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Placebo (After the Storm)

28 Apr

I once was at a party,
with some stuffy upperclass bastards.
They talked nonsense and BS,
until a new age wench
said something post-modern
to a besserwisser who went kind of unhinged.

The debate went on for quite some time,
until I decided to speak my mind.
It was time to take the douchebag to school.
Show that he was just as much a fool.
So when he said

“Do you know what they call alternative medicine
That’s been proved to work?

Followed by an academic laugh,
that could as well have been a fart.
I just had to say

“So how then, may I ask,
do you explain placebo?
Oh I guess that was never
addressed in Scooby Doo.
How can medicine be proven to work,
if everyone agrees it doesn’t from the start?
Alternative medicine, is just that.
An alternative.
You dont have to take it.
I dont care.
But you see,
you now have been antagonizing this women
for quite some time.

And this posh doctor and his wife
dont seem to mind.
Well I do, you see,
because she may be
right in saying:

“Your faith in Science and Tests
Is just as blind
As the faith of any fundamentalist.”
You kind of proven her point,
when attacking her with such force.
And without any sign of remorse.

How could you possibly say,
that pretending to talk to the dead,
is more of a bastard move
than you treating this obvious fool
as a tool
for you to rant on
with your so called “skeptical” gum?
How can you have more respect for humanity,
when you treat people with such cruelty
just because they disagree?

You see,
I think that is the real irony.
That you so called “humanists”,
just pore out this clear misanthropy.
You know I take my flu-shots,
but why is it important to you
who does and who does not?

Why is it okay for you to degrade people of other belief,
but when you are attacked you claim free-speech.
You say you want freedom from religion,
I say you want freedom to dominate.
To proselyte,
to interrogate.
To ridicule those of different values and minds.
Claim them insane.
Refusing to be treated the same.

Treating others with contempt.
But have you shown your adapt?
Have you given any good argument for anything?

Who cares if she believes in astrology?
What harm can it possibly be?
Have you added anything but opinion yourself?”

Now he probably wont mention me,
if he ever retells this story
His name was Tim Minchin I think.
He was a poet or something like it.
At least not a scientist.
Or anyone else with any merit.

But I am sure he thinks himself to be,
an important man on the right side of history.
Some visionary.
Just because he hates tattoos of fairies.

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