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The Body’s Lover

19 Jun


Norway is a liberal country. We also have a state church and a lot of free thinkers exclaiming their views on the Internets. A guy called Einar Gelius was (is?) a man of the cloth… of sort. Tattooed is favorite soccer team on his arm, exclaiming radical opinions and writing books about sex in the bible. You may call him a rouge priest, a holy man not playing by the rules, a Dirty Harry cleric. He started debates, he got followers and he got dark men opponents.


Anyway… He was one of those liberal priest. Saying the bible is not anti-sexual, but very much a pornographic love-letter to carnal lust. Ugh!

There are two sides to this story. 1) The people who believe that a open liberal church is what we need. That more people will believe in a church that is adaptable, more liberal and open minded. And 2) the other side, like me, who believe this will destroy the church ones and for all.

We do not need a church that preaches that everything is allowed, we need a church that preaches everything can be forgiven… if that is the case. If not, the church should stay true towards their teaching and not sell out to the latest fads.

Haha... It´s funny because when stupid christian celebrate the apostals was filled with the holy spirit a ugly whore get´s filled with cock. Get it? It´s funny because it anemalistic and degrading to everyone. Funny stuff.

Einar Gelius either wants to destroy the church from the inside, to justify his own sins or just be argumentative. No matter what his cause it´s highly destructive. The people who support him are often atheist-humanist and even sometimes pure nihilists. Take for instance a protest stirred in the after match of Einar Gelius book. Fuck for Forrest imitated sexual acts in a church on Pentecost. Haha… It was funny because it was liberal, nonsensical, disturbing, disrespectful, disgusting (FFF were ugly as hell) and fitting perfectly with the currant anti-religious voices of the world. And talk about ugly sub-humans.

Anyway… That´s my view on the subject. Priest shouldn´t be liberal. We need that like a druggie needs heroin.

Blog 2.0 - Just wanted to post that picture of Einar Gelius as Anton LeVey

How to get an eating disorder.

15 Nov


You wanna be a lean, mean, skinny machine but exercise and dieting only makes you see your lower rib bones and you can not scratch the spinal cord from your belly button.

AMC aims to please, and has gotten alot of letters and e-mails from young girls and woman needing to get rid of excess fat and tissue. So here is the guide of how to get an eating disorder, and the pros and cons for each.

There are mainly three kinds of eating disorders that could give a woman the fashionable “skeleton with skin look”.; Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa and the mix of these two. I will explain the pros and cons of each disorder, and at the end tell you how to get them.

Anorexia nervosa

Remember! Anorexia is not just for the women of the world. There are alot of fat males too.

Anorexia nervosa is the proses of not eating anything… ever! By not eating anything your body starts a something known as catabolism, which everyone has, but where fat people break down new energy from constant eating, you will digest your own body instead. By digesting your own body, fat will disappear, and a new healthy look will appear. Anorexia has an incidence of between 8 and 13 cases per 100,000 persons per year

Pros: This is the best way to get skinny. It´s faster and more effective than any other diet and it´s so easy even a model can do it.

Cons: It does demand a lot from you. Even though the two step program is easy to learn (just “1) stop eating, 2) exercise”) you need to be in total control over your own body to do that. If you don´t think you have the backbone for it, (or the need to feel your backbone), then perhaps Bulimia nervosa is the better choice.

How to achieve Anorexia nervosa
YOU GOTZ TO WANT IT YOU FAT BITCH! Look at your self. Fuck! I don´t understand how you can believe anyone would want such a fucking fat ass!
This is the mantra to any Anorexia nervosa success. As of now you do not have any control over your life. You´re not a model like you thought you would be and male attention give you only temporal pleasure (and besides sperm is fattening). You need to take control over your self. No more binging, no more salad with dressing. No more anything. Look in the mirror. LOOK! How can you stand yourself. You have no control over you life. NO CONTROL! If you can´t control you own body, how can you control anything else? You need to show restraint. When you know that you have no controll over your own life you need to bow down to the two-step program of; “1) stop eating, 2) exercise“.

    1) Stop eating: Eating causes harm, and only weak people does it. You need to stop eating right now!
    2) Exercise: Everybody know that exercise is good for you as it makes your body beautiful and you´ll live forever young. Now fat people exercise once or twice a week, you need to exercise once or twice A DAY!

If you follow this two-step program to the letter an NEVER EVER lose control, then t´you will become the most beautiful woman in 1-2 years. And all your friends will cry in envy as the carry you out in a casket.

Bulimia nervosa

So you don´t have the backbone for Anorexia nervosa because you´er a weak person who really don´t deserve to live. But self mutilation with a knife causes scars and is ugly, and so you need to punish yourself in away that is both painful and constructive. Yes then Bulimia nervosa is the choice for you. By vomiting after every meal you will get skinny too.

Pros: It´s far more easy to do than Anorexia nervosa as you can eat (to be social) but also go down in weight.

A common rookie mistake. It´s suppose to go IN the toilet!

Cons: It´s rarely said but I think it need to be pointed out that Bulimia nervosa does have some side effects that Anorexia nervosa does not. First, you never really get control over your life, and secondly there are some aesthetic problems you need to know of. The aesthetic problems are: Vomiting can lead to tooth enamel and tooth decay, and although you do get skinnier, you never get a models flat stomach. Because since you eat before you vomit the stomach get´s bloated and soft to the touch. Also you need to know that constant vomiting can destroy some barriers in your stomach and throat which can lead to uncontrolled vomiting at inconvenient times. Fortunately, most people are so shallow they will not take notice.

How to achieve Bulimia nervosa
The first thing you have to do before getting into the Bulimia nervosa program is to acknowledge that you have a problem with eating. You eat too much and too often. As with people in the Anorexia nervosa program you need to know that you do not have control over your body, but unlike those in the Anorexia nervosa program you have to admit your troubles are chronic. You will never have control. Then you enter the three-step program of the Bulimia nervosa; 1) Binge, 2) Release, 3)Repeat

    1) Binge: You need to eat lots of food to build up a pressure in your stomach
    2) Release: This is the hardest step to do and it´s rarely explained to people. First you need a toilet or a bucket or a bush and some privacy. It´s important to make sure no one knows what you are doing, as most people like being fat and will not understand what you are doing. When you have that you need to put your mouth into the toilet, bucket or behind that bush and stick a finger down your throat. Keep the finger deep down in your throat until the food comes up again. Make sure everything you have eaten has come up again. A trick here is to eat something of a different color first, and when that has come up again you´re done. At first this may be hard, but as the days go by this will almost go automatically.
    3) Repeat: Do this ritual over and over again for prefect result.

Anorexia nervosa with Bulimia nervosa on the side (the mix)

This third choice is just a mix of the two mentioned above. Sometimes you don´t eat, sometimes you eat to much and vomit. It´s nice to have this alternative if you fear getting caught. By eating when with friends, but not eating when you are alone and excise every chance you get you will still get that perfect body. Just remembered to brush your teeth after every vomit.

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“Hi, jab, jab jab… hijab is great for integration.”

10 Nov


If the western world aren´t suppressing women, gays, other alternative lifestyles, jews, the weak, the strong, the singles, the sexually active, the asexual, blacks, other variations on color, different non western cultures, religion, atheism we are suppressing the integration processes by not allowing certain clothing over others. In Norway, and probably other countries of Europe the discussion is going about how much playing room are we going to give the “non-western traditions” of Hijab, Burqa and Niqāb, As a white Norwegian suppressor (aka man) I should just keep my mouth shut.

Here is my opinion…

It´s not as much suppressive as it´s *bleeping* ugly! I mean look at her. She´s like 20? She looks like an old hag.

The main argument for the non-western fashion statement is that woman chooses to wear these clothing aaaalll by them self from the age of 6 and up. If that is so… fine… no worries. The trouble with the female curtain (aka. hijab) is when it isn´t voluntarily worn and when the walking curtains (not racist, just translational;The Arabic word literally means curtain or cover) demand that European tradition adapt and allow their clothing as part of their uniform (i.e police, judicial robe etc). Sorry friends of Islam… No dice!

If one loves some culture over an other than they should visit, perhaps even move there (hint, hint, hint). This is what I call the alternative to the alternative. By keeping choices clear (i.e “in Norway we don´t disguise our self when we go about”, “in France we talk alot of nonsense and eat baguettes” or “in Iran women don´t look straight at their men“) people are free to choose what they want in their surroundings and few unnecessary conflicts arises.

So feel free to wear hijab in the Iranian or Iraqi police, but in the west that is not apart of the uniform, and hopeful never will… because it´s *bleeping* ugly!

Blog 2.0 -Is all for equality in YOUR country!

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.8)

19 Oct

Hmmm…. You know what? There is another great aspect of the dance music gengre and that is that it is very wholesome. It´s one of the few music types that hasn´t been corrupted. In short it doesn´t sell out on sex. Take this little number for instance… Il Caesar – Calma

This was pure Norwegian innocence. Like Sound of Music without the nasty Nazis.

Then we have this little church number; Pafferndorf – Crazy Sexy Marvelous . Sort of reminds me of Sunday School for adults.

The harder we come, the rougher you go“, that is the essence of the christian work ethic. By looking at this video you know they know their scriptures. Pure Christendom through and true We´ve made a few changes. We´re crazy, sexy, marvelous now! Join us!

Another example of innocence is this one. Ding Ding song… Could it be more child like? Pure naivete.

But hey, no Benny?” Benny made lot´s of aesthetic videos about sugar, spice and everything nice. Well, you´re right. Here is Benny with his existential question: “Who´s your daddy?“. All men wonder about that one. Especially in these liberal days;)

I really like the cough… Nice touch:)

So if you want a break from the decadence of the Gaga artists of the world, you should join us in the Trance-dance-techno-whatever world. Here it´s Disney day everyday. Squirrels resting on our shoulders and birds flying around our heads (I think it´s a swallow).

Blog 2.0 - *Cough, cough* Is your daddy, he´ll give it to you!

PS: “But hey you haven´t posted part 0.6 yet. WHY HAVEN´T YOU POSTED PART 0.6!!! TELL ME!“, you may ask.

Relax. It´s coming. Coming real soon.

The Internet is dirty

7 Sep

We may not smell it, we may not even see it, but the internet is a filthy place. We think that web 2.0 with all it´s interaction and videoblogs makes it an arena for intellectual, clean stimuli. But I see what you´re searching! Oh, yes… Filthy people looking for porn.

People who read my blog came over it not because I tagged it Postmodern or Happy-go-crazy or atheist or funny or Ambivalence please or do not tell the teacher or Political gibberish. No they find my blog because I write about social PORN. Oh, yes.

These are the searches that reaches Andy´s Mercury Comments.

1) andy mercury
(Whom ever that gentlemen may be)

2) socialporn

3) lyrics “find the words without being dis…

4) manfred gerstenfeld

5) free socialporn

6) “abortion until birth”

7) feel empty

8 ) electra complex porn

9) am i going to see god mommy

10) where do people like us flow

It really seems that my blog is the final stopping place for perverts and lost souls.


Blog 2.0 - Tried to raise the bar, but fell on the floor and drank more

A History of Suppression (a book idea)

10 Aug

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

      -O’Brien (from Nineteen Eighty-Four)

As you may already know, I’m lazy and I also have a short attention span (what was I writing about again? I blame TV, genes, the government, education, culture and misc. mental disorders).

A possible book cover. - ''If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. '' NOTE: You should always start a book by quoting someone else! Preferably someone famous, critically acclaimed and/or a known visionary. I choose 1984, as it's every paranoid New World Order loonies first choice. And it's true too;)

But if I wasn’t lazy and with…hmm?… I would write a book. I would have called it:

    A History of Suppression.

The hypothesis in that book would have been; there are real suppression in history but that now suppression is used more as an excuse for not trying or ambitions over talent.“. I have written a couple of blog entries about that subject on AMC already [1] [2] [3] but as I have said I’m lazy.

I would have, should have, could have done some research on real suppression in history like slavery, segregation and violence (etc.) against minorities and put it against modern day suppression like “Glass ceiling” theory, bigotry and racial profiling. But I am so sleepy (perhaps I’ve got myalgisk encefalopati or Fibromyalgia?).

Cuz sometimes it’s all about being a cliché, you know? Sometimes we get a slap in the face because we are just so annoyingly stereotypical. We’re playing a role, doing what we think we are suppose to do because of our cultural backdropping. We’re trying to be an individual by worshipping a sub-culture that is just stupidly destructive and animal like. Claiming afterwards that people don’t understand us since we’re so special, when in fact we’re just bland copies of former expressions we don’t understand but just pretend to do. (“How dare you call me Uncle Tom!”)

But hold on! I would have gone even further by making the claim that not only are the different subgroups no more suppressed than the majority, but also add that we are ALL suppressed in one way or another. That if we are not suppressed by the power, than we are suppressed by each other. That if it’s not a legislation that keeps us down, than it’s other peoples expectations of us that keeps us in check.

NOT ONLY THAT: I would make the suggestion that this is a good thing! Our urges to do what we want should be suppressed, like holding a fart inn by the dinner table. And then finally at the end of my book make the conclusion that if you don’t like it you can move to France or Sweden the cultural low brow of the world.

So the book would have been a success (there are no problems in sweet dreams) and I would be RICH! Everybody would have said “That AndyAce83 guy, he something. I… Oh, he smart! He like see great things and be like all that and shit.“.

This is a ''Don't be a clich'' entry. About ''individuals in a group working hard to confirm our prejudice.''

Perhaps I would have gotten the Nobel peace prize? And meet the prez of the US?

Fo Sho!

But I’m so tiered, you know? So weak. Didn’t get much sleep last night from all the dreams. I can’t focus because of all the possibilities. So if you want to write the book feel free to do so. I don’t want royalties, only credit for the idea.

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The Soundtrack for this entry could be:

Or perhaps:

No, no, no… more like this:

Music is important, you know.
As you probably already know; when feeling suppressed music can really liberate. Of course not for real, but one can feel free, and it’s basically the same and probably the only time we will ever be. Such a happy exit thought:)

My views on the Smoking bans (A very outdated post)

1 Aug

Warning: Crazy nonsense. May destroy your mind!

I am soon going to Hollywood to put the fear of God in those godless heathens!

And success will be imminent as, you know, God helps his faithful followers (just ask Job). The point is that after my success everyone will want a piece of me.

Strangers in the street will yell; “Hey, AndyAce83. We loved what you did in that thing!“, “AndyAce83, I want to have your baby!” and “Love you so much I will kill myself.” I will naturally wear sunglasses and look angry so they will know that I am better than them. Ahh, happy times awaits.

What was I writing about again? Oh, yeah. Smoking bans in pubs and bars. I will get to that, I just need to daydream some more.

So everybody would want a piece of me and I would give it to many young and pretty ladies. Hard and sloppy, the AndyAce83 way! I will become one of those that I hated. The once I wanted to destroy by throwing the bible in their face. My plan was to run into Bill Maher office and say: “Take that Lucifer” with a kick-throw in his stomach and using bible paper for ninja stars cutting off his big nose. Also I would run into Asia Carrera and scream: “Whore of Babylon, your time is up! JUDO PUNCH! HOOYAAAA!“.

When I get to Hollywood, she will probably be legal. Hmm, tender, tight and crazy! Nothing wrong with that:)

Instead I would screamTHERE IS NO GOD” in a back room at a bar with red eyes and blood from my nose as I just killed another stripper-whore for the thrill in a delirium of drugs. Her stretch marks telling me I have made someone an orphan (as there are no fathers in Hollywood).

I am closing in on the point of smoking in bars now. Relax, man! Chill out. I know you are used to the internet giving you the fix at once, but in AMC we take a journey.

So I would be a failure in my success, and my life would become an exciting downwards spiral of infamy. Keywords being; violence, sex, drugs and MURDER!. Of course a book had to be written of my life. It would probably be called “AndyAce83- destructively exciting genius“, or “AndyAce83 – I can’t believe I fucked them all!

In that biography, to really emphasise the tragedy of my life, they would start in my innocent childhood. Then moving forward to my teenage life, early adulthood etc. Trying to find out where my downfall from grace to nihilistic annihilation (another great title for my book) began.

''from grace to nihilistic annihilation''- Yeah, I like that tittle the most. Do I hear of a Pulitzer Prize?

The answer would not be simple as there are lots of fascinating details to be revealed and lot’s of possible psychological motives for self-destruction. But one thing they would have to explore is one of my most important character traits; my intense burning for a subject for a while and then sudden disinterest.

Throughout my years, lots of what I would call “important” issues have been rebelled and argument for ad nauseam. In my early teens it was idealistic beliefs in the right of teens (believe it or not), in my late teens it was a rebel against the powers that be, in my early twenties it was smoking bans and now it’s the growing number of “freethinkers” who is using that phrase like a badge of honour (when I would make the claim that it is quite the opposite).

So with intense passion, heat, even anger I have fought for or against these different matters. I was like a broken record in the dessert sun that suddenly burned up to cinder.The fight has been fought and lost, but for your pleasure, and my future biographers easy reference, I will beat the dead horse one more time. Although now I couldn’t care less.

No smoking Bitch! (I am finally getting to the point)

I am by principal against smoking bans in bars and nightclubs as it’s a enormous loss in our civil liberties. If one makes the argument of health, I would make the claim that we are all going to die anyway. If one makes the argument of longer life, I would say we have no guarantees anyway. If one makes the argument of concern for people with lung-disease and allergies, I would make the claim that 1) sickly people shouldn’t be in bars anyway and 2) if we take consideration for them what about disco-lights for people with epilepsy or loud music giving us all hearing defects. If one makes the argument of smell, I would say that if you come back from a night on the town smelling of roses you have not been partying anyway. Debauchery smells of infected bodily fluids and cigarette smoke conceals much of it (another free tip from AMC;)

But this is not the main problem of smoking bans in bars and nightclubs. It goes far deeper than that, almost all the way to the illuminati and the white house. The problem is how it was forced upon us by the power that be (a theme in all my rebellions!). How we didn’t get any alternatives (and alternatives to the alternatives… see, another theme!) but instead got to be forced to be forced outside (yes, I am a smoker.) in the cold like the homosexuals once was. The sheeple saying “this is great because [baaa!!!]” not seeing the trouble this causes for everything else.

Psychic (or crazy or both. You decide. Send an SMS to 45-CRAZY to cast your vote)

Now I have made the suggestion before (many chapters in my biography will probably explore this) that I am psychic. In this case I gave the prophesy that “THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!”. It was probably not noticed by my friends as it came between other prophesies of doom (i.e “Feminism will be the end of us all!”, “DEATH AWAITS!”, “Meat is dead animals” and “My tooth hurts. I may have cavities.”), but time has proven me right.

Before the discussions was “Where should people be allowed to take a cigarette brake?” but now it’s “Where else could we ban people from having a cigarette brake?“. Sheeple have screamed the disgust with people who do not take to the healthy lifestyle of just alcohol, whoring and weed smoking. And now… I just don’t care. There will always be sheeple, and they will always be the real majority.

But it’s not that bad, cuz I will become a great Hollywood success story that will have sex with many sexy ladies before I die. So what do I care?

Blog 2.0 - DARES TO DREAM THE DREAM (while smoking a cigarettes. TAKE THAT SOCIETY! *cough, cough*)

I fell in love with a feminist, I fell in love with her SMILE:)

13 May

This youtube sight also has it's own web page. Women, click on this link and start clicking your clitt.

My favoritt Youtube site.

Feministing it’s called.

Sounds sexy!

I can feel my balls falling off from the first video.

I also like that this channel is one of the few youtube video sites that there are no rating or commenting allowed. That says alot about feminism, don’t ya think? They are allowed to say “Hate you”, “Fuck you”, “All males are degenerates” but no one is allowed to talk back. To talk back is misogynistic (you know like rape and heterosexuality.)

Fortunately I have my own blog! I don’t need to comment on their pages… I can just post MY OPINIONS HERE!

Here’s a gem (press twice to get to youtube, as it’s probably blocked from external use):

Hmm, she’s perrty… I love the way she smiles like “Hey, I am so over you daddy! I don’t care at all. You didn’t have to love me. I can love myself. Myself, yeah! Hey, don’t look at me like that, daddy! Go away. Don’t look at me, man! I’m a monster!

Hmm… “monster”

“Fuck you”, she says. Yeah, don’t mind if you do. You can fuck me any time soon. Preferably before that mustasj [sic] every angry feminist gets becomes too apparent. I would do you! I would do you so hard! Oh, that smile… hmm…

Blog 2.0 - Get's horny from selfdenile

Blog 2.0 - Get's horny from self-denial. Tell me I'm no good for you. Yeah, that's right. Hmm... and that daddy smile...ohh!

An hypotheses about “shock”.

30 Apr

I don’t know about how it is internationally, but Norwegian journalist use the word “shocks” a lot about the latest stunt from the B too Z celebrities.

Lindsay Lohan shocks yet again with being drunk in church“,
Rachel Corigan shock by having tattooed her forehead“,
Megan Fox shocks by saying she masturbate while reading the God delusion
Lady Gaga blah blah blah

What I first noticed was that only female celebrities can “shock“. (Now this is not a feminist statement, although it probably could be used as one, but just an observation.)

Secondly I thought, can one really shock more than once?

Yes, you probably can. If you start out with small indiscretions and build yourself upwards toward the great degradations. But most B-Z celebrities have already done the great ones so why should we care?

The answer is simple. We have nothing better to do. It’s sad.

''Sweet. Ahh:)''

''Shocking! Oh, so shocking!''



And so the stories goes. Some shorter than others.

''Ahh, cute ginger kid.''

''zzz...zzz...zzz.... uh? oh, Lindsay is dating a new man, that's...zzz...zzz'''


Well, the examples are limitless, but I can’t pay more paparazzi (aka. parasite) photographers for evidence. Sorry.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 - We all become whores for something.

Have you noticed the change?

10 Apr

Dear Internet,

have you noticed the change? It seems humour and expression of opinion has mutated into “saying what is true in a blunt way” (I call it “truhtiny“) and “saying what you feel with a lot of swears.” (I call it “nonsensical rantings of ignorant teens and idiots“).

Now I won’t say that I am psychic (because then I have to charge you for my prophesies), but many of my speculations about what’s to come have come true (No mr. Dawkins I have no written proof). To my recollection I once said “In the future jokes will be just saying what is true with a smile“. That prophecy came along with others like “in the future reality show contestants will die as part of the rules“, “In the future religion will be replaced by science with horrible consequences (ie. doomsday)“, “Violence and random acts of destruction will increase to an [almost] anarchic level” and “and one day I will die. Most likely at the age of 35 by heart attack.

I don’t know when, how or if those last prophecies will come true, but if they do then it will be proof that I am psychic wouldn’t it?

Richard Dawkins. Such a happy chap.

As I see it being physic only means you have to see the most bleak outcome to humanity and give it an unspecified timespan and sooner or later it will come true.

Now that statement does not mean I agree with mr Dawkins about there being no real psychics in the world. I think intuition, intelligence and feelings are strong scorches for viewing future and understanding the past. I also see that if you knew the future, like mr. Dawkins demands of psychics, instead of just felt them, that in it self would change things.

Let’s take the scientific prophecy of global warming.

Global Warming hasn’t been proved without problems and there still are alot of “retarded people” who question the entire thing. Also new evidence has been needed to prove why global warming, that are suppose to be over us as in fact done the opposite, made things colder. The UN science people claim this to be low levels of humidity in the atmosphere and that’s why it’s not getting warmer but colder.

Ahh, I see what the UN did there.

Danger! Danger!

Isn’t this just cold reading (no pun intended)? First the scientist will say “Danger. Danger! Global warming will melt the icecaps! Danger. Danger. (Remember to give us money so we can find out more ways for you to die.) Danger. Danger.” and then something random happens and then it’s “Danger Danger. Low level of humidity in atmosphere will make it colder. Danger. Danger. (Give us money so we can find out other things that will kill you.) Danger! Danger!

Atheist and atheist scientist will always view everything of mystery, the little strangeness in everyday life, will be referred to as a coincidences. If an eighty year old lady gets hit by a car and survives, that’s not a “miracle” but a mathematical absurdity that with further investigation will prof merely random. It’s like if you throw an infinite number of white balls into the air one of them are bound to fall down black. It’s not a mystery it’s just facts.

''Kill the Christians!''

Now it may appear that I am anti-science, and I am really not. I am more for science than any atheist is for religion. I in fact love science. It’s fun to know about the stars, what psychology has learned about why we do things, and how sociology claim that they are the only true human science. It’s interesting to follow the gen-pool of humans back to apes, or perhaps not, as we don’t KNOW yet (the missing link is still missing). It’s lovely to think about the big bang, and how it all began.

Where I don’t like science is when the claim to know all that it’s needed to know, when they clearly don’t! When science meddles in politics, or politics meddle in science (even more dangerous and very much the case). When certain besserwisers try to meddle in how parents should raise their children (as an atheist), when moral questions are had and try to steal the last bit of influence religion has on everyday life. You should keep your fucking mouth shout. You have been wrong before, you will be wrong again. An hypothesis, or theory does not make fact! If a scientist can’t tell the difference we are in BIG TROUBLE.

''It's like if you throw an infinite number of white balls into the air one of them are bound to fall down black. It's not a mystery it's just facts.''

What ever science discovers in the future, has rejected in the past, claimed to be true that now is unheard of, will not and shall no change religion. Just as science shall not change art (no reason to remove the gods from Hellenic plays), politics or daily life of the individual. I am a secularist and the day that science can claim to be free of politics, then I think religion should not be used in politics either. And if we are lucky, in the end, no one will care about politics in any respect.

I also think that Dawkin (and his kin) will never find any evidence of there being psychics because as I said precognition involves feelings and Dawkin have NON! I don’t think a real scientist should have feelings as it affects their judgement. The purest scientist sees emotions as illusions to distract us from logic. I mean, if scientist had feeling other than that of being a god, then how could we have tortured people in concentration camps to jump forward in Medicare?

Scientist. Working hard to prove me wrong or perhaps just on the cure for aids, or perhaps developing a new super aids, or trying to prove string theory.

Blog 2.0 - Who cares anyway!