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Stieg Larsson sucks. Also his books.

5 Feb

I have read the book and seen the swedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I hated the book but found the movie far better. The book directly translated into english is called “Men who hate women” and was about female abuse and how evil rich men are and how good Communist journalists are.

The character of Mikael Blomkvist seemed to be the erotic extension of the author himself. Getting laid with three women during the books one year story. I may not be the biggest playah in tha world, but isnt having sex with 3 women over one year a lot? At least in a fictional setting. I get that whoremasters are gonna whore and all, and I am sure some people bang 3 (or more) women a day etc. But as a character trait in a book it does seem a lot. Especially in a book where feminist seem to think the message is pro-women.

I mean; I´ve read many James Bond books and usually he bangs seldom more than one or two women in each book. And they call him a “womaniser”. I guess its okay if the “hero” is a apathetic communist.

So the title of the books should have beenMen who *bleep* women.” The book was boring to read, filled with red herrings and the most detailed and well written part seemed to be the disturbing rape scene, which also says alot if you ask me.

The swedish film removed most of the annoying parts and was great improvement. I dont think he *bleeped* more than one women. Perhaps the american version is even better. I guess I have to give it a try.

I also find it funny that Stieg Larsson was a flaming communist but this book franchise is big business with his family still fighting over the rights to his posthumous fortune.

Blog 2.0 -  Whoremasters are gonna whore.

Blog 2.0 – Whoremasters are gonna whore.