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AndyAce83´s Let´s Play WarCraft Special part 04 – “A Wizard did it” HD

21 May


This is the last one I have made. I always think I will make a last one about the orcs but I never do. In this episode I try to cheat. I use some of the cheat codes and finish the game with this. In case you dont get the reference, I refer to Lucy Lawless´s joke on the simpsons “Every time you see [a plot hole or other goof on Xena] a Wizard did it.” I thought that was a very funny explanation.

Blog 2.0 - ...

Blog 2.0 – Everytime you see me cheat… A wizard did it.

AndyAce83´s Let´s Play WarCraft Special part 03 – “Cutting it short… with a sword!”

29 Dec


A lot of people have said to me: “Hey, Andy, love your videos but they are too long“.

So I made this video in honor of my many impatient followers.

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Blog 2.0 – Merry Christmas to all!

AndyAce83´s Let´s Play WarCraft Special part 02 – “Gettin some knights tonight”

12 Dec

The success of my let´s play of Warcraft – Orcs and Humans continues in the second part “Gettin some knights tonight”

In this one… You can watch for yourself. Its good… Kind of.

Yes, its long and uncut. I am from Norway.

Blog 2.0 - In the age of chaos, two factions battle for dominance.

Blog 2.0 – Yes, my lord