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Poem about beautiful strong independent women

8 Mar

(Blog update: 10´o March 2012: Here I read the poem


It´s 8th of march. The day we all celebrate the fairer sex.


They are great! They truly are great. Amazing. Smart. Empathic. Beautiful. Intelligent. Funny. Trustworthy. The adjectives to describe them know no limits. All of them, positively charged with pureness. Fun Fact; If women ruled the world there would be no wars. No poverty. No rape, violence or injustice of any kind. Although history was written by men, and therefor a lie, like Shakespeare´s sister would have told you; there could have been many a great female philosopher, scientist, artist, state leader that would surpass any male if these brilliant pure creatures could just have gotten a chance. Except for, you know, Thatcher. THAT BITCH! She was a cruel, vicious person so she doesn´t count.

The point is:
Women, they are truly the best. And on this day of the woman, we need to celebrate them. But how? How can we bow ourselves into the dust enough to show the right appreciation for these superior beings, of almost Godlike powers of insight? In what way can men bow down on our knees in awe?

Here´s a poem I wrote for this great day.


Flock of crows.

“Free me”, she screams in his face.
“No more.
No more a moore.
I am a river.
I flow.
I live and give

Not a decaying swamp for men to explore.
But a passion.
Like champagne.
Like a flock of crows.”

She leaves him.
Fall, autumn.
Love was lost.
Was never there.
She is free.
Like a rhythm box.

No man deserves a woman´s love.
No man has been that cruel.

A life saved.
Like a flock of crows.
They fly away so easily.
They are free,
never are we.
Never have been,
never will be.

A flock of crows,
She was everything.
Now she´s nothing.
Soon will I too,
become the victim of…

Myself and
A flock of crows.

Evil spawned.
Prime Evil.
She needed to be free.
Love lost, remember?

Bye, bye.
Fly, fly.

Silence and
A flock of crows.


Blog 2.0 - Everyday spent with women, hate of them will grow, more and more.

PS: You must not know about me!



How to get an eating disorder.

15 Nov


You wanna be a lean, mean, skinny machine but exercise and dieting only makes you see your lower rib bones and you can not scratch the spinal cord from your belly button.

AMC aims to please, and has gotten alot of letters and e-mails from young girls and woman needing to get rid of excess fat and tissue. So here is the guide of how to get an eating disorder, and the pros and cons for each.

There are mainly three kinds of eating disorders that could give a woman the fashionable “skeleton with skin look”.; Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa and the mix of these two. I will explain the pros and cons of each disorder, and at the end tell you how to get them.

Anorexia nervosa

Remember! Anorexia is not just for the women of the world. There are alot of fat males too.

Anorexia nervosa is the proses of not eating anything… ever! By not eating anything your body starts a something known as catabolism, which everyone has, but where fat people break down new energy from constant eating, you will digest your own body instead. By digesting your own body, fat will disappear, and a new healthy look will appear. Anorexia has an incidence of between 8 and 13 cases per 100,000 persons per year

Pros: This is the best way to get skinny. It´s faster and more effective than any other diet and it´s so easy even a model can do it.

Cons: It does demand a lot from you. Even though the two step program is easy to learn (just “1) stop eating, 2) exercise”) you need to be in total control over your own body to do that. If you don´t think you have the backbone for it, (or the need to feel your backbone), then perhaps Bulimia nervosa is the better choice.

How to achieve Anorexia nervosa
YOU GOTZ TO WANT IT YOU FAT BITCH! Look at your self. Fuck! I don´t understand how you can believe anyone would want such a fucking fat ass!
This is the mantra to any Anorexia nervosa success. As of now you do not have any control over your life. You´re not a model like you thought you would be and male attention give you only temporal pleasure (and besides sperm is fattening). You need to take control over your self. No more binging, no more salad with dressing. No more anything. Look in the mirror. LOOK! How can you stand yourself. You have no control over you life. NO CONTROL! If you can´t control you own body, how can you control anything else? You need to show restraint. When you know that you have no controll over your own life you need to bow down to the two-step program of; “1) stop eating, 2) exercise“.

    1) Stop eating: Eating causes harm, and only weak people does it. You need to stop eating right now!
    2) Exercise: Everybody know that exercise is good for you as it makes your body beautiful and you´ll live forever young. Now fat people exercise once or twice a week, you need to exercise once or twice A DAY!

If you follow this two-step program to the letter an NEVER EVER lose control, then t´you will become the most beautiful woman in 1-2 years. And all your friends will cry in envy as the carry you out in a casket.

Bulimia nervosa

So you don´t have the backbone for Anorexia nervosa because you´er a weak person who really don´t deserve to live. But self mutilation with a knife causes scars and is ugly, and so you need to punish yourself in away that is both painful and constructive. Yes then Bulimia nervosa is the choice for you. By vomiting after every meal you will get skinny too.

Pros: It´s far more easy to do than Anorexia nervosa as you can eat (to be social) but also go down in weight.

A common rookie mistake. It´s suppose to go IN the toilet!

Cons: It´s rarely said but I think it need to be pointed out that Bulimia nervosa does have some side effects that Anorexia nervosa does not. First, you never really get control over your life, and secondly there are some aesthetic problems you need to know of. The aesthetic problems are: Vomiting can lead to tooth enamel and tooth decay, and although you do get skinnier, you never get a models flat stomach. Because since you eat before you vomit the stomach get´s bloated and soft to the touch. Also you need to know that constant vomiting can destroy some barriers in your stomach and throat which can lead to uncontrolled vomiting at inconvenient times. Fortunately, most people are so shallow they will not take notice.

How to achieve Bulimia nervosa
The first thing you have to do before getting into the Bulimia nervosa program is to acknowledge that you have a problem with eating. You eat too much and too often. As with people in the Anorexia nervosa program you need to know that you do not have control over your body, but unlike those in the Anorexia nervosa program you have to admit your troubles are chronic. You will never have control. Then you enter the three-step program of the Bulimia nervosa; 1) Binge, 2) Release, 3)Repeat

    1) Binge: You need to eat lots of food to build up a pressure in your stomach
    2) Release: This is the hardest step to do and it´s rarely explained to people. First you need a toilet or a bucket or a bush and some privacy. It´s important to make sure no one knows what you are doing, as most people like being fat and will not understand what you are doing. When you have that you need to put your mouth into the toilet, bucket or behind that bush and stick a finger down your throat. Keep the finger deep down in your throat until the food comes up again. Make sure everything you have eaten has come up again. A trick here is to eat something of a different color first, and when that has come up again you´re done. At first this may be hard, but as the days go by this will almost go automatically.
    3) Repeat: Do this ritual over and over again for prefect result.

Anorexia nervosa with Bulimia nervosa on the side (the mix)

This third choice is just a mix of the two mentioned above. Sometimes you don´t eat, sometimes you eat to much and vomit. It´s nice to have this alternative if you fear getting caught. By eating when with friends, but not eating when you are alone and excise every chance you get you will still get that perfect body. Just remembered to brush your teeth after every vomit.

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Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.6)

25 Oct

So many have written to me, or asked as I walk down the street “You tell us alot about the Trance-dance-techno-whatever genre in general, but what is your favorite pumping beats?” and sometimes that is flattering to get noticed, but when it´s old drug addicts with broken skin I tend to rush past in a hurry. But that is another matter.

So here, for your enjoyment; MY TOPP FOUR FAV. Trance-dance-techno-whatever songs.
(Note: All the songs mentioned before are also some of my favorites, and the songs I mention now is not ranked, but just placed in an order)

#1) Alice DJ (DeeJay) – The Lonely One

I´ve never seen this video until now. But the song is found on her album “Who needs guitars anyway?” with other classic dance tracks as Better Off Alone, Back In My life, Will I Ever. But this song was perfection:)

#2 Ayla – Liebe (Trance Mix)

This is perhaps a tune for the patient type as it takes it´s time building up. I always enjoyed songs that you sort of have to listen to for a gradual intensity or main theme/song (i.e Dire Straits – Money For Nothing and Eagles – Hotel California)

#3) Veracocha – Carte Blanche

It kicks ass. And it always given me association to a great Mega Man theme song (probably intro song or a boss with electric powers).

#4) Cyber Human – The Scene
Not available on youtube. You should try finding it for yourself for a change! Keyword: DJ Jurgen.

Blog 2.0 - 12345678910 error

Blog Update: 9´o march, twenty 11

As luck would have it… here it is. Cyber Human – The Scene

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.8)

19 Oct

Hmmm…. You know what? There is another great aspect of the dance music gengre and that is that it is very wholesome. It´s one of the few music types that hasn´t been corrupted. In short it doesn´t sell out on sex. Take this little number for instance… Il Caesar – Calma

This was pure Norwegian innocence. Like Sound of Music without the nasty Nazis.

Then we have this little church number; Pafferndorf – Crazy Sexy Marvelous . Sort of reminds me of Sunday School for adults.

The harder we come, the rougher you go“, that is the essence of the christian work ethic. By looking at this video you know they know their scriptures. Pure Christendom through and true We´ve made a few changes. We´re crazy, sexy, marvelous now! Join us!

Another example of innocence is this one. Ding Ding song… Could it be more child like? Pure naivete.

But hey, no Benny?” Benny made lot´s of aesthetic videos about sugar, spice and everything nice. Well, you´re right. Here is Benny with his existential question: “Who´s your daddy?“. All men wonder about that one. Especially in these liberal days;)

I really like the cough… Nice touch:)

So if you want a break from the decadence of the Gaga artists of the world, you should join us in the Trance-dance-techno-whatever world. Here it´s Disney day everyday. Squirrels resting on our shoulders and birds flying around our heads (I think it´s a swallow).

Blog 2.0 - *Cough, cough* Is your daddy, he´ll give it to you!

PS: “But hey you haven´t posted part 0.6 yet. WHY HAVEN´T YOU POSTED PART 0.6!!! TELL ME!“, you may ask.

Relax. It´s coming. Coming real soon.

Trance-dance-techno-whatever (part 0.1)

19 Aug

Every time I listen to trance-dance-techno-whatever I think “I should listen more to trance-dance-techno-whatever!

It’s music for happy people and I am (at least 10% of the time) a happy person. So today, and other times when I have nothing better to rant about I will write about one of the music genera that is most laughed about by smug fuckers thinking they know everything (oh, there are many of those annoying people).

The first track I will play for you iz… Members of Mayday – 10 in 01

Listen to it. As it builds up and then falls down then flies up again. Every real trance-dance-techno-whatever hit is like life; great happiness followed by void followed by new happiness! This song is no exception. The main theme brushes gently into your ear as the background jumps around. Oh, it’s great!

The next little gem is made by the great dance master known as ATB. Oh, I listen a lot to him when I was younger. His first worldwide hit was 9 PM (Til I Come). A song about sex and orgasm that had the fascinating ATB sample that was just discovered by accident (or something). Anyway, I will play a remix now that I think is even better than the orignal. It’s ATB – 9pm (Till I Come) [Sequential One Remix] , bitch!

So as said above ATB is great, but since I just played a remix of his original song, I think it would be nice to also play a remix done by ATB. It is a remix of one of the all time greatest dance classics, by Miss Jane (just Jane to be honest) called It’s a fine day. To me, It’s a fine day, really confirms what I said introductory that Trance-dance-techno-whatever is music for the happy people. The song is about life and how fine the days can be. The remix that I now will play really takes a even more manic spin on a already euphoric track. I give you Miss Jane – Its a fine day (ATB Remix)

Blog 2.0 - You may think ''Play some angry person screams in ANGER music. That shit is fo REALZ! No stupid nonsense like these Trance-dance-techno-whatever shit! They be singing about MY LIFE! Living in the hood/suburbs, experiencing drive-bys/lightness of living'' Where I say ''SHUT the FUCK UP, YOU FRONTING MOTHER FUCKER!''.

Age Hierarchy (Smells Like Teen Spirit)

14 Jul


Wisdom comes with age, but you never knew as much as when you where fourteen.

Hello again fellow human:)

Today I would like to write about a term I made myself, but probably others have used it before me. I call it AGE HIERARCHY.

As I’m writing this I’m sitting outside in the sun with a child by my side. And it’s making a horrible noise. Talking all kinds of nonsense. I want to tell it to shut the f**k up but it’s parents are close by.


Apart from being a social monster
, I also like to philosophise about all kinds of stuff. Sometimes I think about the validities of proverbs, sometimes I think about the things no answers will come from, and sometimes I think about culture, state of affairs and besserwissers with a political motive lecturing me on what’s right and what’s wrong.

In the west their is all kinds of know-it-alls. There are the humanist, atheist, the liberal, the conservative, the pro-con-gay-abortion movements, blah, blah, blah, etc, etc, etc.

But there is a subgroup of people more know-it-all (almost omnipotent), more patronizing, more aggressive and more lecturing than all kinds of other sub-groups. Yes, you do smell the teen spirit. I’m talking about the know-it-all, young whipper snapper who just learned something at school their parents, friends or society in general should know and be told about.


Now there is another (perhaps new?) -ism that has arrived and it’s called ageism. If someone says “I call ageism on that” you better shut your mouth! But I have always been lousy at shutting my mouth so hear I go!

Teens are by nature stupid. They are emotional (not necessary a bad thing, but in this context it is), they are over-sexual, ignorant and (in the west of the west) SPOILED AS HELL!

They are the once that should be told a thing or two not old guys and gurlz.

So I invented (applaud me!) the term Age Hierarchy which is an euphemism for ageism. The older you are, the more you know and the more valuable you are to society! This of course until senility strikes and your back in your childhood and at the bottom of the ladder again.

I hope it will catch on…
If not…
Oh, well, whatever, nevermind.

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… – – – … – – -… – – – … – – – … – – – … – – – … – – – … – – –
… – – – … – – -… – – – … – – – … – – – … – – – … – – – … – – –
The sound of this entry could be:


25 May

Not blog 2.0!

“It’s all right as long as it’s black or white, excepts when it’s greeeeeeey. That’s not my favourite colour”


9 Apr

Now I’ve always thought I could spot a transsexual a mile away. That there were no chance in hell that I couldn’t see if that was a mixed-up-gender-type-person.

I would look at the jugular after the laryngeal prominence – the Adams apple -and if there was… walk slowly the other way. So I have swept myself into a blanket of comfort and lies believing that I would never be tricked.

Now as it turns out I may have been tricked… once.

I always thought that the guy in the band Le Tigre was a guy.

An effeminate guy, oh yes, but I always thought that was just the effects of feminism and strong women. That his nuts was just cracked, and that somewhere in his pants there would be… you know… “the defining power of a male“?

So he isn’t a man, but girl! Now I don’t know what’s what. Keep thinking… Is he a girl? Is she a guy? Am I a man? If a three falls in the woods could I still vote for Bush?

You don't even know your own gender HOW DARE YOU TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT POLITICS!

Blog 2.0 - Likes when people screams cathartic to Weltschmerz. Yes, Mr Buckley, we all want to take a swim in the river with our booths on sometimes.

Blog 2.0 - Don't care what you are, but no surprises please!

PS: Now if you enjoyed that one kids you should read my blog about feminism and it’s discontents.

Let’s talk about physical and mental intimacy («The future so bright that I have to wear shades!»)

11 Dec

Chronic remorse, as all the moralist are agreed, is the most undesired sentiments. Let’s kill remorse, as it rains on our parades. The children are now writing in their blogs about their one-night-stands and adults tell children what to do when their one-night-stands take a turn for the worse. Everything is as it should be. Who are we to disagree?
Well there is a cool way to live and their is a boring way to live. No one wants to live the lather. So let’s define the cool one. By putting my finger in the ground I have come to the following conclusion; The cool life is living large (aka. decadent or promiscuous) and telling others about living large so they can be admired for their fun and exciting life styles. What the children don’t know, is that what they do are right and their in right to do so. Even if it’s just a coincidence, as many children believe they are rebelling, but what the children of the future are working towards is community, identity, stability.
We are closing in on the Age of Aquarius. In this future age things will go great and things will only be getting better. Everyone will belong to everyone else without fear of consequence. The best part is that there will be no ugly people with low self-esteem and we can all use our bodies to experiment with our sexuality. The children are our future and they are working hard for this new world as we speak.
To achieve this state of sex and drugs we have to kill two things. Our physical and mental intimacy. As we all know intimacy in any form is the same as bound and boundaries. Not a good thing. We have to work hard for our own liberation, and I will now tell you how to kill any signs of these elements.
First we have to kill God and any other idealism based in tradition and norms. That’s a check! God have been dead quite a while now, did anyone miss him? NO! Norms and traditions are sighing their last breath. It’s a wonderful thing to see old conservatism die. It’s like watching Hitler being tortured.
Secondly we have to kill the physical intimacy. That involves removing the illusion that humans are monogamist by nature. Because as we see in nature, we are not! Then remove any illusion of sexual moral that follows this view of monogamy. In other words, «we only judge those who judge».
If a person is gay, and proud of it, then why shouldn’t he? If he then can tell us that he has fucked 1000 males and some woman as well, we should all be condoning this great way of expressing oneself. If they are lesbian we should go on as we always have done; not care one way or the other.
The nuclear family, also an illusion as it bases itself on the same lies of humans being monogamous (see above) has already exploded. And soon it to will be dead, spread for the winds like the sperm of a whore master. Anyone who hasn’t fucked out of marriage is not a hero or a true human being, but a cowardly looser. Say it with me; people who do not randomly fuck people is a weird LOOSER! It’s doesn’t give nature enough variation.
So the new normal, but most importantly, natural family constellation involves my children, your children and our children. This gives humanity enough variation so that we can survive pandemics etc.
«But children is a drag?», you may say. And yes you are right. Children is our pride and joy, and we all want them, but only if they don’t destroy our sexual adventures and our carers. We have sex for joy and children is just an unnecessary consequence. That is why we should work on making the children not «yours, mine and ours», but the STATES.
In Norway we have made great progress on that part, where the children has the right to kindergarten and the normative changes that follow. If a child is not in kindergarten from the age of one until forever then something is wrong and the child will have social restrictions. As we all know, «introverted behaviour is anti-social behaviour» and «everybody should be happy nowadays». «Was and will make me ill, I take a chill-pill and only am». That’s the solution to all our problems.
So now that we have killed the physical intimacy, we should learn how to kill the mental intimacy. We have done alot of work on that part already. By breaking the bond between parents and children an unimportant strain has been broken. If children believe in family value then they soon will think that some things should be in the family. This contradicts one of our most important slogans; «Private is Political». If government do not know what happens inside a family then they can not control it and if they can not control it then we have anarchy. Which is great, as long as it’s controlled anarchy.
But there is also another mental intimacy that has to be broken; the friendship! Friendship as we all know is how we use other people to kill time, and allies when we need help. To believe that there is something more behind would be absurd, even vulgar. A former friend of mine defined friendship as «love without sex». How stupid is that. That’s just nasty, because as we all know «there is no love, where there is no sex».
«A friend to all is a friend to all», should be on all our minds. To build friendship in a small group creates a sub-culture and does not play a part in society. Society is everyone, not just 2-3 people, and therefore it’s important to be good and kind to everyone.
Luckily technology has developed a great way to do just that. Now we can be friends with everyone on the internet. I myself has over a thousand friends on facebook, on myspace even more. That should be the ideal for everyone! Many friends means many choices. Many choices gives life meaning.We are all friends and family after all. One big global community.
Then there is the blogs. Children can now befriend each other and write to each other without restriction. Which is great, because as we all know, «truth lies in the eyes of a child» and «sixty-two thousand four hundred repetitions make one truth». Who hasn’t been moved by children crying for the environment or schools being closed or their friends being deported out of the country. THEY KNOW, and we should listen.
Their blogs are about life. Raw life. They write about products we all need. I do love new clothes, because the more stitches, the less riches. And they write about sex. We all love sex and we can all read about it. Everyone’s opinion can be read by everyone else, and everyone’s opinion is important. At least when they take a stand against global warming, discrimination and restriction. It’s the dynamic democracy of the web and as we all know: «Progress is lovely».
We can and will not question progress! Look at the people who questioned smoking being band, look how long their faces are now. They learned to keep their mouth shout, because a leader needs to make unpopular decisions sometimes or else progress will stop. The children knows. We should not fare this new technology, but embrace it. Let our children run free and let them find out for them self how lovely everything is. We are all happy now. In the future you will have no choice but to be happy. Great!

The Secret is: be happy, always:)