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Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.2)

30 Aug

So here are some new track worth playing in a gengre many people ditch because “[they] could make the same shit on [their] computer but [they] just choose instead to make nothing and criticize instead because that’s very constructive“(!).

The first piece I will play is Boards of Canada’s Roygbiv.

I like this lade-back song. It’s chill-out and nice. Very cool.

The next sound of happy is Delerium – Silence (featuring Sarah McLachlan) – Tiesto Remix edit

This version is the short radio edit version. I would recommend the long version, but this one works as a great introduction at least. But yeah, if you want you should find the 8 min version somewhere in cyberspace. To people who think that Tiesto is not a great DJ, well I have no comback, but who are you really? Really who are you?

The last one 4 now is a Norwegian-Swedish collaboration. It’s Royksopp feut. Robyn – The Girl And The Robot (Spencer & Hill Remix). The Spencer and Hills remix makes this also a German collaboration (but let’s not complicate things to much).

The original is great, but this one is HARDCORE! Whoohoo! You can’t tell me that your feed ain’t moving:)

Blog 2.0 - Oh yeah! This is just right! CAN YOU FEEL THE BEAT?

PS: Now you may wonder or not care at all, as to why I call it “Trance-dance-techno-whatever“. It’s what I call a “know-it-all-buffer” which is important to use when talking about music/movie genres or other cultural stuff since there is always someone who feels the need to differentiate trance with techno or harcore-grinde-metall with angry-screaming metall (or point out that there is no such thing). Genera is only important when we are talking about… well, I dunno when genres are important… but I’m sure they have their uses other than smug know-it-alls need for assertiveness.

It’s on! (KNAUSGÅRD); Part 3 – Bellow the surface was void

26 Aug

I’m sorry, but I have failed. In part 1 and part 2 I promised to read the book «Out of the World» by Karl Ove Knausgård but it’s clear now I have not got the backbone for it. The reasons are many I will now sum up the most important parts.

1) The book is too long.
I’ve read long books before, but not these kinds of books. The “artsyfartsy flowing in ether” kinds.

2) Artsyfartsy gibberish.
I read on the sleeve of the book that Karl Ove Knausgård was living in Bergen at the time of the books publishing. He went to the Academy of Artsy writing (my translation) and it clearly shows. From the first page onwards it’s painful to read. By the second sentence he throws in a metaphor forcefully, because as I interpret, “that’s how artsyfartsy writers does it

To quote the book: “[blah, blah, blah] like a swarm of slumbering insects had awaken and now annoyed gushed out into the room” (my translation).

What is art, really? I don’t know. A realness in the lies of fiction”, perhaps? That when we read something, sometimes we discover a “soul” or “meaning” or “honesty” or “something”. We believe that what we are experiencing has value and has a point. That the artist has worked hard to find something, perhaps himself, in the work and now we may do the same. The “honesty” is in my opinon the writers dearful and scillfull voice. Knausgård, I would say, has none. He has been to the academy of Artsy writing and learned how to force metaphors, similes and analogies upon us and write about reality with no ideals.

The pages may be white, and the letters may be black, but all I see on these pages is the colour brown. There are lot’s of words in this book, but all I read is “that’s just the way it is”. The book is long but I didn’t have to read far to understand it’s a dull book.

3) Intellectual laziness, perhaps?

Some minds are made of concrete with a heart of stone. They refuse to read works they will not understand and therefore their understanding of this plural world is stagnated and rigid. I hated Knausgård before, and after reading 3-4 pages I still do. There’s no way in hell I will read more. So I may be intellectual lazy and will perhaps live in a small bubble of lies refusing to see that teachers can fuck their students and that loneliness can make us perverts.

But here’s my philosophy (one of many); Life’s to short to read long books about nothing. Some people loves to spin in the mudd. Taking life as it is, with no dreams or ambitions. They don’t judge and demand we do not judge them. Okay fine. I will not judge you, but please stop telling me about it, cuz all I hear is “JUDGE ME! I’m filthy.

Blog 2.0 -May read the book at a later time but not now. Now is for living, not reading bragging semi-biographical nonsense by perverts. ''But artist can't be perverts'', you may say. ''Yes, I agree'' I say with a friendly smile, ''But Knausgård is no artist.''

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.1)

19 Aug

Every time I listen to trance-dance-techno-whatever I think “I should listen more to trance-dance-techno-whatever!

It’s music for happy people and I am (at least 10% of the time) a happy person. So today, and other times when I have nothing better to rant about I will write about one of the music genera that is most laughed about by smug fuckers thinking they know everything (oh, there are many of those annoying people).

The first track I will play for you iz… Members of Mayday – 10 in 01

Listen to it. As it builds up and then falls down then flies up again. Every real trance-dance-techno-whatever hit is like life; great happiness followed by void followed by new happiness! This song is no exception. The main theme brushes gently into your ear as the background jumps around. Oh, it’s great!

The next little gem is made by the great dance master known as ATB. Oh, I listen a lot to him when I was younger. His first worldwide hit was 9 PM (Til I Come). A song about sex and orgasm that had the fascinating ATB sample that was just discovered by accident (or something). Anyway, I will play a remix now that I think is even better than the orignal. It’s ATB – 9pm (Till I Come) [Sequential One Remix] , bitch!

So as said above ATB is great, but since I just played a remix of his original song, I think it would be nice to also play a remix done by ATB. It is a remix of one of the all time greatest dance classics, by Miss Jane (just Jane to be honest) called It’s a fine day. To me, It’s a fine day, really confirms what I said introductory that Trance-dance-techno-whatever is music for the happy people. The song is about life and how fine the days can be. The remix that I now will play really takes a even more manic spin on a already euphoric track. I give you Miss Jane – Its a fine day (ATB Remix)

Blog 2.0 - You may think ''Play some angry person screams in ANGER music. That shit is fo REALZ! No stupid nonsense like these Trance-dance-techno-whatever shit! They be singing about MY LIFE! Living in the hood/suburbs, experiencing drive-bys/lightness of living'' Where I say ''SHUT the FUCK UP, YOU FRONTING MOTHER FUCKER!''.

It’s on! (KNAUSGÅRD); Part 2 – Surfaces and covers

12 Aug


Ugh! Look at him. Happy like a child who has gotten his will. Notice the brown aura? To me the brown will always be about ''That's just the way it is'', ''Do not judge me!'' and''...''

As all my faithful readers know I am a hater and I hate Karl Ove Knausgård (KNAUSGÅRD!). I made a rant about it earlier, but you knew that right?

Provocative, so it must be art! According to the pamphlet it's ''Self-portrait of Egon Schiele 1911, depicting masturbation.'' Nice, isn't it?

To recap (Previously on AMC…); I went to the city of filth feeling gloomy and thus vomit out my opinions about a man who makes “art” about taboo (KNAUSGÅRD!). What others could call “provocative literature“. Anyway, then a friend challenged me to read his debut novel called «Out of the World». I don’t remember why. BUT I WILL! I’ll show her!

Now… I wouldn’t care about Knausgård (KNAUSGÅRD!) any more than any other pervert if it wasn’t for a public’s declaration of genius. He be the talk of the town. Winning prizes and posing outside of buildings made of concrete looking smug!

Let me tell you a story I heard once, that might be relatebal to the issue at hand. There were two girls I knew that was at a buss-stop when a shabby looking man went behind the glass window of the hut and started “pleasuring himself“? You know… “polishing the bishop“…Hmm? You with?


Well I don’t care about that incident. He was probably crazy and the girls was probably dressed provocatively, but… If, say, a person stood beside him and applauded. Telling everybody what “intelligent expressive rebellion of the suppressed Christian sexuality” this was I would probably write a blog about it.

Art! Art! Art! It takes a symbol the ''old greys'' believe is of ''value'', ''importance'' and add a post-modern commercialism iconography. IT'S ART! ''TGIF!'' Wow, that makes me see think things anew!

AND NOW! NOW! NOW! I have gone to the library and borrowed the book. Yes, borrowed. HE WILL NOT EARN A PENNY (øre) from me. NOT A PENNY! So beside me right now lies the book.


The book is big with blue blurry cover that looks like forest or park area with a piece of clothing (perhaps a bra?) hanging from a twig. It’s a hard cover edition, 562 pages long, and weighs what you would expect from a book of that length. The backside gives us a short summary of the plot and then tells us we should expect a “beautiful love story” that could fit in among other authors like Hamsun, Nabokov (I don’t know who he is, but I don’t care either) and Dostoyevsky.

In part 3 I will tell what was inside the book. I would suspect you are just as exited as I am.

Blog 2.0 - May not be art, but hopes to be provocative.

PS: A little bit of exit music to set the mode, and perhaps a little bit of depth to the crazy nonsense:)

A History of Suppression (a book idea)

10 Aug

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

      -O’Brien (from Nineteen Eighty-Four)

As you may already know, I’m lazy and I also have a short attention span (what was I writing about again? I blame TV, genes, the government, education, culture and misc. mental disorders).

A possible book cover. - ''If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. '' NOTE: You should always start a book by quoting someone else! Preferably someone famous, critically acclaimed and/or a known visionary. I choose 1984, as it's every paranoid New World Order loonies first choice. And it's true too;)

But if I wasn’t lazy and with…hmm?… I would write a book. I would have called it:

    A History of Suppression.

The hypothesis in that book would have been; there are real suppression in history but that now suppression is used more as an excuse for not trying or ambitions over talent.“. I have written a couple of blog entries about that subject on AMC already [1] [2] [3] but as I have said I’m lazy.

I would have, should have, could have done some research on real suppression in history like slavery, segregation and violence (etc.) against minorities and put it against modern day suppression like “Glass ceiling” theory, bigotry and racial profiling. But I am so sleepy (perhaps I’ve got myalgisk encefalopati or Fibromyalgia?).

Cuz sometimes it’s all about being a cliché, you know? Sometimes we get a slap in the face because we are just so annoyingly stereotypical. We’re playing a role, doing what we think we are suppose to do because of our cultural backdropping. We’re trying to be an individual by worshipping a sub-culture that is just stupidly destructive and animal like. Claiming afterwards that people don’t understand us since we’re so special, when in fact we’re just bland copies of former expressions we don’t understand but just pretend to do. (“How dare you call me Uncle Tom!”)

But hold on! I would have gone even further by making the claim that not only are the different subgroups no more suppressed than the majority, but also add that we are ALL suppressed in one way or another. That if we are not suppressed by the power, than we are suppressed by each other. That if it’s not a legislation that keeps us down, than it’s other peoples expectations of us that keeps us in check.

NOT ONLY THAT: I would make the suggestion that this is a good thing! Our urges to do what we want should be suppressed, like holding a fart inn by the dinner table. And then finally at the end of my book make the conclusion that if you don’t like it you can move to France or Sweden the cultural low brow of the world.

So the book would have been a success (there are no problems in sweet dreams) and I would be RICH! Everybody would have said “That AndyAce83 guy, he something. I… Oh, he smart! He like see great things and be like all that and shit.“.

This is a ''Don't be a clich'' entry. About ''individuals in a group working hard to confirm our prejudice.''

Perhaps I would have gotten the Nobel peace prize? And meet the prez of the US?

Fo Sho!

But I’m so tiered, you know? So weak. Didn’t get much sleep last night from all the dreams. I can’t focus because of all the possibilities. So if you want to write the book feel free to do so. I don’t want royalties, only credit for the idea.

Blog 2.0 - Gives ideas away. Like a talk show only for real!

The Soundtrack for this entry could be:

Or perhaps:

No, no, no… more like this:

Music is important, you know.
As you probably already know; when feeling suppressed music can really liberate. Of course not for real, but one can feel free, and it’s basically the same and probably the only time we will ever be. Such a happy exit thought:)

Brave New World – The Movie

5 Aug

Now I’ve heard that there is going to be a film of the book Brave New World starring Leonardo De Caprio. It was also rumoured to be directed by Ridley Scott but that rumour seems to have gone dead.

I just wanted to say that if Scott is out, I’m inn. If you need a director on this picture, I’ll do it.

Blog 2.0 - Still dreaming, but the noise of reality makes it difficult.

My views on the Smoking bans (A very outdated post)

1 Aug

Warning: Crazy nonsense. May destroy your mind!

I am soon going to Hollywood to put the fear of God in those godless heathens!

And success will be imminent as, you know, God helps his faithful followers (just ask Job). The point is that after my success everyone will want a piece of me.

Strangers in the street will yell; “Hey, AndyAce83. We loved what you did in that thing!“, “AndyAce83, I want to have your baby!” and “Love you so much I will kill myself.” I will naturally wear sunglasses and look angry so they will know that I am better than them. Ahh, happy times awaits.

What was I writing about again? Oh, yeah. Smoking bans in pubs and bars. I will get to that, I just need to daydream some more.

So everybody would want a piece of me and I would give it to many young and pretty ladies. Hard and sloppy, the AndyAce83 way! I will become one of those that I hated. The once I wanted to destroy by throwing the bible in their face. My plan was to run into Bill Maher office and say: “Take that Lucifer” with a kick-throw in his stomach and using bible paper for ninja stars cutting off his big nose. Also I would run into Asia Carrera and scream: “Whore of Babylon, your time is up! JUDO PUNCH! HOOYAAAA!“.

When I get to Hollywood, she will probably be legal. Hmm, tender, tight and crazy! Nothing wrong with that:)

Instead I would screamTHERE IS NO GOD” in a back room at a bar with red eyes and blood from my nose as I just killed another stripper-whore for the thrill in a delirium of drugs. Her stretch marks telling me I have made someone an orphan (as there are no fathers in Hollywood).

I am closing in on the point of smoking in bars now. Relax, man! Chill out. I know you are used to the internet giving you the fix at once, but in AMC we take a journey.

So I would be a failure in my success, and my life would become an exciting downwards spiral of infamy. Keywords being; violence, sex, drugs and MURDER!. Of course a book had to be written of my life. It would probably be called “AndyAce83- destructively exciting genius“, or “AndyAce83 – I can’t believe I fucked them all!

In that biography, to really emphasise the tragedy of my life, they would start in my innocent childhood. Then moving forward to my teenage life, early adulthood etc. Trying to find out where my downfall from grace to nihilistic annihilation (another great title for my book) began.

''from grace to nihilistic annihilation''- Yeah, I like that tittle the most. Do I hear of a Pulitzer Prize?

The answer would not be simple as there are lots of fascinating details to be revealed and lot’s of possible psychological motives for self-destruction. But one thing they would have to explore is one of my most important character traits; my intense burning for a subject for a while and then sudden disinterest.

Throughout my years, lots of what I would call “important” issues have been rebelled and argument for ad nauseam. In my early teens it was idealistic beliefs in the right of teens (believe it or not), in my late teens it was a rebel against the powers that be, in my early twenties it was smoking bans and now it’s the growing number of “freethinkers” who is using that phrase like a badge of honour (when I would make the claim that it is quite the opposite).

So with intense passion, heat, even anger I have fought for or against these different matters. I was like a broken record in the dessert sun that suddenly burned up to cinder.The fight has been fought and lost, but for your pleasure, and my future biographers easy reference, I will beat the dead horse one more time. Although now I couldn’t care less.

No smoking Bitch! (I am finally getting to the point)

I am by principal against smoking bans in bars and nightclubs as it’s a enormous loss in our civil liberties. If one makes the argument of health, I would make the claim that we are all going to die anyway. If one makes the argument of longer life, I would say we have no guarantees anyway. If one makes the argument of concern for people with lung-disease and allergies, I would make the claim that 1) sickly people shouldn’t be in bars anyway and 2) if we take consideration for them what about disco-lights for people with epilepsy or loud music giving us all hearing defects. If one makes the argument of smell, I would say that if you come back from a night on the town smelling of roses you have not been partying anyway. Debauchery smells of infected bodily fluids and cigarette smoke conceals much of it (another free tip from AMC;)

But this is not the main problem of smoking bans in bars and nightclubs. It goes far deeper than that, almost all the way to the illuminati and the white house. The problem is how it was forced upon us by the power that be (a theme in all my rebellions!). How we didn’t get any alternatives (and alternatives to the alternatives… see, another theme!) but instead got to be forced to be forced outside (yes, I am a smoker.) in the cold like the homosexuals once was. The sheeple saying “this is great because [baaa!!!]” not seeing the trouble this causes for everything else.

Psychic (or crazy or both. You decide. Send an SMS to 45-CRAZY to cast your vote)

Now I have made the suggestion before (many chapters in my biography will probably explore this) that I am psychic. In this case I gave the prophesy that “THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!”. It was probably not noticed by my friends as it came between other prophesies of doom (i.e “Feminism will be the end of us all!”, “DEATH AWAITS!”, “Meat is dead animals” and “My tooth hurts. I may have cavities.”), but time has proven me right.

Before the discussions was “Where should people be allowed to take a cigarette brake?” but now it’s “Where else could we ban people from having a cigarette brake?“. Sheeple have screamed the disgust with people who do not take to the healthy lifestyle of just alcohol, whoring and weed smoking. And now… I just don’t care. There will always be sheeple, and they will always be the real majority.

But it’s not that bad, cuz I will become a great Hollywood success story that will have sex with many sexy ladies before I die. So what do I care?

Blog 2.0 - DARES TO DREAM THE DREAM (while smoking a cigarettes. TAKE THAT SOCIETY! *cough, cough*)