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Lets Play Resident Evil REmake part 9, 10 & 11.

12 Oct


Made a looong let´s play of Resident Evil Remake. This is part 9 through 11. Its great.

Part 9.

Part 10.

Part 11.

Blog 2.0 -  So great it has to go unnoticed.

Blog 2.0 – So great it has to go unnoticed.

Lets Play Resident Evil REmake part 05 – 08

13 Jun


This is part 05 through 08.

In part 5 we open more doors

In part 6 we do a fashion show and we make it really gay. Also if you are really observant I make fun of people who hate Resident evil 6.

In part 7 we make fun of people who talk about trigger warnings. Also I rape joke that I can not remember what was about. And we study Jill as a graphical model. Not really.


In part 8 we sell out by giving advertisement for products. Although we do not make any money out of it, it stills feel like selling out.


Blog 2.0 - All things keep getting better.

Blog 2.0 – All things keep getting better.

Lets Play Resident Evil REmake Part 01 through 4

1 May


I never did it before, but decided to try making a let´s play of an entire game. I choose Resident Evil Remake as when I started to make it, it had no other ports than on Game Cube and Wii. I don´t know why, but making entire let´s plays of a story driven game feels like plagiarism or copyright infringement, but an old game, difficult to get, seemed okay to me.

Later while making it Capcom annonced that they would make a HD remake of the remake. But fine… So here is the first episode titled Lets Play Resident Evil REmake Part 01 “Hurry, Hurry. ADD!


The reason for the title is never explained in the video, but I will explain it now: I made a faster intro to the video since many people have complained about my looooong intros. The much interweb content is made for people with ADD in mind. We can not have long intros cuz then people will just run to the next video instead. Most youtube videos don´t even have intros. That is sad.

I am now currently making a let´s play of Resident Evil 2 with UndividedEliza. There I have completely removed the intro. Not because I am a commercial sell out, but to see if that in anyway affects viewer attention.

The next video was called Lets Play Resident Evil REmake – Part 2 “What is up with the herbs anyway?” where we talk about the green herbs in the game and possible interpretations of its use and meaning.


This video series is loooooong. We took our time. I think its funny, cuz I know others do not have the patience for it. Its a big *bleep* you to people who can´t appreciate a more relaxed tone. Usually when I make lets plays I take all other lets plays made and do the opposite. I hate most lets plays on youtube. They are loud, unfunny and annoying with lots of swears.

Next one was called Lets Play Resident Evil REmake part 03 “Barry saves the day”


Again… slow paced. I love it. The humor lies often in the awkwardness and stupidity of the concepts of lets plays and “comment” videos. I make videos on my channel that I would like. If nobody else likes them, fine.

Last one for now is Lets Play Resident Evil REmake part 04 “More doors and light my fire”


We reference the doors, both as a band and as a concept in the game, and slowly start to make our lets plays a singalong. UndivededEliza and I sing much when we make lets plays. Its a thing. Dont steal it PewDiePie!!!

Blog 2.0 - Not 4 Dullards

Blog 2.0 -I think the green herbs is a metaphor for marijuanah.

Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles part 02: “Sarkeesian would be soo proud”

13 Apr


Time to fill up my blog again with another youtube video I made many moons ago. This time its Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles part 02: “Sarkeesian would be soo proud”.

Now the reasons for the title are two. One, its a reference to something I say in the video when I am being faux PC about some feminist stuff, and two, refer to a woman many people are interested in (pait clicking).

I am not. Not really. I don´t hate her (although I did say I did in Anita Sarkeesian – Is making me misogynistic… more so, but mostly for comedic purposes) but I do see her as a danger for freedom of expression. But although she is more powerful (or atleast her -ism is) than people say she is I am now only observing her. Praying she will go away soon. Outlook not so good.

Anyway, the video is me and Doctor Dee who play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles and talk about stuff.

So yeah… Here is the video —>

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 – Because, ehm…

Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles– Part 1; “QTE and Me”

4 Mar

Sooo about a year ago I posted this video on my youtube channel —->


It was the first video (I think) where I used my new “branding logo” Ace Video. According to some people branding is important. I just did it cuz I love bad VHS graphics. It gives me nostalgia. Also I think it shows the level of quality in my videos.

In this video I said I was going to make many many more Resident Evil let´s plays. The reason, not stated in the video, is that I am the biggest Resident Evil fan that does not cos-play or make hentai pictures. That being said I do have some Resident Evil related t-shirts. I sometimes feel like a cos-player when I walk around with those.

Anyway… I kept my promise. As of now I made an entire let´s play of Resident Evil Remake for Game Cube and some Umbrella Chronicles videos. God, I love Resident Evil. Its the best game franchise ever. I love them all.

Here is my first video, Let´s Play Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles— Part 1; “QTE and Me”, that I made after I posted the video above. I have with me Doctor Dee. A guy as crazy as me. Just in a different way.

We talk about Quick Time Events. I don´t understand why people hate that so much. If not over used and preferably not have instakill value its just a test of reaction and also makes cutscenes more interesting.


I am writing this blog entry to kill some time while waiting for episode 2 of Resident Evil Revelation 2 to download. Whooo… Barry is back!!!

I´ve seen some people post let´s plays of that game (Resident Evil Revelation 2) already on youtube. That is not how I roll. I try to be behind the cure. Make let´s plays of old games. Not to ride the wave of hype. It feels parasitical at times. Its so obvious that they post them cuz they want hits since the game is new.

I guess that is one of the many, many, many reasons why my channel is not as big as some other guys.

Don´t quit your day job, Andy!“.

I won´t.

Blog 2.0 -  Change weapon time.

Blog 2.0 – Change weapon time.