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Two stories about life and logic.

5 Nov

(I dedicate this entry to Penn Jillette. You´re bullshit;)

Sit down, have a cop of coffee and I shall tell you two tales about life and logic.

I once played chess. I didn´t know the strategies, just how to move the pieces. I still don´t know any strategies. Anyway, I was playing chess and the guy I was playing with had just taken my queen (or some other great piece on my board) and it was looking like I was going to fail. So I said “Well I guess I have to do something unexpecting“, and just moved the knight somewhere.
It became quiet, followed by a sudden laugh. “You just check mated me“, my uponant said. “Of course“, I said, trying hard to hide my surprise. Only giving a signal to my friend that I really didn´t know what the hell I was doing.

Beginner’s luck? Of course. Here´s another example.

I was in the army, learning how to kill people. I can now execute charlies with a cheese and a piece of chalk (what is called the Chock-and-cheese manover). There I met a guy who introduced me to Ayn Rand and objectivism (played bioshock? Basically like that. Except the plasmids, Big Daddies and underwater cities). I believe he was an atheist (as most objectivist are) and he had a profound belief in logic, math and that A=A at any time. Searching around the web (this was before Google became the only way to browse the web) he had found the Monty Hall problem and wanted to show me it. In an online “game” there were three doors, and he asked me to choose one of the doors.
Okay” I said, “The one in the middle“.
He clicked the door and another one opened.
Now choose a new door“, he said.
Okay, I take the middle one again“, I said.
No, don´t do that“, he said and then explained the Monty Hall problem; That mathematically blablabla (read the *bliip*ing wiki article).
Okay“, I said”, I pick the middle one again“.
“What?”, the objectivist said. “You can´t do… eh…fine” and then he pressed the middle door and there was the pot of gold.
I won.
But that was not….” he said,
and I said
Yeah, I hope you learned your lesson

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