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AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 02: Let´s Try RE6 Mercenaries (Local Co-Op)

20 Jul

Sooo…. I have made another Let´s play. In fact many. This one is the second Resident Evil 6 gameplay and it´s about the mini-game called Mercenaries. Mercenaries was first introduced in Resident Evil 3 if I remember correctly as a mini-game that would be opened by finishing the main game. It looked a bit different then and was more about surviving towards a goal rather than killing as many enemies as possible at with time limits.

Mercenary as is on Resident Evil 6, but also 5, and started on Resident Evil 4. Unlike 4 and 5 you dont have to “open” Mercenaries by finishing the campaign RE6. Only certain maps are unlocked by campaign gaming.

I think we had some fun. It is an exciting game with fewer frustrations than Resident Evil 6´s Survivor or Resident Evil 5´s Versus as it is a co-op game.

I will probably make a let´s play about RE5´s Survivor where I will talk about the pros and cons of the game. We´ll see.

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