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The solution to the Paparazzis (for the future Kates)

16 Sep

You take a holiday and relax as everyone should be allowed to do and you think you are alone so you decide to let the sun shine on places it seldom greets. So did Princess Kate recently. As it turned out a perverted man/woman sat somewhere miles away taking pictures with an extreme lens. To add to the vulgarity, the husband of Kate lost his mom to the same type of “journalism”.

We need a solution. And I got one: Make privacy a part of the right to self-defense; Meaning one is allowed to kill a person who invades their privacy. This would make every paparazzi, journalists and some extremely invading fans fare game to kill while holding a camera. Of course this suggestion is not completely done. There are many things that need to be considered. Grey areas that need to be cleared. But I give the legislators of the world this idea to preserve not only celebrities privacy, but also you and I should we at one point or another become a news item. We could call it the Diana-act or whatever.

The right to kill trespassers with a camera (note: the paparazzi loses their right to self-defense as they are defined as the violator. If they shoot or attack, they would be arrested for the act.)

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