, who wrote scary stories about our mind playing tricks on us. And in this story, I think, that is very much the case.

The story starts when Brenda Case is seeing a “Black dog” around the neighborhood that no one else seems to find. The black dog just sits in the garden or at the front porch never entering and just watching her. She tells here family (her husband, their three sisters and their husbands again) which has mixed opinions about her story. The only one who truly seems to take this upon himself is the husband, John Case. The other family members seem to care, if any, in a more patronizing and cold way. She is convinced that the dog one day would enter the house and that would mean the end for her. The dog would eat here.

After weeks and month of trying in every way to get past her fears by doing simple things like getting hobbies, going to the doctors and taking pills, she decides to make the best of it and just start living again, even is the dog was out there. Therefore, she overcomes here fears of the black dog and it seems, that for here, life can begin again But then, at the end her husband sees also this black dog and is struck by this strong horror. The dog has entered the house!

What is the black dog? Is it just an illusion or is it real? And what could be the cause of the phenomenon? Perhaps, it would become clearer when we understand the people involved. If we understood Brenda and John Case better. Brenda Case seems be a housewife at the age of 54. She sees a black dog that scares her. She feels old and is very melancholic. She spends her days reading articles about problems women have when reaching a phase in life.
John Case is just as old as Brenda, but unlike Brenda he does not feel old. At least not yet. He cares a lot about his wife and is worried when she gets this panic attack when seeing this dog outside.

Knowing these simple characterizations, what is the matter with Brenda and later in the story John? I would have to say that the dog is just a symbol of what many people would have to go through. The menopause. I am basing my theory on the last part of the short story when John Case sees the black dog for the first time. John Case was “startled by his own face (…) a man both older and more burdened than he knew himself to be.” Just after his discovery the dog appears.

I think that this story, although based on a woman, has no feminist theme. This hard period in our life, when life seems for a short time to be over just because we are getting older, is not just an event that women suffers by. This is clearly also in this story, when John Case suddenly feels very old. But this story is a happy one, since it tells us “you will get over it Brenda did”, and I think this story is more of a comforting story than a horror story when we first think about it.

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The Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at NighThe Black Dog Runs at Night

Nothing new… Part 3 – Again and again and again

4 Jan

Nothing new
It´s true.
Well, nothing new for you.
Now don´t be rude.

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2010 in review (so I don´t have to make a new entry)

2 Jan

I am a man of ambitions and narcissism and so I like to feel important. Sometimes I get a letter from my bank telling me in great letters how my economy is stable and how I should invest in fonds and stock. I also get letters from credit card firms, which I also find flattering (as they think there is money to be stolen). Both letters fall into the bin after skimming, but the point is…

It makes me feel important.

I also got this mail, I re-posted it as it was very flattering;-)

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