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Another picture making fun of atheist.

29 Sep

This blog is turning less of a blog and more of a tumblr page for every entry I make.

But I am very pleased with how this collage turned out. I think this collection of smiles (or perhaps more precisely smirks) really says alot. That said… My hobby at poking fun of atheist really seem to become an obsession of mine. I think I may have become addicted. Oh, well… Better than running the streets making graffiti or doing drugs I guess.

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Asked and answered.

19 Mar

Why in democratic country’s do we have to pick a side, and then spend untold amounts of money and energy squabbling against each other??

Because we can´t have a neutral dictatorship. We need more than one “moderate” voice saying “sure we can do both“. For a democracy to work we need left and right voices, but they need to be fair and balanced. There should be less “special interest” voices, “constructed problem” debates and fights based on lies, redefined deconstructed terms and issues. We can´t think clear anymore, because there is only one great monotonous voice, and a low chocked gurgle of “dark men”.

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Some jokes about Religions.

28 Feb

*knock, knock*
Who´s there?
Some atheist who wants to share the love of our self with you.
Go away you damn dirty apes!

Two atheist crosses the road, and one of them got hit by a car with a BIG BANG. When the police came the other atheist then said: “Well, it just happened“.

How many atheist does it take to screw in a light bulb?

-None. They make the Christian do it and claim they could have done just as well, even though no God forced them to do it.

How many Christians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
-One. But he ONLY does it to get to heaven (that evil CHRISTIAN!!!)

How many angry Muslims does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
-I dare not answer that.

How many angry Muslims does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
-None, they make the Kafir do it as they are buissy doing this:

Blog 2.0 - Have you heard the one about the atheist who defined himself as nonexistent?

PS: I made all of those jokes myself. Pretty good ah? I should be a comedian, if it wasn’t´for the fact I have too few cultural references in my joke. It isn´t funny unless it references some cool sci-fi movie like star wars or star trek.

To be loved by so many makes it hard.

30 Sep

To be loved by so many makes it hard.
-Some cheesy whore master (2011)

Sofie´s choice.. I haven´t seen it but I get the reference. I now have a Sofie’s Choice. I just started a Norwegian blog that is a little bit different than AMC because it is in Norwegian. I call that young brain spawn “Tanker om Ting” and is suppose to be about things I… well I dunno. I wanted a Norwegian blog too so I don´t have to Google irregular verbs all the time. And now I feel torned [sic], like Sofie, except it isn´t about real people.

Which blog should be my main concern? This blog, with all it´s international fans who need to get the real perspective that only I can give them, or the brainwashed social-democultic culture of Norway who perhaps even more need my sober views?

I can´t choose, so both will have to live and therefore perhaps die. I don´t know if that was Sophie´s final choice, I think I may need to see that flick once. It´s with Meryl Streep, I think. She is a great actor.

Have a nice day.

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2 years

17 Sep

2 years…

can you believe it? Oh, what fun it is. Looking back,seeing how nothing has changed. *cocking of a gun*

Seeing all those funny comments, feedback etc. It really shows how the internet joins us together.



It´s been a good run. I have written lot´s of things, that after re-reading gives me the creeps. “Did I write that? My God! How high was I?

And I don´t even use drugs.

And that may be one of the most important messages I could give you. If you need drugs to be special, creative, intelligent, innovative etc. You are not really any of those things.

What else?

Well there has been a lot of entries about *bleeped* up stuff written with *blepped* up language in hopes of showing how *bleeped* up they are… *bleep*. But mostly I think I have estranged myself from anyone who would read it or even agree with me, due to the choices of languages and style.

Yeah, that´s it. That doesn´t sound like self-denial and a lie


2 years.
Wow. Many words… Many words, opinions etc. I also made some pictures. Some of them are kind of cute… aren´t they? Aren´t they?

Aren´t they?

Well, anyway… I may not have changed the world with this blog, but I have atleast changed my world and that… and that… THAT makes all the difference.

Because we only write these blogs for ourselves, don´t we? No need for anyone to, you know, agree or give comments or re-post or like etc?

Happy birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me. *soob*

Anyway… It´s all good. Everything is just as nice, dandy and on schedule as it was two years ago.

Right on schedule.


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Iraq and a hard place.

11 Sep

Dilemmas and an implicit ultimatum.
In case you haven´t noticed there is a war of words going on in Europe about how Europe is going to be in the future. This war is also known as a culture war between right vs left, theism vs atheism and the intellectual and the ignoramus. This isn´t new, it has been going on since the beginning of civilized society.

But something has changed: It getting polarized. And a new addition to western cultural has emerged; Islam.

The way I see it there are three outcome of the millennial culture wars of the western civilization.

1) An atheist/secular culture
2) christian culture

3) Islamic culture.

And since I like to be a head of the curve I have started to prepare myself for the choices I have to make. First I need to make a list of which kind of society/culture I want to live in.

The future or just a mass-psychotic nightmare? Perhaps it´s a utopia?

I want to live in a (relaxed) christian society first, then a secular sterile one and NEVER EVER do I want to live in an Islamic culture.

So now comes that hard part. I have to choose my allies in the culture war. Which of the two other choices is closest to my values. And here lays the dilemma.

Although I rather want to live in a secular world, I am closer to Islam when it comes to my metaphysical perspectives. So who should I alley myself with? Should I try to make my culture less godless with the Muslims, or should I fight against all the evils of Islam with the atheists? And do any of the other groups want to fight with me or do they want to join forces and “kill” of the Christians?

As of now, there are atheist who believe they can have the cake and eat it to [1]. They believe they can use Islam as an excuse to de-Christianize Europe and then have the Muslims leave quietly through the door when Europe have finally killed of the “hypocritical evil christian conservatives” who´s only wish is to rain on the gay parade and pro-choice movements. By the looks of it Christianity is soon out, because of their weakness in saying what they should say. Christians wants to be liked by people and be open minded. Being like that makes it easier to pick on them, ridicule them and finally ignore them.

There are two kinds of Christians 1) The evil Christians who say everybody is going to hell and 2) the boring Christians who will not make any statements whatsoever. The Christians need to make a hybrid. Someone tolerant (nothing wrong with that) who still are bold enough to say “Porn, decadence, promiscuity and other liberal values are not apart of our morality.

Here are two videos as an afterthought:

(This video shows a Muslim converting a non-Muslim, probably agnostic, Utøya survivor to Islam.)


But just in case I should experience ultimate defeat by Islam I practice my Shahada.

“لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول ال”

So I hopefully can survive long enough to see the first once against the wall, and those of course are the freethinkers. The group that I blame for the cultural chaos we are experiencing in the first place.

Then I will state my opinion loudly:

I hope I would have been that brave.

Blog 2.0 - No, I am not an islamophobe. I find their religion ugly and their culture disgusting but I do not fear them!

Zombies Again???

5 Sep

This image get´s stronger and stronger every time a new Zombie Game, Zombie Movie (especially every movie where the cause of the zombie outbreak is proven to be a virus), every DLC with Zombie mode etc. etc. come out.


I wish I could draw better, and had the pations to try harder… If you can´t see what I have drawn; It suppose to be a zombie playing a zombie game!

The Mist (2007) – An analysis

31 Aug

Brent Norton:

David, there’s nothing out there. Nothing in the mist.

David Drayton:

What if you’re wrong?

Brent Norton:

Then, I guess… the joke will be on me after all.

-The Mist (2007)

The Mist – Introduction

I saw The Mist many years ago thinking it would be a entertaining cheesy monster movie. A review I read said it was dull and pointless but I still saw it. Watching this movie I went throught a lot of feelings. I have always been skeptical to religion bashing movies and for a great part of this film I thought it was just that; a movie about how religion keeps us down. But watching it to the end, the critique of religion was ambivalent at best. So now, for reason I may post in a later entry I want to analyze the Mist to see what this movie tries to say about religion and humanity in general.

The Mist – Plot summary:

A boy, his father and his neighbor goes to the local mall to buy supplies after a big storm. As they enter the mall, they meet alot of the small towns inhabitants. Among them a cold and angry christian woman, some conscious liberal old people, down to earth good-guys and military personnel.

Shortly after their arrival a thick fog arrives, and a man claims that there is «something in the mist». Screaming from slow moving people seem to prove that. The people in the store then closes the doors, try to find out what´s going on, then try to survive as groups of people start playing each other off for power.
The angry christian claim that this is a punishment from God as she tries to take control over the people in the store. She tells people not to go outside or do anything as «help was on the way»
Towards the end of the struggle the angry cold christian is killed and the father, son and the liberal old people leave the store to try fending for themselves. They travel a long misty road until the run out of gas. Believing it is all over…

*plot spoiler* *plot spoiler* *plot spoiler* *plot spoiler* *plot spoiler*

…they commit suicide. Leaving only the father behind to witness that rescue truly where on it´s way.

The Mist – The analysis

As most good monster movies, this monster movie is not about the monsters. They are primal fears materialized. What really goes on is the human reaction to the threat. The mist works as a fog of fear, and the mall becomes a sample of most kinds of humans from highly educated (“college boy”) to low-level working class. The fog becomes the unknown which is unknown to all walks of life.

The Mist shows human nature at it worst in a crisis. We see Xenophobia of the «out of towners», disbelief. lack of faith, egotism, paranoia, fundamentalism, bias, “us-them” mentality, lack of scientific ethics and many more. I will mention the impact some of these behaviors and attitudes affects the story´s progression and conclusion and find out if the true essence of this film is a critique of religious faith.

Duty vs fear.
After the mist is encountered and the threat is explained the first reaction we get to observe is the maternal instinct vs. cowardice or more generally duty vs fear. A mother, with a strong sense of maternal duty, begs for help as she has to go out in the Mist to get to her children. No others in the mall dare to exit, and she has to leave on her own. We watch her walk out into the mist alone, seeing everyone else watching her in fear. This scene is probably important for many reasons. It gives us a quick understanding of the group as a whole. No one in the supermarket is interested in helping anyone but themselves. And as the mother leaves the mall she says “You can all go to hell” and to hell they went.

Then a romance plot start between a pretty blond and the father. They never explore the tension, but seems to hint that the protagonist lives in the moment, almost forgetting his wife as long as he has the company of this pretty blond. It is not stated explicitly but it would seem the protagonist has had an affair with this woman (especially if there is any continuity between the movie and the novelette). This shows that the protagonist does not have a strong sense of duty either.

Disbelief and lack of faith

At least in the beginning many of the characters shows a great disbelief in the dangers outside since it´s to far fetched. In real life we can find these farfetched threats everywhere; islamization, Illuminati, capitalism agenda of keeping the man down, cultural-Marxist thought control, 2012 hysteria, 9/11 conspiracy, glass-ceiling theory, apocalyptic signs in our time and terrorism threats. Anyone who has any credibility needs to laugh out loud by these ignorant nonsense. They are all wrong. How could they be right? Well, in this movie seeing was believing and they couldn´t doubt it. Unfortunately not everybody saw it at the same time, and a conflict arises when warning is met with ridicule.

The protagonist, «a college boy» gives lots of warnings in this movie, but he says them in a patronizing elitist way, making others ignoring him. When it turns out he was right, it becomes clear to others that they should have listen to him on faith, and apologizes. The protagonist then becomes angry as well and punches the disbeliever. This shows a unbalance between taking one´s own opinion on faith and other´s

The mist seems to thematically revolve around belief /disbelief. Characters experience changes in their beliefs throughout this movie. Some believe stronger, some loose theirs (see also my analysis of the ending). Also faith in the different characters is about different things. Some have faith in humanity, some in God, some in rationality. These different values are tested trough this nightmare and some seem more resilliant than others. I.e. Faith in humanity dies at the 53 mark as the last part of The Mist there are numerous acts of suicide.

To much faith.
This is the main reason for my analysis of this movie. An atheist, that I talked to online, made “the evils of religion”, the explicit theme of this movie. In a scene we see the cold cynical christian woman in the toilette praying to God for strength to comfort and preach. This is her refuge in the crisis a real or imagined God. She believes it is needed, but she is also obviously mentally unstable as she is crying and talking to herself. A conflict in her mind is stated as she says «Don´t condescend me.[…] Don´t mock me.». Why she says that is unclear but there seems to be bad blood between the blond woman and the angry christian. Also, and this is pure interpretation, as the other character says «I wasn´t mocking you», there seems to be an honest disbelief in her face.

"I wasn´t mocking you"

The irony of it all is the parallel conflict of christian fundamentalism and the disbelief of the very real outside threat that goes on in the first part of The Mist. Also it may be worth noting that although a God is never seen in this movie, the angry christian do experience some miracles and she shows some bravery when she was not afraid of dying when a monster bug is resting on her chest. As she prays the bug flies away. It may be a atheistic coincidence or a the directors real intent of showing divine intervention.


In analyzing text we often use the term “hero” or “protagonist”. I have tried here to be consequent in referring to the character that drives the story forward as “protagonist” because “hero” he ain´t.
Towards the end of the movie the protagonist and his allies are discussion leaving the mall to rescue themselves. A debate about the rights and wrongs of abandoning the rest of the people is concluded with

Amanda Dunfrey:

You don’t have much faith in humanity, do you?

Dan Miller:

None, whatsoever.

Amanda Dunfrey:

I can’t accept that. People are basically good; decent. My god, David, we’re a civilized society.

David Drayton:

Sure, as long as the machines are working and you can dial 911. But you take those things away, you throw people in the dark, you scare the shit out of them – no more rules.

In this dialogue, ideals are faced with misanthropy and cynicism. The cold truth becomes funny in it´s terror, but even more important this cynicism will lead to the conclusion that self preservation is more important than altruism.

Lack of scientific ethics.
This theme is so overly used in horror, and especially monster movies, that it has become a clisje. Resident Evil 1-3 , Frankenstein, Re-animator, Alien: Resurrection, Island of Dr. Moreau, Species, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde, many Villains in comicbooks, Jurassic Park, The Fly, Doom, Piranha (1978). The list is endless. It is, what I will call, a healthy skepticism to science. But it mostly goes unheard. Constantly we can read in newspapers of groundbreaking discoveries in science that we didn´t even knew they did research on and what is discovered (i.e we can clone things/eugenics, atom bombs, bio-weaponry, medical discovery through torture [1] [2].) “BUT IT´S PROGRESS! NO ONE SHOULD QUESTION PROGRESS!”

Wayne Jessup:

Yeah, we all heard stuff! Like uh, how they… they thought that there were other dimensions. You know, other… other worlds all around us, and how they wanted to try to make a window, you know, so they can look through and see what’s on the other side.

Mrs. Carmody:

Well maybe your window turned out to be a door. Isn’t it?

Wayne Jessup:

Not my door! It’s the scientists!



Oh, the scientists.

Wayne Jessup:

Yes, the scientists! They must’ve ripped a hole through by accident. That’s how their world keeps on spilling through into ours. That’s what Donaldson was saying right before he killed himself. I didn’t understand half of it.

As I said earlier, I do not believe that this is a tribute to atheism ideals, and not logic and scientific conquerors either. We most not forget that it is strongly implied that this monstrous ordeal was started by military scientist with government founding. And by this, this movies as basically showed fault in everything.

The ending
The ending of the Mist is not like the ending of the novella by Stephen King. In the movie there is a collective suicide where 4 of the 5 people in the car get´s killed just before the military arrives to rescue them. In this ending we also see that the mother from the beginning survived as did her kids.

This differs a lot from the novella where there is no collective suicide, but instead ends openly with the party moving towards a loose hope.

According to the director, Frank Darabont, this change was a gamble to him that could either be rewritten or reduce the budget of the movie [3]. He chose the last alternative.

The result was a real anti-climatic ending, with a shocking twist. All this gives me the impression that the change was important to the director, and should be emphasized. Why did the protagonist kill his child instead of fighting until the end like in the novella? He had fought for his child in the mall against the religious fanatic, why now kill the child himself instead? I think it is because the fog was no longer a fog of fear but a mental haze. No longer seeing any possibilities of safety or meaning for the struggle to go on. As the car runs empty of gas, so those the protagonist run empty of sense.

Doing some research on the web a lot of people disliked the ending. Some even re-editing the ending to fit the novella, and I find that fascinating.

The overall theme and meaning of the movie.
The theme of the movie seems to be the conflict between faith vs fear, idealism vs realism and rationalism vs fundamentalism. The end scene of the movie shows us something important. There was one person who did truly the right thing. The mother leaving the mall for her children.

The Mist Conclusion

I think this movie is as misanthropic as it can get. In 1hour 30 min it basically shows all the human faults that could emerge in a crisis. Xenophobia of the «out of towners», Disbelief. Lack of faith, Egotism, paranoia, fundamentalism, retrospective quarrels (what happened in the past is the genesis of new anger), bias, us-them mentality, lack of scientific ethics. And almost every single character, even the protagonist, shows powerful signs of this.

But also, and this is perhaps the most important point, it´s an entertaining horror movie about fantastical out-of-world monsters.

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12 inch! (Longer equals better?)

11 Jun

12 inch!

Not my private size, but the length of song. From wikipedia “The 12-inch single (often simply called 12″) is a type of gramophone record that has wider groove spacing compared to other types of records. This allows for louder levels to be cut on the disc by the cutting engineer, which in turn gives a wider dynamic range, and thus better sound quality. This record type is commonly used in disco and dance music genres, where DJs use them to play in discos or clubs. They are generally intended to be played at 45 rpm.”

Soo… The point is… There are alot of songs that is also called 12´´ or “extended”. I love those songs. Some are even better than the original too. I would like to play some extended songs I love.

Here are some great examples:

Pet shop Boys – Always on my mind:


Talk Talk – Talk Talk


Joy Division – She´s lost control


ABC – Poison Arrow


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2010 in review (so I don´t have to make a new entry)

2 Jan

I am a man of ambitions and narcissism and so I like to feel important. Sometimes I get a letter from my bank telling me in great letters how my economy is stable and how I should invest in fonds and stock. I also get letters from credit card firms, which I also find flattering (as they think there is money to be stolen). Both letters fall into the bin after skimming, but the point is…

It makes me feel important.

I also got this mail, I re-posted it as it was very flattering;-)

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Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


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Julian Paul Assange – Hero, hacker, rapist. December 2010


How to get an eating disorder. November 2010

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