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Top 10 Changes to Doctor Dee n Me Talk about Movies & TV- Part 17

21 Jul

The changes are:
1) Understand and appeal to the biggest and broadest YouTube demographic.

2) Make it clear we are atheist and liberal

3) Make a lot of top 10 lists

4) Always talk about what is trending NOW.

5) Be cynical, critical and patronizing about other peoples work.

6) We are gonna add laugh track to make it easy to understand when we are funny.

7) Lots and lots of jokes based on cultural references of current pop-culture.

8) Name our videos strategically and make grimaces on every thumbnail.

9) Have lots of wikipedia and IMDb facts/ data so we seem like we know what we are talking about.

10) No videos should last more than 10 min

Blog 2.0 – Top 10!


How to make Let´s Plays (Let´s Be Creative part 5)

25 Mar

Yes, its part 5. There were 4 parts before.

Blog 2.0 -  Let´s be creative!

Blog 2.0 – Let´s be creative!

Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler (Official Video) – Pedophilic? An analysis.

14 Jan
What is this music video about?

What is this music video about?


Sia! The best thing to come out of pop since… The 80´s? She is an artist in every sense of the word. I have a great respect for her work. Both before she had a real break trough and the later hits. She has a quirky sound, exciting music videos and sings about interesting themes without falling into an -ism.

The last couple of years or so Sia has had a couple of mainstream big hits. Two songs with DJ David Guetta (Titanum and She Wolf) and the songs Chandelier from her album A 1000 forms of fear. These videos have accompanied music videos which were the style of the time.

Her last single Elastic Heart and [one of the] the music video for Chandelier used a very talented child dancer called Maddie Ziegler to do some impressionist dance to accompany the music. Some people have called pedophila on those videos as it is a child in the center of the video. Now let´s watch the lates video to see what we are talking about —>

So the question is: Is this video pedophilic in some way? Let´s answer that question by looking for the videos meaning. I will use David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson analytic tools for interpreting meaning explained in their book Film Art. I will therefor look for the referencial, explicit, implicit and symptomatic meaning of this video before coming to a conclusion on this “controversy”.


Joking and playing
Let me start by saying one thing; A perverted person see perverted things in anything. To look for the referencial meaning is just pointing out what we see without giving to much interpretation.

This video is about a girl and an adult man dancing in a cage with dirty clothes. The girl wears a wig also used in former music videos by Sia. The dance is expressive and intense with lots of jerking movements and grimaces accompanying the song Elastic Heart song by Sia. Most of the time the dancing seems playful and comedic but at points during the video it goes slower, more intimate.

I do not know a lot about dance as an art, but I can say that it technique seems to be good and interesting to watch. The dance moves goes from averting to more aggressive. The actors goes from being distant from each other to jumping on to each other. They use the entire space of the cage to explore.

At one point the girl goes out of the cage but the man can not go trough the bars. The girl then goes inside again to continue the dance. Then at the end of the video and song the girl goes outside of the cage again, this time staying while the man reach out for her, grabbing her. First he has an intense pleading look and then goes over to a more stale and dead look. This end scene goes on for a while, long after the music has ended and the sounds are just silent ambience of the room. Then the video fades to black.

There is nothing referentially pedofilic in this video. At no point is there kissing, touching of bad parts or any other perverted imagery. Its just an adult man dancing with a girl.



Very little can be explicitly stated about this video. There is no explanation to the girl and the mans relationship (other than outside in the real world, where he is an famous actor, and she is a child dancer). There are no cue card pointing out “Father” and “Daughter”, or “Pedoman” and “Victim” or anything else. So we as an audience has to guess what this dance is about. In 2015 that is not a good idea cuz people are too emotionally stumped to use empathy to understand what is going on. It needs to be hammered in with a nail.

The only thing that is explicit is that this is a music video for the song Elastic Heart and that the dance is suppose to represent the music or the lyrics somewhat. So let´s look shortly at the lyrics song during this dance.

The song starts of with

And another one bites the dust
Oh why can I not conquer love?
And I might have thought that we were one
Wanted to fight this war without weapons

So it is some kind of love song. The way I interpreted that song its about a love relationship with a lot of baggage. The singer has issues that makes it hard to keep the relationship going. It seems she leaves when things get to complicated. That the song is accompanying the dance and that this is a music video is the only thing explicit in this video.


Bad touch?

Bad touch?

So I at least couldnt find any pedofilic references neither referencial or explicit. So I guess that the pedophilia must be interpreted and implied. So I will now analyse this video for deeper implicit meanings. I will make two interpretations of this video. One that I think is the most “normal” one and most people will see and that may have the most evidence for, and then my interpretation that may or may not be a little more far fetch.

But first… A coffee break.

Okay. So I think the most common, non perverted, interpretation of this video is that its a dance representing a coming of age between a father and a daughter. The daughter is playing with her father as a child, but also wanting to be alone and explore on her own. The father then fights with himself to accept that the daughter is growing up and soon will be moving away. I think this is a sound interpretation that fits in with what we see in the video. It´s not my interpretation, though.

I interpet the music video as having a symbiotic relationship with the song. That the video´s dance is meant to be seen as an henanchement of the songs meaning, which is a song about a woman struggling to find ease in a relationship. The cage then represent the relationships bounderies, the man represents the love interest and the girl represents a immature woman not being able to do the “adult” thing. I will add that I also think the girl is a representation of the artist Sia. I base this on the use of the wig, that looks much like the artist own hairstyle.

We, as a mature audience, could see the girl as a metaphor of an adult woman with childlike mentality. This does not make the video pedophilic as their is nothing sexual going on and if you accept a) child is an adult, you need to accept b) this does not mean the video is about an adult and a child, and c) this does not make the video pediophilic in nature since purely referentially its about a man and girl dancing which isnt strange or perverted.


Angry Pedo

Symptomatically interpretation is when we look beyond the video/movie/book we are interpreting and see how this text is seen from a societal or historical context. I would therefor ponder a bit about why this video has been accused of being pedophilic when there is nothing sexual going on in the video itself.

I stated earlier, and I´ll state it again “A perverted person see perverted things in anything“. We don´t live in innocent times anymore for better or worse. We see dangers everywhere and think badly of any seemingly good intention. Not to sound anti-american, but USA is perhaps worse in this area. They see faults and dangers in everything.

Pedophilia is a rarity, but its not unknown anymore. There are no more pedophiles now than in the 1950´s (I think) but we talk more about it now. The consequence is that this sows a seed of perversion in our minds. An example of this is the norwegian song “Blåveispiken(eng: pennywort-girl) which is a song about a man walking on a rural road and meeting a girl with a bouquet of flowers. They talk and then she gives him the flowers and he gives her candy. The songs end with a reflection of ease from the man who felt she gave him more than he gave her.

In the “innocent” times this song was written there was nothing wrong with an adult man talking to a child and giving her candy. Now we “know” that men can be perverted and giving candy to children can be a trap for a sexual predator. This means that we as audiences are a bit… fu**ed up. We can no longer see innocence where innocence were. That is a fault we need be conscious about and work against. Yes, in this world there are people doing evil, that does not mean every person in this world is evil. Sometimes an adult talking to a child is not the start of a perverted and evil act.

You may think this seed of perversion in our minds is a small issue, but this goes beyond our understanding of text. This is also put out into actions. One warning sign was when Men Seated Next to Unaccompanied Minors is Forced to Change Seats. That is a sign of sickness that is downright madness.

If people see pedophilia in Sia´s music video its not because the video in anyway condone or romantizese this, it because they themselves have a f**ked up view on the world. It´s themselves they mirror in this. It´s themselves they see. Not as pedophiles, but as people seeing pedophilia and perversion where there is non.


Come with me
I think the most profound text I have read about understanding art was the preface to A Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde and I have quoted it regularly. So let me again quote it as a final thought

Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault.

Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty.


All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. Those who read the symbol do so at their peril. It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.

-Oscar Wilde, Preface of The Picture of Dorian Grey

I will probably quote it again cuz this needs to be said time and time again.

Blog 2.0 -  In Sovjet Russia art mirrors you.

Blog 2.0 – In Sovjet Russia art mirrors you.

MobileVideo Social Porn

1 Dec


Its been a while since I wrote a blogg entry about social porn. “Why is that?”, you may ask. Well, I´ll tell you; I don´t watch a lot of TV anymore. TV has been “hijacked” by women and by that I mean most entertainment on TV is made for that demographic. Especially social porn. So I have done, what most men have done, and moved over to the internett where I can watch what I want when I want.

Now, sometimes I still watch TV. Usually when I eat some fatty food so that I double the chance of a heart-attack. The first being the fatty food clogging my arteries but also to get that stress induced anger I always get from watching all the mind numbing bad “entertainment” being aired. In Norway now there seems to be two kinds of social porn being aired; 1) “Help me, I don´t know what I do” shows and 2) “celebrities do what they can not do” shows.

The first group of shows have a skilled professional enter a family house hold to help ignorant people with whatever they can not do. Sometimes its making a decent meal, other times its house decorations. Whatever it is they can not do, emotions and tears will ensue and make sure that the female demographics get what they want. THe other type of show is for people who gives a flying *beep* about celebrities. It seems some strange people think that watching celebrities do something is entertainment enough. Why, I have no idea. But there you go. The most popular type show is the dancing with the stars show, but there are plenty of other shows about different areans where celebrities can show off what they can not do.

The point is, I don´t watch alot of it and I do not care. But online there is another type of social porn that I have watched I find far more concerning. I call that the “MobileVideo Social porn” and its when some idiot thinks its okay to upload other peoples mental breakdowns in public.

Here is an example:


In this video a man slaps a woman after she attacks him and a fight begins. This for us all to enjoy. The question is… Who thought it was okay to upload this piece of sh*t? What kind of a degenerate idiot thinks putting other peoples faces online is okay?

I am not against videotaping incidents with the mobile. I think that can be wise sometimes as it can work as video evidence later. To my understanding this video saved the guy from being jailed as it proved he was not the first to attack. That is a good thing. But why do people upload this to the internett for all to see?

The answer is; Because people are idiots. Both the uploader and us for watching it. It´s an evil circle where people notice other people notice these kinds of videos and then upload their own videos to get some fame as well. Nasty, if you ask me.

Some rules of decency should apply when people upload videos from events in public places. 1) Ask people (especially victims) if its okay, 2) Blur faces of bystanders who do not want to get involved.

I guess we can not stop people from publicly shaming others with their mobile cameras, but at least we can frown upon it. Therefor I now frown. Animals! Stupid ignorant animals.

Blog 2.0 - Although we can not stop people from being insensitive idiots we can at least comdem them for it.

Blog 2.0 – Although we can not stop people from being insensitive idiots we can at least comdem them for it.

Let´s Play Left 4 Dead 2 (Games AndyAce83 Hate #2)

31 Jan


THis is the second video of my video series of games that I hate (why I chose to say the previous entry also was my second I have no idea). You may notice that there are two videos in this one and there is a reason for that.

You know when you make something and it kind of sucks but you see something there that you still kind of like? Well, the second video is like that. The audio is horrible in that one, but it still works on some level I think. But still I needed to make a second one as well, to make the audio better.

…Now the first one with really bad audio… enjoy… or suffer.

This video was the first one I used with a new recording tool. Oh, yeah.

Blog 2.0 3D - Happy New Year!

Blog 2.0 3D – Morphine TIME!