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Top 10 Changes to Doctor Dee n Me Talk about Movies & TV- Part 17

21 Jul

The changes are:
1) Understand and appeal to the biggest and broadest YouTube demographic.

2) Make it clear we are atheist and liberal

3) Make a lot of top 10 lists

4) Always talk about what is trending NOW.

5) Be cynical, critical and patronizing about other peoples work.

6) We are gonna add laugh track to make it easy to understand when we are funny.

7) Lots and lots of jokes based on cultural references of current pop-culture.

8) Name our videos strategically and make grimaces on every thumbnail.

9) Have lots of wikipedia and IMDb facts/ data so we seem like we know what we are talking about.

10) No videos should last more than 10 min

Blog 2.0 – Top 10!

Panic 2017

2 Jul

Rainbow today.
Grey skies tomorrow.
Dont have too much soy in your diet.
It makes you a wuss.

Concrete and parades.
10 variations of AIDS.
Lonely together.
Lonely apart.

Its all just a big…
How am I a part of this?
I am not.
I will not.

And where can I have a effing cigarette in this city?
Normies kills.
Normies may seriously harm your health.
Normies can make you impotent.
Normies may give throat and mouth cancer.

Life flashes before my eyes…

Blog 2.0 – Normies kills.