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Microsoft in the head – The stupidity of Xbox One!

9 Jun


I just saw AngryJoe´s rant, part 2, on the Xbox One. And as with the first one, I totally agree with him. And now I want to give a piece of my mind as well to Microsoft´s nonsense. To jump on the bandwagon of hate that is the Xbox One.

I am what is called a “causal gamer“. I have played games since the NES, back in the 90´s but was mainly a computer-gamer until the Nintendo Game Cube came, which I bought to play all of the Resident Evil games, that got a re-release on that consoll.

Later, I bought the Wii as it seemed innovating and new. Unfortunately, I soon learned how fast the novilty wears out. I stil own it dough do to its backward compatibility with the GameCube.

I then bought the Xbox360,since Resident Evil 5 came out, and many of my friends owned it as well. The achievements, the later the avatars and the social aspects of the console made me a fanboy.

Soo… Since I am a “causal gamer” I dont need my console to be «pure» as some people online seem to complain about. I dont care that I can do alot of other stuff with my Xbox too. That is a pluss, and is already a big part of the Xbox360. To me there is no problem that Xbox wants to enhance the social aspects and focus on more than the one medium of gameing. I want to watch Netflix on my TV, and its nice I can do that on my console. The “all in one box” idea seems okay to me.

But this should be an added bonus to the XboxOne NOT THE ENTIRE THING! In the XboxOneReveal this seemed to be the only thing worth mentioning. All of the features I saw I can do on my PC if I wanted to. I do not need it, but again it would have been a nice bonus to the other great things about the XboxOne. But here´s the thing… There are no other things to the XboxOne. Only disadvantages to the owner.

First of, NON of the games presented wanted me to buy the new Xbox. I do not care for sports, most gamers I know dont care for sports either, and still half of the games mentioned was sports games made by EA. A company I do not like, (although I am not passionately against them either). I fortunately have never wanted any of their games.

Anyway… The second game reveal was a “realistic” FPS shooter game and again I DO NOT CARE! Perhaps because I am not a pacifist and have been in the army and shot with real guns and stood guard in the rain hating every second of it, I do not like «realistic» war games since the most real will always be the real. (Also I have a philosophical distaste for realness in the arts. But I want go into that now.)

But all of this again is not my main issue. Not even the forced kintect stuff. I dont want any KINECT! I didnt buy it for my 360, I have no need for it on any other console either. I have yet to see any reason to get one apart from the «wii novelty» I learned from buying the wii. That it is forced on me,, and I have to have it plugged in seems such a stupid solution that I smell fail all over.

Now I get pissed when I loose at a game. I can get irrationally (although non violently) angry and I do not want a camera in my face while I swear uncontrollably followed by childish whining of «how bad the game is». So I do not want a kinect when I loose and I really DONT WANT A KINECT connected all the time. But this, to me, is not the main issue either.

My main issue with the Xbox One, as a causal gamer, is that its not backwards compatible with the 360 and that games can not be redistributed.

I have now about 30 + games in my Xbox360 library. All of them bought new. Not since my old NES days did I try to resell any of my games. I am a collector (not a hoarder!). I collect books, music, films and games. I like to put it all on display to show friends and family what I enjoy and is important to me. Now, where am I going to place my old 360 games? In the bin perhaps? They will soon basically be useless. Especially since my old 360 console is making some strange ominous noises.

But even though I only buy games new, I do borrow games from friends, and that is for the XBOX ONE the same as buying used and “must not be allowed“. Yeah, yeah. Micrsoft did allow you to borrow your game to ONE friend… ONCE! Isnt that nice? Also, even if I do not buy, or sell used games, I do understand that others want to. And so, although I do not have a dog in that fight, I still think its nonsensical by Microsoft to do this.

Some geeks have said to me that there are reasons why the Xbox One cant read old Xbox 360 games. They basically say the same thing as wikipedia «The Xbox One will not be backward compatible with Xbox 360 content, as the systems use different core architectures. The Xbox 360 uses a PowerPC architecture while the Xbox One uses a x86-based one». The excuse does sound really good, but I know its just BS. If Microsoft wanted to they could. And dont give me the “PS3 did but it became to expensive” nonsense either. The first PS3, with backwards compatibility, was mainly expensive because it was NEW, not because it had backwards compatibility. Also, both PS4 and Xbox 360 has been called «PC in a box» because they are so «powerful». Well then, if XboxOne is so powerful, it could make an EFFING EMULATOR!!!

In sum: Xbox one is not a console I would recommended at this point. In fact, I would say, and I am sorry to swear, that the Xbox One is a shit cake with vomit icing. There is nothing redeemable at all. Nothing! They just dont give a *bleep*. This console was not made for the consumer, but for the cooperations. Note: I am not a socialist. I do not envy the rich and do not want to destroy the big producers. That said I still think that a good capitalist society is based on give and take. We as consumers have rights, and we SHOULD NOT BUY the Xbox One as its obviously not made for us to buy but only for Microsoft to sell…out. Get it? Made a pun there.

Dark Shadows (2012) – The worst kind of movie.

11 Apr




I just saw Dark Shadows (2012) on Netflix today. It took me two sittings to finish the movie and the conclusion is; Dark Shadows is the worst kind of movie; The one that had so much potential but ended up being a great, huge disappointment.

The best part about watching Netflix is that the only thing you waste when watching a bad movie is time and to be honest one can learn allot from bad movies to. So a waste of time may be an exaggeration. I’d feel worse to know I had supported the many godawful projects one can see on Netflix in a monetary way. Now, I am sure that Netflix pays its dues but I dont think crappy movies make as much money from me streaming the movie as if I rented it in a store or watched it in the cinema. At least that’s a lie I keep telling myself.

So anyway, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows was on Netflix, and the first thing I thought was “That was soon” and then I knew that the movie had to have been a flop. The viewerrating on Netflix was 2 out of 5 stars but as stated earlier I had only time to waste so I watched the movie. As with most movies I think is really bad it didnt end with anger when the movie ended, not really sadness either, but a kind of emptiness. The emptiness of loss. The loss of great opportunity.

The movie lasted about average time (look it up on IMDB if you need to know the timecode) and it was not at any time boring. For that it was too mind numbing and visually flashing. I only fast forwarded once, during that very stupid and unnecessary “sex scene” that gave me a kind embarrassed feeling. Some jokes I did laugh at and some I raised my eyes about but mostly I just felt the jokes was kind of too on the nose. They were too much in my face and not very bright. But I knew what I was getting into; I had seen the trailer. It sickened me to the core.

Looking at this trailer once more I realize that much of the stupidity was removed from the movie. Or perhaps I just blocked it afterwards. I dont think Depp brushed his teeth in the mirror was there at least. Oh, I cant remember it was so dull.

In Sum: The movie is a kind of “fish out of water;/em>” comedy about an 18th century vampire awakening in the 1970s with “hilarious concqeunces” like weed references and “magic tv boxes (get it? TV is new to him).

Everything in this movie would have worked separately. The style of Tim Burton is as usual good (although the cynic in me would perhaps add; “overdone“?), the actors are quality material as well. I especially liked seeing Michelle Pfeiffer back in action as the tired matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. Every characters showed elements of greatness and with another angel would have worked, but in this movie it all falls flat on the comedy. This movie should not have been one.


I can not say I am a know’er of the Dark Shadows franchise. I never saw the original Gothic soap-opera from the 1960s although I did see and was huge fan of the “re-imaging” series Dark Shadows from 1991. A show that ended much too early. Although I admit I do not know much about the original show I would make the following assumption; Its a campy soap-opera with Gothic, supernatural and horror elements in it. I would guess the show was dialogue based, with regular soap-opera elements like infidelity, backstabbing and murder mixed with elements of vampire, ghost and werewolf’s done in a somewhat serious manner even if the result was probably comedic at times.

What Tim Burton does, and what so many other far worse directors has done before him, is that he thinks re-imaging an old tv-show is to make fun of it and point out it’s nostalgic absurdities. If you take Charlie’s Angels (2000), The Brady Bunch movie (1995), 21 Jump Street (2012) (and many more) you’ll see the same “we know it stupid” jokes and ridicule of the original premis.

Dark Shadows (1991) is how a re-imagning should be. It takes the original material seriously but presents it in a new and interesting way.

Dark Shadows (1991) is how a re-imagning should be. It takes the original material seriously but presents it in a new and interesting way.

We dont need Tim Burton to “point out the joke”. We get that the show and idea is campy. No need to rub it in with slapstick and other nonsense. If Tim Burton had made the movie more serious, less flamboyant we still would smile about the blender ideas of all the elements mixed together. I just dont get why someone who claims to be a fan of the show think the correct representation to a new audience is to mock it. If Barnabas Collins wasnt undead and out and about he would have been rolling in his grave.

250px-DallasLogoI just hope they dont do it to any future Dallas (1978) reimagning on the big screen. Sure they could have made Bobby more of a party boy and make JR completely unsympathetic in is viciousness. They could make Pam a true gold digger and Sue Ellen a diva without any redeeming qualities. Who knows it may even work. Its good to take elements from the orginal show and explore parts left unansered, like how Lucy really reacted to know she had slept with her uncle. But how ever the creative hacks of Hollywood wants to ruin my memories of that show please… PLEASE… PLEASE dont make it a postmodern comedy where some idiots wants to point out the camp by setting it on fire.

Blog 2.0 - Fire in the DISCO. Fire in the DISCO! Fire in the TACO BELL!

Blog 2.0 – Fire in the DISCO. Fire in the DISCO! Fire in the TACO BELL!