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Milo Yiannopoulos, pedophilia and gay culture.

22 Feb


Today I want to write about a touchy subject matter… again. Its about Milo Yiannopoulos´ statement on the drunken peasants podcast where he is being accused of defending pedophilia.

My views on Milo Yiannopoulos

Just before this scandal emerged I found out that I was tired of Milo Yiannopoulos. I was tired of him as a character and I was also tired of him being used as a concervative shield. The “we can´t be racist, homophobic or anti-semetic cuz we like Milo Yiannopoulos and he is a gay jew who just have sex with black guys”. I dont know how many times I heard that. I am so tired of hearing about Milo Yiannopoulos´active sexlife and what he does and likes to do. If he truly were concervative he would agree that that is a PRIVATE thing and not something to rub into other people´s faces.

I liked Milo Yiannopoulos when he started to become famous. He wrote some interesting pieces in defence of GamerGate and he was fresh air in the debate. But after some years I have grown really tired of him as he grew more and more flamboyant, more and more “outrageous” as a fighter for freedom of expression. I am myself a lover of freedom of expression, but that doesnt mean I think its taktfull or wise to run off with ones mouth over and over again. I found myself wishing that Milo Yiannopoulos would tone down his demeanor and go back to a more serious behavior as he originally was. Perhaps that may be the one good thing to come out of this, that he may tone down is blabbering mouth a bit in the future. You are no Oscar Wild, Milo.

What did Milo Yiannopoulos say and what did he mean

So the scandal came from some “free thinking” on the Drunken Peasants Podcast Episode 193 “aired” Jan 4, 2016. I dont listen to Drunken Peasants Podcast or anything else the AngryAtheist puts out, but when this scandal came out I did know that Milo had said what he said a long time ago. It was another one of the vulgarities I have become so tired of. “Oh, Milo. What a provocateur. How are you a christian concervative again?”

The subject that was addressed on the Drunken Peasants Podcast was child pornography, pedophilia and child sexual abuse. The setting of the Drunken Peasants Podcast is to spew out provocative nonsense to offend people who are easily offended. Its a childish show, just as most of what the AngryAtheist makes. This setting may have been the reason why Milo decided to be “outrageous” again. Here is what he said that seem to provoke people a year later.

He talked about his own sexual experience of having sex with an older man at the age of 13.
“I would say in the situation I describe on the Joe Rogan show, I was definitely the predator in both occasions, as offensive as people may find that. I dont much care. That was certainly my experience of it.” He also jokes “I’m grateful for father Micheal. I would not give as such as good head if it weren’t for him.”

The problem with this talk is that he is running of with his mouth and cant keep it clear if he is talking about his own experience or sexual molestation in general. But it does seem from later statements that that was his intent. To speak from his experience and not draw some liberal view on the matter. He also wants to distinct between sex between pre-pubescent children and pubescent teens. From the strict definition of pedophilia he is right. Wikipedia says: “Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.” You are not a pedophile if you molest someone after they have reached puberty and have become sexually mature. But he says it with little tact and it can be disturbing to listen to. Not seem to acknowledge the mental maturity that is also relevant to the AGE of CONCENT debate. He does, though, make it clear that he thinks the AGE of CONCENT is “just about right” and that the german AGE of CONCENT which is 14 is a bit low.

The lost context of the gay subculture

When I was young there was a show aired on Norwegian state channel NRK called Queer as Folk (UK-1999). I have seen about two episodes of that show, and one of them was the pilot episode. In the pilot episode we are introduced to three characters. From Wikipedia “The main characters are Stuart Allen Jones (Aidan Gillen), who is highly sexually active, and successfully so. His long-time friend Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly), who has a crush on Stuart, has less luck regarding men. 15-year-old Nathan Maloney (Charlie Hunnam) is new to the gay scene but is not lacking in self-confidence.”.

The still from the sex scene between older man and someone below the british standar of Age of Consent.

The still from the sex scene between older man and someone below the british standar of Age of Consent.

In the first episode we witness Nathan, the 15 year old, have sex with Stuart. This is below the age of consent in the UK, where this show was made. It is also illegal in Norway where I saw the episode on Norwegian television. From what I gather, this is never brought up as something bad and there are noe legal consequences for Stuart having sex with this 15 year old. There was not much debate after the show was aired either if this portrayal was okay or not.

Its kind of difficult to talk about this without understanding that gay subculture have a long history with sexual promiscuity, sexual exploration and sexual hedonism. Causal drug use, bending of ones own and others sexual limits and even braking the age of consent is not uncommon in the gay subculture. One usually laughs when a “christian concervative” says that accepting homosexuality may lead to accepting other more destructive sexual behavior. i.e Pedophilia. But those who laugh dont understand that in the gay subculture there is a lot of grey areas. More than 50. If you want to know more you can google search things like “daddy and son” and “twink”. You will see that there is a lot of this.

Do I stand with Milo?

So do I stand with Milo? Yes, I do. If I understood everything correct his opinion is that 1) pedophila is to be attracted to pre-pubesant children, 2) that not everyone who have sexual encounters below the arbitrary age of consent will feel abused, 3) he supports the age of consent (although not sure if its the UK or US standard, but at least not the german one). If this is his stand then he is NOT an advocate for pedophila. He may have been provocative, but mostly from a hetrosexual and US point of view. I am sure that the LGBTQ will not support him for saying this, but they do know that what he said is very common in the gay subculture. If that is okay or not we need to have a DEBATE about, but that debate can NOT be had if one is suppose to crucify anyone who talks about it.

I wish Milo Yiannopoulos would tone down his character a bit. I think he may say many interessting things, but sometimes, like now, he said something that was not tactful. He also said he was sorry, which means he will be dead by dawn. But yes, I think I understood what he meant, but I had to try to understand it. Not everyone will have that attitude. I think Milo Yiannopoulos have spooken from a gay European perspective and the US do have some serious issues with talking about certain things that we in Europe, for better or worse, talk more freely about. Also I think Milo Yiannopoulos should ask himself if he truly is a concervative. Often he says stuff that does not ring concervative at all.

Blog 2.0 - BOOM! I may have blown up in my face.

Blog 2.0 – BOOM! I may have blown up in my face.

Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video) – Pedophilic? An analysis.

14 Jan
What is this music video about?

What is this music video about?


Sia! The best thing to come out of pop since… The 80´s? She is an artist in every sense of the word. I have a great respect for her work. Both before she had a real break trough and the later hits. She has a quirky sound, exciting music videos and sings about interesting themes without falling into an -ism.

The last couple of years or so Sia has had a couple of mainstream big hits. Two songs with DJ David Guetta (Titanum and She Wolf) and the songs Chandelier from her album A 1000 forms of fear. These videos have accompanied music videos which were the style of the time.

Her last single Elastic Heart and [one of the] the music video for Chandelier used a very talented child dancer called Maddie Ziegler to do some impressionist dance to accompany the music. Some people have called pedophila on those videos as it is a child in the center of the video. Now let´s watch the lates video to see what we are talking about —>

So the question is: Is this video pedophilic in some way? Let´s answer that question by looking for the videos meaning. I will use David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson analytic tools for interpreting meaning explained in their book Film Art. I will therefor look for the referencial, explicit, implicit and symptomatic meaning of this video before coming to a conclusion on this “controversy”.


Joking and playing
Let me start by saying one thing; A perverted person see perverted things in anything. To look for the referencial meaning is just pointing out what we see without giving to much interpretation.

This video is about a girl and an adult man dancing in a cage with dirty clothes. The girl wears a wig also used in former music videos by Sia. The dance is expressive and intense with lots of jerking movements and grimaces accompanying the song Elastic Heart song by Sia. Most of the time the dancing seems playful and comedic but at points during the video it goes slower, more intimate.

I do not know a lot about dance as an art, but I can say that it technique seems to be good and interesting to watch. The dance moves goes from averting to more aggressive. The actors goes from being distant from each other to jumping on to each other. They use the entire space of the cage to explore.

At one point the girl goes out of the cage but the man can not go trough the bars. The girl then goes inside again to continue the dance. Then at the end of the video and song the girl goes outside of the cage again, this time staying while the man reach out for her, grabbing her. First he has an intense pleading look and then goes over to a more stale and dead look. This end scene goes on for a while, long after the music has ended and the sounds are just silent ambience of the room. Then the video fades to black.

There is nothing referentially pedofilic in this video. At no point is there kissing, touching of bad parts or any other perverted imagery. Its just an adult man dancing with a girl.



Very little can be explicitly stated about this video. There is no explanation to the girl and the mans relationship (other than outside in the real world, where he is an famous actor, and she is a child dancer). There are no cue card pointing out “Father” and “Daughter”, or “Pedoman” and “Victim” or anything else. So we as an audience has to guess what this dance is about. In 2015 that is not a good idea cuz people are too emotionally stumped to use empathy to understand what is going on. It needs to be hammered in with a nail.

The only thing that is explicit is that this is a music video for the song Elastic Heart and that the dance is suppose to represent the music or the lyrics somewhat. So let´s look shortly at the lyrics song during this dance.

The song starts of with

And another one bites the dust
Oh why can I not conquer love?
And I might have thought that we were one
Wanted to fight this war without weapons

So it is some kind of love song. The way I interpreted that song its about a love relationship with a lot of baggage. The singer has issues that makes it hard to keep the relationship going. It seems she leaves when things get to complicated. That the song is accompanying the dance and that this is a music video is the only thing explicit in this video.


Bad touch?

Bad touch?

So I at least couldnt find any pedofilic references neither referencial or explicit. So I guess that the pedophilia must be interpreted and implied. So I will now analyse this video for deeper implicit meanings. I will make two interpretations of this video. One that I think is the most “normal” one and most people will see and that may have the most evidence for, and then my interpretation that may or may not be a little more far fetch.

But first… A coffee break.

Okay. So I think the most common, non perverted, interpretation of this video is that its a dance representing a coming of age between a father and a daughter. The daughter is playing with her father as a child, but also wanting to be alone and explore on her own. The father then fights with himself to accept that the daughter is growing up and soon will be moving away. I think this is a sound interpretation that fits in with what we see in the video. It´s not my interpretation, though.

I interpet the music video as having a symbiotic relationship with the song. That the video´s dance is meant to be seen as an henanchement of the songs meaning, which is a song about a woman struggling to find ease in a relationship. The cage then represent the relationships bounderies, the man represents the love interest and the girl represents a immature woman not being able to do the “adult” thing. I will add that I also think the girl is a representation of the artist Sia. I base this on the use of the wig, that looks much like the artist own hairstyle.

We, as a mature audience, could see the girl as a metaphor of an adult woman with childlike mentality. This does not make the video pedophilic as their is nothing sexual going on and if you accept a) child is an adult, you need to accept b) this does not mean the video is about an adult and a child, and c) this does not make the video pediophilic in nature since purely referentially its about a man and girl dancing which isnt strange or perverted.


Angry Pedo

Symptomatically interpretation is when we look beyond the video/movie/book we are interpreting and see how this text is seen from a societal or historical context. I would therefor ponder a bit about why this video has been accused of being pedophilic when there is nothing sexual going on in the video itself.

I stated earlier, and I´ll state it again “A perverted person see perverted things in anything“. We don´t live in innocent times anymore for better or worse. We see dangers everywhere and think badly of any seemingly good intention. Not to sound anti-american, but USA is perhaps worse in this area. They see faults and dangers in everything.

Pedophilia is a rarity, but its not unknown anymore. There are no more pedophiles now than in the 1950´s (I think) but we talk more about it now. The consequence is that this sows a seed of perversion in our minds. An example of this is the norwegian song “Blåveispiken(eng: pennywort-girl) which is a song about a man walking on a rural road and meeting a girl with a bouquet of flowers. They talk and then she gives him the flowers and he gives her candy. The songs end with a reflection of ease from the man who felt she gave him more than he gave her.

In the “innocent” times this song was written there was nothing wrong with an adult man talking to a child and giving her candy. Now we “know” that men can be perverted and giving candy to children can be a trap for a sexual predator. This means that we as audiences are a bit… fu**ed up. We can no longer see innocence where innocence were. That is a fault we need be conscious about and work against. Yes, in this world there are people doing evil, that does not mean every person in this world is evil. Sometimes an adult talking to a child is not the start of a perverted and evil act.

You may think this seed of perversion in our minds is a small issue, but this goes beyond our understanding of text. This is also put out into actions. One warning sign was when Men Seated Next to Unaccompanied Minors is Forced to Change Seats. That is a sign of sickness that is downright madness.

If people see pedophilia in Sia´s music video its not because the video in anyway condone or romantizese this, it because they themselves have a f**ked up view on the world. It´s themselves they mirror in this. It´s themselves they see. Not as pedophiles, but as people seeing pedophilia and perversion where there is non.


Come with me
I think the most profound text I have read about understanding art was the preface to A Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde and I have quoted it regularly. So let me again quote it as a final thought

Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault.

Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty.


All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. Those who read the symbol do so at their peril. It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.

-Oscar Wilde, Preface of The Picture of Dorian Grey

I will probably quote it again cuz this needs to be said time and time again.

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Blog 2.0 – In Sovjet Russia art mirrors you.

Computer Barbie can not make games without help from the guys. Can AndyAce83?

24 Nov


Let me tell you a story: AndyAce83 wants to make game. He has an idea. A beat-em-up game based on the trend of bumbfights. He will call the game Bum-Fight the game.

Since he is an avid image creator he creates a cover image for the game and then writes a text on 2 A4 pages about what the idea is about. Since he has played a lot of games of the genera he has also some ideas of what gameplay will be etc.

So when the idea has exited the first stage, he has a confession… He has no bearing on how to make video games. He can now read up on it (talk to you in about 5 years) or hire someone who has more understanding, knowledge and experience, than he. He chooses the latter option.

But the game will not be made because AndyAce83 sucks also in running a business… but atleast he tried.


Now how about you create a beat-em-up game based on the idea to AndyAce83? Then send the game to him and say what gender you and your collaborators have. Write that you give AndyAce83 full right to develop and sell this without you getting something out of it.

Thanks 🙂

Blog 2.0 - When Barbie fails at her game, its because of paterarchy... When AndyAce fails its because he is dumb as fuuuu.....

Blog 2.0 – When Barbie fails at her game, its because of paterarchy… When AndyAce fails its because he is dumb as fuuuu…..

#GamerGate and mainstream media in Norway.

25 Oct


I got some good news to all people of #GamerGate. Norwegian media has started to take offence by it. This means that you are getting influential and dangerous to feminism (read; Social Justice Warriors) and biased media coverage. Congratz.

One of the biggest Norwegian news papers wrote a highly biased coverage of #GamerGate. Not mentioning #NotYourShield and portraying the entire thing as “white young men” campaign against innocent female feminist.

The article “Kjønnskrig splitter dataspillverdenen” (“Genderwar divided computergameworld”) writes about the sad tale of Sarkeesian and how cruel people have been treating her.

At the same time “Gamergate: Sinte, unge menn” (“GamerGate: Angry, young men”) was published which is an opinion piece (like that other article wasnt 😉 ) which again beats the drum of how evil #GamerGate people is and that its just angry young men who care about biased media coverage of games.

The good news is that Norwegian media is covering it. That means that GamerGate is getting big. We wouldnt have heard of it if not.

Blog 2.0 - GamerGate at your gate!

Blog 2.0 – GamerGate at your gate!

Happy New Year (my final tweet will be more than 140 signs!)

31 Dec

Happy New Year.


Whoohoo! Hugz! Kizikiz! Luv!

I have one new years resolution; I will not tweet anymore on twitter. I got myself an account with the same nick some years back. I never used it, but I knew then that I “owned” the AndyAce83 name on twitter (we don´t want a nick raider do we?). Anyway I got tiered of being ignored on Facebook so I decided to try to be ignored in a much more talked about “social networking site”…


I remember when Facebook was new (God, I am old!). I got an invite from someone and I looked at it and said; “WTF is that? An online album? Don´t need that. I gotz me some, youtube n myspace pages Ay gotz no need fo that!“. I was then told that Facebook was more than an online photo album. I could post comments and blah blah blah. You know what facebook iz!

So I was “one of the first” internationally who got access to Facebook. This “I was the first” bragging is not as pointless as it seems. You see, I got access to Facebook before media started the extreme hype. I had understood what facebook was about before the news started to use a facebook reference in every story.

I remember sitting in front of my computer while listening to the television.
News anchors announced the new revolutionary democratic online moments that Facebook and the like would start. Oh, facebook would revolutionize everything. The future was now; as people joined Facebook groups for one thing or another.

Old people was invited for debates on TV where they could pretend to understand and would therefor romanticize how teens now could be heard (or herd. Get it? Herd!) by using Face…book. I remember looking at the computer screen thinking; “What? Facebook is the dullest place to be and the “political movements” is started and ENDED by a click of the mouse. The democratic proses now seemed to demand a computer, internet and access to a college boy´s place to get laid.” But since my opinion didn´t matter, even though I posted it countless times in by news-feed, news people kept announcing how important different Facebook had become.

A Power Point sheet to all you who can not learn without one!

And then there was Twitter. There are three kinds of people, 1) those who have to be the first, 2) those who follow along and 3) those who do not care either way (these people are rarer than claimed). The first group got themselves a twitter account first and told everybody else (on facebook) that they got some tweeting to do, group two soon followed and people who claimed to be the third group shuck their head and snarled.

I was part of the second group, and joined about a year or two after it became “popular”. Later twitter has been used by news agencies to fill in secondary comments when there is nothing new to add to the original case. These kinds of news sound like “A guy announced on twitter that he heard the helicopters before Osama Bin Ladin got killed“, “Girl wrote something mind blowing after the massacre on twitter“, “The child announced his death on twitter before his father bludgeoned him to death” etc.

Oh, twitter is brilliant… if you are a retarded hipster or old guy wanting to be hip. No one with half a mind would use this BS forum, and I know because I have been using it for a year and now I only got half a mind! The brain scan show a black cavity where the other part of the brain should be. The doctors is amazed and frightened by this findings. They tried to warn people on twitter, but it wasn´t retweeted alot and they just got alot of unfollows.

But seriously…

I do not know why it is, but it happens time and again that media, and people in the media announces that some kind of new technology will change everything and then do follow ups where the show the many way in which they do. If you want my dollars worth I would guess it´s because of our secular times. If you read between the lines you can probably read something like “Wow, look at this shiny new thing. It can do all kinds of stuff. Who needs a God, answers to the deep, troublesome existential questions or real human emotion when you got SHINY NEW STUFF!!!

Which lead me to the conclusion: the internet is nothing more than another place to be ignored! But I have already said that, but I will add that Twitter is no exception. I mean sometimes… Sometimes I feel like twitter is a place that nobody #understands, but people use to #pretend #they #do.

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Kim Jong-il is dead

19 Dec

Kim Jong-il was a guy. He made me win the debate with leftist extremist every time. You will be missed and soon replaced.

Blog 2.0 - Kim Jong-il; a great argument against ''freethinking'' and communism.

Christopher Hitchens is dead…

16 Dec

and now he know whether he was right or wrong. Especially if he was wrong.

Blog 2.0 - ...

The Body’s Lover

19 Jun


Norway is a liberal country. We also have a state church and a lot of free thinkers exclaiming their views on the Internets. A guy called Einar Gelius was (is?) a man of the cloth… of sort. Tattooed is favorite soccer team on his arm, exclaiming radical opinions and writing books about sex in the bible. You may call him a rouge priest, a holy man not playing by the rules, a Dirty Harry cleric. He started debates, he got followers and he got dark men opponents.


Anyway… He was one of those liberal priest. Saying the bible is not anti-sexual, but very much a pornographic love-letter to carnal lust. Ugh!

There are two sides to this story. 1) The people who believe that a open liberal church is what we need. That more people will believe in a church that is adaptable, more liberal and open minded. And 2) the other side, like me, who believe this will destroy the church ones and for all.

We do not need a church that preaches that everything is allowed, we need a church that preaches everything can be forgiven… if that is the case. If not, the church should stay true towards their teaching and not sell out to the latest fads.

Haha... It´s funny because when stupid christian celebrate the apostals was filled with the holy spirit a ugly whore get´s filled with cock. Get it? It´s funny because it anemalistic and degrading to everyone. Funny stuff.

Einar Gelius either wants to destroy the church from the inside, to justify his own sins or just be argumentative. No matter what his cause it´s highly destructive. The people who support him are often atheist-humanist and even sometimes pure nihilists. Take for instance a protest stirred in the after match of Einar Gelius book. Fuck for Forrest imitated sexual acts in a church on Pentecost. Haha… It was funny because it was liberal, nonsensical, disturbing, disrespectful, disgusting (FFF were ugly as hell) and fitting perfectly with the currant anti-religious voices of the world. And talk about ugly sub-humans.

Anyway… That´s my view on the subject. Priest shouldn´t be liberal. We need that like a druggie needs heroin.

Blog 2.0 - Just wanted to post that picture of Einar Gelius as Anton LeVey

About Lady Gaga´s Judas.

20 Apr

She, Lady Gaga, has been “controversial” again.


It´s important to be controversial. Make headlines for some reasons. Thank God for religions or no one would be offended by anything. Think about that!

Well that it´s not completely true. There are many other groups, other than religions, that are easily offended by different subjects. Feminist would be angered by any women degraded without consent. Animal right movements would be offended by art, music etc that would have animal cruelty. Political left would be offended by… everything that doesn´t fit their world view. Right wing… well that goes without saying.

I think it´s a good thing that people get offended. It makes life exciting!

So back to Lady Gaga´s new song, soon to be video, “Judas“. The song is about Judas (dah!). Most likely this Judas is Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Jesus Christ in the canonical gospels of the bible. The one that made Jesus crucified during Easter about 2000 years ago.

Judas has had different portrayals through the years. Originally he was a man who´s actions are only known through biblical stories. There seems to be the dogmatic interpretation that he betrayed Jesus for money, but other apocryphal stories tell about a deeper plot involving a plan between Jesus and Judas for the prophecy to become true. Since the occult (hidden truth) does fascinate many people, these “hidden truth” have been made it into many debates and some even claim that Judas was good.

I don´t know what happened 2000 years ago, and I would not speculate on whether or not Judas betrayed Jesus for money or as a plan between him and Jesus. What I do know is that if Judas hadn´t betrayed Jesus, Jesus would not have died (at least not without a lot of violence), so there is a theological, artistic and philosophical question to explorer of Judas importance and faith in the gospels.

And this has been explored many times… The one that fascinates me the most is the Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar. In this musical, Judas has a greater role than in most of the Gosbels, where he is has just a supporting role. In Jesus Christ Superstar it is Judas´s downfall that get´s the most attention, not Jesus´s suffering, like most passion plays.

And now, as if never done before, Lady Gaga provokes people with her song that seems to be about a sort of love-attraction to Judas the Betrayer. I say “people”, but media has portrayed it as if Christian religions as a whole have been aggravated by this little song.

I have not been. I was in fact more irritated by “Born this way” because of it´s very liberal lyrics. But that to has faded.

So what is Lady Gaga´s intentions with this song?

To answer this question we should perhaps ask another question first: Is it IMPORTANT what Lady Gaga´s intentions was?

I would answer yes and no.

Yes, because to me any artistic or creative text (be that music, painting, film etc) is something that is communicated. And when something is communicated one should out of politeness or interest try to understand what it is that is trying to be said. Lady Gaga tries to say something here, what it is needs, as in any communication, to be interpreted.

No, because art is autonomous (it is what it is) and trying to find the creator in the creation can be hard for anyone and one can be wrong.

So if we remove Gaga from the song Judas, what does the story of lyrics tell?
A girl sings about being in love with Judas. The name Judas goes again and again in the song as the name has some deeper meaning. Is the woman in love with his name? Is it meant as a mantra, incantation or just to symbolize a persistent repetition? She then mention “gaga” and sort of forces the singer into the interpretation, but for now I will still leave Lady Gaga out of this song.

The verses are about darkness, violent attractions, stultification and betrayal. In the last verse we also hear repugnance and that the singer moves away from this destructive feelings and instead towards Jesus. But that Judas, as a demon, is still something that the singer needs.

The chorus apart from the repetitions of Judas is about being a “holy fool” that is attracted to someone (Judas) who is so cruel. “Holy fool” could be a reference to any religious person or that the singer is a religious agnostic (someone who are following the religious dogmas but don´t understand them). Either way it seems to be a contrast in this song between wanting to do right, but needing to do wrong. Right being personified by Jesus and wrong being personified by Judas. A sort of human duality between ideal virtues and the animalistic sexual. Apart from the last verse it would seem that the singer is loosing herself to her dark side, but there is a constant battle between the two sides.

So if we place Lady Gaga into the song, what is it she is trying to say?

I think it´s important to mentions Lady Gaga´s love with another figure; Madonna. Not the ikon, but the singer. Throughout her carrier she has made constant reference to this other singer in her videos and also through her songwriting and music. I would take a guess and say that the song Judas is a pastiche of Madonnas song Like A Prayer. “Like a prayer” was a controversial song who also used religious symbols and icons in a way that caused quite a stir. Judas could be seen as a continuation of this thought.

The song Judas is not atheist in tone or lyrics as it does not question divinity or the truth of the gospels. It does however question religion and make christian mythology about sex and being earthly, simple, sexual orientated as represented here by Judas. It does seem that Lady Gaga admits her need for a religion that accepts everyone and everything, even betrayal. The song, although it is ambiguous, does not seem to be about asking for forgiveness for her urges, but acceptance. This is a common wish for reformation of religion; to remove the laws, and accept everything.

So although this song is not atheist, I am not so sure about Lady Gaga. In the song the singer (here not referring to Lady Gaga) calls herself a “Holy Fool”. Another music video from Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”, from the same album as Judas, there are alot of symbols that could be inturbted as atheist.

In the very first image we see on screen we see a pink triangle with a transparent unicorn inside. This could be the icon of an atheist mock deity called “the invisible pink unicorn“. What´s strange is that the song is about how “God made us perfect as He makes no mistakes”. But she does reference the “religion of the insecure” what ever that religion is.

If she believes in a god, it is probably not the Christian, as much of her thoughts are as far away from the bibles as even the most liberal of interpretations could contain.

In fact, I would say, quite the opposite. You can only wish to change so much of something before you have to make a decision that this or that choice is perhaps not for you. That anymore reformation will change the entire thing to something completely different (i.e. I wish I had a car that didn’t drive on a road but instead flew in the air. That is an airplane!). So I would say that not only is she not a theist, she is probably an atheist. But of course I have never spoken to her and I probably never will. So for now, and always, I just have to watch her expressions and interpreted.

So these are my thoughts on this song. Now here is Lady Gaga – Judas


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PS: Someone may comment that I may have interpreted to much into a simple song. That, for instance, the constant use of Judas is not meant as more than being catchy. Of course! But when one interpret a song one can not take anything for granted. One has to ask the question “What does this do/mean?“, not “Why was it placed there?” as the latter only Lady Gaga and the once who made it can answer.

Julian Paul Assange – Hero, hacker, rapist.

1 Dec

Julian Paul Assange is an Australian publisher, and internet activist. He is best known as the spokesperson and editor-in-chief for WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website. Before working with the website, he was a physics and mathematics student as well as a computer programmer.

Thank you Wikipedia. Now here is my opinion. SHUT UP! Why does wikileaks need a spokes person, and why does it have to be him? Ugh!

I don´t care if he raped a girl. Or I do, but that is not relevant for his work. But I knew that guy was not a good person from the first time I saw him (way before the rape allegations). And if I may be paranoid for a moment here, doesn´t it seem odd that a person who have caused alot of fuzz to government suddenly becomes wanted for a gruesome act? Sort of like excommunication?

But the point is: I don´t like him. There is something strange and unnerving about his appearance. He´s too clean cut.

And to ask a philosophical question; Do truth really need a spokesperson? Or to quote a movie I once saw “Il messaggero non è importane

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