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The Mist (2017) – TV show review

20 Aug

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I dont know if you remember that episode of the Simpsons where Homer is Barbecuing a pig and then Lisa trows it of a hill and Homer runs after it? The pig goes trough all kinds of dirty places and Homer said “Its just a little dirty its still good” until the pig is shot trough sewage drain and he says “Its just a little airborn, its still good” and Bart says “Its gone”. Homer replies: “I know.” It was from the time when The Simpsons was still funny.

I think we can all recognize that when it comes to fandom. We as fans WANT something to be good. We try over and over again, feeling more and more dumb and dirty for each attempt.

Sometimes we talk about “jumping the shark”. The point where a show became too bad to watch. But lets be honest, how many of us watched way beyond that point, hoping that the show would at some point redeem itself? Get back on track?

I am a huge fan of the Mist movie. I even wrote an analysis of it here on my blog which is one of my most read blogentries. So I guess many others loved it as well. I read the novella cuz I loved the movie so much I wanted to examine the differences and similarities. To muse on the contrasts and reflect on the similarities. Great concept, story, characters, settings. Both entertaining and deep. Huge fan of the Mist (2007) and the novella.

Then I learned of a TV show and yes I got excited. I saw potential in it. There are many aspects of the movie that could be explored. The Mist may have appeared other places with other people having to survive it. We can learn more about the creatures, where they come from, what was the cause of it. Perhaps explore other parts of humanity. Even be more postive towards humans? Be different, but also the same?

So I saw the TV show and from very early on I realized that this show was bad. “Cringe”, I think people call it. When you start to move around in the chair because of what you are watching. There is a lot of cringe in this show.

The Plot:

I only watched 8 episodes. I dont know how many there are and how many there are going to be. At episode 5 I started to just skip fast trough it. I gave up. Just to see if there was ANYTHING worth watching. So in fairness I may just have watched 4 episodes.

This is what I gather from the plot. A town somewhere in the US have people living in it. There is a family of a dad, a mom and daughter. The mother is controlling for reasons I havent grasped. But she seems to have some experience in the past that may be revealed later. The daughter is an average daughter. Wanting to live her life, but feel tied down a bit from her mom.

She has a gay/queer friend that says gay/queer things. She has a crush on a jock who is the son of the Sheriff in town. The father is a stoic man.

Then the daughter wants to go to a party to meet the jock. The mother says no, the father says yes. She goes. She brings her gay/queer friend. The gay/queer friend experiences some homophobic treatment at the party and then the girl gets date raped.

Meanwhile an eccentric woman notices some natural anomalies of animals behaving strangely and goes to the library to find out what it means.

A black man has amnesia. A drug addicted woman is bitchy. Both goes to jail by the angry sheriff.

Then the mist comes. And with it nothing follows.

The characters.

What can be said about the Mist (TV show) that probably has been said many times by others already? The show is very politically correct. What some will call Social Justice Warrior themed. Its about all the bad stuff people think and do. How racist we are. How rapey we are. How violent we are.

The common pop-misantropic entertainment we are served constantly now. Then again, that was kind of the point of the movie to wasnt it? But the problem is that its done “too on the nose”. The TV show is hammering it in. It lacks tacked. It lacks tone. Its dumb.

Take for instance the scene where the gay/queer kid experience homophobia. 


The scene is that the gay/queer kid is at a party and behaves “gay”. A jock gets annoyed by that and starts aggressively talk homophobic to the kid. The kid then replies with overly sexual gay references and the jock gets more annoyed until he gets physical.

This is “too on the nose”. The scene is not believable at all. First of, I am way older than the people in this. I come from “a different time” where homosexuality wasnt talked about and presented as much as now. Even back in the day this was NOT normal behavior.

And now, in the [current year], the stigmatization of being a so called “homophobe” I would guess would be even worse.

Let me tell a tale. When I was your age, back in the 1990s, we had sex-ed. And we was also told about homosexuality. After we learned about the “normal” sexuality, we also were taught about the “other type”. We saw an information video where two gay people (one lesbian and one gay) were talking to this “liberal open minded person” about their attractions. They were floating down a river on a bed, while talking about being attracted to the same sex. Our class began to laugh out loud.

The teacher got annoyed by this and stopped the tape and started to moralize to us about how bad it is that we laughed at this.

“1 in 10 are gay, so the odds are there are atleast two gay people in this class”, he said. “Think about how they feel when you laugh like that.”

I raised my hand and said “But we werent laughing about the gays we were laughing about the stupidity of the presentation.” It was cringe.

Let me share another tale. Many times in my life I have been “accused” of being gay. I am slightly effeminate and there are other signs aswell. And once someone said to me “Haha. You are gay. You are so gay!”. Behind him stood his allies. I said “You think I am gay? So what? We live in 1999. Nobody cares anymore.” And he shut up.

Yes! The [current year] argument is old as bleep! It was even valid in 1999. Now over 18 years later we are STILL suppose to belive that this is the strife of the common gay man?

This is NOT how homophobia works! Homophobia is usually more subtle. It comes in the shape of coldness and gossip. Not outspoken bigotry and violence. Yes, there are exceptions, but usually it would be a faux pas to do it in public. At a party at least… in 2017.

And that just one of the many “too on the nose” social commentaries this show has. It portrays men has dumb, women as strong. People in power (sheriffs) are one dimensional asshats. I am surprised to say that at least the clergy is not been showed to be pedophiles and bigots as of episode 4.

But the cardboard box characters with simplistic and cliched social commentaries may have been forgiven IF the setting and the problems in the mist was interesting. If the PLOT beyond the character´s touchy-feely narrative was mysterious and intriguing. But it isnt.

The Mist (TV) is not the mist.

A question I am sure I am not the first to ask is this: Why buy a license to a franchise/setting and then run in a completely different direction with it? It happens constantly. People buy the rights to a concept and then change up the concept so its only that concept in name.

The Mist (TV show) is one of those things. Its like I bought the right to the Terminator (1984) franchise and said “But instead of having it be about killer cyborgs from the future, lets have it be about space-pirates from the past!” or Resident Evil (1996) franchise and said “Instead of having it be about zombies being created by a virus, lets have it be about space pirates from the past that are homophobes and racists!” or the mist (2007) “but instead of having it be about mysterious creatures in a fog, lets have it be about date rape and homophobia!”

Why sell something, as something else, if its not? Because the license is a selling point? Fine, but for how long will people pay attention if the concept is in name only? I lasted about 4 episodes. Others probably not more than 1 episode. Perhaps some are still watching, hoping.

Angry Cochroaches

Angry cockroaches!

The mist movie and novella had giant creatures in it. Sometimes referred to as “Lovecraftian” as they are “beyond imagination”.

There were giant spiders with acid webs, huge tentacle like things, big poisonous flies, dinosaur like creatures.

In the show there are… ghosts, some kind of black thing, angry earth coackroaches, and fog. Lots and lots of fog. No huge creatures, no dangerous small creatures. Just fog and some kind of mutation thing effect.

Most of the time its silence in the Mist (TV), where as in the movie the creatures where all around outside. In the TV show no creatures attacking. There are ghost in the fog, and if people go out into the mist, sometimes they seem to experience some kind of poetic punishment for their past crimes. Or something. I dont know.

At one point a guy walks into the mist and mutates into a huge moth. Why? What does that mean? What does that have to do with the Mist movie or novella?


Interessting enough, but WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE MIST?!?!?!?!

It makes no sense in the context of the movie and novella. These things were never seen in those. But as I said in the beginning, as a fan of the franchise, I wanted to love the show, so I start to fill in the gaps right? Try to make the puzzle pieces work and fit into the previous movie.

I think “Well, I guess this could be a part of the mist. I mean they weren that much outside?”, “Perhaps they are trying to say that the mist has some kind of mutation quality and that those creatures we saw in the movie, were mutated earth creatures? That could work. That could work. Its still good. Its still good.” 

But then after 4 episodes, and a narrative that does not explore the mist, but instead these cardboard box characters I do not care about and the events that unfolds are uninteresting as well, I just start to wonder: When will this have ANYTHING to do with the Mist movie?

Everytime a character that may have some kind of explanation arrives they kill him off, often by other characters, NOT creatures or fog. The mist is usually about 10% of the show. The rest of the time its about sitting gloomily and talk about nothing. Ive lost completely sense of time. Are we on day 1, 2, 3? The motivations of the characters are sporadic. Anger and forgiveness thrown out whenever the writer feels like it.

And all I feel is bored and confused which makes me annoyed. This show could either be more faithful to the original works or they could have called it something else or they could tie in the relations quicker or have had more interessting characters and drama. Why introduce a rather edgy or provocative subject like teenage date rape and then just ignore it? What was the point of that?

Even though this is a TV show a plot cant be set-up in episode one and then brought back in episode 9 or 10 or season 3. There has to be some connection with these things. Not just set-up, stretch out or ignore.

I just cant say “Its still good.” anymore. This show is directionless and pointless and not even entertaining. But oh, how I wished. Oh, the good will I had. How difficult could it be to make the same, with new characters and perhaps a slight bit of deeper exploration into “arrowhead project” or what the creatures are? Do as any teen school cheater. Copy-paste others work, then add some words of your own. Its that simple. 


When watching the Mist (2017) I feel like this girl here. Slightly bored and disgusted.



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