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AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 02: Let´s Try RE6 Mercenaries (Local Co-Op)

20 Jul

Sooo…. I have made another Let´s play. In fact many. This one is the second Resident Evil 6 gameplay and it´s about the mini-game called Mercenaries. Mercenaries was first introduced in Resident Evil 3 if I remember correctly as a mini-game that would be opened by finishing the main game. It looked a bit different then and was more about surviving towards a goal rather than killing as many enemies as possible at with time limits.

Mercenary as is on Resident Evil 6, but also 5, and started on Resident Evil 4. Unlike 4 and 5 you dont have to “open” Mercenaries by finishing the campaign RE6. Only certain maps are unlocked by campaign gaming.

I think we had some fun. It is an exciting game with fewer frustrations than Resident Evil 6´s Survivor or Resident Evil 5´s Versus as it is a co-op game.

I will probably make a let´s play about RE5´s Survivor where I will talk about the pros and cons of the game. We´ll see.

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I Love LIPS (the Video game) but there are some canker sores

27 Apr

I Love LIPS the karaoke game for Xbox360, but there are some problems.

1) Why can’t I download the Cure – Just like heaven?
I like that song, and it did follow the French and UK version of the original game. It’s my favourite The Cure song. WHY!!! They gave away A-ha – Take on Me song for free, the song that replaced Just like heaven on the Norwegian version. Why can I not sing that song? Well I can… but not on LIPS! What did the French do to make them able to sing, eh?

2) Two titles from the Lips games have gone under the radar.
I don’t like it when things I like get bad treatments. I bought Wii once, and now no one talk of that any more. I bought Lips, no one care for that one either. Not on Xbox live, not anywhere else. Hell, there isn’t even a wikipedia page about I love the 80’s

3) There should be a mic avatar award!
I have gotten alot of cloths on LIPS, but not a single mic!

4) Why does it take so long to load the game?
It takes a long time to wait for the game to start up. Sometime up to a minute of just standing there. I bought a singing game, not a waiting game. I do alot of waiting in real life, I don’t need to wait when I play!

5) There is a problem with feedback.
Every time I have finished singing I turn the tv on mute to keep what is left of my hearing. If I do not a high-pitched scream will come (you know how feedback sounds like?).’

6) Constant changing of discs!
Now, as you may have understood, I love to sing! No one likes to listen since my voice is very, very, very annoying (like feedback) so I own a lot of Lips games (all the international ones, but not

This is the last title anyone bothered to write about on wikipedia. So sad:(

Lips: Deustche Partyknaller or Lips: Canta en Español) since my Xbox doesn’t discriminate my voice. For some reason (probably financial ones) I have to constantly change between disc when I sing song from different titles! THAT IS A REAL PAIN!

7) Sometimes I feel that the game is really uninspired
As a fan of Lips, if I were to have a discussion with a Singstar fan I would defend Lips honour to the best of my abilities. But if I were to be confronted with the differences between the two franchises I would probably just come up with “interactive remote mic that has lights” and “great choice of music“. There should have been more extras! The last three editions of the game, apart from the songs, have been completely identical! No new party games, no new menus or other clever game designs, no new and exciting achievement challenges or in-game rankings. Just the same with new songs. That feels really uninspired.

I love to sing, I love to play, I love to sing and play so I like Lips. I don’t own (nor plan to own) a PS3 so I can not buy Singstar so I have to accept the problems about Lips… BUT WHY DON’T YOU CARE?

This is probably the most pointless blog entry I have made to date.

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