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My name is Andy and I am from Norway. You might have heard of the place? It’s way up north, has lots of oil, and a welfare system to envy. No? Well, nevermind. I have a degree in Film analysis. According to a very short explanation on wikipedia a Film analysis is «in which a film is analyzed in terms of mise-en-scène, cinematography, sound, and editing.» (17.08.2009).

South Park may be mentioned:)

South Park fan pic I made it when I was 10 (or something) don\’t expect me to know of ®, ©, tm and FBI then! I really thought that art and expression was about more than money. How naive I was back then. My God, art is all about making money.

I know what all those words mean (even mise-en-scène!), but that is not all a film analyst does. The most fascinating part (to me) of a film analyst is when we look for mise-en-scène, cinematography, sound, and editing to interpretat meaning. What does this film try to tell us? To find a general «meaning» to a certain film, or to a film era (i.e. Silent movies), or style, genre, director and film moment.

Many people think of this as a nonsensical occupation, and in many ways I agree. But knowing the tools of the trade, knowing the words to use and knowing why so many think the same way about certain pictures are, to me at least, something worth thinking about. To look closer at American Beauty (clever, huh?), to compare requiem for a dream with Trainspotting, analyse the differences between world cinema and Hollywood blockbusters. To try to understand how and why and who and where and what.

The secrets of Twin Peeks

Perhaps we will analyse Twin Peaks and seek the hidden truths there aswell? That\’s never been done before, I\’m sure.

The definition of art (be that painting, film, photo, poetry, music etc.) has had many, often vague criteria. Some have called it plain form, some have called it the pointlessly beautiful, some have defined it as the only thing worth anything. I choose to define it as meaning past form. If its beautiful it is decor, if it’s just expression its… just blog. But if its has a structured meaning than thats art.

In short: Art to me is a way to communicate. So to me, the degree in which an art piece conveys a message to me (meaning) is how I judge the piece. That’s why I don’t like certain art movements (ie many avant-garde movements)because it doesn’t emphasise communication. It’s just pretty, or strange, or nasty, or stupid.

So here you can read about some interesting problems around cinema or whatever

#1) What’s up with the movies from this decade? (Bang, bang! You shot me down (for 3 hours))

A short rant about what’s wrong with this decades american movies.

#2) Videogames are stupid! (“Fitter, happier, more productive, comfortable”)
A rant about videogames being to dump to play for anyone with any readings to an EEG. Videogames are not cinema but it is audio-visual. SAME THING!

#3) An Inconvenient Truth (“Everyone lies, nobody minds, everyone lies”)

Not really a movie comment, but I do mention two films (An Inconvenient Truth and The day after tomorrow) so it’s sort of like a… No, I know. Next time I will do better.

#4) About The Knife (The Swedish electronica band)
This is a blog entry about the Knife, but also about Lynch and about being understood or failing. I try to prove how easy it is be strange and misunderstood. And now I bore myself…

#4.5) An unfinished entry

They say that when Michelangelo got annoyed he stopped working and what ever was made was sometimes saved. Some others makes the claim that it was his unfinished work that started inspired artist to make some of the Avant-garde movement many a year later.

Why do I tell you this? Well, first of… I like to brag about my knowledge and… secondly… perhaps this blog entry can start another movement of lazy people who makes nonsense.

This entry is about Fringe, and parts about V (tv-series). But all I just stopped cari…

#5) Look! It’s a picture!

This is one of my greatest accomplishments. I worked so hard on this one as it was a exhausting labour of heart-rending nerve-racking strain. I assure you on my honour that it must have taken fully five minutes to write.

#6.) Piracy is a crime (that can save European cinema).

Oh, I worked hard on this one. It basically states that USA should stop caring what Europeans does as they should be happy about their domestic income and be satisfied with that. It’s one of my “How much is enough” blog entries where I wonder about where we can use the word “greed” and when it’s a healthy concern of profit.

Oh, I also state that piracy of American film is A-okay (but I do not download illegally. I want to contribute to society, not tear it down. I’m boring that way.).

#7.) Deep blue sea – Sharks and surprises
Oh this is a gem I can tell you. It really isn’t all that bitter, angry or crazy. It’s short and sweet and bitter. You know like cotton-candy and vinegar. It’s basically a short comment on the movie Deep Blue Sea while I piss upon every movie out of Hollywood post-2000.

#8.) Resident Evil: Apocalypse – The film that saved my faith in films.

By popular demand (one person seemed to like it) I have written another brave review of a lowbrow entertainment movie.

#9.) Brave New World – The Movie
Sometimes one have to plead to become a success (or star in a porn video)

#10) A boy and his Dog (a short analysis and review)
It really is short.

#11) A nightmare on Elm Street – Remake (2010) movie review.
One two Freddy´s coming for you, three four better lock your doors, five six bring your crucifix, seven-eight teenage bait.

#12) The Human Centipede – First Sequence (a movie review and analysis)
I do not condemn, I question. Or more precise… I do both.

#13) Now in 3D
It´s about discovering something that sells and then sell out!

#14) Top 10 favorite movies…

Every good movie blog has a recommendation list to show how worldly they are.

#15 The Mist (2007) – An analysis

You have no idea how much time I used on this analysis… the result is… ugh!

#16 Goin down hill to South Park

I am a South Park fan. It basically praises the show while bashing another animated show that should go unmentioned.

#17 When the suspension of disbelief becomes disbelif in the suspense. Part 1
In this entry I try to describe that moment in film where something that is far fetched goes overboard and you can not stay invested in the plot.

#18 When the suspension of disbelief becomes disbelif in the suspense. Part 2
This one time, the sequel is better than the first.

#19 Kind of Disappointing – The Amazing Spider-Man (2012 film) review
Yes, that is what it is.

#20: Anita Sarkeesian – Is making me misogynistic… more so.
I comment on a commentator and how some people think they can force their -ism perspective on everything and the consequence this har for the art (It get´s perverted).

#21: The Ninth Configuration (1980) – Good movie to watch
A film that gets AndyAce´s Seal of Approval.

#22: Dark Shadows (2012) – The worst kind of movie.
This is my comment on the trend of ridiculing the source material when making a remake or re-imaging or whatever!

#23: AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 01: Let´s Try RE6 Survivor
Movies are dead! There I´ve announced it. Now I am just as smart as any other guy who claims they know whats trendy and whats not. To be honest I hate those guys. “TV is dead. Its all about the internet” “Movies are dead, its all about games“, “Printed books are dead, its all about the e-books“, “Annoyning things are dead are dead, its all about the STFU!“. But seriously, I do love video games, so I may be focusing abit more on those in the future. I do not make great distintion between games and movies as they are both visual. The amount of “interactivity” is the only thing that differs and lets be honest, games don have all that much “freedom” when it comes down to it. You are still bound by the creators limits.

#24: Godzilla (2014) – The best dumb movie I have seen in years.

#25: Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video) – Pedophilic? An analysis.
A perverted person see perverted things in anything.

#26: Prometheus (2011) – A prequel for a sequel
The biggest question this movie asks is: Do I even like this film???

#27: Doctor Dee N MeTalk About Movies And TV Part 1.1 and 1.2
I made a youtube show so I added it here as well to get more “hits”.

#28: “Anyone can die” fad can´t die fast enough!
Its just annoying at times!

#28: Doctor Dee n Me talk about Movies and TV – Sequels

A video about sequels.
#29: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) – An analysis
About that movie

#30: The New DC movie universe and why I hate it.
The new DC movies suck and wrote about why they do.

Anything on your mind? I am listening:

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