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AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 03: Let´s Play UNO

12 Aug


There are a lot of looser shut-ins when it comes to gaming. No denying that. Crazy people dreaming of mass-murdering their classmates while playing call of duty in the basement. Hitting themselves in the head when losing. Jup, lots of crazy people in the world and some have discovered the game controller.

But you know what? Sometimes “normal” people play games to and they may not be socially awkward. Or at least have the ability to be nice to others. Sometimes I want to focus on the social, non-violent parts of gameplay aswell. So here is AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 03: Let´s Play UNO

Video Blog 2.0 - "UNO"

Video Blog 2.0 – “UNO”

AndyAce83´s Let´s Play – Episode 01: Let´s Try RE6 Survivor

18 Jul

Soo… I have a youtube account. Sometimes I make videos. One of the most simple types of videos, other than video rants with a webcam, are the Let´s Plays. Let´s Plays is when nerds start capturing video of gameplay and distributed it on youtube and other videosites on the interweb and claim that they somehow made those videos themselves when all they did was press record. Sometimes they comment either on topic or nonsensical, although some don´t say much at all. The last one is my favorite, but the ones talking nonsensical is the most common.

I saw some of those and thought “Hey, I can make some of those. I even have an annoying accent like that gay swede* who so many find fascinating.” So I did and I was right. It really is easy. If only I could afford a tool that could record the images directly too.

So here is the first Let´s Play i made. Its of a hated game called Resident Evil 6. A game I think too many are too hard on. The multiplayer versus is not that great, but then again few games are. But when it comes to co-op its rocking and great. I do miss the great melons of Sheva in RE5 though.

Video Blog 2.0 - "That was fun"

Video Blog 2.0 – “That was fun”

(*Sorry, not “gay” but “metrosexual” or “swedish”. They all are effeminate in Sweden. I think boys are given estrogen in kindergarden to stunt their dangerous evil masculinity) .