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AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 03: Let´s Play UNO

12 Aug


There are a lot of looser shut-ins when it comes to gaming. No denying that. Crazy people dreaming of mass-murdering their classmates while playing call of duty in the basement. Hitting themselves in the head when losing. Jup, lots of crazy people in the world and some have discovered the game controller.

But you know what? Sometimes “normal” people play games to and they may not be socially awkward. Or at least have the ability to be nice to others. Sometimes I want to focus on the social, non-violent parts of gameplay aswell. So here is AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 03: Let´s Play UNO

Video Blog 2.0 - "UNO"

Video Blog 2.0 – “UNO”