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Now in 3D

12 Jul


Old school 3d glasses (stolen from wikipedia #1)

I don´t know if you noticed, but some (dare I say “all”?) movies now come out in the brand new 3D and everybody is amazed by the great new style of the films. 3D! It´s like we see it it in real life!

Now here is my opinion of 3D!

I have seen 3 films made in 3D. 2 of them in real 3D (Ice Age 3D and Thor 3D), and one that was made to be in 3D but I saw it in 2d (Piranha 3D). None of these movies where epic masterpieces and none of them were meant to be, so I saw them mainly to be entertained and to experience the 3D effects. What struck me was that the 3D was annoying as hell!

The first 3D movie I ever saw was Ice Age 3D. It was a computer animated film about creatures falling into a hole where dinosaurs lived. The animation with 3D worked very well, but afterwards I thought that I don´t need to see anymore 3D. The second film was THOR 3D. There I experienced that 3D is not actually 3D. If I move, the picture don´t. It just has a static depth so the picture basically becomes a moving pictorial reliefs., meaning that the the image becomes layers to create an illusion of 3D.

NEW 3D glasses... it still makes you look like a NERD!

Let´s be honest. The only audio-visual picture that is truly 3D would be the Hologram.

An important note here is that Thor 3D was not filmed in 3D but instead made into 3D in computers later. So I have never seen a live-action 3D movie filmed using 3D effects yet. But since every movie now adays has this forced gimmic put upon them I will probably have to watch “real 3D” later. “Real 3D” is filmed with two cameras that are suppose to represent our two eyes. I don´t know if it makes a difference or not and I don´t care!

3D is a distraction!

Throughout movie history there have been people like me complaining about new technology. There were someone complaining when films got sound. They said it would make films “theater in a box”. There where people complaining about films getting color. That color would remove the art about a film by making the image closer to reality.

Black, white, yellow. We all look the same in 3D (that´s green and red)!

I wont go that far in saying that 3D will ruin cinema, but I will restate my case… 3D is just a distraction. It´s like the good old addin “2000” (Windows 2000) or “New” (New Coke) to anything. It doesn´t change the quality of the product, it just gives something a shallow change. I think many filmmakers have lost the art of good films (entertaining or artsy) and think “We do not have a great script, story or actors, but we got some GREAT CG… and…. and it´s in FUCKING 3D! Who cares if it sucks, we will be numbed by this stunning new technology.”

And that´s my opinion.

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