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Let´s Play Scene It; Light, Camera, Action (feat. Doc Dee)

17 Apr

Movie trivia games can be fun on console too. This game is funny.

I like the sequel better though. But I havent made a let´s play of that game yet.



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Lets Play Team Fortress 2 – Trying to get an effing achievement!!!

20 Oct

I made a mini series about Team Fortress 2 on Xbox 360.

Lets Play Team Fortress 2 – Trying to get an effing achievement!!! Part 2


Lets Play Team Fortress 2 – Trying to get an effing achievement!!! Part 3 – Epic conclusion!!!

Blog 2.0 -  TF2!

Blog 2.0 – TF2!

Let´s Play Perfect Dark

17 Aug


Its been a month since my last entry. Better post something quick or people may think I am dead. I am not dead. Here is a lets play I posted over a year ago. Its suppose to be one of the xbone backwards compatible games. I tried it and it didnt work. I guess I should try again. Anyway… The game is not very entertaining. I don´t understand why so many people like it. I even get motion (simulation) sickness from playing it. So may you…


Blog 2.0 -  Perfect Dark

Blog 2.0 – Simulation sickness. Its a term!

AndyAce83´s Let´s Play GTA IV – Hunting for Pigeons in Liberty City Part 01 and 02

9 Apr

I have one of the dumbest achievements on Xbox 360. A dumb achievement is not something that is easy to get, or very hard to get, but is something that is extremely time consuming to get.


So time consuming that I had to make two videos about it.

Blog 2.0 - Time consuming

Blog 2.0 – Time consuming

Why I hate PC gaming, and cant stand PC gamers!

23 Feb

This will be my first rant on gaming and belive me a rant it shall be. I am pissed off! But first I need to share a little bit of a backstory.

A little bit of a backstory

I don´t know if you´ve heard but Xbox One came out and it was awful. As a 360 player I wanted the Xbox one to be good, but that console was purely made for the developers. The consumers it had the least in mind (if at all). Everything was wrong with the console and the list grew longer everyday. From the start it was bound to fail, but just when you thought Microsoft couldn’t stoup any lower they seemed to find a new way.

The Xbone, as it soon would be called, became a parody of a sleazy merchant trying to sell all kinds of disadvantages as something positive. I soon got the feeling I should retire as a gamer and focus on my yacht sailing, poetry writing or basket weaving instead. The Xbone was just not apperticing and there was no other gaming platform I wanted to jump on.

I never liked Playstation. I found it always to be an impersonal console that always was “more powerful” than competitors… but that was it. No innovation other than pixel power. The PS4 was the same thing. Oh, yes, it was “more powerful” than Xbone and Wii U. So what else is new? That has always been the case. Sony likes the console monster but it has nothing more to offer than power.

The Wii U had the opposite problem. Where Sony had much power but no innovation, Wii U had no power and all innovation. I got burned by the old Wii and knew that a new Wii U was not an option. Being on the console losing side is always a sad thing. When every other game is sold on the other consoles and you got some obscure games no one want to play.

It seemed that no console was for me. Then a friend of mine got converted into the cult of PC gaming. He, as me, was a 360 player who knew that the Xbone was not an option. If Microsoft didnt turn their wicked ways then we had to go elsewhere for our e-game fun. My friend had discovered Steam and wanted be to awaken and see the joy of PC gaming aswell. I said “No!”. I had been a PC gamer myself back in the day and I knew for experience that PC gaming was worse than most.

The Rant!


PC gaming is the worst! It is the most annoying thing ever!!! To me it is a riddle how someone can even be bothered with it as everything is a effing hazzle. Yes, you get the best graphic on PC. Yes, a mouse makes a better aimer than a joystick. AND THAT IS IT!!! Everything else is better on a console. Here is a list of the top 5 worst things about playing on a PC.

1) Constant compatibility stress!

Every year new chips, cards and other hardware is put out on marked. And games on PC always is the cutting edge when it comes to graphics. That is its good side. The bad side is that this makes stress for game buyers as they have to make sure that the game is possible to play on their computer. If you have a mac then certain games are not usable on that. If you use linux fewer games still. And then it is a question of OS. I had to buy a new computer to play the EXPANSION PACK on StarCraft 2. I got a message from Blizzard that said that the next update for StarCraft 2 would make it incompatible with my Mac OS. What the FUUUUUUUUU?!?! Then I bought a cheap new computer with Windows 8. Now I can finally play StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm but it is a bit laggy of course. You know, since I bought a laptop that was suppose to be a little more than a gaming platform.

2) Installing games
Having to install games is annoying. I know that consoles have to do it now aswell, but that is dumb. Especially when you have to write in configuration keys and register online etc. etc. I dont even think the Xbone demands that much installing.

3) Outdated computers.
When you buy a console you buy it for convenience. If the game says Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii you know it is going to work on your console. That is not so on PC. I have written above about computability issues. And there is a lot of those. One of them is having computer that is not the newest. I remember that from youth. I bought a computer and was so happy cuz now I could play the latest games. Two-three years later I could still buy games that was new but… it was bad! Really, really bad. The games were lagging, even on low resolution. The computer froze constantly and the gaming experience was not enjoyable at all. I could ofcourse just “buy a new computer” or “buy new hardware” and I did that. But that is stress and inconvinence. When I have to update everything from hardrive to grapchic card just to play a game. That is annoying!

4) Bugs and glitches.
Sometime you get errors when playing a console game, but when you get them on PC you have to figure them out for yourself. If a console game isnt working you know its most likley a fault with the disc. On computers it can be a hardware problem, a drive problem, a disc problem, a hard drive problem, memory problem, a virus or you just forgot to “change the thing”. Troubleshooting on console is saying a swear and return to the store. Troubleshooting on console means hours on forums looking for patches.

5) Every little problem demands that you have to be a computer ace.
Ok. I have been a pc gamer sine the DoS era. I have installed games, and adjusted settings in dos! You know that black and white thing? If you can understand Dos you can understand most and I have time and time again tried to figure out what is wrong with this and that and found out on my own or by forum help. BUT I do not think its relaxing fun. Perhaps PC gamers think that the time and preparation for playing a game is part of the fun of gaming… But I DO NOT! I think its a hazzle and an annoyance. Today I was on steam and wanted to play a game I bought. I had tried it with a mouse and keyboard but found out that it was very troublesome to play like that so decided to finally try to use mt Xbox360 controller. You can do that you know and its “EASY”! Easy, of course in computer terms, means hours trying to figure out why it wasnt easy at all. I plugged in my controller, the computer registered it, but nothing happened. Then I went on forums. I installed drivers (that was already on my computer) and now it seems that I can not use that 360 type controller. It has to be another type. FUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!


All gamers are nerds in some way. Many can be asocial, weird, rude and sometimes downright anti-social. But you wont find bigger nerds than the PC gamer. The person who thinks that countless hours of preparation to play a game is “fun”. I would even go as far as saying that PC gamers aren’t gamers at all as the focus of playing games is secondary to to high graphics and latest tech stuff. If you enjoy bragging about what types of resolution your game have your sort of forgot what gaming is all about.

Blog 2.0 -...!

Blog 2.0 – 30hz, 120GB, 200MB, 7680 by 6876.

For more quality PC gaming hate you can read this:


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I hate modding in games.


What if the workers at Xbox One were a part of the apprentice (TV-show)?

17 Feb

I just can´t help but think how many dumb people there are at Microsoft right now. Especially in the Xbox One part of the company. They have done everything in their power to make that console as unappetizing as possible. Now I read that PS4 has beaten Xbone in most markets across the world. The reasons are many and all of them are due to Microsofts BAD business plans. I just would have loved to see a The Apprentice show with the numb nuts at Xbox One. Have Donald Trump fire one after another because of the constant stupid ideas thye put out.

Donald: “So you decided to not make Xbox One compatible with previous gen?
Apprentice#1: “Yes, we were planing on re-released xbox 360 games for xbox one for full price!
Donald: “You are fired

Donald: “So you have decided to not release Xbox One in one of the riches countries in the world? (Norway)”
Apprentice#2: “Yes, we have no idea why, but it will be on sale there 4 months after the rest of the world
Donald “You are fired!

Donald: “So instead of removing the kinect (that no one wants) from the “cheaper version” of Xbone you have decided to instead remove the disc drive? Why?
apperntice #3: “Yes, we want players to be at the mercy of Xbox Marked Place as we then can force them to buy games for up to 30$ more than in stores. We think that will bring players back to our consoll!”
Donald: “You are fired

and many more exciting reasons to fire people. You may have some of your own. Feel free to share 😉

Blog 2.0 - Merry Christmas to all!

Blog 2.0 – Feel free to share!