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A History of Suppression (a book idea)

10 Aug

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever.

      -O’Brien (from Nineteen Eighty-Four)

As you may already know, I’m lazy and I also have a short attention span (what was I writing about again? I blame TV, genes, the government, education, culture and misc. mental disorders).

A possible book cover. - ''If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face— forever. '' NOTE: You should always start a book by quoting someone else! Preferably someone famous, critically acclaimed and/or a known visionary. I choose 1984, as it's every paranoid New World Order loonies first choice. And it's true too;)

But if I wasn’t lazy and with…hmm?… I would write a book. I would have called it:

    A History of Suppression.

The hypothesis in that book would have been; there are real suppression in history but that now suppression is used more as an excuse for not trying or ambitions over talent.“. I have written a couple of blog entries about that subject on AMC already [1] [2] [3] but as I have said I’m lazy.

I would have, should have, could have done some research on real suppression in history like slavery, segregation and violence (etc.) against minorities and put it against modern day suppression like “Glass ceiling” theory, bigotry and racial profiling. But I am so sleepy (perhaps I’ve got myalgisk encefalopati or Fibromyalgia?).

Cuz sometimes it’s all about being a cliché, you know? Sometimes we get a slap in the face because we are just so annoyingly stereotypical. We’re playing a role, doing what we think we are suppose to do because of our cultural backdropping. We’re trying to be an individual by worshipping a sub-culture that is just stupidly destructive and animal like. Claiming afterwards that people don’t understand us since we’re so special, when in fact we’re just bland copies of former expressions we don’t understand but just pretend to do. (“How dare you call me Uncle Tom!”)

But hold on! I would have gone even further by making the claim that not only are the different subgroups no more suppressed than the majority, but also add that we are ALL suppressed in one way or another. That if we are not suppressed by the power, than we are suppressed by each other. That if it’s not a legislation that keeps us down, than it’s other peoples expectations of us that keeps us in check.

NOT ONLY THAT: I would make the suggestion that this is a good thing! Our urges to do what we want should be suppressed, like holding a fart inn by the dinner table. And then finally at the end of my book make the conclusion that if you don’t like it you can move to France or Sweden the cultural low brow of the world.

So the book would have been a success (there are no problems in sweet dreams) and I would be RICH! Everybody would have said “That AndyAce83 guy, he something. I… Oh, he smart! He like see great things and be like all that and shit.“.

This is a ''Don't be a clich'' entry. About ''individuals in a group working hard to confirm our prejudice.''

Perhaps I would have gotten the Nobel peace prize? And meet the prez of the US?

Fo Sho!

But I’m so tiered, you know? So weak. Didn’t get much sleep last night from all the dreams. I can’t focus because of all the possibilities. So if you want to write the book feel free to do so. I don’t want royalties, only credit for the idea.

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The Soundtrack for this entry could be:

Or perhaps:

No, no, no… more like this:

Music is important, you know.
As you probably already know; when feeling suppressed music can really liberate. Of course not for real, but one can feel free, and it’s basically the same and probably the only time we will ever be. Such a happy exit thought:)

The Trouble with «Jimmy Jump» the Retarded Gnome.

13 Jul

(With no offence to the mentally handicapped/challenged/whatever of course).


As I have written before; I hate writing about current affairs as it feels like gossiping. I also hate to gossip about unimportant, soon to be forgotten people as I feel I keep alive someone who should be dead. Many people strive for attention from bloggers and other people with nothing better to do and this goes for «Jimmy Jump» the Retarded Gnome.

LOL! It's funny because... I dunno.

Normally I would not acknowledge this brain-dead narcissist populist anarchist as he is just a pain in the ass that feeds on people being sour, grumpy and rigid.

When we say “Idiot“, he thinks “They don’t understand my statement about blahblahblah.

Now I don’t know why he does it, nor do I care. I don’t even care that he does it as it seems harmless enough. He just takes a “Kanye” by interrupting for attention. Like a child or a drunk at a wedding.

The Trouble with «Jimmy Jump» the Retarded Gnome is not what he does but what the consequences for it is. Every time we have a terrorist attack, a drunk on the plane or a “funny” stunt person there is an decrease in our liberties.

Here’s another example of this:
The Super bowl wardrobe “mishap”.

Oh, no! A teat! What will the male gay community say!

I did not see this stunt as 1) I don’t care about sports and 2) I do not care about American football half-time shows either. But I sure got to hear about this half-time show. Oh, the humanity!


Did this stunt provoke me?
No of course not“, you probably think.
AndyAce83 has seen a breast or two before. He may even a touched one as the worldly man that he is. He wouldn’t be offended by watching a natural beautiful thing.”

But the answer is:
HELL YEAH! I was provoked!

Not because I got to see a breast, but because it was RETARDED! Why should I be forced to fill Janet Jacksons exhibitionist needs? Couldn’t she just pole-dance at a Cat-R-Ho strip-joint?

But I digress, because my embarrassment over that nonsense is my own, and should not be anyone else’s problems. There where probably lot’s of people who found it funny (even I when I just heard about it. But don’t tell anyone!) and may even have have thought it a provocative statement about female sexuality (Not me!) or something like that. We can all find meanings in thrash cans.

(Insightful rant continues below the picture)

Lol.''Take that Society! I am dancing on ESC!''

But that is not the point either! The point is the consequence. And do you know the consequence of that “hilarious” flashing? INCREASED CENSORSHIP and thus DECREASED LIBERTIES!

And that’s just one side of it. Jimmy Jump’s fun run to nowhere will probably increase security on all great events with more security guards, perhaps armed and with broader licenses etc.

But that’s a good thing, right?“, you may think. “Jimmy Jump is just testing how secure we are. That’s where he be a genius, isn’t it?


Listen… Security is important for people with angst and most of us have it. But we shouldn’t let it run our lives. Obama once came to Oslo to get an award for winning the election. Now President Obama is an important person, and important people get enemies.

So Oslo needed security!

Security in knowing that someone is aiming his or her rifle at you. Just to be on the safe side. (Picture taken by Smidth)

There where snipers on the roofs, there where helicopters in the sky, armed policemen and probably lot’s more I didn’t noticed. It seemed like Oslo was under siege. And why? Because the US president was about to get an award for winning an election! I WAS SCARED! Every time I went in my pocket for my mobile phone I was afraid I would seem suspicious and get shot. THAT’S THE CONSEQUENCE OF TO MUCH SECURITY! WE GET MORE SCARED!

So in conclusion:
Jimmy Jump is not funny (unless you find rude spoiled children funny) but he is dangerous. Not dangerous like an angry Mullah with brainwashed followers or a charismatic leader telling us we need restrictions for safety, but dangerous like the braindead patient with an infectious decease that takes away all our resources we could have used on dangerous Mullahs and charismatic despots.

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Let’s appreciate some art (“and all that jazz!”)

9 Feb

Art is very important! Very, very important. It’s like the essence of existence or something. You are nothing if you can’t appreciate the modern arts. Here are some pieces (that are incidental for sale) that will broaden your mind!

Title: You may not approve old man, but I’m a good person
This first piece is priced at 657 $ and it is a rebel against suppression.

Made by: “Gay” McGee aka. “Bi-curious” McGee formerly known as “Straight” McGee

The artist saysWalking along Broadway on the way to one of my decadent sexy parties I saw a whore being raped in an alleyway. I thought how quaint as I snorted some coke residue from my nose and walked abit faster to meet lady Gaga. I love kissing Lady Gaga on her cheek. It’s so asexually sexual.

Now this piece is a memory to haiti. It’s pro-gay, pro-obama and pro-life… what? oh… Pro-Choice

Title: Whores runs, ladies takes it!
This second piece is priced at 1900 $ and is a scream against suppression. (Note: It’s hung the wrong way, so you should see it right if your head is turned 90 degrees to the left)

Made by: Angry O’Loner

The artist saysThis picture represents the rage I am feeling against Obama right now. How he let us all down. I saw this image in my head when I had just made passionate love to Lady Gaga with some sexy decadent friends and we discussed how art could change the world and I looked out the window. [the artist takes a brake to think]. A homeless person was outside our window, peeing on Jonathan’s installation. The rage boiled in me. Didn’t Obama promise to get rid of all those crazy homeless guys? But mainly it’s a non-figurative. Oh… Oh…. and it’s for Haiti.

Title: Coughed up lungs

This third piece is priced at 2.50 $ and is a choked up anger against everything.

Made by: AndyAce83

The artist says I was walking home from another bad night on the town. Lady Gaga wouldn’t have anything to do with me, not that it mattered because she was in NY and I was in a village in Norway. Anyway, I had drunk alot of wiskey, wine, some strange stuff in a bottle next to the sink… You know, what ever I could find. But something didn’t agree with me. Perhaps it was drinking beer after wine… I don’t know. Anyway, I vomited. Then I took a picture. Now, it’s art.

If it’s for Haiti? Hell no! Let them fight their own wars.”

An Inconvenient Truth (“Everyone lies, nobody minds, everyone lies”)

22 Jan

Dear Internet,

I got a letter just the other day, and it read something like “save the environment. Get your bills electronically.” At a price of course. E-mail isn’t free

That got me wondering.

I started to think about the environment, and why it is that every time I hear “environment” I think of Mr Gore. Al Gore; the saviour of our environment. Just like Bono is the saviour of starving children and Barack Obama is the saviour of the US. It’s funny how hard they work with so little results. Hmm, I wonder why?

Yes, I saw Al Gore in front of me so clearly. The winner of the Nobel Peace prize and author of “An Inconvenient Truth” and the star and writer of the academy award winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth (2006). Now I haven’t seen An Inconvenient Truth, nor have I read the book. But I have seen The Day After Tomorrow (2004), and to my understanding they are basically the same. The only difference is that An Inconvenient Truth has fewer special effects (it is a documentary after all).

Why nothing?Now, I don’t want to sound cynical or paranoid, but… How should I put it without sounding to blunt? He hasn’t done anything for the environment. But perhaps he has only made it worse with his travels across the earth with the gospel of Avatar (I haven’t seen that movie either) and he has started a panic in the public that distract us from the real issues (i.e Why is it just Bono and Geldof that are getting rich on Band-Aid? Why hasn’t anything really changed in our lifetimes except technology? If science is better than religion (as history proves) who invented regular bomb, a-bomb, anthrax in a box, exploding air planes in high-rising towers and everything that gives us “global warming”? How can knowing I am a mutated monkey give me peace? Why do some people believe that the solutions to all problems lie in a political system? etc.).

Now why is it that I have to sort my garbage (“recycle” as it’s called in Newspeak) while Al Gore can travel around the world winning prizes by giving us new rushes of guilt?

But that is not what I would call the “Inconvenient Truth”. Al Gore is nothing. He’s just a man that sheeople around the world has given way to much credit. Nothing new there. We give praise to anyone who would say something “nice” and perhaps add something that we at the time would label “important”.

The “REAL” inconvenient “truth” is that “saving the environment” has become BIG BUSINESS. Al Gore has become richer and that’s just one man. It has developed an enormous industry for any smug fuck and brain-dead person with anxiety who desperately tires “to save the world before it’s to late”. Oh yes, everyday we are guilt tripped to pay more for less and buy the next nonsense that will help us making less trash.

When I went to school (yes, I can read and write) we had a history teacher that was asingle-theory-that-explains-everything” maniac (see illustration to the left) and what he claimed was that “what every financial depression needs is a war” as it builds the economy by buying bombs, soldiers and building new building where now was only rubble (see GNP).

If that is true, then perhaps the war on terror wasn’t good enough? Perhaps we needed a war on something else? Global warming, get it? Has anything changed except the prices and choices? Think about it. Is there less starving children now than when Bono started. Are the Muslims out of Guantanmo yet? Have Al Gore gotten fatter since his fight against pollution started? You should ask more questions, bitch! You should… Ahh, who cares!

I have a headache now. WHY DO I HAVE TO THINK SO MUCH! It would have been nicer to just relax. I have heard that weed will make me a liberal idiot who doesn’t question anything except those who question. Perhaps I should start to smoke that like a cigarette? I’ve seen it in all the cool movies and every cool relaxed character use it.

But is it good for the environment?



Questioning everything!


On Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize (“I can see your Halo, Halo, Halooo-oo-oo”)

9 Oct

Remember, remember the 9 of October 2009 (later it will be referred too as “10/9” to make it more significant and timeless). That’s the day Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Norwegians are ambivalent too this, as many are against it and some are for it (also called a democracy).
Why this could happen?“, you may ask. Let me try to explain the whole thing from a Norwegian perspective.

Norway has an inferiority complex, since the swedes bullied us when we were younger. We also have this growing feeling, that infest the entire country and entire culture, that we do not deserve to have it this good. So you can add a self-loading to the inferiority complex. We feel that we somehow owe the rest of the world something, but all we have are money that are pumped up from the sea, so we spend it abroad hoping that other nations will recognize us as kind and generous to ease our inferiority and self-loading. This never happens, or it doesn’t happen enough, so we need to get the rest of the worlds attention by doing something new and nice.

The “new and nice” this month is given President Obama the peace price knowing well that he hasn’t really done anything. At least nothing to do with “peace”. He has of course been braking a race barrier (or something like that) and he has charm and he seems new and nice but he isn’t all that!

To my understanding, Obama has been a disappointment to USA as the “changes” he was talking about didn’t happen over night as everybody thought. He didn’t stop the wars, he didn’t realise all the prisoners from Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and he seems to scare many with is new healthcare system (you have nothing to fear USA, it works for Norway. Although not the exact same system.)

There is also another side of this award. The person who had the honor of giving the reward was a man named Jagland, and he was (or is) a member of the Norwegian left (Labour party) and as the swedes once said; Norway is the last communist country. What that means here is that being a labour party man (never done a days labour in his life, mind you! [citation needed]) he knows that as a leader he must lead and leading means he “has to make unpopular decisions” (the slogan of the party, 2nd only too “ignorance is strength”).

Thirdly, and lastly, as I have said the Norwegians self-loading is great and thus we all look forward to having PRESIDENT OBAMA coming to us and saying stuff like “What a great country” (ahh!), “lovely nature” (ahh!), “Peace loving people” (oh, ahh!) etc. while we jack-off to his praises. This will be an important day for us, many kids will not cut them self that day, and suicide rate will decline. So in many ways; Obama showing up, alone, will be a reason to earn that price.

So now you know (another side of it) and you may use this information as you please. I would just like to add that I do not think this award was wrong, but perhaps a little bit (reads; alot) early. I do not think that Obama is a bad president (I feel calm as he talks). I do not think that Norway has showed carelessness to the Nobel price (as the swedes soon will say) and that we should loose the price to another country (i.e. Sweden). I do however think that Jagland should resign, and that Norway (and other countries if they have an opinion) should have a serious debate as to where this award is going and where we want it to go. Obama, Al Gore and many other prices this past 10-15 years have really been “unpopular decisions”, and has made a mockery of an important event.

Lovebomb 2.1

Lovebomb 2.1

(NB: inferiority complex, self-loading and the Norwegian Labour Party being the new Ingsoc is of course satire. But like all satire, there probably is some truth in it. The comment on suicide and self-harm are all true, though)