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Euthanasia, Suicide And Atheism.

19 Aug

Soooo… I made a new video titled Euthanasia, Suicide And Atheism today.




I got 11 views and 3 dislikes. Its my most hated (but sadly also my most engaged) video on youtube yet. Atheists sure dont like being called out on their moral philosophies.

Knowledge is pleasure:)

”Die with dignity!”



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Suicide blogs

13 Jun

Dear Internet,
as you may already know AMC is the kind of blog about the lighter sides. A sort of shallow, trivial, happy-go-lucky, whimsical and innocent fun that gives you a well deserved break from everyday life. This entry is of no exception. Today I am going to write about…

Suicide blogs.

I’ve read the worst kind of social porn blogs. The blogs that state suicidal ideation. I feel my skin crawl as people state their plans toward committing suicide. I won’t get into details of how I found them, but basically it’s just a bunch of hypertext clicking on wordpress.

Depression - Through colours I've tried to explain depression to the emotional numb person.

First, it’s so personal I really feel uncomfortable reading it. It’s like I have no place being in that realm of their world. It’s waaaaaay to personal. Still they post it, so someone where suppose to read it.

Secondly, I feel the need to say something. It’s like you walk towards a bridge and you see someone standing on the wrong side of the fence, you can’t just walk away, can you?

Of course you can… but it isn’t very nice.

So what can one say to a person who wants to die? I don’t know. I really don’t. I could say that “it’s probably just a chemical unbalance in your body that could be adjusted with some exercise and perhaps some medications“, or be casual and happy and say “Cheer up”.

I choose the latter, but I’m not sure that would help. I think the best thing to do when someone writes on-line suicide notes is to ask them to take contact with a psychiatrist or healthcare professional (I know that there is a debate whether psychiatry helps or not, but it helps more than overlooking a problem or pretending nothing is wrong).

Non-depression or ''happiness'' also through colours.

I remember once there was this guy who streamed from a web camera who stated that he would kill himself at a certain time. According to the news, people gathered around the computer and did nothing except stare and some even cheer . No one called the police, no one did anything until he finally murdered himself. (YOU SEE WHY I HATE HUMANISM? YOU SEE? NO?)

I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not fall for the bystander effect, and therefore will not just stand idly by when someone says they’re going to kill them self or they collapses in the street or what not.

But the problem is… everybody got their problems, and we can not help them all. So I don’t google the internet for suicide blogs to try to help every depressed teen or alienated individual. I would guess that that would be a 24 hour a day job. There are lots of people with problems…

But if you want to kill yourself please don’t. I won’t lie and say that everything will work out. That life is so great and fascinating that in and of itself it’s worth doing, or some other happy naive nonsense.

So why shouldn’t a depressed person kill them self?


There’s always hope?

Blog 2.0 - Doesn't have all the answers I'm afraid, but perhaps that's a good thing?

(Blog update 14th of June 2010:

About feminism…

4 Mar

The Castration of Urectum: fresco by Vasari & Cristofano Gherardi

Dear Internet,

so, as many of my faithful readers already know, I’m from Norway and Norway, apart from Sweden (the hell hole of the north) is the country that is most infected with the ideology of feminism. Now every person with half a brain knows that feminism is based on lies and try to keep this movement in check with prayer, crucifixes and holy water. Unfortunately God has left our country to be allied with the Americans during the Gulf war and every other war there after, so our prayers are not heard and feminism keeps raping every institution in our country with disastrous effects.

Now I have to be honest with you, as I’m writing this I am afraid. I am committing thought-crime and I fear for my life. The feminist movement could be knocking on my door at any minute, taking my testicles and leaving me to bleed to death. So I have to be quick! Sweden have always been, to me, the worst case scenario for anything liberal, cultural relativistic and just plain decadent.

By studying Sweden we see the long term effects of feminism, and to anyone with values and standards, it is not a pretty sight. THERE IS NOT ONE MAN LEFT IN SWEDEN. Everyone has become whiny jealous pussies. If you meet a Swedish “man”, his manners, behaviours and interests will show clear signs that he no longer has any balls. The characteristics of what we usually would describe a male homosexual fits perfectly with any of these. Their handshake is weak, their hands often bent like a wounded deer and their bodies tall, slender and effeminate. There’s no hope for Sweden, they are lost but it can be used as a warning to the rest of the world.

An average Swede or a Norwegian gay? Hard to say. Perhaps just a mac user.

What was that? I thought I heard something. A smell of musk, flow and death is in the room and the light seems dim. I think the feminist have gotten the sense of me. The time is of the essence… I have to get to the point quick…


Once upon a time woman where second class citizens. They where forced to be at home, many probably beaten etc. etc. Now, if anything bad befalls women (because they are women) it is the exceptions not the rule and they are seen as equal (but probably different) too men.

The problem is that feminism will not die. What original was a reasonable demand for equality and respect has now become a struggle for defining power of right and wrong of what gender is and should mean creating cultural unbalance and identity crises for a generation.

Feminism is no longer a movement for woman, but a movement for feminism. It’s got a mind of it’s own, and no one seems to be able to control it as it’s running amok in our schools, laws and daily speak (newspeak).

There’s that sound again. Sounds like the extreme loud version of dry crotch being scratched. And the smell of old flow is getting nauseating. I can’t see straight any more. I have dry heaves. One last point and then I have to flee.

You can do what? Castrate males? Of course you can. For the woman I love I would gladly give my manhood, but do you want to take it?

There are many kinds of feminists, not all bad. The really dangerous one is the Scandinavian type, started in Sweden and then slowly grabbing hold of Norway, castrating first the men in power, and moving downwards to schools and private homes. Their agenda is as simple as it is horrible, not to make equality but to create similarity. They want woman to become men, while making men women. This creating a disturbance in the cultural-natural balance.

The effects can be seen in Sweden, but also in Norway. Not only do we behave differently with weak passive males and other culturally disturbing images, but there is also another more scary change. A physical one. You see, nature and culture is not as separate as we want it to be. Yes, nature comes first, but nature can also adapt to culture if certain habits are prolonged for a long period. Examples of this could be: overzealous cleanliness (cultural) leads to asthma (biological), bad eating habits (cultural) leads to diabetes and so fort and so on.

Feminism was once about equality (around the 18th century), but is now about similarity with effect that woman are competing and even combating men in every field. They are also winning, which is great for feminism, but not so great for nature. Historically woman was passive (nurturing) and men was active (hunting) until a steady balance came about that gave food aplenty, households to most and time for thought.

Thinking is bad, I know because I have done it. And when people have it to well they stagnate and start to think about stuff they normally wouldn’t and shouldn’t think about (i.e is there really a God?, Why am I constantly bored? Is nature controlling us, or are we controlling nature?). The thought that came to woman when food was aplenty and households was to most was “why am I bored at home when my husband is at the office?”. Notice how this “problem” was a upper middle class to high society problem. Whores sucking strangers in an ally didn’t worry about equality. They needed to take dick for food, because hunger was their main problem.

''Does Lady Gaga have a penis?'', you may ask.

And so the battle of the sexes started. First about equality (the right to work, the right to once own body and the right to not to get hit, raped etc.) and then later about similarity (women in the garage, women leaders, women athletes, equal pay for equal work and then equal pay for equally worthy work).

Here is the point: Nature is slowly “loosing” to culture and I claim we can see it in the following areas: 1) Growing number of androgynous people, 2) Growing number of homosexuals (including lesbians), 3) Growing feelings of isolation, identity crisis and suicides. I base this claim on the following 1) observation around me and 2) scientific rumours that competitive behaviour releases the male hormone testosterone.

What was that? Oh, my God! They found me! Help! Call amnesty… I being taken to the ministry o

Blog update:

You did not read this blog entry, nor will you refer to it in anyway or we will use this on you!