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Panic 2017

2 Jul

Rainbow today.
Grey skies tomorrow.
Dont have too much soy in your diet.
It makes you a wuss.

Concrete and parades.
10 variations of AIDS.
Lonely together.
Lonely apart.

Its all just a big…
How am I a part of this?
I am not.
I will not.

And where can I have a effing cigarette in this city?
Normies kills.
Normies may seriously harm your health.
Normies can make you impotent.
Normies may give throat and mouth cancer.

Life flashes before my eyes…

Blog 2.0 – Normies kills.

Placebo (After the Storm)

28 Apr

I once was at a party,
with some stuffy upperclass bastards.
They talked nonsense and BS,
until a new age wench
said something post-modern
to a besserwisser who went kind of unhinged.

The debate went on for quite some time,
until I decided to speak my mind.
It was time to take the douchebag to school.
Show that he was just as much a fool.
So when he said

“Do you know what they call alternative medicine
That’s been proved to work?

Followed by an academic laugh,
that could as well have been a fart.
I just had to say

“So how then, may I ask,
do you explain placebo?
Oh I guess that was never
addressed in Scooby Doo.
How can medicine be proven to work,
if everyone agrees it doesn’t from the start?
Alternative medicine, is just that.
An alternative.
You dont have to take it.
I dont care.
But you see,
you now have been antagonizing this women
for quite some time.

And this posh doctor and his wife
dont seem to mind.
Well I do, you see,
because she may be
right in saying:

“Your faith in Science and Tests
Is just as blind
As the faith of any fundamentalist.”
You kind of proven her point,
when attacking her with such force.
And without any sign of remorse.

How could you possibly say,
that pretending to talk to the dead,
is more of a bastard move
than you treating this obvious fool
as a tool
for you to rant on
with your so called “skeptical” gum?
How can you have more respect for humanity,
when you treat people with such cruelty
just because they disagree?

You see,
I think that is the real irony.
That you so called “humanists”,
just pore out this clear misanthropy.
You know I take my flu-shots,
but why is it important to you
who does and who does not?

Why is it okay for you to degrade people of other belief,
but when you are attacked you claim free-speech.
You say you want freedom from religion,
I say you want freedom to dominate.
To proselyte,
to interrogate.
To ridicule those of different values and minds.
Claim them insane.
Refusing to be treated the same.

Treating others with contempt.
But have you shown your adapt?
Have you given any good argument for anything?

Who cares if she believes in astrology?
What harm can it possibly be?
Have you added anything but opinion yourself?”

Now he probably wont mention me,
if he ever retells this story
His name was Tim Minchin I think.
He was a poet or something like it.
At least not a scientist.
Or anyone else with any merit.

But I am sure he thinks himself to be,
an important man on the right side of history.
Some visionary.
Just because he hates tattoos of fairies.

Blog 2.0 – Not a upperclass bastard.

Lets Play Resident Evil Revelation 2: Raid mode (while reading and talking about poetry)

23 Jan

I am an artist and so when I make let´s play I try to be artsy-fartsy. Not just make funny noises. This one is a good example of this. I read poetry. First famous poets, then my own poems.


The question is… Am I good poet? I dont know. I think some of them are good. You decide.

spilling eros

Blog 2.0 3D – ArtsyAce83

Anywhere but here.

15 Jan

I tried to read you.
The book was closed.
I judge you by the cover.
Had I a choice?

Cold surface.
Hot innside.
This time forever.
Bye, bye.

Fun playing with gender roles!

Blog 2.0 – Its art.

Another poetry entry

17 Mar

Digging the words out.

A shovel in the mud.
Underneath the dirt is

Every shuffle of filth
shakes the body.
Jerks the pain, the nausea.
So cold out here in the fields.
Goes right to the bone.
A coat would help no one.

Got to find it.
It has to be here.

Blog 2.0 -  Yeah, that helped.

Blog 2.0 – Yeah, that helped.

20 Oct

I´m not a poem type
A french beret sipping wine
Blank stare
Trying to get laid.

But I do love this one:

The Hollow Men

Blog 2.0 – Yes, its suppose to be ironic

Google translate poem

7 May

I am a man world. I used words from the rich tapestry that is culture. So we censored. It’s good for us. Now we know the pleasure of the future, now

Blog 2.0 – Poetry in stagnation

Poem about beautiful strong independent women

8 Mar

(Blog update: 10´o March 2012: Here I read the poem


It´s 8th of march. The day we all celebrate the fairer sex.


They are great! They truly are great. Amazing. Smart. Empathic. Beautiful. Intelligent. Funny. Trustworthy. The adjectives to describe them know no limits. All of them, positively charged with pureness. Fun Fact; If women ruled the world there would be no wars. No poverty. No rape, violence or injustice of any kind. Although history was written by men, and therefor a lie, like Shakespeare´s sister would have told you; there could have been many a great female philosopher, scientist, artist, state leader that would surpass any male if these brilliant pure creatures could just have gotten a chance. Except for, you know, Thatcher. THAT BITCH! She was a cruel, vicious person so she doesn´t count.

The point is:
Women, they are truly the best. And on this day of the woman, we need to celebrate them. But how? How can we bow ourselves into the dust enough to show the right appreciation for these superior beings, of almost Godlike powers of insight? In what way can men bow down on our knees in awe?

Here´s a poem I wrote for this great day.


Flock of crows.

“Free me”, she screams in his face.
“No more.
No more a moore.
I am a river.
I flow.
I live and give

Not a decaying swamp for men to explore.
But a passion.
Like champagne.
Like a flock of crows.”

She leaves him.
Fall, autumn.
Love was lost.
Was never there.
She is free.
Like a rhythm box.

No man deserves a woman´s love.
No man has been that cruel.

A life saved.
Like a flock of crows.
They fly away so easily.
They are free,
never are we.
Never have been,
never will be.

A flock of crows,
She was everything.
Now she´s nothing.
Soon will I too,
become the victim of…

Myself and
A flock of crows.

Evil spawned.
Prime Evil.
She needed to be free.
Love lost, remember?

Bye, bye.
Fly, fly.

Silence and
A flock of crows.


Blog 2.0 - Everyday spent with women, hate of them will grow, more and more.

PS: You must not know about me!



3 poems for free (Dissociation, Lust to be nice & 3 dimentions)

26 Apr

but the fourth one is gonna cost ya.


Like you,
like me,
like a redwood tree.
It’s nice to have an identity.

Lust to be nice

In the future all is well
Under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me

3 dimensions

There are three dimensions to life.
and void

Let’s hope there’s a fourth.

Diamond of positivity shines on like crazy!

I will bring back HELL!

29 Mar

I will bring back HELL!
Everything is said.
Said better.
Everything is done.
Done faster.
All we have is being or destroying.

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 - It's whatever my imagination wants it to be.