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Let´s Play Resident Evil 5 Versus (with raging)

7 Feb


I made a video series I call “Let´s play games AndyAce83 hates” where I play games that pisses me off and so I hate. Resident Evil 5 Versus is a game that pisses me off a lot, but still I don´t hate it. Why is that?

Well, I can not hate a game that I keep on playing, don´t you agree? And that is the main difference between Versus mode in RE5 and the games in that other series of mine. Where as Condemned, L4D2 and future shows in the series is games that I rarely play and have no interest in trying anymore RE5 and Versus mode is something I return to ever so often.

There are two kinds of game raging. Game raging because you suck at a game or get “pawned” a lot and games you rage on cuz the game sucks. Some of the games that I hate don´t even make me angry when playing, they just make me drowsy, sleepy and perhaps even slightly depressed as I feel like I am wasting my life on them.

I suck at RE5 Versus, but also the gameplay kind of sucks at times, but in the end I do like it as the I know that the reason I fail so much is mainly cuz I suck at it, not because the game itself sucks.

So here is my Let´s Play Resident Evil 5 Versus (with raging) . Enjoy.

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