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Let´s Play Limbo

11 Feb


This is one of the few games I have spoilers in, but it was unintentional. Limbo is a game I bought cuz everybody told me it was great and it kind of is. It´s artsy-fartsy though and artsy-fartsy has a tendency to become boring, so I didnt rush trough the game, I can tell you that.

I talk about artsy fartsy stuff, modding and using walkthroughs and other stuff.
Soo here it is—>

Blog 2.0 -  An art fart that smells like flowers.

Blog 2.0 – An art fart that smells like flowers.

How to write an objective review (about games).

11 Nov

Sooo… Jim…quisition.

The fat, leftwing, game critique is at it again. Why do I watch his videos? Oh, yeah, cuz I like to hear others opinion to. That’s right. Oh, and also we have one thing in common. Passion for art (here; games).

Anyway he made a video where he ridiculed people who wanted a “objectivity in reviews“. His video wanted to point out how boring that kind of review would be, not acknowledging that objectivity doesn’t exclude opinion, it just demand honesty and humility to the facts.

Here the video is —->

So… I wanted to educate him on how to make an objective review.

Check your privilege.

A highly left wing phrase calledCheck your privilege” has been stated from many Social Justice Warriors, and has a clear condemning tone towards certain people. Although I sigh with contempt towards the phrase implications, there still is some truth to it. “Check your privilege” could also mean “know thy self” and that is a very important step towards objectivity. If it wasnt such a patronizing statment that says only certain groups should “check that”, no one would disagree with that.

To know oneself, where one has been, and how that has shaped oneself for good or bad most be the cornerstone before one starts to analyses anything. Know what one believes and why. To quote Wilde:

The highest as the lowest form of criticism is a mode of autobiography. Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. […] All art is at once surface and symbol. Those who go beneath the surface do so at their peril. Those who read the symbol do so at their peril. It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors.

The road to self-insight is a lifelong travel and is not always a nice one but essential to objectivity. Cuz to remove oneself from the judgement means to know what to remove. One knows oneself by reflecting by themselves and reflecting in others. To think and talk with others, preferably not just ones peers.

Soo… Who am I?

AndyAce83 is a private person who still wants to express his opinions in public. His views has gone from left to right over 5-10 years but he has always been a irreligious Christian. Knowing this about myself let’s review a game.

A Review of Bioshock Infinite.

Official_cover_art_for_Bioshock_InfiniteI loved the first game (2007). It blew my mind. I loved the second one (2010), but my mind was unblown. I waited with great anticipation for the third game and my mind was blown, but still I don’t love Bioshock Infinite (2013).

Bioshock Infinite is about a man looking for a girl called Elisabeth in the flying city of Colombia. As the story progresses he has to make allies and enemies and experience betrayal throughout time and space.

The story and the setting of Colombia touches on many themes; Both theological, political and philosophical. Among them are extreme patriotism, Marxism, racism, fundamental Christianity and the chance that our universe may be just one of an infinite amount of others (thus probably the title).

The story is both complex and laughable banal at times and although it has some weak tie ins with the other Bioshock games it feels mostly like a separate story. The graphics has changed from the previous games as it’s more bright with higher focus on violent portrayals on more human enemies. This made the game less enjoyable to me and this is what I gather from other players of the game as well. The extreme focus and details on violence may be intentional though as the story also has a anti-violence message that may work for some, but I found it a bit preachy and out of place sometimes. This anti-violence message gets stronger and stronger throughout the DLCs as well until the final chapter where you can’t even kill anyone and the gameplay goes from action shooter to more stealth based.

The complex themes touched in this game seems to be dealt with in a neutral, almost apathetic fashion where no ideology or philosophy presented are the heroes. This neutral depiction makes the game seem abit directionless at times. If you want a game with a clear message I don’t think this is the game for you.

All in all I enjoyed the game and it’s DLCs but it is my third favorite Bioshock game. The graphics and style of the game is great. The city of Colombia feels like a real city in the sky and the events and characters in the game are facinating enough to keep you playing to the end. The gameplay is more or less like the previous games with weapons and “magical powers” to mix up the battles and keep it interesting. As I’ve said before, the violence in this game can be a bit disturbing at times and this did stump some of the action enjoyment of the game.

All in all I recommend this game for people who like first person action shooters with RPG elements who don’t mind abit of food for thought as well.

Why was this review objective?

Soo… what made this review objective? First off, I was humble. I used words like “probably“, “maybe” and “I think”. This differentiate what I know for a fact (which is very little) and what I think or believe (subjectivity).

I then don’t give too much focus and analysis towards the subject matter of the game (implied meaning) just how much the subject matter enhanced or reduced the games enjoyability for me as a player. I also use other people’s opinion as a reference in my review. A luxury that arguably isn’t so easy for critics of newer games but the point is that wether or not I use others as point of reference I at least try to think what other’s who isn’t like me, think of the game.

Blog 2.0 - The point is not to be 100% objective, is to not be a smug patronizing SJW.

Blog 2.0 – The point is not to be 100% objective, is to not be a smug patronizing SJW.

Anita Sarkeesian – Is making me misogynistic… more so.

29 Jan

FemFreq01Anita Sarkeesian is a bitch! There, I´ve said it. Did it make me feel better? No, not really. But she is a bitch. Not only a bitch, but a real c*nt too. I am sorry, but the worst descriptive words you can find on women would probably fit her perfectly. Perhaps with the exception of degrading words describing women of promiscuous nature. Anita Sarkeesian seems to be such a cold fish that I doubt that she enjoys any physical relation what so ever. Least of all with a man.

But lets take a break [“brake” changed to “break” on 29 of july 2013] from my hatred of this woman and let me instead say WHY I have such dark feelings towards her. There are three main reasons my I feel nauseated every time I see and hear her: 1) Her personality, 2) Her BS-PC feminist analysis of everything that perverts and distorts great works of art/ entertainment and 3) her fake victimhood.

But first let me answer the most important question…

Who is Anita Sarkeesian?

If you take any still picture from any Feminist Frequency video you would get an accurate representation of her opinion; Something taken out of context.

If you take any still picture from any Feminist Frequency video you would get an accurate representation of her opinion; Something taken out of context.

If you are not a gamer, or someone interested in the war between the sexes, you may not have heard of Anita Sarkeesian. In short: She is a feminist who believes she is entitled to force her perspective on any artform and demand it to become more gynocentric, pro-female and anti-male.

This is of course not stated explicitly, but implied in her constant bashing of different kind of popular texts (i.e music, books film, TV or games) in entertainment. For a while she was just another unsatisfied women who thought she was smart since she was opinionated. She made lots and lots of “feminist deconstruction” of popular entertainment on her videoblog feminist frequency on youtube, but no one cared until she announced she wanted to deconstruct video-games to.

Ugh, I dont know why I get so disgusted with her every time she uses the word deconstruct. I would guess it is because it sounds so pretentious. Like that word has some ``holy´´ meaning other than its true meaning which is to analyze something in a way it was not meant to.

Why this was the last straw, I dont know, but her whining suddenly was met with hostility. This probably surprised her as she so clearly though she as a woman was entitled to bitch to anyone about her problems with the world.

I would suspect that the reason is that the gaming community is filled with passionate people who burn for their hobby and they didnt want this noob woman coming in from the left and change everything cuz “she felt like it“.

So she was met with opposition and hostility. Some people came with intellectual counter arguments. Others, like me, gave more ironic and sarcastic comments on her annoying personality and attitude of entitlement. Sadly some also gave hateful and over the top comments about rape and other insane extremes. Let´s see what she has to say about this:

Do I feel sad for her? Hell no. I hate feminism with every inch of my body and this woman is the very personification of everything I hate about that -ism. If she didn’t like the heat she should´ve stayed away from the kitchen, and she being a feminist I would suspect she didn’t want to be in the kitchen in the first place.

But enough silly puns… The point is; I dont like sailor language and I dont like people demeaning people to the extreme, but I, being provocative myself, can say that you do get hateful comments but that is what to expect. That is what one should expect if one is being or trying to be provocative. If I went into a feminist rave and said “Go make me a sandwich you fat ugly skanks” I would not be surprised by retaliation any less than being bit by putting my hand down a snakehol. And besides, she has the personality that could aggravate a weed-plant.

1) Her personality

If I for some reason where invited to a hipster New York party with liberal know-it-alls and met Anita Sarkeesian I think I would have left within the hour. That woman shows every sign in her videos of a person I would not go well together with. She is opinionated in the way where its clear she has read a lot of books, and made a lot of notes, but not really understood it.

She probably know a lot of words, terms and phrases and know of great and not so great thinkers of the academia but have no meta-cognition and deeper understanding of anything. Watching her movies she makes a lot of gestures, making smug and smirky facial expression. She is the kind of intellectual that is paradoxically NOT intellectual, just a scholar. She has a lot of jigsaws pieces in her head, nuggets of facts and studies, but no ability to see the picture. This becomes clear when she starts to analyses the “tropes” as she calls it.

2) Her BS-PC feminist analysis of everything that perverts and distorts great works of art/ entertainment

Tropes” is a text-analytical term that could be easily replaced with terms like “stereotype”, “clisje”, or “common narrative tools”. Basically, tropes is every pattern you can find in symptomatic (see: Film Art for more) interpretation/ analysis of a text. Meaning: Finding the broad meaning of what every love song has in comment over what this or that one love song means. You with? Or, as Anita Sarkeesian does, to claim to find bigotry, hate, rape and phallus symbols in everything.

I have seen a lot of Anita Sarkeesian videos on youtube as I have this perverse need to study things I do not like. To try to understand it. I find myself drawn to things that repulses me. Watching her videos, I also started to see “tropes” with her videos. There definitely are small patterns in her “analysis” of pop-culture that could be nice to “deconstruct”.

With few exceptions she shows no real pleasure in the arts but see only faults. In 2009, she started her show “Tropes vs women” with 6 videos where she rants about why Dollhouse is being produced for another season but The Sarah Connor Chronicles does not (which obviously is another example of the WAR AGAINST WOMEN), how Dollhouse (2009) is a metaphor for rape (or something like that), that there is a RIGHT way (her way) and a WRONG why “Guys Should Hate Twilight“, and that gays should be introduced in a show “just in passing“.

In every video she speaks with a strange authorial attitude that says art and entertainment should be just like she wants it, and that there is a right and a wrong way to make art and to watch art. When she analyses different texts she always forces her convictions on it, even when its clear that her -isms where not meant for it. The results are sour comments on the art that at best is bitching and at it´s worst is complete misinterpretations of the text that at time can be perverse.

The best example I have heard of her forcing feminist insanity and perverting something nice with her -isms is when she “analyses” the “Top 5 Creepy and/or Sexist Christmas Songs“. In that video she kills any christmas cheer and replaced it with tales of suppression, dependence and rape. Her #1 choice for sexist christmas songs are the song “Baby, its cold outside” where she thinks the song is about coercing and rape, not a man trying to court a woman who is “playing hard to get” which is the normal way to listen to the song.

But of course one can not argue with her, cuz she has closed of all comments and one is not allowed to rate her either. This because she has fallen victim to the evil “trolls” of the Internet, or more truthfully, she doesn’t want to hear anyone but herself and her likeminded.

3) Her fake victimhood

Anita Sarkeesian is a true victim, but not for she wants you to believe, but she is the slave of the mind shrinking collective thinking of progressivism. Progressivism is an umbrella-term for many other -isms like feminism and other leftwing ideologies and world views.

Progressivism wants change (Yes, WE can!) and that change is based on an understanding of the world that there are victims and perpetrators. These perpetrators are not what healthy people view as perpetrators (like criminals) but instead a broad group of people. This broad group can be called “rich white heterosexual christian males (that smokes)“. These are the enemies that needs to be “deconstructed”.

There are many progressive “thinkers” and they work from different angels trying to destroy the evils of the world. Some progressives focus on the rich [1], others on the white [2], [3], some one Christians [4] and some one the males [5].

Their understanding is thatrich white heterosexual christian males (that smokes)” are evil and causes the world to crumble with their powers of “hate” a.k.a greed, racism, homophobia religious intolerance or misogyny. Everyone who is not a “rich white heterosexual christian males (that smokes)” is the victim of the “rich white heterosexual christian males´s (that smokes)” hate and Anita Sarkeesian is one of these victims.

A victim who is also getting rich on her claims of oppression. Being politically correct is big business, but to state that Anita Sarkeesian is getting rich on her whining is of course misogynistic and hateful. If I may draw some numbers out of my ass I would stipulate she has gotten a grand a slur from each “troll” all up into the interweb who has made her into the “victim“ she is.

Well, I think I am done stating my opinion on this woman. I also gave you a deconstructional view on her, to give you my opinions on her opinions and the tropes she represents. TAKE THAT Sarkeesian! I used your own dark powers against you.

Blog 2.0 - Masculin frequency

Blog 2.0 – Masculin frequency

Every new season of StarCraft 2 I get the sweet taste of defeat.

2 Aug

It seems that every time there is a new season in SC2 I loose a lot at the beginning. I usually play random 4v4 and it seems that the matches are placed very random. I have now lost 10 games in a row, winning a few matches just to give me a small sense off hope. It´s random, so it seems strange that I will end up with “noobs” every time. But when I have created my first two marines I get rushed. My allies have not created any more, sometimes even fewer.

It´s fun… To lose every time. And not just defeated annihilated by someone way better than me. I am a casual player and not a gambler. I like to play at a level where there at least is a chance for me to win. When I loose 10 in a row I get frustrated.

I thought that the point of ranking was that I get to play with people at my own level, but NO! I loose, time and again. Crushed.

Gameplay pics. See how I loose?

So, why is that? Idunno… I would like to blame my team players (and sometimes that is the case. Some have even dropped out at the start or worse not started to play and just stay there), and if it´s myself then perhaps I could change. But the real problem is the effing ranking system that places “evenly matched” players with great difference in skill.


My appeal: Blizzard get that ranking stuff fixed ASAP. I am getting tired of loosing humiliating defeats by people way better than me.

And if you are wondering how defeat taste like; equal parts of all bodily fluids (male and female) blended together with a cherry on top.

Blog 2.0 - with a cherry on top.

Videogame complainers (a final solution)

3 Feb


according to a newspaper I read there seems to trouble in the game-creating world. The creators of «Call of Duty: Black Ops”, was asked; What, in your mind, is the biggest problem facing the games industry today, and if you had the power, how would you fix it?

He answered:
Personally, as a community manager who lives in the media or social media world every day, I think the social culture of video games is moving in a more negative direction as technology and social media continues to grow. Rather than growing with it, the trend seems to be devolving. More and more gamers seem to forget what this industry is all about.

It’s a creative industry – the most creative form of entertainment in existence. Too many developers who try new things are getting burned by “pundits” and angry entitled fans who look to be contrarian, sometimes simply for the sake of being contrarian. The only thing this attitude aims to achieve is stunt that creativity and innovation even further, which is something that no rational gamer looking to be entertained would want to do.

Here is my (final) solution: Make a map called “your moms basement” where the mission is to kill nerds for some obscure reason (i.e one of them have hacked secret files) and then let that be a statement to all know-it-alls. The lesson? Complaints are just a bullet away from solution.

Yes, there will be multiplayer maps where you can pawn others. Yes, the story will question moral and give you opportunity to do evil stuff. But killing children will only be possible in CoD6 (They have to save something for later). Also head-shoot animation will have brain matter pixels.

Now I don´t play war games as I find them dull and uninteresting. But if I did, and I wasn´t satisfied, my complaint would just be not recommending it to others. I am often impressed by the work and effort put into any game. That is not the same as having to love it just for the effort but I know one thing… I could not have done better! And if I could, then I would!

Another lesson from AMC!

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I Love LIPS (the Video game) but there are some canker sores

27 Apr

I Love LIPS the karaoke game for Xbox360, but there are some problems.

1) Why can’t I download the Cure – Just like heaven?
I like that song, and it did follow the French and UK version of the original game. It’s my favourite The Cure song. WHY!!! They gave away A-ha – Take on Me song for free, the song that replaced Just like heaven on the Norwegian version. Why can I not sing that song? Well I can… but not on LIPS! What did the French do to make them able to sing, eh?

2) Two titles from the Lips games have gone under the radar.
I don’t like it when things I like get bad treatments. I bought Wii once, and now no one talk of that any more. I bought Lips, no one care for that one either. Not on Xbox live, not anywhere else. Hell, there isn’t even a wikipedia page about I love the 80’s

3) There should be a mic avatar award!
I have gotten alot of cloths on LIPS, but not a single mic!

4) Why does it take so long to load the game?
It takes a long time to wait for the game to start up. Sometime up to a minute of just standing there. I bought a singing game, not a waiting game. I do alot of waiting in real life, I don’t need to wait when I play!

5) There is a problem with feedback.
Every time I have finished singing I turn the tv on mute to keep what is left of my hearing. If I do not a high-pitched scream will come (you know how feedback sounds like?).’

6) Constant changing of discs!
Now, as you may have understood, I love to sing! No one likes to listen since my voice is very, very, very annoying (like feedback) so I own a lot of Lips games (all the international ones, but not

This is the last title anyone bothered to write about on wikipedia. So sad:(

Lips: Deustche Partyknaller or Lips: Canta en Español) since my Xbox doesn’t discriminate my voice. For some reason (probably financial ones) I have to constantly change between disc when I sing song from different titles! THAT IS A REAL PAIN!

7) Sometimes I feel that the game is really uninspired
As a fan of Lips, if I were to have a discussion with a Singstar fan I would defend Lips honour to the best of my abilities. But if I were to be confronted with the differences between the two franchises I would probably just come up with “interactive remote mic that has lights” and “great choice of music“. There should have been more extras! The last three editions of the game, apart from the songs, have been completely identical! No new party games, no new menus or other clever game designs, no new and exciting achievement challenges or in-game rankings. Just the same with new songs. That feels really uninspired.

I love to sing, I love to play, I love to sing and play so I like Lips. I don’t own (nor plan to own) a PS3 so I can not buy Singstar so I have to accept the problems about Lips… BUT WHY DON’T YOU CARE?

This is probably the most pointless blog entry I have made to date.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 - They can't all be winners!

Videogames are stupid! (“Fitter, happier, more productive, comfortable”),

7 Nov

So now you got this new game called Dragon Age: Origins, right? And I saw a Xbox live segment about it, yes? Where I can get this Golem right? And it can like develop it’s own personality, so when it’s like with dwarfs something happens cuz they forgotten how to make them or something? Which is cool. Then I get to use my sword on stuff and kill things. But do I get a video game that is about clues and thinking? NO! I get Golem who develop personality!!!!Dragon_Age

The point is… Why is every video game in the making so braindeadly dull? Now, there was a time where games was meant to be made for people who liked to think, and not just people who wants to escape from reality. I am not afraid of violence in videogames, I am afraid that every game made from now on will kill our brains with flashy pictures and nonsense.

BUT DID YOU SEE HIS HEAD EXPLODE? Wow! Like BANG SPLUSH. Thats cool. You want to smoke some weed?

I have been looking for a game for a while that is entertaining, stimulating, exciting and do not give me headackes and lots of stress. A game that would not get me unnecessary angry. In other words I look for a game that could be the new Resident Evil 0-3 or Killer7 (the story, not gameplay). So I searched the different discussions around on the web for a game I could like. I thought (and still do) that my genre of choice would be Action-Adventure and there where very few to Xbox360. Something like Monkey Island, but with a little less strange riddle solutions (“A flagg could be used as a skull??? Yes, it is a pirate flag… but still!“), and with an exciting plot.

256px-CondemnedSo someone on the internet recommended Condemned! I read on the cover that I would play an FBI agent who needs to find clues left by a killer! “Wow”, I thought. “I get to be Mulder and Scully. I can play Clarise chasing a murderer. How clever and exciting!” But…
*Bliping* hell! That was not the game I was thinking of at all! Yes, it was scary, but it also made me angry and it contained no real puzzles. It was just another run, run, run shot, explode, jump, jump (in seat) kill, press buttons, press buttons, press, press, aim, die, try again.

Oh, how I remember a funny game called Discworld noir… I LOVE THAT GAME! I could play a detective who did real detective stuff without using guns and running and shooting! I AM SO EFFING TIERED OF GAMES THAT REALLY do ONE THING; TEST HOW FAST I CAN’T HIT BUTTONS!

There were clues in Discworld Noir. You talked to people and found clues and then the written clues in your diary could be added together to create new clues or solutions.

I am just so tiered of hitting buttons and then dieing and then starting some place earlier and then succeeding and then just not care.

(Blog update 11/13-2009: I have decided to read a book instead.)
(Blog update 11/19-2009: There seems to be a kid who feels just the same as I. But he shouldn’t drink milk at the Korova Milk Bar. That milk is bad for you!)