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AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 04: Let´s Play SC 2 – 4v4

18 Nov


I like to play games, but I rarely like to play games with strangers. Some people like to play for the fun others have to win. Now I get that the goal is to win and all… Some people take it a bit to far. Enter my video AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 04: Let´s Play SC 2 – 4v4 where we get to see how some people take it a bit to far.


Blog 2.0 - "If I lose you should kill yourself"

Blog 2.0 – “If I lose you should kill yourself”

Every new season of StarCraft 2 I get the sweet taste of defeat.

2 Aug

It seems that every time there is a new season in SC2 I loose a lot at the beginning. I usually play random 4v4 and it seems that the matches are placed very random. I have now lost 10 games in a row, winning a few matches just to give me a small sense off hope. It´s random, so it seems strange that I will end up with “noobs” every time. But when I have created my first two marines I get rushed. My allies have not created any more, sometimes even fewer.

It´s fun… To lose every time. And not just defeated annihilated by someone way better than me. I am a casual player and not a gambler. I like to play at a level where there at least is a chance for me to win. When I loose 10 in a row I get frustrated.

I thought that the point of ranking was that I get to play with people at my own level, but NO! I loose, time and again. Crushed.

Gameplay pics. See how I loose?

So, why is that? Idunno… I would like to blame my team players (and sometimes that is the case. Some have even dropped out at the start or worse not started to play and just stay there), and if it´s myself then perhaps I could change. But the real problem is the effing ranking system that places “evenly matched” players with great difference in skill.


My appeal: Blizzard get that ranking stuff fixed ASAP. I am getting tired of loosing humiliating defeats by people way better than me.

And if you are wondering how defeat taste like; equal parts of all bodily fluids (male and female) blended together with a cherry on top.

Blog 2.0 - with a cherry on top.