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Jar-Jar Binks being a Sith Lord

26 Dec

So I have heard about the Jar-Jar Binks being a Sith Lord and seen some selected scenes that could prove it. So lets pretend its true. Wouldnt it be fun?

Here is how I would have revealed this to be the truth. Have Jar-Jar turn up in a very small cameo. Very small, cuz we do hate him still. And then have a hero say: “That would be like you were a sith lord”, and then have Jar-Jar say “But that would be silly” while doing a hand move and perhaps less of a stupid accent and more threatening demeanor. Then have the person repeat “Yes, that would be silly”. Then have Jar-Jar out of the movie.

That would both confirm it in a vauge way, and still not do it so on the nose that it would become stupid.

If Jar-Jar was a sith lord that would be such an amazing thing that it would save the entire prequel series for me.

It would make Jar-Jar one of the most insidious characters ever in movie history. So insidious that he was never really caught or revealed. He shouldnt even be revealed in the next trilogy. Never reveal him as the mastermind. Just imply and move on.

If Jar-Jar Binks was this incredible brilliant and evil character it would be an amazing thing. It would show us that evil may even lurk in the most innocent of corners. No one expect the fool to be the mastermind.

But mind you, this would only work if implied. To make a huge show-down in the new trilogy, to me at least, would be silly. If it wasnt revealed in the second trilogy, there is no reason to do it now.

Infact, I am tired of the trope of the master villain having a last show down. Like Wesker in Resident Evil. Such a brilliant evil character, until the 5th one where to obligatory showdown comes where… well if you played the game you know how it ends.

Point being, brilliant evil characters NEVER goes all inn. They choose to be in the background puppeteering. Why would Jar-Jar or Wesker go out in flames of glory? And why wait for 10 years in Resident Evil and 50 years in Star Wars?

No, a good villain master mind never goes into battle unless they have to. Always the minions while they flee. Not out of cowardice (but yes, kind of cowardice as well) but out of a smart strategy. In fact I hope still that Resident Evil series will reveal that Wesker didnt really do what he did in RE5, that it was all smoke and mirrors.

Here is a video that makes a good case:

Blog 2.0 -  That would be silly.

Blog 2.0 – That would be silly.


Resident Evil 6: A review and a defense.

8 Sep

Resident Evil 6 came out October 2, 2012 on the consoles. I bought the game on release and I thought that it was about time I wrote a little review of that game. It being out for almost a year now. The main reason is that today I got fedup once and for all with the hate this game has gotten.

Resident Evil 6 is a fun game that expands on the Resident Evil storyline, improves gameplay and has an interesting storytelling technique that will appeal to fans of Resident Evil and new gamers alike. Its not the best resident evil game, but it certainly isnt the worst either.

The Story:
The game expands on the Resident Evil universe by introducing new characters and reintroduce old characters that has not been seen in a while. Jake Muller, is the son of Wesker, the main antagonist for most of the other games, is a cynical man that grows throughout the game. Sherry Birkin, is a classic character that got a well deserved comeback in this game.

Most of the classic characters are also in the game like Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong. The mysterious Umbrella corporation is long dead in this game-world (got bankrupted between the third and fourth game) but still seems to linger on in the background, never really gone.

The storytelling technique is also fascinating as it uses a non linear style. The plot is revealed through four campaigns that focus on different characters experience of the same incidents.

The gameplay:
The gameplay is an improvement from the last games in that the characters are far more flexible now than they have ever were before. Resident Evil games have never had great controls of their characters as this “lack of control” often lead to more adrenaline when playing the game. In the first 4 games (including Code Veronica) the gameplay was restricted both by strange locked camera angels, controllers that made the characters bad shooters (they either shot in the ground, shot them in the gut or in the air) and made them run into walls constantly.

This changed in Resident Evil 4 where the camera became more flexible and so did the controllers. This has been further expanded upon in Resident Evil 6. Now we got a 360 degree camera angel, fully moveable characters that can both run, slide, crouch, load and shoot while moving. The result is that although some of the nerve of having little control is lost, we get adrenaline through exiting action gameplay.

Not only is the controllers more flexible than ever, but also the gameplay itself. In Resident Evil 6 there are four different campaigns that focus on different aspects of gameplay. In Leon Kennedy´s campaign we are going retro survival horror both in style and gameplay. In Chris Redfields campaign, its more action oriented, much like Resident Evil 4 and 5. Ada Wong´s story focus more on stealth while Jake Muller does a mix of all of them.

The game also offers a bunch of exciting minigames like Mercenaries and the DLC games Predator, Survivors, Onslaught and Sieg that will keep people playing long after the campaign is done.

All in all, we get a varied game that is an exciting experience.

Resident Evil 6 is a great game for true Resident Evil fans. People who do not understand what Resident Evil is all about may not like the game, but we that do will. It is not the best of bunch (most 6th installments usually aren’t), but it holds it´s own. Its way better than the 5th one, thats for sure.

Blog 2.0 - "Resident evil... 6"

Blog 2.0 – “Resident evil… 6”