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#GamerGate and mainstream media in Norway.

25 Oct


I got some good news to all people of #GamerGate. Norwegian media has started to take offence by it. This means that you are getting influential and dangerous to feminism (read; Social Justice Warriors) and biased media coverage. Congratz.

One of the biggest Norwegian news papers wrote a highly biased coverage of #GamerGate. Not mentioning #NotYourShield and portraying the entire thing as “white young men” campaign against innocent female feminist.

The article “KjĂžnnskrig splitter dataspillverdenen” (“Genderwar divided computergameworld”) writes about the sad tale of Sarkeesian and how cruel people have been treating her.

At the same time “Gamergate: Sinte, unge menn” (“GamerGate: Angry, young men”) was published which is an opinion piece (like that other article wasnt 😉 ) which again beats the drum of how evil #GamerGate people is and that its just angry young men who care about biased media coverage of games.

The good news is that Norwegian media is covering it. That means that GamerGate is getting big. We wouldnt have heard of it if not.

Blog 2.0 - GamerGate at your gate!

Blog 2.0 – GamerGate at your gate!

2010 in review (so I donÂŽt have to make a new entry)

2 Jan

I am a man of ambitions and narcissism and so I like to feel important. Sometimes I get a letter from my bank telling me in great letters how my economy is stable and how I should invest in fonds and stock. I also get letters from credit card firms, which I also find flattering (as they think there is money to be stolen). Both letters fall into the bin after skimming, but the point is…

It makes me feel important.

I also got this mail, I re-posted it as it was very flattering;-)

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The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meterℱ reads Fresher than ever.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

The Leaning Tower of Pisa has 296 steps to reach the top. This blog was viewed about 1,100 times in 2010. If those were steps, it would have climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa 4 times

In 2010, there were 98 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 118 posts. There were 128 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 23mb. That’s about 2 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was January 30th with 21 views. The most popular post that day was An Inconvenient Truth (“Everyone lies, nobody minds, everyone lies”).

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were facebook.com, en.wordpress.com, WordPress Dashboard, link.smartscreen.live.com, and blogsurfer.us.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for andy_mercury, andy mercury, andymercury, knausgÄrd, and karl ove knausgard.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


An Inconvenient Truth (“Everyone lies, nobody minds, everyone lies”) January 2010


Social Porn! September 2009


I’m trying to find the words without being disrespectful (An epic fail!) November 2009


Julian Paul Assange – Hero, hacker, rapist. December 2010


How to get an eating disorder. November 2010

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Blog 2.0 - ItÂŽs nice to be important, but itÂŽs more important to be nice. Posse!! You keep the spirit alive!

Shameless self promotion

23 Sep

Please hire me. I know what graphical matching in editing means.

So as ya’ll know…

I’m a a man with dying ambitions of world domination and film making. I want to make the Hollywood remake of Dallas while working on the script for the greatest slasher film from this side of the millennium (script halfway written already).

So it’s the times to write my CV online so that anyone who would want to could hire me:)

These videos have been posted on YOUTUBE.COM. They aren’t high budget, contains very little nudity and violence with few if any SFX.

The first gem I’d like to share is called The Raven. It’s all about me (me, me, me) experimenting with background, contrast and symbolism. In other words I did this in-between surfing for porn. The sound is horrible in this video, and that is with reason. The low sound from this Grand Guignol symbolise the American soldiers in Afghanistan fighting for us and we don’t pay our tributes to them. It’s also a protest against patriarchy since the low sound can also be a muffled woman in pain. This last interpretation is of course arbitrary, but I think you could see it if you wanted to.

After watching this sublime pearl you should perhaps take a brake to digest the powerful impressions I have given you. This especially since my next piece is just as mind blowing as the first.. I call it Ludvig Nessa – without the robe and collar and it is my most popular video on youtube. It was made as a collaboration with some friends of mine with completely different political and world view. This to make a neutral depiction of a sensitive area of humane humanity; Abortion and the cost of being against the majority.


Now that was dynamite! This next one you probably should take another brake or at least a Valium as it’s even more mind blowing and EXTREME than my two first videos. I call this masterpiece Rock and Cigarettes and it’s another collaboration with two almost as talented strong and powerful individuals like myself. Almost!

Anyway the video is about a Dutch artist called Paula Mall and her love of smoking inspired by the rockumentary and CinĂ©ma vĂ©ritĂ© from the 50-60’s.

Now “comment pourrait-on perfectionner ce qui a Ă©tĂ© perfectionnĂ©?“, you might ask. Is there anyway you can top what has already been shown? Of course I can… Here’s my next Ă©clat; Nature vs Culture- Part 1: Nature.

There probably will be a part 2 and part 3 in the future. But there has to be a pause between my work as too many mind-blowing masterpieces of great existential depth can destroy societies, solve world hunger, tear down leaders or create wonderful feelings of loss, void and meaninglessness. I`ve made works that was so powerful in their expression they had to be removed from youtube. I am of course talking about NoMeansNo – Mondo Nihilissimo 2000 (unofficial music video)

Yeah, itÂŽs banned. I am a rebel! Take that society. Now where is my spray can and bat?

So in conclusion… Oh yeah!

Blog 2.0 -If you're wondering why `When all I wanted from life was to be Famous I have tried for so long, it's all gone wrong.ÂŽ AMC will tell you why

(Blog update 8/28-11: To all those curios people out there… Here you can download the original video that was banned on youtube. ItÂŽs in flash so you need some kind of flash player)

The Trouble with «Jimmy Jump» the Retarded Gnome.

13 Jul

(With no offence to the mentally handicapped/challenged/whatever of course).


As I have written before; I hate writing about current affairs as it feels like gossiping. I also hate to gossip about unimportant, soon to be forgotten people as I feel I keep alive someone who should be dead. Many people strive for attention from bloggers and other people with nothing better to do and this goes for «Jimmy Jump» the Retarded Gnome.

LOL! It's funny because... I dunno.

Normally I would not acknowledge this brain-dead narcissist populist anarchist as he is just a pain in the ass that feeds on people being sour, grumpy and rigid.

When we say “Idiot“, he thinks “They don’t understand my statement about blahblahblah.

Now I don’t know why he does it, nor do I care. I don’t even care that he does it as it seems harmless enough. He just takes a “Kanye” by interrupting for attention. Like a child or a drunk at a wedding.

The Trouble with «Jimmy Jump» the Retarded Gnome is not what he does but what the consequences for it is. Every time we have a terrorist attack, a drunk on the plane or a “funny” stunt person there is an decrease in our liberties.

Here’s another example of this:
The Super bowl wardrobe “mishap”.

Oh, no! A teat! What will the male gay community say!

I did not see this stunt as 1) I don’t care about sports and 2) I do not care about American football half-time shows either. But I sure got to hear about this half-time show. Oh, the humanity!


Did this stunt provoke me?
No of course not“, you probably think.
AndyAce83 has seen a breast or two before. He may even a touched one as the worldly man that he is. He wouldn’t be offended by watching a natural beautiful thing.”

But the answer is:
HELL YEAH! I was provoked!

Not because I got to see a breast, but because it was RETARDED! Why should I be forced to fill Janet Jacksons exhibitionist needs? Couldn’t she just pole-dance at a Cat-R-Ho strip-joint?

But I digress, because my embarrassment over that nonsense is my own, and should not be anyone else’s problems. There where probably lot’s of people who found it funny (even I when I just heard about it. But don’t tell anyone!) and may even have have thought it a provocative statement about female sexuality (Not me!) or something like that. We can all find meanings in thrash cans.

(Insightful rant continues below the picture)

Lol.''Take that Society! I am dancing on ESC!''

But that is not the point either! The point is the consequence. And do you know the consequence of that “hilarious” flashing? INCREASED CENSORSHIP and thus DECREASED LIBERTIES!

And that’s just one side of it. Jimmy Jump’s fun run to nowhere will probably increase security on all great events with more security guards, perhaps armed and with broader licenses etc.

But that’s a good thing, right?“, you may think. “Jimmy Jump is just testing how secure we are. That’s where he be a genius, isn’t it?


Listen… Security is important for people with angst and most of us have it. But we shouldn’t let it run our lives. Obama once came to Oslo to get an award for winning the election. Now President Obama is an important person, and important people get enemies.

So Oslo needed security!

Security in knowing that someone is aiming his or her rifle at you. Just to be on the safe side. (Picture taken by Smidth)

There where snipers on the roofs, there where helicopters in the sky, armed policemen and probably lot’s more I didn’t noticed. It seemed like Oslo was under siege. And why? Because the US president was about to get an award for winning an election! I WAS SCARED! Every time I went in my pocket for my mobile phone I was afraid I would seem suspicious and get shot. THAT’S THE CONSEQUENCE OF TO MUCH SECURITY! WE GET MORE SCARED!

So in conclusion:
Jimmy Jump is not funny (unless you find rude spoiled children funny) but he is dangerous. Not dangerous like an angry Mullah with brainwashed followers or a charismatic leader telling us we need restrictions for safety, but dangerous like the braindead patient with an infectious decease that takes away all our resources we could have used on dangerous Mullahs and charismatic despots.

Blog 2.0 - Is not an attention junkie but thanks you for reading me:)

Internet is Watching You

15 May


The internet is a great way to express ones opinion” but I’ve made the argument that too many talks too much and we all drown in “chatter”.

An Artistic depiction of the ''average opinion'' You get a headache just looking at it, right? Probably you can't make out what it is, where it came from, and what the hell it means. You see the shapes, but you can't see how they fit together. You can see a pattern, but you can't see any purpose behind it. Yeah, that's an opinion, for ya!

But there are other problems as well…

We all have opinons. From where they come nobody knows. There are rumours that our thoughts are our own, but others would claim that they are taught from our parents, schools, media, culture etc.

Many of us, especially the strongly opinionated ones, also have the need to express their thoughts. Proudly and loudly! So we write our blogs and we comment videos and makes shout-outs on virtual walls and we laugh out loud to crazy Christians on youtube. We make bold claims that the right or the left or the centre is wrong and that some person, firm or item is the best, bad-assed and worst thing ever.

But sometimes we change.

Not everybody stays arrested in their development.

So sometimes we write stuff that doesn’t stand the test of time. So sometimes, someone realize that what they said was based on ignorance. That what seemed right, was wrong and that they want their racist, political, personal, misogynist, misanthropic, idealistic, cultural relative, anarchistic, nihilistic, borderline pro-drugs, socialist, fascist capitalist, pro-con-war or other poisonous/naive comment removed from whence it was posted.

Unfortunately that is not that easy.

Many of us use nicks on the internet. I for one was not baptised AndyAce83 but choose to write my opinions under a pseudonym. This just gives us an illusion of anonymity, since most internet users can be identified by just an easy googeling of the nick, investigation of their profile etc. It isn’t all that hard to find out. This isn’t news. Still many people choose to express their blunt ignorant rants on the internet without fear.

Illusion of anonymity

I had access to the internet when I was young(er) and sometimes I wrote comments on message boards, blogs and misc. that I later would have liked removed. The trouble with those comments were not that they were racist, hateful, rude or even ignorant (although age could be, and often are, a determiner of knowledge) as much as they were pompous and pretentious.

I tried too hard to seem intelligent and adult. The most annoying of all youth traits. That’s when all the internet chatter becomes a bliss.

By drowning in other peoples more pompous and more pretentious ideas and the average internet user being more interested in commenting than reading, what we say may go under the radar. To blend perfectly inn with all the other crapp here.

Unfortunately that is not always the case.

There are people right now uploading videoblogs about make-up-tips and how much fun it is to be a part of a subculture. Other people, wanting to call attention to a problem but their political motivations are so vain that all they say are a bunch of hypnopĂŠdia and nonsense.

Even worse, WWW is also an arena for personal breakdowns and real life mistakes. Either the crazy person uploads their own emotional rants and tears or some other numb person with no knowledge of personal boundaries does.

    (musing continues below the video)
    (This is one of my favourite Play him off keyboard cat, and it has a lesson to be learned.)

So we get attention in forms of graphs and comments, and that’s great, but sometimes that attention can be cruel too. Every time we stick our heads out (in real life or in Cyberland) we also take the risk of our heads being chopped off.

Mocking is a great way to keep idiots in check. People can mock others for their lack of knowledge, lack of self-respect or lack of emotional control, as is right, but then it can (and will) go overboard. Because there are people with low self-esteem on the interweb as well. People living only through the cords, desperately looking for someone to feel superior too. Those people make important mocking into vicious bulling. Spending lots of time just ditching others to the point of having no point. These are the real looser of the internet.

The average troll, nerd, know-it-all, hacker, smart ass gamer (age may vary). They live in basements, around PS3s and is heard complaining about every series, film and music genre that everyone else loves. We are not sure how they mate, but a revolutionary theory from Austria, says that they do not mate but is spread with a virus-spore-hybrid that lives in computers and PS3's. This possible cause has also been found in copies of the God Delusion. This one is stolen from South Park.

Unfortunately for us, they don’t know it, and probably never will.

An example of this could be Stephanie Grace. A woman who was thinking out loud in a mail, and then had to pay the price. She talked about race without learning the golden equation that


Her biggest mistake was not to air out racist mud, but that she trusted her friends enough to tell them. In the matrix you must trust no one! Everyone is a snitch for comments, attention and acknowledgement.

But the point is…

Even if we know their is a chance of making a fool of oneself, and that pathetic people could use it for all that it is worth, we sometimes make a slip of the finger and post something revealing, personal or emotional that is ready for the block.

Now I have also done that. And that’s the real inspiration for this entry (“ahhh!“) I wrote something, somewhere that I found hilarious and intelligent. I wrote like the wind, constantly thinking how great my own text were. Then I posted it, and just like carnal knowledge, I just felt stupid and dirty afterwards. What seemed funny as I wrote it, now just seemed cruel and vulgar.

So I thought “Perhaps I should make some rules for myself? Something that could work as a buffer so I don’t make the same mistakes again.” Because making mistakes are a part of life, but mistakes on the interweb can be for the ages (aka. Epic Fail), and making the same mistakes again and again that’s just… ugh!

I made some rules!

So I made a list of internet rules that I brought for show and tell.
*cleaning my throat*

0) Don’t be personal. If personal, be vague.

Many people believe that their problems need a spokesperson and that the right spokesperson is themselves. That is wrong! Few problems need a spokesperson, but a solution! By telling people that you have been raped, molested, cheated on, lost some one you love, think pornography needs to be more acknowledge in the art or that your special abortion experience needs to be shared your only perverting yourself.

But then you may sayHey, AndyAce83! Your personal! You say what’s on your mind as a white-trash whore on a talk show!

No! I talk about my opinions, but rarely do I talk about my inner reasons for them. Opinions are not private, but experience, relations and emotions are.

Blogs are not diaries!

But then you may sayHey, AndyAce83! What’s the point of giving your opinion if you can’t tell the reasons why?“.

You can, and sometimes you should tell what you base your opinion on. But then you HAVE TO BE VAGUE! Instead of saying “I’ve been raped by Johnny Verrot”, you can say “I have had experiences with rape”. The latter one could be “personal”, “professional”, “trivial” or “lie”. The fist one can only be “personal” or “lie”, but will probably only be interpreted as the first one.

But then you may sayHey, AndyAce83! Who the hell are you to dictate what I can and cannot say, you fucking asshole!

I noticed that you didn’t have a question-mark there, so it wasn’t technically a question, but I will address it anyway. I can not dictate what someone else can and cannot say, nor will I. But I will problematize the growing number of social porn that simplifies, flatten and perverts our relationship to ourselfs, others and our values. If you are “self-destructively” honest you will will be empty, filled with void and ultimately lonely as intimacy will disappear!

    (The list continues after the video)
    (A key scene from the movie Persona by Ingemar Bergman. This movie, to me, is all about the loss of personal boundaries. The protagonist reveals her inner thoughts to her patient, who is mute, and then in this scene discovers that the mute was not dumb. She had made her reflections on the protagonists experiences and the protagonist doesn’t like what she reads. This causes a dissociative shock that gives her an identity disorder. NOTE: This is MY INTERPRETATION. Cannon interpretation is “split personality disorder” from the beginning of the picture)

1) Write everything you want to post in a text document first.
By doing this you can get a general overview of your comment and also removing some of the worst spelling errors.

2) Don’t be impulsive. Save the document and don’t post it before a day has passed.
This may take the fun out of commenting, but it also removes much off the risk of making a fool of oneself. By giving the text some time some of the biggest fault may become apparent. Besides, if what you wanted to write becomes obsolete within 24 hours, you probably don’t need to write it anyway.

3) Don’t write in affect.
Yet another rule that kills much of the fun of posting. Still if you are angry, sad, or dissociative, I would recommend you not write or at least not post at the time.

4) Watch your tongue (as it moves)
Don’t be crude and vulgar, don’t be rude and careless, don’t be emotionally numb and apathetic, don’t be asocial and angry. Yet another rule that… you know.

5) Remember, respect and acknowledge rights to privacy.

6) Brake all the rules when needed.
No one like a neurotic, and only neurotics follow the rules to the absurd.

7) Don write endless blog entries that few (if any) will read.
But don’t forget rule #6!

Blog 2.0

Blog 2.0 - Is so sad today because the police took it's crack, it's rape scars wont heal and it's boyfriend left it for another blog. A younger SLUT blog. THAT WHORE! FUCKING HATE BLOG 3.0!!!

Now that you have been given food for thought and probably have a great headache and feel depressed you can reward yourself with the Tear for Queers song SHOUT! It’s sort of related to the topic above. At least if you want it to.

Chaos and Anarchy on the WWW (“fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa better.”)

29 Jan


Dear Internet,

I’ve been listing alot to one song of Talking Heads called Psycho Killer. Now, I am not going to go into an in-depth analyse of why I like that song (i.e base line, subject and catchyness) but instead note a certain part of the lyrics.

You start a conversation you can’t even finish it.
You’re talkin’ a lot, but you’re not sayin’ anything.
When I have nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
Say something once, why say it again?

What I think about those lines is that they could fit very well with the state of much of the bloging going on the internet right now. I have read articles (or blogs if they are in the on-line edition of a newspaper) that states that twitter is pasĂȘ and bloging is back! Something like “everybody is bloging”. Okay, so everybody is writing blogs, but does anyone read them?

I have to be honest. As a rule, I don’t read anyone’s blog. I tend to scan blogs of people who comment on my blog (to know who I am dealing with) and I have sometimes scanned blogs that have similar tags than mine (to investigate the competition) and of course “En kopp kaffe ved midnatt” (as that is the best blog on the web except mine). I have also read some blog entries that are related to news events that are linked under the articles from on-line newspapers.

This is what I have noticed when doing so.

  • Few blogs are of any real interests
  • Few readers (if any) comment*
  • Something, something
  • Lot’s of blogs get deleted. (Even when I have posted one of my sazy comments)
  • There are way to many blogs out in cyberland
  • Now I will not attack other blogs for being dull, unimportant, unfunny while trying (the saddest blogs of all), or that we shouldn’t have blogs. Nor will I defend my own blogs right to live and claim that it is better than most (although it is). What I do want is to comment on the consequence of all this.

    People claim that the internet is the most important way for people to express themselves. That some historical events (i.e revolutions in [some God forsaken place]) are changed do to activity on the nett.

    It’s all hype.

    I will probably write an entry later about the dangers of remembering things (as you may go crazy or become very angry) but if we remember how something was hyped one day and completely forgotten the next (“Y2K, what?”, “Sars, who?”, “The Hampster Dance, where?”) you may notice and perhaps learn something.

    The point is that to me internet is a vortex of opinions (“Whooo, someone has been to college (!)”) that you may drown in, but most likely you won’t as that would demand that you actually read any of the opinions that were there. That although things may seem to have changed, everything is really just the same. It’s the same dark men (or as Michael Moore would call them “stupid white men”) that controls everything. We just got new smoke and mirrors to distract us. That although your opinion may be heard now, so does everybody else’s, and that since we all scream “rable rable rable” nothing new will come.

    So as a conclusion I would say, “blog OKAY, but the printed paper is the only way” (I’m not a slogan writer) or else there is little hope for [enter positive word here].

    My work station (where the magic happens).

    (*Of course with the exceptions of blogs that have been linked to larger sites, with lots of tags for easy reference about something recent that appeals to the masses as either fascinating, frighting or aggravating.)

    A little reminder (“Am I gonne see God, Mommy?”)

    19 Oct

    Right now there are many children with cancer! They look at their parents wondering why their lifes will be cut short as their bodies slowly decay when every cell in their bodies rots away. We can all help them by talking, spending and giving money and perhaps look at blogs where the parents write about their day to day hardships.

    Remember when God gives us lemons, you should sell them to others. There are no evils that can’t be banished, and perhaps when the children are dead the parents can come on Operah or Dr. Phil to tell all about their loss. That’s when it is important to watch. To see their tears, and cry with them. That makes you sensitive, and sensitive people are better than others.

    So remember; Children with Cancer! It makes you a better person.